Hassad Episode 20 | 19th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

You’re a very inconsiderate person Nain Tara. That’s why you didn’t even consider replying to my thanks I kept checking my phone after every few minutes hoping you would reply but you didn’t It takes time to reply and I dont have any time at all Nain Tara? You’re right, who am I to you that you would take out time for me Bilal, you haven’t changed at all. Do you realize you’re still the same Even you haven’t changed Nain Tara. You’re still as beautiful as you were in university I was considerate since your mother-in-law and husband were present over there. Otherwise I felt like reciting a poem for you I’m married now, stop flirting with me okay? There’s no coincidence in Bilal’s coming over here. Definitely there’s a close friendship between them I’m married now, stop flirting with me okay? Zari? Zari? Aunt? Aunt what has happened to you? Rani? Rani? Yes madam, coming! Rani, go bring water quickly! Aunt? Hello Farhan? Come home quickly, aunt is not well. Aunt? Madam? Aunt, have water. Aunt, lie down. I will call you later. Madam has fainted, madam. What? Have you informed Farhan? Yes, madam Zari called him. Okay! You sit with Arsalan, I will go and check her. Keep checking her blood pressure. I’m giving some medicines. Give it to them regularly. I’ll go get the medicines. Did something happen? I don’t know I was in the room. Your phone was also busy. It was Bilal on call. You know when he calls he doesn’t disconnect so easily. Didn’t you like it me talking to him? What is there not to like? I’m sure, he will annoy you. Afterall he met you after so long. Doctor gave her so many medicines. Is everything alright. You look alot upset to me. I think mother’s blood pressure got high due to some reason. Something happened, I’m sure. Aunt, you scared me. Please, go and cook something for mother. Bilal met Farhan and became his business partner, then he came to our house and pretended that their isn’t anything between them both. This all doesn’t seem co-incidence to me. Mother, keep lying down please. I’m tired of lying down. I want to sit. What happened? You look tensed. What shall I tell him that why am I tensed? In the name of friendship, with Nain Tara Bilal is … Mother, why are you so quiet? I don’t want to talk to anyone. If I will sleep for some time, I will feel better. Okay fine! You have rest. Switch off the lights while leaving. Yes! Are you sitting here? Did you say something to mother? Why? Did aunt say something to you? No she didn’t. But I think there is something that is disturbing her. There is some reason behind her silence. And you think I am the reason? I didn’t say so. But who else is there in this house other than you and Nain Tara from whom I will ask this? And you didn’t find a need to ask Nain Tara, right? Because neither she says anything nor can do wrong, right? Look Zari, I’m already stressed out. Please, don’t make me more tensed. Sorry, i got emotional. Where are you Farhan? I have been waiting for you since long in the office. Why? Was there any meeting? What does that mean? Can’t you come meet me at my office without an official meeting? No it’s nothing like that, actually mother was not feeling well, that’s why I couldn’t come Hey Bilal, I’m feeling worried about mother’s silence. It seems as if she’s reluctant to say something Don’t worry, give her some time, she will talk to you herself Are you sure? Yes I’m sure If you want I can come over to your place. I can check her blood pressure and ask her how is she feeling That’s fine, come over. Good bye See you Is he coming? Yes Haven’t you cooked the soup yet? Is mother asking for it? No! You leave it and got get ready. Why? You best friend is coming. He will be shocked to see you like this. He isn’t coming to see me but to ask for mother’s health. Please, health is just an excuse. The actual purpose is to see his love. Oh I’m sorry, his friend. Why do you think that I’m some characterless woman who is always ready to have an affair with some one. Oh why do I think so? Because all the time, someone is after. As if they are not guys but some plants. One grows and other fades away. Also, men die to bring spring in your life. This is why they have come to this world. Don’t talk like this. Why do you talk like this? If not me, then atleast be careful about mother. Hey, I’m careful about you. Very careful. Yes Zari, I’m coming. Don’t you worry. Kashi? Hm? Take me to sister’s place. She isn’t well. O mother, call her. She knows that you had a major accident. O that was a drama I created to scare sister. I’m fine now. Nothing has happened to me. Mother, you don’t put so many bandages to create a drama. I did to scare sister so that she treats Zari well. And listen, that guy is also coming there. I want to see who is he and how does he lool. Mother, Nain Tara is so lucky. In the name of aunt’s health she is meeting her long lost friend. Look Kashi, don’t show off so much and don’t talk foolish over there. Mother, I’m not a kid. I know what to say. I’m standing out side. You come. Okay, I’ll take my shawl and come. Her blood pressure is normal. Which medicine are you giving her Farhan? Your tea Thank you This Give her this medicine from today, okay? Now please get well soon otherwise your son will not come to my office Arrange dinner for Bilal No aunty, please excuse me for dinner. This tea is enough for me You will not go without having dinner, go and make arrangements, ask what needs to be brought and what needs to be cooked Farhan told me that you’re in stress. Please tell me what’s worrying you? You, you’re the cause of my tension Me? Why me? What happened? Why are you both so quiet? Farhan I should go, I have to do some important work Oh but how can you leave without having dinner? Tell him to stay mother Let him go. It’s better that he leaves otherwise there will be loss for the business Please take care of yourself Hey Bilal, listen to me Farhan I’m just leaving from your home, not this world. You’re calling me as if we’ll never meet again Did mother say anything to you? She said I’m worried because of me and that I shouldn’t come here Look at your face. We didn’t discuss anything Hey I’m serious Seriously we didn’t discuss anything. I just remembered something important I need to do that’s why I’m leaving. Take care of yourself Okay Sometimes people tell the truth as if it’s a joke what do you mean? I don’t mean anything, he’s the one who said something and left. He just said it jokingly You just like to pick words out of context POh, greetings mother, shall we go inside? Let’s go It seems from sister’s mood that she’s really given that man a lesson I didn’t expect she would trust in what I told her so soon The matter has gone beyond just that. It seems to me that sister is hiding something very big in her heart What’s that? I don’t know, but trust me, I big storm is about to come, that’s what sister’s silence is telling me I don’t think she would react so much on something I said. Besides, Nain Tara is her favorite daughter in law She’ll forget about this in a day or two and start liking her again It won’t happen like that this time And if it does? You can bet on it, I know I’ll win How are you feeling mother? God is very kind, that he has given me the strength to bear such big things even at this age Big thing? Is everything okay mother? I hope you’re not upset because of something wrong I’ve done? Nobody would be pleased when something wrong is done What did you think Nain Tara? That you together with Bilal would betray us and we not find out about it? What are you saying mother? Why would I do that? I am searching for the answer to the same question Why are you doing this? What is it that you don’t have in this house? To the extent that I was unfair with my own niece just to establish your own home again I was strict with my niece so that there is no unfairness with you. I divided her home, her husband, and everything else she had, with you Mother, I don’t understand what I’ve done You showed Bilal the way to this house. You introduced him to Farhan with the excuse of business So that he can plan to reach you It’s nothing like that mother. I didn’t even know Bilal was his partner…. But he knew Look Nain Tara, my son is very simple, and he thinks the entire world is like that He doesn’t know how deceptive people are in this world I have not discussed this matter with my son as yet Not for you Nain Tara, but for his own faith. I can not see him break along with his faith. It would be better if you end your friendship with Bilal Otherwise if I speak about this in front of Farhan, it could affect your relation with him You are my tension my son is very simple, and he thinks the entire world is like that. It would be better if you end your friendship with Bilal Otherwise if I speak about this in front of Farhan, it could affect your relation with him Why did you come Bilal? You’re crying Nain Tara? Whether I cry or die, it is none of your concern Now please stop calling me What has happened Nain Tara? At least tell me something. Is everything okay? If you’re Farhan’s partner then you should just stay till him. No need to revive your told friendship with me Nain Tara, what are you talking about? I really don’t understand what has happened to you and aunty all of a sudden She is suspecting that you and me are having an affair My luck has always been bad. Whatever I do, it ends with questioning on my character Okay just relax, I’ll talk to you later when you’re normal No need to call me again. Please do not try to contact me again Nain Tara? Consider your prayers fulfilled I wish it’s like that What did you pray for? Your faith and your companionship I’m already with you. As far as having faith in you is concerned. I’ve always had faith in you, and always will What happened? Come sit over here? Tell me It’s nothing. Can I ask you something? You don’t need to take permission from me to ask a question. Just ask me whatever you want How much do you believe in me? What kind of question is that? You can’t ask a question in response to a question Just tell me, if someone points a finger at my character, would you believe that person or me? Of course I would believe you. Anyone else in front of you has no value And what if that other person is also very close to you. Still you would believe me? Yes Why? Because your character is crystal clear right in front of my eyes No body can taint it SIr I have prepared these files, you may please check them Okay let me see Sir please read this in detail Sir I need your signatures here. Thank you Done? That’s it sir, thank you so much What happened? You’ve called the tenth time Yes. Okay you please go and send me a cup of coffee Okay sir What happened? You seem disturbed No, I’m fine. Just a little disturbed What happened? Is she upset? Who? Who are you talking about? The same person who you are continuously calling and who is constantly rejecting your calls with a no life sign Yes it’s something like that Farhan What happened? Is it something serious or just friendship? That’s a separate matter. First need to make her start talking to me again Since when isn’t she talking to you? Last night Oh, so this was that important matter for which you did not consider staying for another minute at my house last night Okay do one thing, try to talk to her emotionally How do I talk to her emotionally? Please tell me You’re asking me as if I’m some expert If not an expert but at least you would have some idea, that’s why you said I should talk to her emotionally Look, first try to talk to her decently, but if she doesn’t agree then. emotionally blackmail her something like if she doesn’t talk to you then you will do something. Something that would compel her to agree Is that what I should do? You can try Thank you If you’ll stay with us you’ll keep learning stuff like this Nain Tara. if you don’t listen to me then I’ll come to your house. And you know I can do that Nain Tara. if you don’t listen to me then I’ll come to your house. And you know I can do that What’s your problem Bilal? I want to meet you But I don’t want to meet you, and neither do I want to talk to you. Now please don’t call me again If you won’t listen to me Nain Tara then I will keep calling you like this Fine, then I will just block your number. Simple If you do that Nain Tara then that will leave me with no other option but to come to your house I don’t want to come and talk to you in front of aunty. I need to clear some things with you What things? I can’t tell you on the phone. I’ll tell you when we’ll meet Why can’t you do it on the phone? What’s wrong in meeting me? You know me very well Nain Tara And still you’re acting as if I’m some cheap flirt Don’t worry Nain Tara. My intentions are clean My objective is just to help a friend. That’s all Where do you want to meet? Okay. fine Now I’m going to get you Mother. You have a very long life, I was just going to call you Is everything okay? The glow on your face is showing there’s something You’re going to feel the same way when I’m going to tell you Okay tell me quickly, what is it? I’ll tell you, but for that you’ll have to tell a small lie for me A lie? Yes Take Rani along Mother, if I take Rani along then Arsalan will annoy you a lot You’re not even feeling well If you’re so concerned about my well being then do as I say Yes, I have blocked his number Fine go, but come back soon Okay Where is she going? She’s going to the store Oh, I had come to take Zari so she could have a look at the girl as well Girl? Yes, for our Kashi. A matchmaker told me. So I thought Zari would have a look as well Oh that’s good. May God bless them Okay then I’ll go sister So take Zari along with you Oh no sister, how could I take her along. You’ll be left alone at home It doesn’t matter, Rani is with me, and also Arsalan. Take her along. Sisters like to be a part of such things Okay then as you say, Good bye Good bye Hello, yes I’m on the way, I’m not too far I’ll be there soon. Good bye Mother, hurry up Give me some money, I don’t even have enough for the fare Oh hurry up, you’re taking too long You’re taking too long, let’s go brother Where is this cursed Kashi? Oh think of Kashi and Kashi is here Hurry up, she has left Oh it doesn’t matter, let’s go Thank you Are you happy Nain Tara? Let’s just talk about what you called me here for, what was it that you wanted to clarify? Nain Tara if you think about it, I didn’t know before the partnership that Farhan is my partner It’s another matter that after I found out who Farhan is I became more friends with him But why did you do that? Because I think you’re not happy in that house Those people are not treating to well in that house Those people are not treating me well, did you dream about that? No, a girl from your house told me that

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