Har Kisse Ke Hisse Kaamyaab | Official Trailer | Sanjay Mishra | Deepak Dobriyal | 6th March 2020

Goods have reached the island. My guy is on his way. BOSS! The Cops caught our goods! How come you escaped, Shera? From playing a responsible Doctor… to an honest Inspector… He could play any and every role, But his most popular role
was of ‘Shera’ ‘Just Enjoying Life,
You got a better option?’ Sir, I have a list of your 499 films! How many? 499! Wouldn’t it be some kind of a
record if I complete 500? Cheers!! I will be in the league of extraordinary actors… Like Lalita Pawar, Pran and Shakti Kapoor How’s your hair so silky? It’s just natural Sir, let me find that 500th role for you! Man, this old shoe wont fit,
No matter how much we shine. I know you from that film… ‘You got a better option?’ Congratulations, you have got
THE 500th role! Gulati, are you pulling a fast one? No sir, the producer wants you asap. Papa, you’re serious? You remember what
happened in the last film? Guys, pack up! What did you just do? This film could’ve changed your life… You just broke my heart! Is your record done? Papa, even if you do a thousand films You’ll still remain that
‘blink-n-miss’ sidekick Sir, Can you repeat that
iconic dialogue of yours? ‘Just Enjoying Life,
‘You got a better option?’


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