Hassad Episode 15 | 29th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Why are you crying? Why am I always the reason for every drama in this house? Why does everyone point fingers at only my character? Nain Taara, you are now my pride. I will break every finger pointed at you. I will pull out every tongue that speaks against you You and Arsalan are now my responsibility. I will not let any harm come your way Listen, you can go to office now, you’re already late I will not go without talking to aunt. Farhan, I know you’re very angry. And you won’t be able to control your anger. Mother is here, she can talk to aunt You’re already getting late. You should go to office Fine, but as long as that lousy person is around you will not leave your room. I don’t want his dirty gaze to fall on you Where is aunt? Why did she call me in such an emergency? The reason is sitting right here. Aunt has called you over to pay respect to you Thank God Farhan had to go to office. Otherwise he would have been beaten up so bad he would have remembered for the rest of his life Oh sister he’s our own kid. He made a mistake. Instead of aggravating the matter you should just end it Nusrat it is because of such leniency you have given this boy that the matter has reached this point. He does not respect anyone I feel sorry at the way you have brought up your boy. You have given him so much freedom that you’ve ruined his life That’s enough sister. You should be concerned about your own house. You don’t need to worry about how I should raise my children Fine, I will stick to my own home. But he will not come in this house again. I can not even stand his existence over here any more And neither does Farhan like him visiting here Sister, you have betrayed us. You are punishing your own to favor an outsider? I said what I wanted to. Please ask your mother for tea or cold drink Kashi is such a duffer Oh did you hear what she said? And you said you’re going to get revenge from them? Are you satisfied now that you’ve embarrassed your mother and sister? I am going to humiliate them now. They’re really proud of her aren’t they? I’m going to shatter their trust in to pieces If they don’t drag her out of their house then my name isn’t Kashif No need to try being a hero. That house belongs to your sister. Already all our moves are going the wrong way None of my moves are going to go wrong mother. Just watch how I eradicate this Nain Tara from sister’s life What are you going to do? I don’t know Then stop dreaming about getting revenge and getting rid of her. Shameless person You’ve humiliated your mother and sister You don’t know me mother. When I go after someone I make sure he ends in his grave He’s played with my honor hasn’t he? He won’t be able to show his face to anyone again Aunt, whatever happened today, my fault is only that Kashi is my brother Fault is ours that we remained quiet every time he did something wrong And your mother still doesn’t realize the mistakes he has made She needs to explain to him that if he continues doing this then Nusrat is going to regret it one day I hope not aunt Even I want that. That’s why I’m telling you to explain to your mother that she should control her son, there’s still time I will explain mother. But you’re not mad at me aunt, are you? I’m not. Have a look on the kitchen in the evening. It is me and you who are going to have dinner at home. Farhan is going out for dinner with Nain Tara. Why are they going out in this forceful marriage? You should tell this to them aunt. It is you who need to understand it. They got married forcefully but now they are husband and wife. It is upto Farhan, he can take her whenever he wants. But aunt… Enough! Enough Zareen. End this argument now. Go and check the kitchen. Her attitude isn’t changed yet. You are still not ready mother? Farhan called, he is about to come. My child, what will I do with both of you there? I got this made for you. I didn’t get chance to give it to you. Now the fate has added colors into your life again so don’t wear these colorless dresses. It is beautiful but I already have many dresses. Also this color is very dark. Won’t it look over? No, it is not dark at all. It will suit you alot. If you consider me your mother then listen to me. I not only consider you my mother but also take you as my mother. Then do as I said for my happiness. Yes Go and change. Okay! Farhan, you look so tired. Is mother ready? She is getting her dear daughter in law ready. It is simple, she is giving you both time to spend with eachother. Zari, you have no manners at all. You forget that she is not only your mother in law but also your aunt. Respect your relations atleast. Is it only me who cares for everyone? What about my feelings? What feelings? What are you talking about. You are among those people who are always thankless no matter what you do. Infact you never learnt to be happy, this is why you have complaints with everyone. One has to speak for their rights. Your rights? What about your responsibilities? Have you ever looked inside yourself? Which responsibilities have you fulfilled? Haven’t I done anything right with you? Haven’t I? Then fine. Whatever! Is your mood ruined? Not at all? Are my eyes lying or your face? You get ready quickly! I will also get changed. He doesn’t have time for me. He’s taking Nain Tara to dinner. This all was in your fate Zari. Your habit of argument and impatience is the main cause that now she’s getting this all. Leave it mother. Whatever is written in fate doesn’t go anywhere. Farhan already had feelings for her in his heart. Don’t talk like this Zari. And why are you after your married life? Besides doing all this, you are still living there. You are his wife. A man always needs love. You stay with him all the time and then see him coming back to you. Mother, nothing will happen no matter what I do Follow my instructions for once. Give your relationship a chance and do what I say my child Okay! I will try. Well done! bye You look more beautiful now. I’m in mother’s room. One pasta alfredo, beef chilli dry and chicken manchurian. What will you have in drink? That’s it! Thank you You have already come here with Armaan? How do you know? Where are you going? On this table. Come Do you know that Armaan also used to sit here. I’m sorry Farhan, I shouldn’t talk about Armaan. No! There is nothing like that. Infact I’ll be very happy if you will talk to me about Armaan. Are you telling the truth? Greetings! Greetings! Sir order? We have already ordered. Thank you! Do you know that this waiter was Armaan’s favorite waiter and also a friend. This one? Yes! Once we came here and we were sitting on the other table. I asked Armaan that I want to sit on this table and there was already a couple sitting here. You know Armaan, he asked that couple that we want to sit here but they said that we are already sitting here. He then took this waiter in the corner and told him stories that the couple had to leave the table forcefully. Armaan always used to take care of all my wishes no matter how small they are. I never used to demand for anything. People say it right that a woman can never forget her first love. I’m sorry Farhan, don’t mind what I said. Please No it’s not that. I told you Nain Tara that I don’t dislike anything that you say. You can talk to me about Armaan anytime you want. Thank you! Let me go and bring Arsalan … I was waiting for you. We just came back. Not just now but 10 minutes before. I heard when your car came in. I thought you will come to me yourself but then I thought that you might have forgotten the way so better to come to you myself. He will stay here today. According to justice one day he will stay with you and one day with Nain Tara. This is right aunt. When I came you told me that it depends on Farhan that whoever he wants to stay with. But today when it is my turn you started talking about justice. What a justice? Behave yourself Zari. I don’t even want to talk to you people. What are you thinking? You go to sister Zareen’s room. Arsalan will make noise here at night and you will get disturbed. Why would I get disturbed? I really like to take care of him. To make him quiet. But why are you getting disturbed? Not me but she. She can not tolerate it when you stay here. No wife can/ You should understand her feelings. She needs you the most right now. You go please! What about mother? What will I say to her? I’ll talk to her. But you go please! Farhan, I knew that you would definitely come. I will take 1 or 2 days in Islamabad. But there was no such plan till last night. Yes! It happens in business. Is Nain Tara going along? Why would she? Because I want you to go with Farhan. Greetings mother! Greetings! My child if you are going then also take Nain Tara with you. Get her ticket booked. Yes! Mother I don’t want to go. Arsalan is too little. How would I take care of him with you. It’s fine. I will go if aunt you permit me. Fine! You go with him. If you will spend some days together. Then your complaints will end. Flight is tomorrow. Get your luggage packed. I’ll leave now mother. Have breakfast. Farhan, we have to take Arsalan to doctor. He has fever. I’m afraid he will get sick like before. At what time? 5 p.m. Don’t you worry. I will come by then. Bye! In my whole marriage life, I never went to see off Farhan. But you, you are amazing. You don’t leave a chance to impress him. I don’t need to impress him nor I wish to. So did you go out to take a sun bath? By the way, you must be jealous that I’m going with Farhan. Why would I be? He is your husband. You can go with him whenever you want to. Look, don’t try to act nice infront of me because I’m not going to be trapped by your fake drama. And you better stay away from my Farhan. It would be good for you and your son. Okay? Why did you refuse to go with Farhan? There was no urgent need to go with him even. Why are you doing this? You are married to him. He is your husband and you can go with him. I do agree that I got married to him but even today I couldn’t take Armaan out of my heart. I still consider myself as Armaan’s wife even today. Mine and Armaan’s relationship wasn’t this weak, mother that I forget him in few months and give his place to anyone else. I did agree to get married but only for my son. I didn’t want Arsalan to be a victim of people’s taunts and I didn’t want him to stay away from you all. And to stay in this house I had to take this decision. This is why I made this relation with him. But this doesn’t mean that I start hanging out with him. Mother, please stop putting me in this exam. I don’t want anyone to curse my child. My child, why would someone do it? Mother whatever happened, it has hurt sister Zareen. And a painful heart can ruin anyone’s life. I don’t want to be ruined more, mother. My son is everything to me. I will spend my whole life with him. Mother, don’t force Farhan to come and stay in my room with me. Please mother! Okay! She is a big drama mother. After doing so much she was being sympathetic to me. I scolded her. She made a crying face. Don’t talk to her. Don’t let her stop you. She can’t. I will not let her go near Farhan now. Now when you are going to Islamabad so just don’t stay there. Go to North for some outing. Try to manipulate Farhan. You got this chance by luck so don’t waste it due to your foolishness. Don’t you worry. I will not waste it. You just pray that I will make Farhan my own again. I wish. Okay I will visit you in the evening. You will? What if aunt gets angry? Why would she? She stopped Kashi not your mother. I will come. Listen Zari, Take some money out. I’m out of few things at home. I have to shop. Do come. Okay! Good-bye my child. What are you doing? I’m packing Farhan’s luggage. Farhan called. He was asking me to pack for him. And by the way, you don’t know about his choice. He will not weat this one at all. Actually, in a meeting he wears colors according to his choice. And if he doesn’t like it his mood gets spoiled and I don’t want to spoil my trip due to his mood. I will pack up. After this I have to go to salon as well. I want to get a new look. You go! I know about Farhan. Okay! Arsalan has slept. My child, did you tell Farhan. What if he forgets due to his meetings. Mother, I did. I will call him again at 4 o’ clock. Yes! Do call him. My child, bring me a cup of tea. I’ll bring it. Where are you going? I’m going to salon. You? What are you doing here? Why? Can’t I come to your office? I’m sure you wouldn’t be here without any reason. There must be some reason. Yes there is. I want to go shopping with you. Shopping? Is it important? I’m here because it’s important. Please manage for me. Okay! Give me half an hour. I have to do one e-mail then we can go. Do you need anything? Tea or coffee? Nothing! Will you keep looking at me like this? Why? Do you have any objection? You do your work. Where is your phone? I forgot it at home. Aunt is calling. Take it. Hello? Farhan my child? Mother it’s me Zari speaking. O Zari, I have been trying to call you since long. Phone is at home. Phone is at home then where are you? It is still busy. I’m shopping with Farhan. Okay you shop. I will talk to you at night infact I will come myself and will see your shopping also. Okay! Sorry, I’m in a meeting! Excuse me? Please take out my size in this. Have you talked? Oh! I have to take this. Yes Mr. Ahmed? What? Okay I will come now. There is a bad news. What? Our Islamabad trip is canceled. What? Why? I did all my packing. Actually those people I had a meeting with are here in Karachi. I have to go now. Just keep it. I will pay the bill. I have paid the bill. You get a cab and go home. I’ll leave now. Okay? Thank you Greetings! Greetings! Greetings sir! Greetings! Come please. Come Here? Yes please
Here? Yes please Yes send me the proposal. Let me check. Okay! Good-bye You? Nain Tara’s brother in-law right? And you doctor … Bilal Nice to meet you. You are having fever. May be a little. You started the treatment here as well. It’s my profession. What shall I do? Please sit. Come Thank you! I had to run this business because of my father. You tell? It’s nice to meet you again. Like wise. Infact I should say that I found your experience wonderful. We can do something great together, Farhan. Definitely. What will you take? Tea or Coffee? Um .. Coffee Please send two coffees. What are you doing here? I’m here to pass my time. Farhan’s partner spoiled my mood. What happened? That stupid came here for the meeting himself. That means you are not going to Islamabad? No! Nain Tara should burn in hell. She put an evil eye on your trip. Don’t you worry mother. I took my revenge. What revenge? Arsalan is not well. They had to take him to hospital. I messaged from Farhan’s phone to Nain Tara to wait. Now she’s waiting for him. You are being happy as if she can not call again? Mother, when a phone is on silent mode then no one can guess that anyone is calling and when Farhan is in meeting he never looks at his phone. Now she will come to know. Let her call me. I will not pick up the call. But Zari you told me that you forgot the phone at home. Leave it mother what I said. Have an apple. Have a look what I got. Arsalan! Quiet. Quiet Arsalan! Okay okay! Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother look what has happened to Arsalan. He’s breathing slowly. What happened to him? Mother lets take him to hospital Have you informed Farhan? I called him. He’s not picking up phone. Mother we will go ourselves. Yes come! We will take a cab. Come We talked about Rs. 150. I’m not giving more than this. Okay! Here is the bike Madam, where are you going? Nothing, you take care of home. We are taking the child to hospital. Brother, take us to hospital. Nice meeting you Farhan. Same to you sir! Don’t call me sir. Call me Bilal. Sure! Is everything okay? Is it? Yes! I will leave now. Good-bye


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