Hassad Episode 11 | 15th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Why do you talk like this sister? My first and last love is Armaan. By talking like this do you make yourself fool or try to soothe Armaan’s soul? To soothe Armaan’s soul it is enough that I’m his. Really? But I heard you were getting married? And then Armaan reached there on the end moment and stopped the wedding like a movie hero. Your family members were so they agreed immediately. And you came running here as if you were waiting for Farhan. What do you mean sister? I mean to say is that Farhan is not interested in anything anymore except you and now your child is also an excuse. If you take all this rubbish out of your mind, you would understand that this is not true. I’m understanding everything aunt. You changed as soon as this child arrived. You fell in love with this woman and her son this much that you have forgotten me. Don’t try to change the topic. Whatever is happening in this house is wrong. A widow is still living with her in-laws. Even an Islamic law is not in a favor of a widow living with her brother in law. She considers him as her brother. By saying that someone is your brother doesn’t really make him your brother. There is nothing like that. Also the people in neighborhood have started talking about what is going on. What do you mean? What are they saying? Everyone thinks that she is having an affair with Farhan. Aunt, you can scold me and shut me up but what about neighbors? How many people you will ask to shut up? This house has become a drama. As you wish now. What are you doing? I’m working I didn’t understand one thing her sister and brother took her with pride with them then how did they allow her to come with you so easily? What do you mean? Is Nain Tara some kid that she has to take permission of her sister before coming? I think she was missing Armaan and this house. This is why she came. I heard they were getting her married. This might be the reason that she came back here. Then? Thank God she got rid of it. By the way, you stay away from her. I should stay away? What do you mean? Why? Do you want to stay close to her? What are saying? Do you have an idea what you are saying? Now I’m not always wrong. Whenever I speak about Nain Tara you hate it so much as if a scorpio bit you. I’m your wife Farhan. I have some right … Yes you have. You have a right. But instead of acting like a wife I feel like you are just being jealous. Yes I’m being jealous. You have some respect in this society so save it. When a widow is present in a house, the society starts pointing fingers at the character of brother in laws. And her sister’s husband is saying to everyone in the neighborhood that Farhan has started liking his widow sister in law. Zari! Control your tongue. This is not me who is saying this but the society and when the society starts talking about you, you can not tolerate it. Have you gone mad, Zari. Why are you leaving your house for no reason? No mother, I have no place in this house now. Do you know that Farhan slapped me. He slapped your daughter and you are asking me to stay here? I will not stay here for even one second. O stupid girl, you will regret if you will leave that house. Mother if I will stay here, I will go mad. I feel like they all are making me fool together. They do not care about me. Nothing happens to them. I can’t stay here any more. Ok as you wish. If you want to run away leaving the game behind then I will send Kashi to take you. Send him quickly! I’m waiting. Zari? Where are you going with this bag? Aunt, your son left me no option but going from here. He slapped me that too because of that Nain Tara. She is lying. I didn’t slap you because of Nain Tara but because you were putting blames on me. Why are you both fighting like kids? If she is immature then you should be careful. You both only care about Nain Tara. I am like a trash in this house. You have been given so much but still you are always worried. Don’t you trust your husband and his love? Why do you always compare yourself with Nain Tara? What does she have except for a child? She has something that I can never give to Farhan. And that woman is taking advantage of it. She wants to take away my husband by using my weakness. Your sister would be calling you in some time and will ask you to take her with you crying. Why would she do that? This is what I have done. Your sister is left with no other option than to come here. It is Zari who will do something now. Don’t you worry. Your sister will be here in half an hour and we will be back to London. You haven’t done right to her. She was already suffering alot and you … Really? You are showing so many sympathies for your sister. Look at yourself what you did with her. You betrayed her and brought her here. Whatever I did, I did it for you. But still you did that. This is why you are equally responsible. You don’t need to show sympathies. Inform me as soon as Nain Tara calls. Infact give it to me. I’ll handle myself when she will call. Sister why would you leave this house. It should be me who should leave this house. What are you saying my child? Why would you go? Aunt, because she no right to stay at this house anymore. The person, who she was related to, has died. You are saying it wrong. Armaan did die but her relation became stronger with this house than getting weaker. And the reason is … And the reason is this child. I knew it that you will be the one who will find the reason. Since now you have found a reason for her to stay here then I also have a condition to stay here I will only stay here on one condition. That is if she leaves this house. She will not go anywhere from here. If you want to go then you can go but remember one thing, I will not come to take you back. Stop Zari, before you cross this door, remember you will be responsible for the consequences. Mother for God’s sake, stop sister from going. Nain Tara enough! Sometimes those who are leaving shouldn’t be begged to stop. because those who wants to stay do not need begging. Not even a single person stopped me mother. And Farhan was saying that those who leave shouldn’t be begged to stop. It was you who gave them a chance to do so otherwise I could have handled the situation. Nothing can be handled until that woman is in that house. There are ways to handle situations. If you want to get rid of that witch, I’ll get her married and bring her here for you. What happened to you mother? Why are you dragging me? And you are ready to get your only son married to a girl who is always crying? Now you can see flaws in her otherwise you were crazy after her beauty. That is something else but I can not get married. And mother don’t try to blackmail me. I understand everything. What kind of girl you are getting me married to. My future will be ruined. What is your future? Is it to roam around with your friends or to borrow money from your sister for your entertainment? Can’t you see the way she is crying? Mother she is not crying. She is just acting. I know you both very well. Don’t try to blackmail me emotionally because I am not going to listen. I can only think about it if I’d be given something. What do you want? Atleast I should have enough money to start my own business and buy a new car. O God! Aren’t you ashamed to ask your own sister all this so confidently? Nain Tara is like a gold mine. You will never be in loss after getting married to her. You will get Armaan’s insurance and share in property as well. Your life will change if you get married to her. If this is so then I will think about it. She has something I can never give to Farhan and she is using my weakness. Farhan, you hid such a big news from me. Why my child? Mother, your health is most important to me. You were already very upset because of Armaan. If had told you this you would have got more upset. I didn’t want to give you more stress. But my child what about your happiness? Will you never get a child for your whole life? Before Arsalan I used to be desperate for child but after he came I don’t feel empty. Arsalan is Nain Tara’s son. She can take him away anytime with her. Why would she do that? This is her house. This is her husband’s house. Yes! This is her house but her husband is no more in this world. What are you saying mother? Look Farhan, its the truth that my son has left this world But Nain Tara has to live in this society. She has her whole life ahead. She would be needing a man’s support in future. We can not ignore the truth neither can we try to delay the situation. If me or anyone else thinks that Nain Tara spend her whole life in this house for Armaan then it will be unfair with her, my son. What are you trying to say mother? No! I don’t want to say anything. I’m just obsessed by a thought. that if Nain Tara will go then she will take our Arsalan with her. Madam, some lady has come to meet you. Okay! Make her sit in drawing room and serve her tea. I’m coming. How are you? I’m fine. Take this. I’m getting Farha married. You have to come to this wedding. If you will not come then I’ll be upset. Congratulations! I also have to congratulate you. You have got your widow daughter in law married. It has a big reward. Who told you that I got Nain Tara married? I talked to your eldest daughter in law. She told me that her family members came to take her for marriage purpose. Nain Tara didn’t go for marriage purpose. She went to spend some time with her sister. It’s okay! Think about it now. She has a long life ahead. For how will she stay here because of your son. She is very innocent. She will never say it with her mouth but if you will do so you will be doing unfair to her. Safi, this is a matter of our house. It is better that you don’t interfere. It is your matter but the question is about her life not about daughter and mother in law. Think like a mother. Then only you can take a decision easily. I have to go to other places also so I’m leaving. Do think about it. Be quiet Arsalan! Nain Tara what happened? why is he crying? Brother Farhan, look Arsalan is having high fever. Yes he is having high fever. He is so small. I am unable to understand which medicine to give him. No! Please do not give him any medicine on your own. We should take him to hospital. But how would we find a doctor at this late? I have a friend. His cousin is a child specialist. Ill talk to him. You get him ready quickly! I’ll tell mother. Okay! Hello! Hi! Are you in the hospital? Yeah! I have to bring Arsalan for check up! Okay! Thank you so much. Mother? Mother? What happened? I came to tell you that O why is he crying so much? Bring him here. Give him to me. What happened to my son? O he is boiling. He is having a high fever. This is what I came to tell you. We are taking him to hospital. Why are you thinking then? Lets go! Mother please, you stay. You are already sick. Nothing will happen to me. I will go Mother look. Take him! I told you. Please have rest. We will quickly bring him back. I’ll take rest. Take him to the doctor immediately. Give him to me. Do inform me about his health on call. Let me bring the car. Will you give injection to this small baby? It will be very painful. Don’t worry. They will do slowly Don’t you worry, your child will not feel pain. I think it’s your first child this is why you are being over conscious. But please put it slowly. It will be better if you give the child to his dad because at this moment a mother feels more pain than a baby. Give it to him Your wife has a very sensitive small heart, she herself is very young as well She’s not my wife, she’s my sister in law Let’s go brother Farhan Yes, let’s go Thank you doctor Hi Hey, where are you? I’m sitting at your place since such a long time and there’s no sign of you here You would see me if I was there. I came back home last night Oh, so that’s why they were both together Together? Who? Where? Forget it, you’ll just get worried I won’t get worried, please tell me, who were together and where? Well, yesterday I saw Nain Taara and brother Farhan going together somewhere in the car That can’t be Anam, you must be mistaken No I’m hundred and one percent sure it was them Okay I will talk to you later What happened? Was that Farhan’s call? Tell me what’s the matter? Zari? What’s wrong? Why are you crying? What else should I do besides crying mother? After I’ve left that house, everyone has got the freedom to do what they want It seems as if they were waiting for me to leave Oh why are you throwing a tantrum? I’m not throwing a tantrum mother. I’m telling you the truth. Even aunty is supporting them It has never happened that I’ve left from home after having an argument and nobody called me back. I’m telling you mother, aunty has changed a lot Oh so what if she has changed? Your mother hasn’t changed. Just wait and see what I will do to change everything I’m going over there to ask for Nain Taara’s hand in marriage for Kaashi Mother, come back after getting their approval You’re talking just about getting their approval? I’m even going to give her some money as a token Listen Zari, give me five thousand rupees Oh I’m doing this for your benefit. I want to buy some sweets on the way just to make sure that the matter gets settled I’ll get them Come back quickly dear. There’s nothing in this Aunty, I don’t see Zari anywhere? She’s not at home Okay, so when will she be back? I don’t know Aunty, are you thinking about marrying Nain Taara to brother Farhan? Actually, I saw them going somewhere together in a car, I thought may be There’s nothing as you think and as you are describing to others Farhan and Nain Taara went together only to take Arsalan to the doctor Oh, that caused such a big confusion. Doesn’t matter what I think, but not everyone in the neighborhood is going to come and ask you for clarification If you ask me, I think you should bring Zari back home. You can not stop the neighbors from gossiping, it’s about Nain Taara’s respect as well You don’t need to worry about Nain Taara’s respect, we are here to take care of that, do you understand? I was only saying that for your own benefit Rani? Yes? Please close the drawing room when the guests have left A woman has no value without her husband, mother. Even if she smiles, people start questioning the reason for which she’s smiling If she raises her gaze to see, people start searching her eyes for a reflection of the person she’s looking at Before taking away all her rights from a woman after the death of her husband, why don’t people realize that she’s already dead? The one who dies only need support of four people to take him to the grave. But it is very difficult to survive for a person who is already dead inside. It’s very difficult. Why don’t people understand this. When people are not able to think properly then they stay quiet and start trusting other people and look at things the way they do. How can I complain from strangers when my own blood betrayed me. Before leaving the house if Zari would have thought it once that Armaan gave his life for her husband then she couldn’t be more grateful to you for her whole life. But that woman has never thought about anyone else than herself Madam, Nusrat madam is here. Okay make her sit. I’m coming. Let me go and check. Zari hasn’t come with you. You know Zari very well sister. Until you will call her and Farhan will come to bring her back, she will not come. Leave Zari. I’m here for my son’s proposal. I’m here for Nain Tara’s proposal for my Kashi. What? Nusrat are you in your senses now? Are you talking to me about my widow daughter in law’s wedding? Sister, she is not your daughter in law anymore. She is a widow. This is why I came here to ask for her proposal. And by the way she can not spend her whole life sitting here. She has to get married some time. This matter will stay in home. Kashi has no objection. You can keep Arsalan with you. Are you in your senses? You are talking like kids. They day you will say yes respectfully, I will get Nain Tara married to my son with simplicity and take her. Nain Tara is not some toy or decoration piece that anyone can take her whenever they want. She is a human being. She has her own opinion. Yes I know her opinion and your intentions. In the greed of a grandson you sent my daughter away from her house and ruined her family. She left the house deliberately. Enough sister. I can see from your attitude that you have changed alot. Enough! I have tolerated you and your daughter alot. Now you have crossed the limit I ignored all her mistakes till today But for how long will I do it, Nusrat? She acts like a child all the time. It is you who is acting like a child. You are being so dear to Nain Tara and my daughter seems like nothing to you. She is something to me. This is why I kept her in this house with knowing that she is infertile. My son has always being nice to her and ignored her all the mistakes besides knowing her flaws. But she has crossed all her limits and has become selfish. One has to be selfish to save their home. You will have to agree for this proposal one day. And my daughter will not enter this house till the day Nain Tara leaves this house. Do let your son know that if he wants to bring his wife back then you have to accept this proposal of Kashi. You also have to make a sacrifice. If you wouldn’t do it then it will be proven that your intentions are wrong. How is Arsalan now? He is better. Mother has slept early today. Yes! Nain Tara, is everything alright? Yes! I have put dinner for you on table. Alright? She has a long life ahead. For how long will she stay here? Aunt, listen to me and bring Zari back as soon as possible, You know that people look for opportunity to talk against someone and this is about Nain Tara’s dignity. Do let your son know that if he wants to bring his wife back then you have to accept this proposal of Kashi. You also have to make a sacrifice. If you wouldn’t do it then it will be proven that your intentions are wrong. The one who dies only need support of four people to take him to the grave. But it is very difficult to survive for a person who is already dead inside Mother breakfast … Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Brother Farhan? Brother Farhan? Mother? Mother what happened? Brother Farhan come … What happened to mother? I don’t know she is not waking up. Mother? Mother? Wake up! Mother? Mother? No enough! Not anymore. Please mother, eat a little more. No! Did you call Zari? Did you tell her about my health? Call her and inform her. Leave it mother. She will say something rubbish and it will affect you health. She will not my son. When she will know that I’m in hospital, she will come running to see me. So you have finally missed your wife. Mother is in hospital. She is calling you. O I am some servant who is found free right? Call that Nain Tara and make her serve your mother. She is only there to be loved. I am the real servant. If you want, you will make a babysitter of that child and aunt’s nurse. Listen to me carefully Farhan, till the day my mother’s demand is not fulfilled I will not come back. If you can’t do so then spend money and get a nurse for your mother because I can’t serve her. Got it? O how ill-mannered your daughter in law is. She said so much in one go. She didn’t even think once that her mother in law is in hospital. Please give her injection quietly and go from here. Mother! Enough is enough! I have come to a conclusion. What is the importance of my order to you? What are you saying mother? I’m saying it right. Answer me. What is the importance of my order to you? You just give me an order. If you say so, I’ll bring Zari back. No! Now you will get married again to Nain Tara. Mother what are you saying? How can I get married to Nain Tara? She is Armaan’s wife. She used to love her like crazy I can never take Armaan’s place. No my son, you don’t have to take Armaan’s place. You have to make your position in Nain Tara’s life. So that she can get a status in society that she deserves. She has a right. I know my son it is difficult for you but you have to do it to give dignity to Nain Tara. This world is very cruel and our Nain Tara is very innocent. She wouldn’t be able to tolerate odd stares and brutal comments of people of this world. Don’t do it for me but for your brother. How did you take this big decision suddenly? Not suddenly my son. I thought alot about it. I took so much time to decide it. Zari is my niece but I think now this relationship is fading away. I ignored her all mistake just because of this relationship. But my son I think now our Nain Tara needs a support. It had to be someone so it will be you who will support her. What about Zari, mother? Zari has to make her place in our house now. She herself let the house. I cn not compromise my house’s peace for her selfishness.


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