Hassad Episode 21 | 26th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Nain Tara, I didn’t know it before the partnership that Farhan is my partner It is another thing that after knowing it, I became friends with Farhan. But, why did you do that? Because I think you’re not happy in that house Those people are not treating you well in that house Those people are not treating me well, did you dream about that? No, a girl from your house told me that Hello, Farhan? Why is it so noisy? Are you somewhere outside? Yes, I’m on the same route. Okay I’m coming Okay please come What did he say? He’s about to come, you should leave now Sister you are so selfish. Once your work is finished you’re telling me to just leave? Well after all I’m your sister. Now leave or else the whole plan will be ruined. Get lost I’m not leaving, I’m just standing over there with the bike Do whatever you want When did that happen? I called when Arsalan was not feeling well. Some girl picked up the phone and said that I should help you get out of this torturous situation Look Nain Tara, if what that girl said was a lie and you’re living happily in your house, then that girl doesn’t want you to live in that house Who could be that girl? Zari What’s the matter? Farhan I’m really hungry, can we go inside and get something to eat? Please? Come What happened Farhan? Oh, that’s Nain Tara Is she upset? Who? Who are you talking about? The same person who you are continuously calling and who is constantly rejecting your calls with a no life sign Yes it’s something like that Farhan Since when is she not talking to you? Since last night Farhan, call her right now, it will all be exposed How? Well, if she’s telling the truth then she would say that she’s sitting with Bilal And if she lies, then? If she lies then it will be clear that she and Bilal and making a fool of you Go ahead and call her Farhan is calling. If I tell him right now that I’m with you then I don’t know what he will think of me Nain Tara pick up the phone, he must have something to talk about, go ahead and pick it up Hello Where are you? I’m in a restaurant With who? Which restaurant is this? Let me talk to him Farhan, Nain Tara is with me. I called her here to help me find a way to make things up with my lost love You should come over here as well. When three minds will sit together I’m sure we’ll figure something out I’m sorry I have to drop Zari, otherwise I would join you guys I’ll inform you as soon as we find a solution. Or Nain Tara will tell you herself, because mostly wives don’t lie to their husbands You’re right, not all wives are like Nain Tara. In fact, some can go to any limit to make their husband’s believe their lies You should be thankful that Nain Tara is not that kind of wife Okay now hang up or else Nain Tara is going to start asking me to leave again Bye! Nain Tara, relax Hey, what happened Farhan? Wait for me What happened? Keep quiet and sit in the car Nain Tara Bilal they were both standing outside. If I told him a lie then what would have happened? Why would you lie? Only if you had some wrong intention But he did suspect on me No he didn’t, otherwise he would not have clarified the matter like this. He trusts you Nain Tara That’s why he took Zari from here, not you Stop worrying. If Farhan went home without calling then you would have been in trouble at home I can’t believe Zari could go so low She has digged her own grave Nain Tara. She has embarrassed herself in front of Farhan in trying to embarrass you Drink your juice What happened Farhan? You should be angry at her, why are you taking it out on me? How much do you love me? Tell me I loove you more than I can express Hey what are you doing? Drive slowly, I’m scared Why are you afraid? I’m with you I think you’re not feeling okay. Farhan we could have an accident, please It’s good that we’ll die together. People will give examples of our love I don’t want to set any example. Please, stop it now What’s wrong Zari why are you afraid? I’ve heard that people in love are not afraid to die Please, I don’t love you as if I would be ready to die right now. Please slow down now what’s wrong with you Don’t try to claim your fake love from me Get off the car Sorry Farhan, I got scared You should have been scared about accusing Nain Tara like that You should be scared since if Nain Tara told the truth then your lie would be exposed Well I didn’t lie. She was sitting with Bilal Yes, but she was there for some other reason. And you were only trying to humiliate her in front of me You wanted me to believe that she’s having some other affair. But I’m very sorry your plan didn’t work Well, my plan didn’t completely fail. At least it made you suspicious of her for a moment Now just imagine, how would she feel when she finds out that you were standing outside the restaurant You might not think like that but she would still feel that you don’t trust her Go away from my sight. Get out of the car Hello, they have left from the restaurant, they will be home in awhile The interesting part is that she’s in Bilal’s car right now and he is coming to drop her Fine Aw, poor Nain Tara It’s good that we found out early that this girl likes someone else It’s fortunate that the girl was safe Sorry it slipped my tongue Did you see how she is speaking so rudely? It’s because of your leniency Oh just leave it Aunty, can we go out? Why do you want to go out all of a sudden? Just like that, to get some fresh air Fine then take Rani with you Please aunty, it’s to relax my mood, not to make it worse Please aunty, let’s go. Rani? Oh child Rani, hold Arsalan. Quickly Okay wait, I’m coming Thank you Bilal For what? For everything. You know you really are a nice person So now you’re feeling sorry of rejecting my offer? Absolutely Greetings You lied to me about where you’re going? It’s not how it looks aunty I was wrong when I trusted her word No mother! Don’t create a drama out here, come inside And I don’t want to see you here again Listen to me aunty, I will tell you the truth… I don’t want to listen to anything. Please just leave us alone You get inside, I’ll take care of you right now Whatever you’re doing is very wrong Do whatever you want. You will not be able to save your friend Farhan? Mother, trust me. There isn’t anything like this. There isn’t anything for Bilal in my heart. If it wasn’t like this then he wouldn’t be expressing his love for you again and again. By the way, you must be regretting to reject him? It was a joke, mother. Joke? While joking, you both will ruin my son. Let Farhan come. I will tell him about your actions. Mother please, there isn’t anything like this. Listen to me. You are like that snake who will be taken care alot but it will still bite in the end. This Zari is better than you. She tolerated everything for the dignity of this house but you You do not care about our dignity at all. You are like that snake who will be taken care alot but it will still bite in the end. You do not care about our dignity at all. By the way, you must be regretting to reject him? Enough madam, how much more will you cry? Why do I always have to clarify myself? Have patience madam, God is great. He knows everything. But mother doesn’t know. I’m a characterless woman infront of her. And that sister Zari, whatever bad she does, she still manages to look pious infront of her. God has given her leniency. He will be strict with her suddenly, then she would come to know that by doing with others, she isn’t going to get anything. You have water, madam. Don’t you worry. Sir is not going to be trapped in her games. I have only one hope and that is Farhan. If he will listen to mother and trust her, then what will I do Rani? Where will I go? I can’t understand anything. Wow! What a great news have you given me. I will so good now. Didn’t I tell you not to leave the war field. Mother, everything depends on Farhan. I don’t if he will believe it or not. He will. Don’t worry. Everyone melts when they see their mother in tears Just wait and see how he drags her out of the house Farhan would never do that. Nain Tara could never leave his good books Well at least she’s out of her mother in law’s good books. Now my sister will take care of her Now you just sit there and look, don’t let the fire that you’ve ignited go out Okay Very good I won’t let the fire go out so easily But why didn’t you tell me all this before? Aunty, you were already so furious, that’s why I remained quiet What were you doing over there? You had gone to see the girl with Nusrat isn’t it? Yes, well, Kashi came to pick mother so I got off the rickshaw, I thought Farhan would pick me up I’ll ask Farhan about this Aunty, please don’t take my name. He will get upset because he told me not to mention this to you Nothing will happen, I will take care of it Should I get tea for you aunty? Greetings mother Sit Yes Farhan what is going on between Bilal and Nain Tara? And you’re not doing anything about it despite of knowing everything? I thought you are unaware of all this, but today you found them together and still you didn’t say anything? All this seems very strange to me. This is not how I raised you that you would use your wife for a small financial gain? Mother? If you don’t want to believe Nain Tara it’s still understandable as she’s not your own blood But I’m your son, you’re accusing me of doing something like this and doubting your own up bringing? You’ve put this doubt in my mind Farhan. When you had seen him with Bilal today then why did you leave her there? Don’t you have any self respect? Watching your wife sitting with some stranger like that? So what should I do mother? Kill her in the name of honor? Or make her leave this house? What should I do? Why are you talking to me in this tone? I’m sorry I got a bit emotional But you’re only seeing what Zari wants you to see I don’t need to believe in anyone’s word. But my eyes are not blindfolded like yours, you understand? He has gone to sleep. You take her, if he feels hungry give him some milk I’m sorry Why are you saying sorry? Firstly because you’re having to listen to so much despite of my presence. And secondly because I am unable to do anything for you even though I want to Who said you’re not doing anything for me? When every one is against me, you’re always standing by my side and giving me strength That’s not enough Nain Tara. After listening to mother speak against you, I’m not ready to listen to anything further Now I will sit calmly until I clear her heart about you Oh Kashi hurry up, breakfast is getting cold Oh mother, why do you need to get so excited, just simply eat it Oh my tongue got burnt So eat it calmly There was severe tension at sister’s place at night. I want to see how the injured Nain Tara is dealing with it. Mother, nothing happens to her. She is very stubborn. All are plans are back firing us now. O it’s all about time. Sometimes, it’s someone’s good time and sometimes, it’s someone’s bad time. Don’t you worry. Let the time play games. and her good time will turn into bad. Mother, nothing happens by cursing her. If something had happened then her chapter would have been closed with Armaan. Her chapter will close and Nain Tara will also vanish. You just watch. Mother, I’m watching. After dropping you, I will go to get some work done. If that work is done then consider Nain Tara’s chapter closed. You go wherever you want to. Just drop me at sister’s place. Hey, how much more will you eat? Enough. Get up! Let me have breakfast calmly. Kashi? Come, I’m getting late. Kashi? Aunt, have something. Shall I give you toast? Umm.. Omelet? No, I don’t want anything. Greetings mother! Mother please sit! End this misunderstanding. Do you care that I’m upset? Yes mother! This is why I’m asking you to sit please. I will never sit until she’s there. Nain Tara, you sit and have breakfast. Please! You have breakfast quickly. You will get late. I have. Mother? What are you here for? Mother, you have made me habitual of your love so much that I am unable to tolerate your anger. If you are angry at me then scold me. Say me anything but don’t be angry at me and stay quiet like this. The one who has daughter in law like you, that person has to stay quiet. Sister, don’t get trapped by her words or her innocent face. I have never seen a clever girl like her. She is a drama queen. Nusrat, you don’t interfere in this matter. Why wouldn’t I? My daughter hasn’t done anything and still is being punished and look at her, after doing so much, she is still roaming around this house like a boss. What kind of justice is this, sister? I would ask you to take her son and send her away from this house. Otherwise, her affairs will not end, and you will have answer God knows how many people. Nusrat, she isn’t that bad. Sister, don’t you remember? She was trying to flirt with Kashi. Why are you forgetting? And remember that guy from Armaan’s office? He came to your house. Who knows if she would have called him. Be strong. Not for what has happened but for what is going to happen. Why do you do this? What wrong have I done to you? You have ruined my whole life and asking me that what wrong have you done? I haven’t got married with my own will. Mother and … But you accepted my husband with your own will or aunt forced you to do that? Why are you looking down now? Look into my eyes. The way you took Farhan away from me, the same way I will get you out of this house. And aunt will support me in this all. You are not going to stay here for long, Nain Tara. Didn’t I tell you, I will now breath after ruining your life? Greetings! Greetings! Brother, Faizan sent me to you. He was praising you alot. What? You edit photos right. He was telling me you do it very professionally. I also have to get to something edit. I try my best brother, that a customer doesn’t complain. O yes, there shouldn’t be anything to complain otherwise I will be ruined. There are two pictures. You have to join them in a way that they look one. What do you mean? I didn’t understand. Look, you have to edit them. They should look like one. They are separate. You have to join them. Are you understanding? It will be done. Give me USB. Which folder? No not this. This one? Okay! Don’t open that. Which pictures? This one and this. These two? Is it fine? Yes! Wow how amazingly you did it. It looks real. Okay! So it’s done. This is the solution of this matter, Farhan. I can not do this man. I can not keep mother separate. Who is asking you to stay separate? Only keep Nain Tara separate because I don’t think so she is going to get the respect in that house that she deserves, Farhan. Fine! There is another solution to this matter. I will leave this project. From tomorrow, Rehman will look after this project. What are you saying? We are not just business partners now. We are friends. What shall I do Farhan? You tell me, what shall I do? That is what I’m thinking. What shall I do that mother get convinced and her heart will be cleared from Nain Tara’s side? I’m coming to your house in the evening today. Are you crazy? Do you want to get killed by my mother? Whatever you can think. I’m coming to your house in the evening. Man, seriously Farhan, I’m not listening to anything. I’m coming to your house in the evening today. I’ll have tea there. Okay? Mother, atleast stay till night. If I will stay till night, I will not look infront of Farhan. And by the way, I have told all the stories of Nain Tara to sister. She herself is worried that what shall she do. That is fine but Farhan is still taking her side. But now he will not. Why are you showing your teeth? Will you speak up? Look, you have to pay to get this work done. This time, the trap is bigger than before. You promise me that you will get me a new bike then I will show it to you. Fine! I’ll get you. Now tell me what is it? Okay! Come here. Come There are more. Swipe next. Kashi, from where did you get this? I got them edited by a friend. I spent money on it. But if I will send these to Farhan, he will reject them. Sister, why do you get tensed. I have made an arrangement for that. I have a spare sim. When these pictures will be sent to him from an unknown number, he will not doubt you and will not trust Nain Tara. My child is so smart. My brother … You promised about bike. I remember.


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