Hamlet Trailer – Autumn Tour 2016

There is such a thing that is happening right
now, there is such a thing called black rage. And Hamlet, in the world we are creating,
he gets into that rage. But he is the cream of the cream, the best
kid, most intelligent kid, a kid well brought up. Gone away to study the highest of philosophy. Rather than be a serial killer, which he can
become, unfortunately. He’s actually a serial questioner. The question we had to ask, what is it that
makes a good kid, go bad. Basically Peter Brooke had a cut down version
of the play and so what we’ve done is we’ve used that as a benchmark but expanded it,
expanded the play in order to explore not just the Hamlet character but also the other
characters, particularly the female characters who are very important in the play. Through the work we are exploring the body,
begining to loosen it up, it is very unique what we are going for. I think because we are really pushing the spirit of
the play, I think people are going to connect to it both in the spiritual way and on an
emotional level as well. We are very pleased to be able to be given
the opportunity to work on it in the way we are working on it with Black Theatre Live
in the UK.

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