Harry and Meghan’s Body Language Analysis

Sometimes Body Language tells only half of the story… but that half could be more than enough. This video of Harry and Meghan from a year ago, has magically resurfaced because, you know, the internet. There have been lots of interpretations and shots at what happened here: Many claim that Meghan simply interrupted her husband and tried to steal the show. Now is a good time to mention one rule of
Body Language Analysis: Mind the source. It’s an edited video. Her close-up doesn’t let us see if in fact,
Harry was introducing her to the group. An edited video can only show what the editor wanted us to see So wether Meghan interrupted Harry or she was introduced to the conversation, we can’t be sure. One thing is clear though: Harry’s body language and attitude is not the greatest. First, a nervousness gesture. He then switches to a classic pose (both hands over his belly). This posture is not bad in itself. Indeed, it’s pretty handy for any occasion
when we don’t know what to do with our hands. But he is beta-male slouching and pressing his lips. Not a very confident attitude. Then he goes full awkward. The right hand switches to ‘protect’ the left one. That’s a pacifying gesture, as to comfort
himself. He combines it with a half smile that usually means contempt, but it would have to ‘push’ his cheek upwards too. It’s just a nervous smile. then, he keeps slouching, the pacifying gesture and makes some odd things with his mouth. Honestly, he reminded me of Tom Hanks in “Big”. So what most people are perceiving is a stark contrast between him and his wife. She didn’t ‘push him aside’ He did it himself. Let’s use the magic of photo manipulation
to insert a more alpha-male Harry. Chest out, open shoulders, chin up, slight
(sincere) smile. Do you think it would have made a difference? I do. Remember: sometimes, a slight shift in attitude, including not only your body language but your voice and demeanor too, can make all the difference in the world. And yes, people are looking at you, even subconciously. Which one would you like them to see? Don’t forget to subscribe for more Body Language and Persuasion Tips!


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