Hania Episode 13 – 17th May 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Rohan hasn’t come. Why are you doing this? What? You know it very well what I’m talking about. No! Do you want to snatch him? What are you saying Sumbul? I’m saying it right. I didn’t know that for the sake of help you are trapping him. There is nothing like this Sumbul. There must be some misconception. If it was a misconception then I wasn’t here. He stayed with you and comes here again and again. You have got close to him. He has started ignoring me. Sumbul, he’s engaged to you. There is nothing like this in my mind. Don’t act innocent. Didn’t you get Rohan earlier or your marriage has just broken? I and Rohan are only good friends and cousins. He has done many favors to us. You can make Rohan fool, not me. I know it very well that a clever mind is hidden behind this innocent face. I know it very well that you people have taken alot of benefit from uncle Farid and Rohan but now I won’t let it happen. One more thing, listen to me carefully. Stay away from Rohan. He’s my fiance and he will be mine only. Mother was right that this is the result of crazy and educated but illiterate girls like you. You do give stress to your family members but you also degrade yourself outside in the world. The biggest thing a relation has is trust and if you don’t trust me then you are doing wrong. You are doing wrong by staying in this relation. Talal? Hey? Yes? You are sitting here? I thought you have gone outside. Listen, you know that Zakiya aunt right? Remember I talked to you about her and her daughter? They used to live in our neighborhood. They want to meet you, my child. Although they have already seen you but it’s been long. I have asked them to come. Leave it. What’s done is done. Forget her. Mother, it would be easy for you to forget not for me. Enough is enough! End it. It is my mistake. My mistake that I listened to you. I killed my love with my own hands. You did the right thing. My child, you did the right thing by killing such love. And listen to me carefully, I have taken the final decision. I know. I know your final decision. Now you listen to me my final decision that I would only get married to Mahira. Tell this to that Zakiya I don’t want to get married to her daughter. Hey? O God You can make Rohan fool, not me. I know it very well that a clever mind is hidden behind this innocent face. What happened to you? Where are you lost? Whose phone is this? Brother Rohan’s Rohan? Call him back. It might be something important. I’ll call him back. Is everything alright? Yes! Everything’s fine. I’m just having headache. I’ll make you tea. Go and take out car. Okay! Where are you going father? What? My child, I’m going to have lunch with Mr. Shahab. Then when will we discuss about Galax Enterprises? Later! Later! I wanted to discuss one more thing. What? Related to my wedding. Fine! We’ll talk about it later. I’m getting late now. Father, please! We’ll talk about it at night. I have talked to Sumbul and brother Waqar. They want this wedding to happen as soon as possible. You father and I also want the same. Listen to me once then I will not come infront of you ever again. Fine! Keep your words. Say, what do you want to say? I want to apologize you. For what? For things you did to me or your mother? I know I hurt you alot but I realize it. Please, forgive me. There is no use of asking forgiveness. You have ended everything yourself. But Mahira I want to change everything and want to make you mine again. Enough! Please My life isn’t a joke that you can put blame me or accuse me anytime and apologize anytime. Do you have an idea how difficult it was for me? What trauma I went through? And you left me so easily. So why now? I do realize it Mahira. This is why I want to embrace you again to correct my mistake. But why would I make the same mistake that I would go through the same pain? Why? What’s the reason? Our situation was a test of your love and you failed it all. You will break our old relation due one mistake of mine? Mahira we … There is nothing left between us, Talal. Whatever you did wasn’t wrong. That was truth of your character and your love that never trusted our relation. Our ways have split. Now it is better that you go to your way and I go to mine. I have changed. No, you haven’t. You are the same weak Talal even today. Mahira? Mahira, why are you pushing this relation towards a closure? Because there is nothing left in it, sister. Look, if you both want then … No! He’s asking for forgiveness with true heart. What else do you want? What shall I do with the apology when I know there is no future of this relation. Look, everyone get ready with the time. May be you don’t know that hatred of Talal’s mother is way greater than Talal’s love. Neither I want to keep any false hope nor I want you to keep it. Rohan, have you gone mad? Your marriage is fixed and you are thinking about someone else. That is the problem. I don’t know what to do. This is why I have called you. Neither I can say anything nor explain. What is there to say or understand? Forget Hania and get married to Sumbul. Look, I’m understanding what you are doing. This isn’t right. This won’t only effect you both but relations of all the families. I know, man. What do you know? What? What will happen to Sumbul? What will she go through? Do you have any idea? Man, I’m not doing this deliberately. My heart is being attracted towards her. Then tell this to your heart. Look Rohan, you are committed to Sumbul. Now stop thinking about anyone else. Please. Basit, I make a promise to myself that I will not think about her and to talk to her but I’m being attracted to her She’s married. Infact she’s divorced now. So? So? Your mother will never accept a divorcee in her house. What is Hania’s fault in it? No one sees the fault here. This is the only reason that can lead to rejection. I don’t believe in this rubbish. Who cares what you believe? Many people related to you do believe this so you’d have to listen. This is getting very complicated so please, forget Hania. Have it. Thank you. Yes, I’m taking. Look, I have a very old relation with this neighborhood and this house. Zakaiya, I had very good contacts with sister Nasreen’s husband’s Mr. Jamaal. Absolutely! By the way, why didn’t you bring Farheen along? If you would have then she would have really liked it. She wasn’t well so I stopped her. Also, it is more appropriate for elders to have a talk first. You are absolutely right! By the way, where does Talal work? He … Actually brother, he has told me many times but I forget every time. It is some very good company where he is working. He’s about to come. He will tell you himself. By the way, is it a good job? Yes! My son’s salary is Rs. 50,000 and he was telling that after some months it would increase further. Yes! How’s Jameela? She’s absolutely fine. We heard that Talal was committed to Jameela’s daughter previously. No! They were asking for the proposal. Honestly, they are my nieces but are very smart. Talal didn’t agree. I think Talal is here. Okay I’m just coming. Come Greetings Greetings! Look, guests are here. Remember, I told you? Now stay quiet for my dignity. Don’t say a word. Come Come! Greetings! Greetings! This is my son, Talal. Greetings aunt! Why are you standing? Sit. Yes! You too sit. Hello Mahira, how are you? I’m fine! Where is Hania? I’ll give it to her. It’s brother Rohan. I don’t want to talk. She isn’t able to talk. Actually, she doesn’t want to. Fine! I’ll call later. Thank you Okay! You are weird. Okay! It is really nice meeting you. Okay bye! Fine! Do give my regards to Farheen. Okay! Bye Bye! Take care of yourself. I stopped you from taking this proposal ahead then why did you call them? Quiet! They will listen. Let them. I don’t want to get married to their daughter. Hey, shall I not talk to anyone for your proposal just because you are foolish? Mother, I have already told you my decision. Enough! I have heard your decision. Now you have to follow my decision. My child, what is not there in this family? Didn’t you see how good they are. And you haven’t met Farheen yet. She would be better than Mahira. Look my child, whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it for your betterment. My betterment? If you want my betterment then go to aunt’s house right now. No, this can not happen. But why? I have already refused. Do you want me to go and beg them? Do you want to insult your mother? Talal, look my child. Try to understand me. They are very good people. We will … Talal, listen to me. What shall I do? O God, when will Mahira go out of his mind? Hi Hania! Mother and father aren’t at home. I’m here to meet you. Can’t I come in? Tell me, is everything fine? Everything’s fine. You just don’t come here. Why? What happened? Have I done any mistake? No! I told you that your life can be ruined because of me. It can not be ruined. What happened? Rohan, neither your mother likes you meeting me nor … Nor? Nor Sumbul. Sumbul? Did Sumbul say something to you? Whatever she said wasn’t wrong. She’s your fiance. It’s her right. Hania, I’m not a child. I can take my own decisions. I don’t know that. All I know is that Mahira’s relation broke because of me and now you and Sumbul. I can not tolerate this burden. I’m a curse. But Hania. Okay listen to me. No Rohan, everything destroys that comes near me. Your life will become curse. You and uncle Fareed have done alot of favors to me. I will never forget them. Consider if I’m paying you back for those favors and do not come here ever again. Sumbul? Sumbul? What? Why did you go there? Where? Why did you go to Hania’s place? Oh! So this is why you are here. She has told you. Why did you go there? What was the need of talking to her like this. It was needed Rohan. It was needed to tell Hania that I’m the result of what she’s dreaming for. For God’s sake Sumbul, what has happened to you? I haven’t done anything wrong. Her cleverness can effect you not me. I can see it clearly how much she has manipulated you. Just stop it. I do understand what is good and bad for me, understood? Do you know how bad did she feel about what you said? What about me? I don’t like you to meet her or go to her house and her taking my place. Don’t degrade her Sumbul. That’s the truth Rohan. Whatever I did, I did to save our relation and here you are still supporting her. Aunt was right. How clever this Hania is. She is so smart. People say it right that her own character is bad. Her husband kicked her out. Shut up! Don’t you dare say another word about her. Why? What is she to you? Speak up? What are feeling so bad for her? Speak up? I love her. Sumbul? Get out of my house Rohan! Sumbul I Get out! Just leave. People say it right that her own character is bad. Shut up! Don’t you dare say another word about her. Why? What is she to you? Speak up? I love her. Why do you blame yourself for everything? Is it necessary for you to tolerate everything quietly? What else can I do? People will say that I’m cursed. Whatever people say, it is there job to make stories. To hide their own mistakes, they put blame on others. They always target a weaker person. But always remember one thing that the one who tortures and the one who tolerates torture both are equally responsible. Mahira, Rohan has done so much for me. If distancing myself from him can make his life better then it’s fine. Okay! What if mother and father ask that why didn’t he come, what would I say? We will see that later. Don’t stress them right now. Fine! As you wish. Did Rohan say this to you? I will talk to him, You don’t get tensed my child. Sumbul? Hello? Sumbul? What happened? Rohan has gone mad? Tell me what happened? He said to poor Sumbul that he doesn’t want to get married to her. What? Look, here your dear son is. Ask him yourself. Rohan, what am I listening? What happened? You don’t want to get married to Sumbul? Rohan, I’m asking something. Yes! You heard right. What is this joke? What are you saying? Are you in your senses? Mr. Fareed, do ask him what is the reason of this refusal and who is the reason? I want to get married to Hania. What? What are you saying? I knew it. I knew it my child that they will trap you. No one trapped me. This is my … You have gone mad. Why are you playing with relations. Didn’t I tell you Mr. Fareed to keep them away from those people? Look, this is the result of the meet-ups. I don’t know what have they given you. He doesn’t see anyone else than they There is no interference of Hania and her family in this. They don’t even know what I’m thinking. This is my own decision. I have relations with Waqar since long. I have business relations with him. He has done many favors to me. When I will go to him with your childish behavior, what will I say to him? How will I explain it to him? We have also fixed the wedding date. But we haven’t got married yet. Look, instead of ruining my and Sumbul’s life later, isn’t it better to take the decision right now? And I don’t want to get married to any other girl but Hania. You know nice she is. I want … I will not bring a divorcee to my house as a daughter in law. You have gone mad. Father! Enough. Your mother is right. This marriage can not happen. Madam, tea? I don’t want. Take it back. No! Leave it. Put it down. What is it? You woke up early in the morning today. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Is Rohan awake? I don’t know. We will talk to Rohan. What is there to be worried about? Mr. Fareed, it is very important to teach him. What did our son do yesterday? I’m surprised that he has such low mentality besides being my son. I’m in shock. I did so many preparations for his wedding. I had many hopes from him. And he’s leaving a beautiful and amazing girl Sumbul for a divorcee and ordinary girl Hania. What is he thinking? Yes! Even I was shocked after listening to him that suddenly how he thought about this. Suddenly? What are you saying? That Jameela and her daughters were slowly poisoning him. What do you mean? Jameela had to find some place for her divorced daughter. They found only our poor son. You were so proud of your brother’s love. Is this how he paid you back? What have they done? They found my son and broke his house. No! There is nothing like this Saira. This is how it is Mr. Fareed. When will you and your believe that how clever these women are. Otherwise my Rohan was so happy with Sumbul. She is such a nice girl. Why would have he broke the engagement? Listen to me carefully, whatever happens but I would not bring Jameela’s daughter in this house. Okay! Don’t get tensed. I will talk to Rohan. Then we will see what happens. Did you talk to Sumbul and Waqar? What shall I talk to them? He has embarrassed me so much that how would I talk? This doesn’t mean that we sit quietly after ending everything on one phone call. Talk to Sumbul. I will talk to Waqar. Lets see what happens. You are right. I will talk to Sumbul. She might listen to me. Everything is not lost yet. Why are you making it difficult for both of us? Why are you here? You know it very well that our way are different now. As if it is very easy. As if you didn’t leave me before? Was it easier before? Why? Can’t you forget it? No! I can’t Sorry! That incident gave me biggest lesson of my life. How can I forget it? This is for you. You are giving it to me as a what person? I can’t take it. We aren’t fiances but cousins. I can’t take it. Please don’t make it difficult for both of us. Do not come to this university next time. You used to consider yourself very strong. So much happened in my life. But I never let tears come in my eyes. But pain of rejection is very deep. Knocking the same door again and again with the hope that nothing will happen in return. I gave you pain by rejecting you once but you gave me pain by rejecting me again and again. It isn’t easy to tolerate this pain. It is very difficult. I will try not come in your way ever. O God! There is no good news in newspaper. Somewhere there is a robbery or kidnapping or this or that. It seems like bad news is a news now. Then why do you read newspaper? Neither you will read newspaper nor will get tensed What else do we do if we don’t read newspaper? Shall we hit our head with the wall? Talk to us. This is how the time will pass and we can share stories too. Hmm! Actually I like chatting with Rohan. It’s been many days that we haven’t met. Where is he nowadays? He must be busy in his wedding preparations. Mother was telling that it’s his wedding next month. Oh! He’s getting married so we have to get a wonderful present for him. Look, he is my nephew and like my son. He’ll be happy. There is no need. Why? He isn’t getting married. What do you mean? He has refused to get married. Why would he refuse? I don’t know the reason. I’m telling you what I got to know from relatives. Yes but he really liked that girl and both were very happy together then what happen? Exactly. There must be some big reason this is why he refused to get married few days before the wedding. But if there was anything like this then brother would have told something. You got o your brother’s home and find out. I will ask about it. Strange.


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