Hassad Episode 16 | 29th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

What happened to your car Farhan? I’ve got car trouble just when I’m in an emergency Come I’ll drop you Thank you so much I don’t know what’s happening, my phone had to switch off right now as well You can call from my phone Farhan, easy Thank you so much Hello mother Where are you Farhan? Where is Nain Tara? Nain Tara is with Arsalan. The doctor is treating him Which hospital are you people at? Okay I’m just coming. Hey, we need to go to the hospital Which hospital? I’ll tell you How’s Arsalan? Yes dear……. Please let me stay inside I won’t say anything. I’ll just stand quietly He is my son If anything happens to my son Farhan, I will never forgive you Oh God forbid that something happens to our Arsalan. Doctor is treating him. He will be fine if God is willing Mother, he is the last thing that Armaan left with me, and he is my last hope. And you, if you didn’t want to come then you could have refused instead of messaging lies message? Oh my Arsalan Nothing will happen to him. Just keep praying Doctor, how is Arsalan now? How’s Arsalan? Please say something doctor Why is it so quiet at home? Where is everyone? Everyone has gone to the hospital hospital? Master Arsalan suddenly became sick, and madam was in an even worse condition, she left crying Nain Tara? Their phone is switched off. Okay please get me some water Brother can I get you some water? No, leave it Where is Zari? In her room. She’s very upset. She called you as soon as she got home She took out her phone from her bag? Yes, as soon as I told her about master Arsalan, she took out her phone from her bag and called madam Zari? He is stubborn just like his mother. He is so sick and still he didn’t die? You? What kind of woman are you? Do you feel any shame or regret for what you did? What have I done? You’re asking me what you’ve done? I’ll tell you what you have done. You lied to me that you forgot your phone at home So what, even I didn’t know my phone is in my bag Do you have any idea what you’ve done? Because of you Arsalan could have lost his life But he didn’t die did he Zari? Mother, Farhan is very angry. Please go and try to explain to him It good, this girl will only come to her senses when Farhan will take out his anger on her You stay out of it. Let those husband and wife sort out their issue This doesn’t just concern those two. This concerns our home. If Farhan loses his temper he could even do something harmful mother You’re a sensible person, you should go and explain to him, for Arsalan’s sake mother I’ve had enough now Farhan You’re right, enough is enough. Me, Farhan Ahmad, in my complete senses… Is this what I have taught you? That you’re going to divorce her for a small matter? She is responsible for Arsalan’s condition mother She is responsible, but you are equally responsible Why didn’t you remember about Arsalan when Nain Tara had already told you? Then why did you forget? Why did you come late? You’re punishing her by giving her a divorce, how will you punish yourself? Farhan leave from here, I don’t want to see your face. Go Whatever happened was very bad dear. But thank god it didn’t get worse Aunty please leave me alone. Please leave from here I’m so sorry. I forgot that I was supposed to take you to the doctor. I promise I will never make such a mistake again From now on caring for you is the most important thing for me I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I should have come on time Why are you saying sorry. I should be the one who should be sorry I got emotional at the hospital and said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have Please don’t say sorry. You have complete right. I swear to God if you would have even asked for my life I would not have refused He is a sign of my brother for me. He is everything for me Where are you all? I have been calling since long. Now wait, I’m coming. Kashi? Kashi come quickly with me. What happened mother? Hey, Farhan has given divorced to your sister. What are you saying mother? Yes! I will go and ask sister and her son. They are doing whatever they want to. I’m still alive to support my daughter. Lets go quickly. Farhan, I used to think that you are an intelligent person but you disappointed me. You also think like typical men that by giving divorce on a small argument is something to be proud of. Didn’t you think once that how would I face my sister? How will I face my niece. I’m sorry mother. I shouldn’t have done this. I made a big mistake. I didn’t even want to do this. I got emotional due to Arsalan and did everything. Due to your emotional behavior, that orphan’s life was going to be ruined. People do say that it’s a strong relationship but it is also very weak which can be broken by three words. That poor girl is sitting hopeless. Go and tell her that you are still with her. I would go but she will not listen to me at all. I know you both very well. Go and sooth her. Mother why is it always me who has to sooth her? Why is it me who has to forget her mistakes and save our relationship? So will you leave her? I didn’t say anything like this? You didn’t so don’t even think of doing this. Now go to her. Madam, Nusrat madam is here with Kashi. You stay here. I will check. Have this cold drink. Take this and get lost. Nusrat, what is this way to talk? I’m here to talk to you. Fisrt you brought a second wife of my daughter’s husband and now your son gave divorce to my daughter. Wow sister. Not even a stranger does this to anyone. She hasn’t got divorced yet. Where is brother Farhan? Call him here. He will not come here. And you stay quiet. Zari, you haven’t learnt how to make a house. Why are you talking to her like this? It is your son who is at fault. Yes he is. Farhan is at fault this is why I’m tolerating your this tone. It is your right. If something like this happens to someone, this is how they react. But Nusrat, anger is not the solution of everything. You and I both know this. As far as Farhan is concerned, he will apologize to her for his mistake. He would have to apologize to her. And I’m not going to leave her here until Farhan comes to my house and take her himself after apologizing. Nusrat, you are not doing it right. This is right sister. He must know that we are there for her to ask for injustices happened to her. Go Zari and bring your luggage. Go quickly! Why are you getting worried madam? This hasn’t happened because of you. Where are you going? To stop sister Zari. This will be stupidity. Do you think she will listen to you? She will have to listen otherwise everyone will think that she left the house because of me. Everyone will blame me for this. You leave her. You know your heart clear so stop bothering about others. Rani, you take care of Arsalan. I’m just coming. Okay? Are you hear to stand and see my life getting ruined? Or show your happiness? Or you are here to show that you have succeeded in your task. I’m not here to show you anything and neither I want you to leave the house. Enough Nain Tara. Since the day you came to this house you are a threat to my married life. The thing you couldn’t do yourself, you got it done by your son. What was my fault. Sister Zari, whatever Farhan said, he said it in anger. He is very embarrassed. He should be. He left his wife because of a disloyal and characterless woman. No one suffers for his brother’s son the way Farhan is? By looking at him, my misconception turned into a certainty. Your thoughts are wrong just like your words. God is the witness that even today I have Armaan in my heart. Oh! You have kept Armaan in your heart and have hold someone else to ruin my house. After whatever you did, I will not let you stay in this house. Mark my words. No one suffers for his brother’s son the way Farhan is? You should have stopped her. Do you think she would have? You also tried to stop her, did she stop? Look Nain Tara, I know you can never forget Armaan and I wouldn’t want you to. But we can be good friends with whom you can share everything. Can we Nain Tara? Some words hurt you so badly. I don’t understand that why sister Zari also question me and my character? Have you seen any such thing in me that she says? She is crazy. She says whatever comes in her mind. When there is a poison in heart for someone, then one can not speak sweetly. And now I’m tired. I’m tired of proving me right infront of everyone. Do you know when a person is wrong, he doesn’t need to prove it but if a person is right, he has to prove it again and again. One gets more disappointed when the other person sees you according to his state of mind and makes your all effort null. You don’t need to prove yourself infront of anyone. Do you understand? I, Farhan Ahmed, in my all senses … I have cried enough, Nain Tara. It’s your turn now. I will take revenge of each tear that came out of my eyes. Madam, you are not well and you haven’t taken your medicine since morning. It is better for everyone. They will get rid off me. What happened? Look madam is not well and she hasn’t taken her medicine since morning. You go to Arsalan. Mother what happened? You haven’t you taken your medicine. You will get more sick if you will not take your medicine. I know you are upset because of sister Zari but don’t you worry, Farhan will bring her. I know he will because Farhan has realized his mistake. But Zari, she doesn’t realize at all. She is giving us more pain than to herself. Why doesn’t she understand that peace of a house depends on a woman. If she wants, she can hold her husband with her habits. But this girl, she is more interested in other lives than her own. Forget it mother. Don’t think about it. As if I will stop thinking. This girl … Anyways, have you medicine. Have it. Hello! Greetings! Greetings! Hasn’t Rehman told you about the cancellation of the meeting? Actually he was calling but I couldn’t attend. I thought he’s calling to confirm the meeting. I’m extremely sorry. So sorry for the disturbance. I’ll go home. No no sit. It is me who didn’t want to disturb you. You would be needing at home more than office. Thank God, things are better at home now. And Nain Tara? I came to hospital behind you yesterday but after seeing the atmosphere there I felt awkward to meet her so I went back. She’s a mother. She was upset because of her son. But now she’s fine. Rehman come inside. Since you are here, we shall start the meeting. This is your project. O Zari, hasn’t anyone come from your in-laws? Hald day has passed. I thought as soon as it will be morning, Farhan will be here. Not only Farhan but aunt will also come now. Really? How can you be so sure? Have you talked to Farhan? Because I know them very well. What they do, what they speak, what they think. By talking about divorce infront of aunt, Farhan made himself weak and I became stronger than before. This is how my position in that house has become stronger. Now both of them will be embarrassed. Now you will see how innocently I will bring both of them to my side. And mother, when you will talk to Farhan, scold him alot and make him embarrass. Yes! What if they do opposite. This is not happening. When people act more nicely then what is required, they cause damage to themselves. And besides being nice, these people are also innocent. O yes! Farhan, mother is asking that when are you going to take sister Zari? Are you fine? Farhan, are having a high fever. No, nothing has happened. I’ll be fine once I will take medicine. I’ll get ready in 5 minutes. No no, you don’t need to go. How will you drice in this high fever? I’m okay! Nothing has happened. I will have medicine after lunch and then I’ll fine. Give me 5 minutes. Mother he can not go. He is having a high fever. How will he drive? Yes, you are having high fever. I will call doctor. Mother, what has happened? Who call a doctor in this little fever. I’ll have medicine and I’ll be fine. Fine my child. You take rest after the medicine. Bring Zari some other day. You go and bring something to eat so that he can take medicine. Yes! And listen, go and take rest in Nain Tara’s room. You don’t need to sleep alone. Get up Farhan. Shall I bring a permit from Nain Tara? I’m going. Get up! Have rest. She will bring medicine there. Take medicine and sleep. Yes! Mother, hasn’t sister gone yet? She will go when someone will come to get her. No one from there neither contacted nor came. Mother, what if they have thought to get rid of sister? God forbid, what rubbish are you talking? If this will happen then we will have to suffer. Mother, ask for forgiveness. You are thinking about your house. Think about sister. I’m already worried. Be quiet. My heart is sinking. Sister is also silent. By the way, sister can’t do this. Mother, are you still expecting something good from aunt? I’m telling you that no one will come to get her. If some one had to, they would have come by now. My child, you? What if this would really happen? What would happen to me then? Hey, he is habitual of talking rubbish. You don’t focus on what he said. If you will not focus on what I said, then you will cause damage to yourself sister. Think properly. He’s having a high fever. Farhan? Farhan? Farhan lie down straight. Please, take it off. Enough Nain Tara. Not more. Armaa, I’ll take it off when your fever will come down. You are having a high fever. This is irritating me. It’s very cold. Armaan, quiet! I don’t have fever. It’s just … Armaan! Haven’t you started scolding me alot? Let me put it. This is how your fever will come down. How are you feeling now? Alot better than before. Thank you for all the care. What is to say thank you in it? Will you go to office today or will rest at home? I have to but first I will bring Zari. Then I will go. Can you ask mother to get ready? If I will go alone, aunt will scold me alot. I will. Farhan, I will ask you to buy some gift for Zari. She will be happy and Nusrat will also be quiet. You tell what to buy? You know how choosy Zari is. Hmm! Let’s buy something in gold. Okay! Greetings! Greetings! Show me this. Mother you check. I’ll come. Greetings sir! Greetings! Yes sir? What will you see? Show me this. Yes! Sir, your choice is really good. You have chosen the most unique thing in the shop. Give me this. Yes! Look at these. How are they? Very nice. How much? Nusrat, end this topic here now. This will not end so easily. It isn’t something ordinary. My daughter’s heart is broken, sister. I do agree, Nusrat, that it was a big thing and I do accept that it hurt Zari alot. This is why I came myself and brought Farhan with me. Where is Zari? Where would she be? She would be in her room crying in some corner. Farhan, go to Zari and talk to her. Why are you looking at Nusrat? I’m telling you. Go! Sister, so much has happened. Now I want a guarantee of my daughter’s happiness. Things have guarantee not relationships. But still, what do you want? You would have to give ownership of that house to Zari.


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