Hall Ticket (ഹാൾ ടിക്കറ്റ് )| Debut Malayalam Short Film with English Subtitles

( Reading Instructions in Hallticket ) Candidates should occupy their seats allotted in the examination centre before 2 PM. Otherwise he/she will not be allowed to write the test. Then we will go at 1.59 PM sharp. I’m going. Do as you wish. Wait, I’m coming too. Hey, check this question out. If C is daughter of A, And F is the son of C’s mother’s elder sister’s father’s younger brother. If so, what is the relation of B to F? Stop it man!(in background) Uh-oh! Hmm!!?? ( Giggling ) Great! Well done. ( Bell ringing ) Hey. Sorry.. Sorry. Can’t you see? ( Explaining in a faint voice ) Enough.. Enough! Get lost. Hey Man, Stop.. stop..! Give back my dhothi. Floor is Wet. Don’t run. You will slip.. Aaaah.. Hey..! Sir.. ( Gasping.. ) Come. ( murmuring.. ) Why did’nt you answer my call? Darling, will you give a kiss? Get lost. ( Whistle Sound ) How was the exam? It was too easy. I answered all the questions. Ohh! How about you? Mine was.. (thinking) too tough. Why so? Because, I don’t want two LD Clerks in my family. Ohh! Your dad is also an LD Clerk? Not only my dad.. Even my Grandpa, my Uncle, and his brother all are LD Clerks (Joking) Some things are like that. You dont have to go to College for years.. Even going once is enough.. for life to become colourful. Joyful, memorable moments! I will definitely fail in the exam.. But, she is a future Government employee.

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