Handsome Siblings and Fairyland Lovers update, Top 10 Chinese Web Dramas 01.06.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 6th 2020 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas and their premiere dates.
In this edition, the Top 10 Chinese Dramas and Actors at the moment, but first.. I want to congratulate Awkwafina for taking
home the Golden Globe award last night for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical
or Comedy. Awkwafina who is of Chinese and Korean descent
is the first performer of Asian descent to win a Golden Globe Award in a lead actress
film category. She won for her performance in the movie The
Farewell. I have seen it, it is terrific and I can highly
recommend it to everyone. It is a family drama comedy that brings
laughter and tears. Handsome Siblingsis an upcoming
wuxia drama starring Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan and it is rumored to premiere
on January 16th. They haven’t officially announced it on their
Weibo page yet but I read about it on a few reliable sources including Yue365.
Handsome Siblings or 绝代双骄 is a drama adaptation of the popular wuxia novel of the
same name by Gu Long. It tells the story of twin brothers, played
by Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan, who are separated at birth.
They both grow up to become supreme martial artists and are raised as enemies to each
other, but when they meet, become fast friends and
acknowledge each other as brothers. Hu Yitian’s last starring role was in the
youth drama A Love So Beautiful with Shen Yue. He also had a supporting role in last summer’s Go Go Squid! Chen Zheyuan recently starred in Hello Dear Ancestors. The female leads in Handsome Siblings are Liang Jie, who starred in The Eternal Love
series with Xing Zhaolin, and Vicky Liang, who had a supporting role
in Oldboy with Liu Ye. I am a huge wuxia fan so I will undoubtedly
check this one out. There have been several film and TV adaptations
of the novel over the years. Most memorable for me is the 1992 Hong Kong
movie Handsome Siblings starring Andy Lau and Brigitte Lin.
Then there’s the 1999 Taiwanese TV series ‘The Legendary Siblings’ starring Jimmy Lin
and Alec Su and the 2005 China-Hong Kong TV series ‘The
Proud Twins’ starring Dicky Cheung and Nicholas Tse. Handsome Siblings started filming in February
2018 and wrapped on July of the same year. I will provide more updates on where to watch
it if and when it actually premieres. Fairyland Loversis an upcoming
drama starring Bai Yu and Zheng Qiuhong and it is slated for a January 6th premiere.
The drama tells the story of a mysterious young doctor who helps spirits release their
desires and transforms them into human beings. This production still immediately reminds
me of The Professional. For those of you who don’t know, The Professional
is an awesome 1994 movie starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman.
It has been parodied many times in Chinese cinema and personally I feel it’s almost getting
to the point of being overdone. In any case, the drama’s paying hommage to
a classic so I hope it still gets the comedic effect it aims for. Bai Yu was awesome in Guardian, which he starred with Zhu Yilong,
whereas Zheng Qiuhong recently had a supporting role in My Mowgli Boy. Fairyland Lovers supporting cast include Ji Xiaobing, Estelle Chen and Marcus
Li. The drama is slated for 35 episodes and will
premiere on Tencent which means it will likely be on WeTV as well. I will keep you guys updated. The Sweet Girlis an
upcoming republican-era drama starring Kris Sun and Jin Wenxin and it’s slated
for a January 6th premiere. The drama tells the story of a romance between
a female swordfighter and male fashion designer. A bit of a role reversal which makes it interesting. The Sweet Girl is slated for 35 episodes and will premiere on iQIYI. Still Not Enoughis a modern
drama starring Han Geng and Sunny Wang and it premiered on January 5th. The drama tells the love story between a man with an irrational fear of marriage
and a woman with low self-esteem due to a traumatic incident. Still Not Enough is slated for 46 episodes and is available on MGTV’s official channel
on Youtube, no English subs yet. And now it’s time for The Top 10 Chinese Web
Dramas at the moment, Edition 5, 01.06.2020. The data is provided by Vlinkage, a marketing
consultant company based in Shanghai. The list is based on view counts on Tencent,
iQiyi and Youku, social media discussions and Baidu searches. The modern drama stars Zhang Yujian and Xu
Xiaonuo and tells the story of a fake marriage between
a pop idol and a manicurist. The modern youth drama stars Lars Huang and Chen Yifan
and follows a group of youths and their interactions in an enclosed space. The modern drama stars Judy Qi and Derek Chang
and tells an ugly duckling story of a high school girl who blossoms into supermodel and
her high school senior who becomes a famous chef. The costume drama stars Yuan Hao and Zhao
Zhaoyi and tells the story of a general’s daughter
who’s forced to become a pirate king’s wife. The costume drama stars Landy Li and Wang Anyu
and follows a young girl, who in her dreams, travels to the Qing dynasty and catches the
attention of a few princes. The costume drama stars Luo Jin and Li Yitong and tells the story of a crown prince who
falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him. The modern drama stars Roy Chiu and Janine
Chang and follows a swindler and his detective nephew
as they team up to solve cases. The costume drama stars Li Xian and Li Yitong and tells the story of a sword cultivator
who plots to avenge his master’s death and overthrow the tyrannical king of Heng. The costume drama stars Allen Ren and Seven
Tan and tells the story of an embroidered uniform
guard and a constable as they team up to solve a case. The costume drama stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li
Qin and follows a progressive-thinking noble who’s
intent on pushing through political reforms but is constantly opposed by the emperor. So Joy of Life retains its spot at the top unsurprisingly. Under the Power premiered on December 28th and has impressively climbed to number two. Detective Chinatown premiered on January 1st and is now at number four. It will end its 12-episode run on January 18th and then a week later on January 25th,
Detective Chinatown 3 the movie will hit theatres for Chinese new year. Perfect timing. I also want to mention the top three Chinese
TV dramas at the moment. These are based on TV ratings and social media
discussions in China. The modern drama stars Olivia Wang and Edward Zhang
and tells the story of a bubbly divorced mum and a single dad and their families coming
together. It is available on the iQIYI app with English
subs. The costume drama stars Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen and chronicles the life of Sun Ruowei, a rebel
who becomes empress. It is available on YouTube with English subs. The costume drama stars Jin Dong and Lan Yingying
and follows the relationship between an elite lawyer and his bright assistant.
It is available on YouTube with English subs. And now the Top 10 Chinese Drama Actors at
the moment, Edition 5, 01.06.2020. Also provided by Vlinkage, the list is based
on drama performances, Baidu searches and social media discussions. And in this list, there’s no separation between web and TV, it’s just drama actors as a whole. She currently stars in Joy of Life wih Zhang
Ruoyun. He currently stars in The Best Partner. He recently came in as Vlinkage’s top drama actor of 2019. She was in Go Go Squid!, recently wrapped
Oath of Love and will star in The Golden Hairpin. She currently stars in Under the Power with Allen Ren. He is currently filming Legend of Fei with
Zhao Liying and was also announced to star in Being a
Hero with Chen Xiao. He currently stars in Under the Power with Seven Tan. He currently stars in Sword Dynasty with Li
Yitong. He currently stars in the Joy of Life with Li Qin. He recently starred in the movie Jade Dynasty
and wrapped filming Oath of Love with Yang Zi. So there you go guys.
Hope this gives you an idea of who and what drama’s hot in Chinese drama land at the moment. And now a recap of all the dramas with premiere
dates: And that’s it for today guys.
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