Hassad | Episode 2 | 10th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Wake up Mrs. Armaan. How will I go to office if you don’t wake up? I don’t feel like getting up today. I’m feeling sick What happened to you? Are you feeling fever? You were fine till last night I think I might have gotten tired Come, let’s go to the doctor No need to go to the doctor. I think I’ll be fine if I get some rest Are you sure? I’m sorry I won’t be able to give you breakfast today Forget breakfast, I’ll have something from the canteen, you get some rest WIll you be alright? I’ll be fine, and if you have any problem or feel like it’s getting worse you can call me and I’ll come home immediately Alright Don’t move I won’t Get some rest, lie down I’m going, you lie down. Good Lie down, that’s like a good girl Bye Hey Zari, it’s you? Isn’t Taara going to make breakfast today? She hasn’t come out of her room yet. Mother, I think she’s upset about what you said last night No she’s not like that. She might not be feeling well She’s actually not feeling well mother. I’ve told her to rest Oh God have mercy, what happened to her? It’s nothing serious. Might just be a bit of fatigue. Anyways, I’m going to go now At least have breakfast before you go dear I’ll have it over there mother, good bye Good bye dear Armaan is too touchy about Nain Taara. Nobody is this crazy about their wife May God always keep them together. Okay dear you do one thing, just make breakfast for yourself and Farhan, I will just have tea Nain Taara will take care of the evening, I’ll go check on her Taara Taara, all everyone cares about is Taara. Nobody cares about me. I’m tired now Taara, what happened? Armaan told me you’re not feeling well? It’s not that bad, I’m just feeling a bit dizzy Feeling dizzy? I’m sure you people ate something from outside last night No mother, we didn’t eat anything like that Okay then you get some rest, I’ll make some tea for you I’ll come with you Okay fine Taara? Hey Farhan and Zari listen to me. Taara my child, open your eyes Armaan, please sit down for a while I don’t know what the doctor is doing with Nain Taara inside. Mother has also not come out for so long Is everything fine doctor? Yes everything is fine. In fact it’s a good news, she’s pregnant SHe’s about to become a mother Really? So since this is her first month and she is a bit weak, you’ll have to take a bit more care of her, and I’m prescribing her some medicines Give these to her timely Thanks a lot doctor Congratulations I still can’t believe it, God has listened to our prayer so soon. Thank you God May God protect my child from all evils. Take this dear, give it to someone poor Armaan take her to her room, she’ll get some rest. Doctor has said she’s weak so we have to take extra care of her Don’t worry mother, I’m an expert in that And Farhan, bring the sacrificial animals Yes mother I never imagined that you would give me such a big gift on our anniversary. I love you! You’re happy aren’t you? Just happy? I’m so happy I feel like telling the whole world that I’m about to become a father Armaan, when your baby arrives it’s going to scream so much that you will surely realize that you’ve become a father So when is he going to come? Is it ten months or nine months? I don’t know, you’ll have to wait I can’t wait. You just watch how I will welcome my prince Prince? And what if it’s a daughter? That would be even better, then she’s be my princess and I’d give her all the joy in this world And you have to take a lot of care. Just don’t move from here. Stay in bed for the next nine months I’ll take care of myself, don’t worry Not at all, I’m going to feed to with my own hands right here and you will get everything in the world, right here, just don’t move Fine May God protect my child from all evils. Take this and give it someone poor Doctor has said she’s very weak so we have to take a lot of care of her Don’t worry mother, I’m an expert in that Are you ready? Shall we go now? What happened? Your mood seems to be off? No Fine let’s go then. Did you ask mother? Why do I have to ask her? She’s not going to say no I know she won’t but we still have to ask her Even Nain Taara and Armaan go out, but they never ask aunty. It’s only you who always needs a certificate from aunty They have their own life Zari, why do you compare and bring them in to everything? I was just saying I’m going to mother’s room, you want to come? Yes, let’s go Baby, I’ve brought your favourite ice cream with so much love, why are you showing me attitude? Armaan why are you acting like a child, what if some one sees us over here like this Can’t a husband give a bite of ice cream to his wife from his own hands? Come on Wow Sister, would you like some ice cream? No thank you Actually, we both are also going out, so we’ll have ice cream and watch a movie as well Oh wow, brother Farhan thought of doing something except work? That’s great, a round of applause please Actually Farhan is quite mature. You can’t expect him to me romantic all the time like some other people Oh sister, only few woman are fortunate enough to have romance in their lives. Otherwise, not every woman can handle romance Let’s go Okay brother, take care Let’s go Bye sister Armaan, why are you always after her Even she is always being so sarcastic It’s just her habit It’s not her habit, seems to me as if even her intention is bad Armaan, what are you saying I’m saying that I love you a lot Have you seen what your brother and sister in law are always up to Why are you always observing them Well I can’t help observing them when they’re doing it in front of me. They have absolutely no shame at all Right now what I’m observing is the heavy make up and jewelry that you’re wearing, what was the need for this? First time you’ve looked at me and still you’re criticizing Oh I’m just saying that you could have worn artificial jewelry. You very well know the situation of our city and it’s so late at night Even Nain Taara was roaming around the city so late at night with all the jewelry on, but Armaan didn’t complain about it In fact he was asking her to darken her lipstick even more Why do you have to compare everything with Nain Taara? They have there own life Yes, they do have a life. They love each other so much. I don’t know why I got married to you Look Zari I’ve explained you many time before. Every person has their own personality and nature Instead of focusing on them, why don’t you concentrate on those things which I like? Your taste is of the 70’s generation I just said that you’ve put on dark make up and still you’re putting on the same lipstick It’s our wedding anniversary. We’re not going for a funeral. Why shouldn’t I put on lipstick? Okay fine do whatever you feel like doing If you had to be so unromantic, why did you bring me with you? What do you mean? Every since we have come out, you have not held my hand or complimented me even once. I don’t want to go anywhere with you. Let’s go back Oh okay please don’t spoil your mood. I promise I won’t say anything now Why don’t you want to say anything? Talk to me about something nice and romantic Now please don’t tell me to talk like Armaan does with Taara What are you doing? I’m eating Is that the way to eat? Really? One second, open your mouth Come on What are you doing? I’m feeding my wife When will you grow up Armaan? When will you childhood end? This isn’t childhood mother, this is love Son you should keep this expression of love limited to your bedroom. When you act like this in front of everyone, people get a chance to talk Not people, sister Zari. Mention her name, don’t just say people She’s right, you should consider where you’re sitting, you can’t just behave like this everywhere Mother, you should just leave what sister Zari thinks. First she criticizes what other people are doing and then she does the same thing herself Like what? Like yesterday she was getting so upset about us staying out so late and having dinner and even watching a movie Tonight she has gone out with brother for dinner and movie, wow] Armaan she’s your elder sister in law and also your cousin. Whetever she says is for your own benefit She’s more of a spy than a cousin or sister in law. Always spying on us Why are you talking like women. This is the harm of always sitting with women Women? Where are these women? I only spend time with my wife Your argument is senseless. Why don’t you explain to him? Mother I do but, just leave it. Let’s have dinner You come to my room with tea after dinner. I want to talk to you Okay She’s just pumped up, don’t worry. Here take a bite Leave it, I’ll eat myself Everyone’s taking it out on me It’s getting late, please choose something now I don’t like them So you tell me what kind of design you want Have a look at this madam I want the type of bracelet Armaan got for Nain Taara How would I know what type of bracelet Armaan has given to Nain Taara Didn’t you see it? She was wearing it My wife, I don’t look at other people’s wives in such detail I’ll show you a picture What would I do looking at Nain Taara’s picture Not Nain Taara, the bracelet”s picture Excuse me, do you have this design? Yes Please show her this design Why did you come? I was bringing tea downstairs Oh what fool would come here to have tea? I have come here to be able to look at you and sit with you and spend time with you You’re going to get me in trouble Armaan Why? Because didn’t you just hear what mother said? Yes I did, I heard from one ear and let it out from the other side You just want to ruin my relation with my in-laws forever And what about the way you have ruined my heart? Nothing can be done about you. You’re hopeless My Lord, they do not understand me and never will If I take one more minute over here then mother’s going to come here I did not hold this hand to leave it so easily Armaan, you’re wasting your time in doing business. You should be an actor You think that my love is acting? I can not take this Armaan how do you do so much over acting? The same way that I love you You’re hopeless Yes there is. It’s with you I’m going to take this tea to mother, you can sit here and do all the over acting you want, fine? Okay listen, I love you a lot I know that I’m not acting I know that as well, the tea is getting cold The car couldn’t had to break down at this time only What happened sir, has your car stalled? It just stopped by itself We’ll get it started in no time No, please, you’ll get your clothes dirty. I’ll have a look myself It’s no big deal, I have my own car workshop Thank you so much Mother, you should have milk. If you have tea at this time when will you go to sleep? My dear I don’t even want to sleep right now. I want to discuss something with you Don’t think that I’m complaining like a traditional mother in law about you and my son enjoying yourselves Don’t worry about that, please talk I feel happy when I see you two like this, may God always keep you both together Amen Look dear, there’s a thing we call jealousy which can even rip a rock apart Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? I understand that mother, and trust me I even try to explain this to Armaan I’m sure you try to explain to him, you’re a very sensible girl. I have absolutely no doubt about that But I’m always worried that someone might get jealous of you both and try to harm you I hope not Be careful dear. You don’t know what might be going on in the mind of the person in front of you You both are blessed by God. A hundred people must be envious about you So you should always keep reciting quranic verses to protect yourself and Armaan Don’t worry, I’ll be careful That’s good. I expected the same from you. Alright, you should go to your room now Thank you so much mister Don’t mention it, it was my moral obligation to help you It’s hard to find people like you these days You might not have noticed but you can find people like me everywhere You have worked so hard, please keep this Sir that’s very less I’m really sorry, here you go I think you didn’t understand, this is not what I want from you Look, if you will keep this I will be very glad, you have worked very hard You can pay me back later Can we go now? Let’s go Why did you have to talk like that? What was the need of doing all that? I already belong to you completely I was just reciting quranic verses Why? Because mother has told me to do that. Because it protects you from jealousies and all other evils That’s fine, but I think it’s all superstitious. When a bad time has to come for anyone, nobody can stop it Armaan, why have you started talking like this, I don’t understand Hey this is the reality, you should face it my dear But it’s not right to talk about such things at night Okay fine, at this time we will talk about something romantic You do that all day long Okay then we will talk about our baby, tell me if it’s going to be a boy or a girl? Armaan, how can I tell you that? What are you saying, do you ever know anything? No Science has advanced so much apparently, there must be a way you could find out Hey sister, you woke up quite late today? Yes, had a long night yesterday Sister, it’s not right to stay out so late at night. You know how bad the law and order situation of our city is Armaan, you’re still stuck on what I said that day. I was just concerned about you, that’s why I said it So I’m also saying this for your own benefit Armaan, you’re getting very late for office, have your breakfast Oh wow, there can’t be a better wife then you Sister, I’ve taken out the tea for mother, will you give it to her? Armaan is getting late for work, please give mother her tea? Don’t worry, I’ll give it to her Thank you You could have stayed in the room? Let me see you off from the gate Okay then listen to me carefully. Eat and drink properly. You don’t eat properly at all Mister, I’m not a child But you’re my wife. And besides, you’re also the mother of my future child so you have to take care of yourself You know what you should do? You should write this on a board and hang it around my neck. I remember, I haven’t forgotten Okay I’m sorry, you know how much I’m worried about you and care about you. I’m getting over excited Just take care of yourself, I don’t want anything else. Be ready by five o clock, we’re going for dinner But we went for dinner just day for yesterday Now we’re invited for dinner. You remember my friend Saad? He has invited us Brother Saad? Yes, Saad. I met him by coincidence and he started insisting that I shoud bring my wife along for dinner so I said sure, we love going out for dinner Now you go to your room, I’ll watch you go and then I’ll leave Let me see you off from outside Come on turn around, take it easy, don’t look back, bye So much sugar. Taara? Zari? Yes aunty? DId you make this tea dear? Nain Taara did, why? What happened? Call her over here Nain Taara? Mother is calling you Yes mother? Did you make the tea dear? Yes I already have blood pressure, do you want me to become diabetic as well? You’ve put in so much sugar in this But I didn’t add any sugar? That’s so disappointing. How can you be so careless? What if aunty gets diabetes? But sister I didn’t add any sugar, I had given the cup to you to give it to mother What do you mean? That I did it? Not at all, that’s not what I mean Then what else? Look at her aunty. I tried to help her since she was busy, in return she’s putting the blame on me Oh dear why are you to arguing so much? I just asked like that, go now But mother, I honestly didn’t add any sugar Don’t worry Nain Taara, things like these happen in the condition you’re in Besides, Armaan alsi keeps your mind pre-occupied all the time, isn’t it aunty? I’ve told you so many times dear to be careful That’s right. We all care for you so much. It’s your responsibility to be careful about us as well You blamed me for something today, I didn’t take it seriously, because I consider you as my little sister Forget all this, I’ll go make tea for everyone God bless you. You should go and rest now Yes What are you doing Nain Taara? Sister, I think my charger has stopped working, it’s not charging my phone Oh, I thought you’re upset about what aunty said today, that’s why you’re sitting over here No it’s nothing like that. Why would I mind what mother says You’re a human being, you’ve got feelings too. Aunty gets her blood pressure high for such small issues What happened with her tea was so insignificant, but she gave you such a lecture on it It’s nothing like that. I think it was my own fault. I should have given mother her tea by myself Okay listen Nain Taara, come with me to get some groceries please? But Armaan got the grocery just last week Armaan only gets things which you both like. But there are other people living in this house as well But you also gave him your list of things Some things are still left. Please come, aunty won’t let me go alone Okay, but sister, will we be back before four o clock? I have to go somewhere with Armaan by five o clock We’ll be back by three thirty, Now go and quickly get ready because you’ll blame me if we’re late What’s wrong with your phone? I’ll have a look, you go and get ready What’s the problem Oh it broke. I’m sorry Nain Taara, I don’t know how it broke I’m sorry Nain Taara, I don’t know how it broke Don’t worry about it Okay then go and get ready Why is Nain Taara’s phone switched off? This guy is hopeless. He’s desperate to talk to his wife. Even I won’t answer his call Why isn’t she picking my call Where are you Kashi, you haven’t reached here yet? I’m standing outside your house since so long now Okay. Do you remember what you have to do? What? Oh duffer, what did I tell you an hour ago? Oh yes, that I remember. But come out quickly, I have to return the car by six o clock We’re coming in five minutes. You’ll be free by then. Bye Kashi is outside, who are you calling now? I’m trying to call Armaan but his number is busy since quite awhile He must be busy with work, you can talk to him when we come back It would not be an issue if my phone was charged. I would have called him on the way, but now….. Oh don’t worry Nain Taara, Armaan is not some beast who would explode if he finds out that you went out without informing him Can I call him from your phone? My phone’s outgoing calls are blocked, but I will get some balance from outside and then you can talk to him okay? Now quickly get your things, I’m waiting outside It’s good that she’s taking her time. You remember everything I’ve told you? Don’t make a mistake Kashi, I’ll beat you up with my shoe Kashi, we have to be back before four o clock, hurry up Do you have balance in your phone? What balance are you talking about? I’m an unemployed man. I bought this phone after struggling so much, where would I get balance from He is absolutely useless. Nevermind, just stop over at a shop and get me some balance for my phone Okay sister Nain Taara, it seems as if I’ve kidnapped you and brought you with me. At least cheer up your mood It’s nothing like that sister, my mood is absolutely fine I know you’re tense thinking about Armaan. I’ll get you back on time, trust me Look at this, Farhan got me this. Has Armaan ever bought you a bracelet? It’s so pretty. Armaan gave me a bracelet just like this one, look, we have the same bracelets No but this is of real diamonds Really? Mine is of real diamonds too There must be some difference in the quality By the way, how far is the shop? It’s just a short distance away Sister actually you know Armaan gets very upset Don’t worry the shop is just here Hurry up Kashi Yes sister Where has Taara gone? Zari and Taara went out for shopping Mother is this the time to go for shopping? But why are you getting so upset? What else should I do other than being upset? We had to go to my friend’s place for dinner. I told her to be ready at five o clock but she’s not even picking up her phone Oh right, her phone’s charger broke in the morning. She left her phone at home. Why don’t you call Zari? I’ve called her a thousand times, even she’s not picking up They must be busy shopping. Otherwise they would be on the way back. Why are you getting so worried? I’m the only one who is getting worried. The rest of you are so relaxed Oh okay, they’ll be back Please go and have a look Kashi how much longer will it take? We’re getting very late Nain Taara, just a little while more How much longer sister? He’s trying to fix it, it’s going to take a bit of time I told you not to bring me with you. It’s going to be a big problem if I’m late It’s not that late, it’s only five thirty Five thirty? Sister, I can’t wait any longer, I’m going Oh what’s wrong with you, why are you going alone? You can come if you want to, I’ll just take a cab and go back Wait, I’ll get my phone and bag Please come quickly sister Wait for two minutes Nain Taara, nothing’s going to happen Why are you so scared? Let’s go What’s the matter Nain Taara, why are you so scared. Armaan isn’t going to beat you up Sister I just need to get home quickly. Brother please drive faster Brother just drive slow, we’re not in such a hurry Sister please let him drive fast, we’re already late. It’s five thirty Never mind, what’s going to happen? Brother please drive faster Where were you? I was with sister Then stay with your sister, why are you giving me justifications? I’ll explain to you I don’t want to listen to anything. What will you explain to me It’s true what they say, that even a rock cracks if water keeps dropping on it. Tonight these lovebirds got the first crack in their rock Armaan stop it now, how long will I keep asking you to forgive me? Why did you do this? I did not do it intentionally. Sister Zareen forced me to go with her I’m not upset about you going with sister Are you upset about missing the dinner? To hell with the dinner I remained out of touch with you for six hours. You know how I feel if I don’t talk to you for even an hour? I know Armaan but what’s my fault? My phone’s charger is not working and when I called you from home your number was constantly busy WHen I tried to call from sister’s phone her outgoing was blocked. Tell me where is my fault in all of this? I made six thousand calls on her number. I sent ten thousand messages on her phone to make Taara call me back. But she didn’t make you call back even once Her phone might have been on silent I have a feeling she’s doing this on purpose How? Because she wants to create differences between us Armaan, how can you say that? She’s jealous of us Armaan, I can’t start a fight at home on such a minor issue Armaan? Promise that this won’t happen again I promise it won’t happen You phone will not be switched off It won’t Keep two phones I’ll get it for you Fine, done Please, I get worried You got me angry for no reason Please get me a glass of water You should have told me earlier, I just came back after sorting out the kitchen Fine I’ll get it myself Leave it, I’ll get it for you Silent, keep quiet


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