Hassad Episode 22 | 26th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Why are you so quiet? Say something Farhan? What shall I say? Your survival here was already very difficult. After all this, it has become impossible. You leave me. What? What are you saying? If I would live here further, I will be attacked more with the blames. Because of me you would have to listen to everyone and I don’t want it. No matter how much we try, Farhan, we can make people quiet. And I don’t have strength to prove myself to anyone. No Nain Tara, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. I trust you completely. But mother … I can’t see doubt for me in her eyes, Farhan. No matter Bilal proves himself right. I have so much to prove. To how many people I will explain myself. How dare you to come here? Will you call Farhan? Shall I call Nain Tara if you say so? You are here to meet her, right? Whoever you are, I don’t know you. Call Farhan, I want to meet him. Look sister, how stubborn he is. He is here to meet Nain Tara. Greetings! Mother, I’m here to meet you not Nain Tara. O sister, look how much he’s lying. Don’t trust him, sister. Aunt please, talk to him properly. He is my friend. Why is he here? Mother, I’m not here to meet Nain Tara but you. Infact I wanted you to meet someone. One second, Sara? Come! Mother, she is Sara! Greetings! Greetings! There is no elder in my house. By considering that, I came here with due respect to ask you to ask for Sara’s proposal from her family. Sister, if he will bring anyone and make her stand infront of us, and we will trust him? My son has all the proves of their love in the form pictures. Hey, go and show sister he daughter in law’s actions. Why aren’t you going? Go! The way this shameless Nain Tara has posed with him by keeping her head on his shoulder. Don’t you still believe it? Will you ignore this as well? Nain Tara? Nain Tara? Farhan, we have to take her to hospital. Come! Come! Please take her to my clinic. It’s near by. Farhan, how can you doubt her? Show me the picture? Now please don’t explain yourself. What will you say after this? I will not say anything. You see it yourself. Open the picture gallery. Open it. Work quickly! Zareen? What are you doing? I’m taking my room back. Have you asked sister or? What has happened to you? Supporter of Nain Tara. Do your work Mother, what is the need of asking aunt? After whatever has happened, if Farhan would still want to keep her in sympathy, she wouldn’t get her respect back. But still my child. Mother, Nain will go permanently from here. Mother, congratulations. You are going to be a grand-mother. What happened? Aren’t you happy after listening to the news? What good news, Farhan? And sister, why are you quiet? Have you forgotten everything? The way Nain Tara was stick to Bilal in the pictures. Who know if this child is his or anyone’s else. Aunt enough! Don’t you dare to say one more word. I will forget that you are my aunt. Farhan, behave yourself. She is humiliating my wife infront of me and here you are asking me to behave? Look sister, how much Farhan has humiliated me. It is you and your family who is after humiliating others. Mother look at this. This is the actual picture. What do you mean? This mean that this is the actual picture of Sara with Bilal. This picture is edited. Look at this and then look at this. Sister, he is lying. This boy has played a game. Aunt you accept it that it your and Kashi’s plan against Nain Tara to degrade her and make her homeless. Sister? Sister, this all is a lie. Trust me. This is a lie. Nusrat, you go from here before I say something to you. Go from here. Why are you staring at me? Sit. I didn’t know that they would come to know about it this easily. What were you saying? She will not stay here. By doing so you have changed Farhan’s mind. You useless person. “Don’t worry, I’m there”. Because of you, my daughter’s life is ruined. You shameless person. What are you doing? People are watching. How worried are you for people. You go home. I will teach you a lesson your bastard. Okay sit! I don’t want to go with you. I will leave you and go. Go to hell. I will go in a cab. Get lost. Hey Kashi? Kashi? Shameless person. He left me. Hey man? Stop! Your love changed with the time. When you came to know the man you loved is dead now, you started flirting with Farhan. You knew that I can not give this happiness to Farhan This is why you played this trick to stay close to him. This is your misconception. This is your misconception, Nain Tara, that you are thinking you will lead a peaceful life after doing this all. Nain Tara, I will not let you live here. Leave my hand. Zari? Here your supporter is. Leave Nain Tara’s hand and go from here. I will not go from here Farhan. This is my room and I will stay here. It is Nain Tara who will go from here the same way I went. So you want this room? Fine? Stay. Nain Tara, lets go from here. Nain Tara, sit calmly. Don’t take tension. Doctor forbade you from taking tension. I told you that Zari will not like it. Forget her. Take care of yourself only. For your child and for us. Come sit! Many congratulations. Are you still upset from me? No my child, I’m more embarrassed. Mother, don’t talk like this and make me embarrassed. My child, this your big heart otherwise if there was someone else at your place after all I said to you … Mother, no daughter can see her mother embarrassed. You are my mother so please! Congratulations! You are going to be a grand-mother. Now Farhan will be more after her. Zari what has happened to you? Have you gone crazy. Aunt! Be in your senses. Aunt let me die. What is the purpose of this life where your husband is not yours. Be in your senses. Aunt, I’m just breathing. I’m living a dead life. Let me die. Zari you are thinking wrong. There isn’t anything like this. What is left in this relationship, aunt? Zari, you have an equal right on that child as Nain Tara has. How? How can this be possible? Why not? You and Farhan are not separate. But Farhan doesn’t want to see my face. I will talk to him and make him understand but Zari you would have to make a promise to me. What promise? You will not do anything that will ruin the peace of this house and … And? And what? You will have to take care of Nain Tara. I know my child, this is difficult but we have to make compromises to lead our life. You compromise Zari, I make promise to you that neither your status in this house will change nor your importance will be decreased. I promise you. Are you telling the truth, aunt? Yes! You will not do anything like this anymore. Yes aunt! Kashi, wouldn’t you speak anything? What is there to speak? It’s done what had to be done? How easily have you said that it’s done what had to be done. Don’t you care about that poor girl at all. She must be humiliated there. What shall I do? I did everything for you. And what is this? If something good happens, you take the credit and if something bad happens, you make me responsible. God forbid if I will do anything for sister anymore. Ok enough! Don’t do anything. I’ll be grateful to you. Mother, you have said alot. All the bad would be happening with my daughter. They would be treating her like servant. And that Nain Tara would be ruling that house and Farhan’s heart. O God, For the sake of my daughter’s infertile womb, take Nain Tara’s child away. Because of him, Farhan has gone away from my daughter. Don’t let her child come in the world. O God, for the sake of my daughter. Really madam? Many congratulations. God give you many happiness. I will cook you sweet today. And you don’t need to work now. You just tell me and I will do all the chores. But I will do all of the Farhan’s work myself. It is good sir that you are here. I’m telling her not to work but she is insisting. Okay! You go and check Arsalan if he’s crying. By the way, she is absolutely right. You shouldn’t do all this. You are also supporting Rani. Doctor didn’t stop me from doing anything. I’m fine. No matter what doctor said. I’m stopping you from doing work. Wouldn’t you listen to me? Rani, Zaei hasn’t come yet. I don’t know madam. Why? Haven’t you called her? When do I call her everyday, madam? She comes by herself. If she hasn’t come by herself then is there any problem in calling her? Farhan, you have to be careful about Zari. That poor girl is broken. She was about to suicide last night. She was about to eat sleeping pills. What? Yes! I didn’t tell you last night because I thought instead of understanding it, you will get angry. I do agree my child that whatever she did, she did wrong but she has promised me that she wouldn’t do any such thing in future. My child, do forgive her if you can. She is already in depression because of her infertile womb. If we will treat her strictly, she will hurt herself. Don’t you worry, mother. I will take full care of her. Sister Zareen? Sister Zareen? Everyone is waiting for you on breakfast table. Get up! Sister, you are having high fever. Sir, she’s having high fever. Farhan, you are here. You are having a high fever. It’s good. Atleast this is how I saw stress on your face for me. Do one thing. Bring her breakfast here. Yes! Farhan, sit. Please forgive me Farhan. What are you doing? I will not do anything bad now. I promise, Farhan. I will not do anything like that. Please! Let’s discuss it later. Right now you … Farhan, who has seen the future. I am done with showing enmity. I promise, not anymore. Now I will not do anything bad. I will take care of Nain Tara alot. You trust me. Aunt is right, we are not separate. If you are going to be a father then I will also be called a mother. I promise, I will take care of Nain Tara alot. You trust me and forgive me. I promise you. Trust my words, Farhan. I promise. Please! I’m sorry! Has he called doctor or not? I don’t know madam. I don’t think so. Rani don’t take this. Mother, I think we should only send bread. Nain Tara, call Bilal. He will check Zari. Mother, he’s doing a house job. Whatever, he is a doctor. He can check a temperature atleast. In this way, I will also apologize to him. I don’t know what would that poor guy be thinking about us. I will ask Farhan to call him. Nain Tara, you haven’t forgiven me by heart. This is why you have kept it in your heart. No mother, there isn’t anything like this. And God forbid, if I will ever get upset from you. Then fine. Call Bilal. It is you who will call Bilal. Fine, you have your breakfast. I think mother is not well. Don’t talk rubbish, Bilal. I’m not. It is very simple. She didn’t want to see me for a second there and now she is calling me herself. Bilal, she is embarrassed for whatever she did. And you don’t discuss anything like this infront of mother. Why not? She insulted me. Nain Tara, you people are calling a specialist to check a normal temperature at home, isn’t it an insult? Did I spend so much money on my degree to come and check temperature of Farhan’s other wife? Not at all. Enough! Tell me are you coming or not? I will come. If you will call me then I will. Bilal, don’t talk like this infront of mother. I will not. And I didn’t do it before also. It was your mother who heard us secretly. Bilal you … Okay! I will not say anything to your mother in law. Alright! Then I will inform Farhan and ask him to stop. What is the need to stop him? We both will sit and talk alone. Okay, good-bye! Okay, bye! Please forget whatever happened in the past. My heart is clear from your side. But my heart has all the trash for you. I used to be jealous of you. I used to envy you and your happiness. I never missed a chance to hurt you. And here you are ready to forget everything so easily? Nain Tara, wouldn’t you say anything to me? Will you forget everything? You will forget everything so easily? I have forgiven you by my heart and please don’t hurt yourself by repeating whatever happened in the past. I’m very hurt. I used to be so bad with you Nain Tara. I used to take you wrong. I’m telling you to forget everything. How good are you Nain Tara. This is why everything good happens to you. Now, I also don’t have any greediness in my heart. I will do good with you, in this way my life will also prosper. Thank you Nain Tara! Sorry O from where the sun has risen today. No I mean, you give headache to others only. Who gave you a headache today? Do you even care how your sister would be there? Mother, don’t you worry. Sister will be all fine. But people living with her over there wouldn’t be well. Be quiet! This girl is not even picking up my call. I hope she is well. I wish I could get a news She will be fine. You know that it is an easy task for sister to please aunt. Infact, she would have pleased her by now. This has never happened before that I called and she didn’t pick it. What if she has realized her mistake. If this is so then what will happen to us. God forbid, what are you talking about? For the first time in my life I have seen such a selfish mother. Needs make a person selfish. And I’m not doing this all for myself. I’m playing this game for you. Wow! You mean you do everything and put the blame on someone else. It’s a good trick. Will you shut up or I will beat you. Get lost from here otherwise I will kill you. Get lost. Already my blood pressure is so high then this boy comes and talk rubbish. This girl is also not picking up the phone. What the hell? Aunt, I’m not here to listen to any excuse but to say something. You will have to come with me to Sara’s place. You are my family. Why not my child? When do we have to go? If you ask me, I’m ready to go now. What are you saying? Can’t I joke with you? Why not? Aunt doesn’t have any problem so you stay quiet. Greetings! Greetings! Nain Tara, I was thinking about you. I mean I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to suggest you something. Really? What? You visit Sara. She is a very good gynecologist. She will handle your care very well. Isn’t it Farhan? Yes! I think this would be better. She is very good. Nain Tara! Why have you brought the breakfast? I was coming. Don’t be amazed. From today I will take care of your food. I have told aunt to be care free from your side. You have breakfast quickly. You have an appointment with Sara today, right? Umm.. Would you join me for breakfast? No! You have it. And please take care of your self Nain Tara. Have fresh juices. Okay? Have it quickly! Thank you!


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