Hassad Episode 13 | 22nd July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Nain Tara? What happened to her? People do not fear God. They speak whatever comes in their mind. Without even thinking they pass such harsh comments. What are you saying? What happened to Nain Tara? Why was she crying? Madam, what else she would do? Remember that Erum? She created a scene at grocery store and put false allegations on sister. Now tell me, what was the fault of this poor child? She dragged him as well. Madam, I will ask you to send sister somewhere. If she will live here, they will not live her. Why would she go somewhere? She will not go anywhere and will stay here. Once a person runs away then he can not face the world again. But … You hold him. I’ll go and check Nain Tara. By saying this all to her you proved your friendship. Hey I’ll talk to you later. Bye What happened mother? Why do you look upset? Have you changed your side? Are you supporting Nain Tara now? Zari whatever game you are playing, what if after leaving that house, you will get out of Farhan’s life as well? What happened mother? Did you go to pressurize aunt or she pressurized you? Sister’s attitude didn’t seem well to me. Go back to your home before it’s too late. So that my remaining respect will also vanish. A girl’s dignity is linked with her husband and her house. Always remember one thing, a man can not tolerate a woman’s tears. especially if those tears are shed by the widow of his brother. They cause destruction that can not be easily handled. And be scared of the time when her tears will break your house. Mother don’t scare me. I am scared after seeing sister’s attitude. This is why I’m asking you to go back to your house. If a woman disappears from eyes of her husband then the husband forgets her love in a moment. This is how men are. They belong to a class who become disloyal very quickly. Now you will marry again with Nain Tara. Make your place in Nain Tara’s life so that she can get a status in her life which she deserves. I know my child it will be difficult for you but you have to do it for the sake of Nain Tara’s dignity. This world is very cruel my child and our Nain Tara is very innocent. She wouldn’t be able to tolerate the odd looks and harsh comments of this world. My child you don’t need to hide anything. I know the pain that you are feelings inside you. Tell me one thing? How much do you love Arsalan? What kind of question is this? Who is more important for a mother than her child? You are absolutely right. No one is more important for a mother than a child and she has to make decisions for them. Sometime mother has to compromise and tolerate all the bitterness to bring sweetness into her children’s lives. My child you also have to take such decisions. Because I don’t our Arsalan to give answers to people’s questions. Those questions that are being answered by you right now. Children have fragile brains. If they keep anything in their heart then they do not give enough space to their mothers in their hearts. Zari herself saw her with brother Farhan. Zari is a witness of the time when you poisoned brother Farhan’s heart against her. You get married with Farhan. Mother but this how all the doubts will be converted into reality. Everyone will believe that I was with brother Farhan … You, I and Farhan all know what the truth is. As far as the world is concerned, all the questions are vanished after marriage. My child, all these phases come before marriage. But mother? I took this decision as a mother with this hope that you will respect my decision. Live long my child! Live long. Farhan Ahmed, son of Muneed Ahmed , your marriage is happening with Nain Tara in the presense of witnesses. Do you agree? Yes! Farhan Ahmed, son of Muneed Ahmed , your marriage is happening with Nain Tara in the presense of witnesses. Do you agree? Congratulations my son. What are you people doing? What is happening here by gathering so many people? Why are you quiet? Answer me. What is happening here? I have got Farhan and Nain Tara married. Farhan, what is she saying? How can you marry her? How did she come to know about marriage? I don’t know sister. But she is standing outside. I think she is going to create a big scene. You don’t come out of the room. Stay inside. Let me go and see what is happening? I don’t know what Zareen sister will do. Answer me Farhan. Answers are given for the questions. My marriage is not a question but a slap on those people’s face who put allegations on Nain Tara’s character. And degraded her in the society. There are other ways to remove these allegations, Farhan. Someone else could marry her. Why you? Not once you thought about us? Not even our relationship? And aunt you? I’m your niece and still you brought his second wife. I kept sitting there with this thought that you will come to get me. You will talk to Farhan but you … with that shameless woman … Control your tongue. She is my wife. She the dignity of this house. I will not tolerate a single word against her. If she is the dignity then what am I? Am I some useless object here who can be replaced anytime when you are satisfied? You do not care about me and my feelings? You should have thought about me once before doing this all. Didn’t you love me ever? I did. This is why I not only tolerated all your wrong doings but also hid them from everyone. It did love you. This is why despite of you being wrong every time, It was always me who used to come to get you. It is not about love but situation. This situation is created by you Zareen. Due to your fear and insecurities I was forced to take this step. You both are lying. You made situation an excuse and made me fool. I neither consider this decision nor this marriage Reality can not change either you agree or disagree. Nain Tara and Farhan have got married. Now they both are husband and wife. Now no one should have an objection with Nain Tara living in this house including you. I will not let her stay in this house. Zareen? You have taken my Farhan away from me. This is what I was scared of. Sister Zareen, I didn’t want to do but … Stop making excuses now Nain Tara. I know you very well. I’m not left with anything now but I will not leave anything with you as well. I will kill him. Go and check her. She might do any stupidity. Nain Tara … You go Go and handle her. Make her understand. Sorry but you all can leave now. Sister Zareen, give me back Arsalan now. Zareen? If you will take one more step Farhan then I will throw him. Look Zareen, give Arsalan back to Nain Tara. You are angry at me right? Come lets sit and talk. Please give back Arsalan … What is left now Farhan? This woman and this child both have taken you away from me Farhan I thought I will get Nain Tara married and keep this child myself I will give him more love than Nain Tara. Give me Arsalan here. Here! Take him from here. This is why I was stopping you mother. I knew sister Zareen will never accept this marriage. You have seen. What if something had happen to Arsalan. God forbid. Nothing will happen to Arsalan. Zareen is emotional. She will be fine with the time. Farhan is there He will explain it to her. Look Zari, what ever happened, what was the fault of the child that you were going to kill him? You have this much poison against Nain Tara and her child? Yes I have and why wouldn’t I have. She and her child have taken you away from me Farhan. She broke my home. How can I let her live? You can not ruin Nain Tara because now you will not live here. Are you sending me out of the house Farhan? Yes I am. I can not take a risk to keep you here until your craziness is gone. You are leaving. I love Arsalan more than my life. Fine! Then you better life with your loved ones. If I do not have any respect in your heart and in this house then what will I do here? Erum I don’t even believe that Farhan can change. He sent me out of the house because of that woman. I am his wife. The one who loves him alot. And aunt didn’t even look at me. I could never think that he will do this to me. What will I do Erum? Zareen, you go to your house right now. Infact I will drop you myself. Okay? Go there and think with fresh mind. And please stop crying like women. It’s just a marriage. They can get divorce. Relax please. You sit for two minutes. I will bring key. Yes! They can be divorced. O Kashi, go and check what is happening there. Bring the updates. O mother, I’m not going there. And if something had happened then we had got the call by now. Mother? Mother! My child! Mother! What happened my child? Zareen? Why are you crying? Sit here. Sit Hey go and bring water for your sister. Why are you standing? What happened? Did sister say anything to you? What happened? Mother, Farhan has got married. What rubbish are you talking? Are in your senses? I just got in my senses mother. Aunt didn’t think about me once. She sent me out of the house. What? Farhan’s marriage? How can sister do this? She promised me that she will never do injustice to you. See sister, I told you your husband’s intentions are not right. He got married to her as soon as he got a chance. And mother you? Why are you faking consoling her? What did you think that by threatening aunt you will get what you want. She did what she wanted to. Quiet! Sister didn’t do it right. She back-stabbed me by getting Farhan married to Nain Tara. Mother you get up and come with me. We will see them. And I will ask brother Farhan that how can he replace my sister? O Kashi, sit down. We shouldn’t be emotional at this time and think sensibly. Mother, my sister’s home is ruined and you are asking me to think sensibly? I’m saying so because she can return back there but if you will create any scene there then all the ways will be closed. I will not go back. So will you be sitting here in your mother’s house for your whole life? Yes I will. And you will also neither beg them and nor talk to them. Please! Zari, listen to me my child. Sister hasn’t done fair with me and my daughter. Mother you? You should have called me. Now you have to call Nain Tara in this room. What are you saying mother? She will not come. You have also seen Zari’s reaction today. After all this you are still saying to shift Nain Tara here? Yes I am because my child you have got married to her. In whatever situation you got married but she is your wife now. As far as Zari is concerned, I know that she will not come back and neither Nusrat will send her here. My child, forget Zari. For now think about yourself, Arsalan and Nain Tara. You have responsibility of both of them. And I know this thing very well that my child always fulfills his responsibilities. Along with responsibilities, I also care about Nain Tara’s feelings. What if she gets awkward with me? She will not think anything wrong about you. And when you will tell her that I said so, she will never refuse. Let me send Rani and get Zari’s luggage shifted into other room so that if by mistake she comes, she will find her room ready. Okay? Brother, shall I take it off or leave it? Put these all properly. Yes brother! Can I say something? Yes? Younger sister is very nice. Please keep her safe from elder sister. Rani, this is why this decision is made. What is she doing? She is putting Arsalan to sleep. You? Umm! Has Arsalan slept? Yes! Can we sit and talk? Say Farhan broth … I know that it seems strange to you … Actually, mother wants that … Mother was saying that you should be shifted into my room. This is not what I’m saying but mother. I told her that you will find it strange but … she insisted. Umm! I’m more comfortable here. Let me stay here. Explain it to mother. Ofcourse, I will talk to mother. Thank-you! No problem! Rani? Rani where are you? Oh! Sorry my child, I didn’t have an idea that Arsalan is sleeping. You sit. Rani pack all the things. What are you looking at? I asked you. Pack everything and put it in Farhan’s room. Mother, I don’t want to go and I think this is appropriate. You do your work. What is not appropriate my child? That is Zareen sister’s room. What if she comes back? First thing, it is not Zareen but Farhan’s room who is your husband. And I want you to stay in that room with your husband. Secondly, Zareen will not come back. And if by mistake she comes back then her another room is ready. She should also realize that she left her place empty because of her foolishness. As far as this room is concerned, I will get it set for my Arsalan. Look my child, you must know how to take your right. If you will keep hesitating like this then it will be difficult for you. Zareen is not here right now but tomorrow if she comes back, she will try her best to get her position back. This is why I’m asking you to make your place and take your right. Madam, its all done. Speak slowly. Can’t you see he is sleeping. He will annoy us if he wakes up! Take this in Farhan’s room Infact my child, you go with her and set everything yourself. Come on Don’t worry about Arsalan. I’ll look after him. Get up! What is this? These are the things of sister. I am sent to put these here. Mother asked me so I couldn’t refuse her. Rani pick these things up. We will put them there. Mother, you should have cooked something good. You know that I don’t like lentils. I need time to cook dishes of your choice and when you came I had already cooked it Now eat a little. I’m not hungry. Mother, what was the need of all this? My child I’m finding this all less. If I had time, I would have arranged more than this. Wow mother! You have arranged a grand dinner. What happened? Start eating. Nain Tara, take more. Infact let me serve you. No mother, I will only eat this much. Thank you God! What will I eat now? You have to eat this. Mother, I had my biscuits and snacks in cupboard. Where is it? Kashi has eaten it. What? Yes after you left he ate all. He didn’t know that you will come back. He got into my cupboard with whose permission? And how dare he touch my things? Didn’t you stop him? How can I stop him eating? It was very less. I will get you that in the morning. You keep making noise. Some journeys are so difficult that even your soul gets tired while completing it. This journey is from one room to another but I know this that how difficult was it for me to cover it. What kind of life is it? When you think something it never happens and things happen that you don’t think about.


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