Hassad Episode 14 | 22nd July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

I’m so sorry, it must have happened unconsciously It’s ok, please stay with Arsalan, I will go make his feeder. ok, I’ll keep an eye on him It doesn’t seem like at all that he didn’t love me maybe men are talented in making a fool out of women and it’s as if women expect to be betrayed, willing to lose everything for just a single glance with love Kaashi, go and get some breakfast for your sister before she wakes up and starts shouting Amma you know she shouts everyday, She can’t go by a single day without creating a ruckus oh, daughter you’re up so early? What were you saying to Amma? I can’t spend a single day without creating any ruckus? So? I was right Ok please go and get your sister some breakfast Now I won’t get it, specially for her. If she wants to have breakfast, then she should go outside and get it herself She is making me go crazy He has become very rude. fighting with everyone But you also say things without any consideration He is not a child that you can insult him and then ask him to do your chores. He has grown up now In just one day, you can’t stand me nor my habits. It was the same Kaashi who you used to scold in favor of me, it’s true when they say that after their weddings, a daughter is made a stranger by her mother in her own home there is no respect for me in this house Oh God, now I have to deal with both brother and sister, deal with their issues, feed them, and on top of everything get criticized What do I do? They are making me mad I knew you were going to be here I’m making you some tea Don’t worry about it, Rani is here, she’ll make tea You should go help Farhan get ready Ami he gets ready by himself, what am i going to help him with? Every husband wants their wife to take care of every little thing. It’s what they like And I really want you to take good care of Farhan. Do everything for him by yourself so that he also cares for you Okay mother Why are you still standing here? Go now Ok Greetings sister Greetings What should i make for brother today? Make what you make everyday I will make something special today Ok make whatever you feel like making but make it quick, Farhan has to leave early for a meeting today Today is a big day for him at work, think of it as if he’s laying the foundation for his entire business. Please go see if he’s ready what about tea? She’ll do it, you go. Last time I had to fix the same shirt. I’ll have to wear another shirt. Sigh. This will be too informal. This will not look good at all. Only black goes well with white I know, that is why i chose this one Give me your shirt and I’ll stitch the button on it No, it’s already getting late, this will not leave a good impression on everyone You’re wasting more time on non sense. Give me your shirt and I’ll fix it in no time. Hello? Yes Mr. Noman. Don’t you worry , I’ll be on time, Yes, ouch. Sorry No no, I wasn’t talking to you. Basically my other phone is also ringing. Don’t worry I’ll be there in fifteen to twenty minutes Show me Now it’s done Thank You Oh Zari what have you done? What happened mother? I’m cooking food I can make four dishes from so much meat. But ok. Just make some gravy I don’t want to have a watery gravy, and this is more than enough. why are you worrying? Yes it definitely will be enough. It’s so much. Mother why are you repeatedly rubbing it on my face. what have I done wrong? Look Zari, I’m not like sister Sadiqa that listens to whatever you have to say and do, we have a strict budget that we have to follow every month If you want to stay here then you will have to follow the way we live in I don’t want to follow any such ways. I don’t want to have this food, in fact why don’t you freeze this food and ration it with your favorite useless son and yourself Sure, I’ll feed my favorite son, at least he doesn’t fight with me like you do You have a problem with me and the way I am right? Fine, I won’t come before you It is because of the way you talk to everyone that you’re back here. If you were a little nicer then you would’ve never come back. You’ve ruined all the meat Nain Tara. It’s time for Farhan to be back home Yes mother. I have taken a fresh set of clothes out for him and when he comes I’ll make him some tea It is just not about getting all the chores done. You should also get ready for him Is it necessary to change and get ready mother? It is absolutely necessary, from now on you should get ready for Farhan everyday, just like you used to for Arman Look Nain Tara don’t get me wrong but to start a new life these things really matter OK Greetings mother Greetings son, tell me how was your meeting? I don’t know. I’ve forwarded them the proposal, now let’s see when they will respond. Ok Ami I am going to go and change Ok son go 25 thousand? Where did my ATM card go? Greetings Greetings I will just get some food ready for you. You should change. Listen Yes? Nothing Where is Kaashi? Must be out for some work Kaashi please load some balance on my phone Sister you should have told me earlier when i was leaving. Anyways, I’ll do it when i go out again later Kaashi i can’t wait till later, I have to call my bank immediately and have my card blocked, someone has just withdrawn 25 thousand rupees from my account Oh sister, who do you think will take money from your account? Here is your card, I took the money out You used my card without asking me Kaashi? Sister so whats wrong with that, I took some money from you just like I always have, why are you getting so upset? Why am i upset? Are you out of your mind? Zari are you mad? Raising your hand on your brother like this I’m not mad, he is, I have always given you money whenever you have asked me, you take as much as you want and get all your work done. I have become a money giving machine to you guys, I have no respect in this house You have shown us how much you respect your brother and I, if you do us a favor by spending it on us then you make sure to rub it on our faces What else should I do? You guys never talk to me properly but whenever you need money you both become extra nice
You have shown us how much you respect your brother and I, if you do us a favor by spending it on us then you make sure to rub it on our faces What else should I do? You guys never talk to me properly but whenever you need money you both become extra nice Ever since I have come here, nobody has asked me about how I feel nor given me any kind of comfort You didn’t even bother to tell me not to have a heavy heart and that we are with you Zari Sister, you don’t have a heart, after acting so shallow. Here’s ten thousand of your money, I’ll pay you the remaining fifteen thousand later
You didn’t even bother to tell me not to have a heavy heart and that we are with you Zari Sister, you don’t have a heart, after acting so shallow. Here’s ten thousand of your money, I’ll pay you the remaining fifteen thousand later Are you happy now? After breaking your brother’s heart You can only see his broken heart. But do you see the tormented state of my heart? Oh you have a habit of being bitter all the time. You can’t bear to see anyone happy, you’re always jealous of everyone You have become a burden on all of us What kind of a mother are you? You can’t stand me staying here for the past couple of days I am leaving your house, where I’m insulted on every little thing Oh yes please leave. We have no interest in having you around, complaining and nagging about every little thing She has become a venomous snake They loved my proposal, this is the result of your blessings and prayers mother Oh my son it’s also the good luck that Nain Tara has brought with her to this home You should now give her something sweet from your own hands Do you know, this is our company’s first contact Many congratulations to you Farhan please forgive me , I am so sorry Enough Zari, thank God you have realized your mistakes and come back home Aunty I was going to come back one way or the other, since this is my real home It’s a good thing that you realized this fact sooner than later Now that you are back I hope you won’t make the same mistakes again And take your relationship with Farhan very seriously Farhan? are you still mad at me? No. why would I still be mad at you Whatever happened at the time wasn’t my intention, I am very ashamed I actually love you the same way you love me. Zari I believe in actions more than words People say a lot of things that they don’t mean But when the time comes to act on their words, that’s when you really get to know who is true So you don’t believe me? Maybe not Mother said the Zari will come later, now what’s going to happen? Just relax, so what if she has come back so soon? This is her room, she will be very angry and upset if she see’s me here You? what are you doing here? And where have all my pictures gone? I took them off, they felt really awkward in Nain Tara’s and my room. What? Nain Tara and your room? I don’t understand What’s there not to understand? You’re already so smart For Nain Tara to be here and all you pictures been taken off. I’m sure you get the point And if you still don’t get it then I’ll tell you, these two have moved in here. now this is their room And where am I going to go Farhan? We have setup the other room for you. Everything is arranged just the way you like them. But i like this room Farhan, I have so many memories in this room. How can you do this to me I won’t go there. She should go You won’t go anywhere. You will stay here But what about… I just told her that the other room is setup for her. She will stay there and if she doesn’t want to then she should go back Nain Tara if you keep on being pushed around like this then believe me you won’t have a home Learn to stand up for yourself. Mother and I will not always be there to back you up all the time No matter how much i compromise, you all force me to pick a fight, why did you have to give my room to her, what are you trying to prove? I am not trying to prove anything. and now that you are back, just remember that your unfairness and rudeness will not be tolerated. If you want to stay then you will have to be more civilized You have no sympathy in your eyes for me anymore, even your tone has changed It’s true what they say, time changes everything very quickly, but you have even changed before time Farhan Farhan, what does that woman have that I don’t? How can you be head over heels for her so fast? Because of these annoying things you do, they irritate me, I can not justify myself everyday You have changed a lot Farhan Yes I have changed, but you have brought me to this point, you did everything you could to bring everyone down, and how rude you were to mother. I had to make the decision How innocent you and your mother feel after blaming everything on me I don’t feel obligated to give you any kind of explanation Where are you going Farhan? Aunty please try to explain to Farhan. You asked me to allow him to marry Nain Tara, and I did. You made me share my husband You even told me to move to a different room, you have taken everything from me, please let me stay with Farhan. I am not asking for anything wrong Farhan is not a toy nor a decoration item that whenever you feel like you play with him and whenever you don’t you ignore it This childish behavior of yours is the exact reason that has driven Farhan away from you And now instead of compromising with him , you are still being childish I’m not being childish aunty, I am not wrong if I want my husband to be with me Farhan is now also Nain Tara’s husband, where he chooses to stay and where he doesn’t is his choice, I can not help you in this matter. You will now have to earn a place in the house and his heart. If you keep on being pushed around like this then believe me you won’t have a home. Learn to stand up for yourself What happened is there no food today? Nain Tara? What happened? Rani, quickly bring a bandage Farhan it’s not that bad Not it’s not fine, there is a lot of blood, please be careful when you work Come here Farhan its ok. It’s not that bad Rani please hurry up After you are free from this madam, then just remember that you have another wife Farhan you should go to her, she is already upset and I don’t want to be the reason for her to get more upset After everything that has happened, you still care about her? She is your wife, and if you think about it, because of me all of this is unfair for her I feel really bad, but if you want, you can fix everything, Farhan please go to her, talk to her, see what’s in her heart and discuss whatever is making her upset. Please Farhan, fix these problems that we’re facing You, here. I can’t believe it I am also having trouble believing a lot of things that have been happening I wish you had dealt with things a little more smartly, we wouldn’t have been going through all of this Anyway, what’s done is done, but as a request try not to make things worse You will have to compromise a little to maintain the peace in this house I can compromise, but i can’t share you Farhan. I know, it will be very difficult for you, but you will have to, we both have to live with this. What happened? He is still not asleep? He will soon fall asleep Bring him here, give him to me Yes. My baby, look at him smile I told you, he will sleep and then wake up and bother you. I’ll clean it No problem You should go change your shirt Yes I will go change, and I will be back to even the score with you Mother, I need some money Where do I give you money from? I don’t have any treasure with me Mother, to get to the treasure I need some money. Actually I need to return that fifteen thousand to sister Your sister is not going to forgive you so easily. Not even if you think the fifteen thousand will make her forget everything Mother that’s my problem, just give me the money and then watch me emotionally lure her I’m sure she is already fed up and miserable at her in laws and is desperate for a shoulder to cry on by now, so I am going there to be that shoulder and whilst I’m at it, I will also get a chance to catch up with Nain Tara Ok look Kaashi, I will also come with you, I need to also butter up sister No, you should go to Aunty separately some other day, today is my day so I will go alone What a selfish boy You’re an expert at multi-tasking aren’t you? I’m used to it Yes, if you wouldn’t be used to it then who will? How well you manage everything You never give my husband a reason to complain. There must be nothing new for you, Farhan and his habits. You’re used to everything since before I’m used to it, but it seems to me that you’re having a lot of problems in sharing your husband. You need to get used to it Because you have no other option Nain Tara I can’t find my wrist watch What happened? Your mood seems to be off It’s nothing. You’re getting late for office, please come downstairs and have breakfast You know this is the one thing I really like about you. That you don’t keep complaining all the time like Zari The one thing I dislike about Zari is that she says whatever comes in her heart. But from now on she will have to think twice You did the right thing by responding to Zari I was standing right there when she was talking rubbish. But I was amazed how you could listen to it all quietly If you hadn’t replied I might have come to take your side. Anyways, at least you’ve learned how to respond Let’s celebrate that by going out for dinner tonight. In fact, tell mother we will take her along I will tell her Oh I forgot my mobile phone at home How are you? I’ve seen you after a long time Sister Zari is in her room Meeting sister Zari is just an excuse. I actually came to see you Hey your baby’s really cute. How does he resemble more? Brother Armaan or brother Farhan? Behave yourself Kashi Kashi? How dare you say something so shameless to Nain Tara? Leave him Farhan I won’t let him get away this time What’s going on over here? Call aunty over her right away At least tell me what happened? He misbehaved with Nain Taara He’s forgetting that Nain Taara is not alone anymore that he can say whatever he wants to her She’s my wife. Her husband is alive to protect her from people such as you Okay I will talk to her Call her right now, In fact I will talk to her myself If he leaves then you will leave as well


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