Hassad Episode 5 | 24th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Zari? Are you going some where? These things are going Whose things are these? These are Nain Taara’s belongings, which she doesn’t need anymore What do you mean? Why doesn’t she need these things anymore? Farhan, it’s just cosmetic items and colorful clothes, please go and give them to some orphanage Cosmetics is understandable, but why are her clothes being given away? What is she going to wear? White clothes, which we have bought for her White clothes? This is too much. She’s a widow, not a dead person There’s not much difference between a widow and a dead person I can’t believe it Zari that you are saying this despite of being so educated So what do you expect? That I should forget all the norms of this society? Well you could have at least tried to stop these things from happening instead of being a part of it You stay out of this please, you won’t understand You’re absolutely right. I can never understand what goes on in a woman’s mind. I have no idea what you people want Anyways, please go and drop these things I’m not doing this, I don’t have time for such nonsense Fine then, I will burn these things. I will not keep them in this house Do whatever you like Mother, I don’t understand what’s going on in this house What’s going on? Why are all of you insisting so much on Nain Taara to wear white clothes? Because that’s the color all widows wear Mother you’re also a widow, why don’t you wear it then? My case is different, My age has passed now And you want Nain Taara’s age to go away like this as well. Why do you want her to follow these stupid traditions? Enough! You will not understand. I am not understanding. Please try to explain me because this is something my mind is unable to absorb. Farhan be quiet! Mother! Don’t call me mother. You have given me so much pain. Mother, I have done a big mistake. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, mother. These are only mothers who are sad for their sons. Wives just pretend that they are sad. Mother don’t say this. Do you know that I can only hear voices of Arman from everywhere. Please mother forgive me. Hey! What are you doing? I’m touching feet of my Armaan’s mother. Please forgive me mother. Please! I have done a big mistake. Forgive me please. Mother, how can this be possible? I can’t believe it. Shall we got o some other doctor? Have you gone mad? We will get same reports from any other doctor. Everyone at home knows that I’m pregnant. How will I tell them that I’m not. Be quiet! No one should know about it. We will hide it. Mother, I was very much happy that I will have a child. My child, what can we do now? You have already done everything. You have already taken all the medicines. Now only prayers are left. What do you mean? I should sit idle so that Nain Tara can get everything? What else can we do now? We can’t kill her. I can do it. What do you mean? What will you do? I will not let her child come into this world. Look my child, till the day Nain Tara is alive, her child will come to this world and you can’t stop him. I have a solution of this as well. What? I desperately want to have tea. Yes! I also want to have tea. I also want to but I’m not feeling well. You get tired by working whole day. You have rest, let me go and make tea. O aunt, why would you make tea? You have two daughter in-laws. This doesn’t look good. Sister, Zari works whole day infront of you. She has taken care of whole house. O my child, I know that you are also not well but if you don’t mind, can you make tea? There is nothing mind in it, aunt. I’ll make tea. Thank you so much Nain Tara. Do you know your mind will divert if you will help in house chores. I know sister that you look after the house alone and get tired. You are also not well. I also care about you alot. This is why I have never asked you to do anything. Go my child and make tea for everyone. Yes mother! Leave it Nain Tara. I want to have tea made by Zari. Zari will make tea for us all. Right? Zari works whole day. She gets tired. She and Nain Tara both have same health condition. You are right aunt. She must get tired. Go Nain Tara and make tea for everyone. Yes! I told you to leave it Nain Tara. Lets do one thing. I will make tea for everyone. A delicious one. But brother Farhan, how would you make tea? Like this! You all have a conversation, I will quickly make tea. How can you make tea? This is what women do, why would you make tea . It seems that we are not talking about tea but prime minister of some country. You are unable to decide that who will make tea. It is decided that I will make tea. And I will make a delicious tea You all will remember. Mother, how would he know where is sugar and tea. Go and help him. Go! Hey. what are you doing? I’m going to make tea. What is the need of you to make it? It is not your job. I will make tea. You go! What happened? Why are you looking like this? That is what I’m thinking. What has happened to you? What are you talking about? What kind of things are you doing? What have I done? Shall I tell you? This is what you did. Is tea ready? Is everything alright? What happened? Mother, something bad has happened. I think Farhan knows it. This is why I was asking you to be careful. Now all your plan is ruined. What will happen now, mother? Nothing! Go talk to him. But what will I say? Tell him anything. But right now go and handle situation. Go! Go! My child, start looking after this house also. You will get sick if you stay in your room for whole day. Yes mother! I’m trying. No one can feel more pain than a mother of burying her young child. Now look at me. I have hidden my pain inside me and got myself busy in this world. There is a long journey infront of you that too alone. You have to be strong. Here is the tea with cinnamon in it. Have you made it? No sister, Zari made it. She isn’t feeling well so Farhan took her to the room God have mercy. What happened? Let me go and check. No sister! She’ll be fine when she will take rest. Farhan is there with her. What happened to her? Why is she crying? She has to cry for her whole life now. So true. It is very difficult to be a widow. Yes! It is very difficult to be a widow. As if some has imprisoned you for life. I have also suffered. I can’t believe you can do it. What have I done? Really? Don’t you know what you have done? What are you saying? Why are you getting angry? I heard you and aunt. I don’t know what did you hear and what have you presumed. You deliberately kept the lid of stove open. Right? What? I? Why would I do it Farhan? How can you say that? Please! Stop the drama and answer me properly. This isn’t a question Farhan. You are blaming me. So you are saying that you didn’t conspire against Nain Tara? What? I? I would conspire against Nain Tara? Farhan why would I do it? Talk slowly. You don’t have to scream. Why wouldn’t I? You think I’m a mean person. Okay I’m sorry. I probably have misunderstood. Now stop crying like this otherwise you will fall sick. How can you think like this? Why would I do something like that? I consider Nain Tara as my sister. Why would I do this? You have degraded me. If you haven’t done anything like this then how was the lid open? I don’t know. When I went to the kitchen I also came to know by the smell of gas. Farhan, why would I do this? Okay I’m sorry! I misunderstood. Please forgive me. You blamed me and made me cry so much. I will not forgive like that. Then tell me, what would I do that you forgive me? Promise me that neither you will think like this nor do it. I promise. I will not doubt you again. Everyone asks me to be patient and strong but nobody tells me how to do it. Even mother is stressed because of me now. I don’t know either it’s me or I being a widow. I don’t have anyone of my own with whom I can cry. I am here. What do you mean? I mean that if you have any work of any kind, you can ask me. I don’t have anything for you. I’m saying it for your own benefit. There is no one in this house who will ask you, this is why. Are you understanding me? What are you doing? What was Kashi saying? Nothing! Nain Tara? Look my child, don’t take me wrong but your husband just died so don’t talk to strangers. Are you understanding? Yes! Why is Kashi here? What do you mean? He is my brother. It is his aunt’s home. He can come anytime. You know that I don’t like Kashi’s actions. What has he done? What actions? I don’t even like the way he looks. Tell him that if he wants to come to this house then stay at guest room or lounge. What has he done Farhan? Why are you applying curfew on him? Zari you might be forgetting that Nain Tara lives here who can’t meet strangers. I don’t like him going and meeting Nain Tara. It would be better if you make yourself understand it rather than explaining me. You are also a stranger to her like Kashi is. Why do you repeat it again and again? Whats the reason? There is no reason. You are being over sensitive for her for no reason. Also, Kashi is not some gangster that she should be afraid of. You are forgetting this Zari that it is not only me but Armaan also never liked Kashi roaming around the house. It should be Nain Tara who must know it. There are guests coming everyday to show condolence for Armaan’s death. She should stay in her room. Okay fine! Go and check mother if she has taken medicine. I have to do some office work. Hmm! I’m going. I wanted to go for a walk. Mother leave my ear. It will get swelled. I want to slap my son so hard. What have I done? What rubbish were you talking to Nain Tara? I was showing her sympathy and asked her for her health. Why are you getting angry? Don’t you need to show sympathies to her otherwise I will not leave you. Stay away from her. Whats wrong in talking to her? There is nothing wrong in talking but the way you start treating girls is wrong. What happened? Is everything alright? What did Farhan say? Everything is fine. Don’t you worry. I have handled him. When did this Kashi come here? He was complaining about Kashi. But he paid regards to him and said nothing else. Why was he complaining? He saw him talking to Nain Tara. He didn’t like it. I just said hello to her. She was sitting in my way. Whats wrong in it? Tell him whats wrong in it. Nain Tara is having difficult time. We can not help her in any way. If something wrong will happen, how will we face sister? Okay mother! I got it. Can we go now? Yes! Lets go! I will come tomorrow. Take care of yourself. Lets go! Lets do one thing mother, lets stay here. Why are we coming again and again? You have considered me as an idle person. Okay! Lets go! Take care. I don’t feel comfortable the way sister Zari talks and looks at me. And that Kashi, how weirdly he was staring at me. This has never happened before. I might be over reacting. This is normal. Come in! Aunt have you offered prayer? Yes! I just offered prayer. Has your mother left? Yes! How’s your health condition now? My health condition? What happened to it? Nusrat was telling that you got fainted while making tea in the evening. O that? Yes I did. Then why are you roaming here and there? Go and have rest in your room. Aunt I got tired while lying. I thought to go on a walk with you. O my child, after Armaan left, it seems that I have become crippled. I’m unable to stand properly. How would I walk with you. O aunt, you have started crying again. I understand your pain. You have lost your son. Who would be more in pain than you. I’m worried about Nain Tara. What will happen to her and her child? Don’t you worry about her. She keeps herself busy. Even today, she was chatting with Kashi in lawn. You take care of yourself. What? What was she doing with Kashi? O aunt, she is a human. She also wants to sit among people and talk. And Kashi is not any stranger. He is my brother. I’m just worried about you. You should stay fine. I’m unable to breath properly after Armaan and look at Nain Tara. Leave it aunt otherwise you blood pressure will shoot up. I will talk to Nain Tara to be careful. As you wish aunt. Just be careful as she can get upset. She has become very sensitive these days. It is good to be sensitive but she should also care for others. I will talk to her. What happened Nain Tara? God have mercy. What kind of sound is this? Some glass is broken. Let me go and check. Nain Tara, is has hurt your hand. No you leave it! Are you having pain? Show me your hand, please. What have you done? No, you leave it! You go. I’m fine. Can’t you see? It’s bleeding. What have you done Nain Tara? What is happening here? Nothing mother. Look at Nain Tara. She has hurt herself. Her hand is bleeding. I’m just checking that. It would be better Nain Tara to control your senses. For how long you will keep hurting yourself? Yes! You go to my room. I’ll talk to you. What has happened to you mother? Her hand is heavily bleeding. Atleast let me put bandage. Everything will happen. You go to your room. Aunt is right Nain Tara. Be careful. You keep roaming here and there for whole day. This is what I have explained her many times but she doesn’t understand. Mother I am careful. Enough! Stop giving explanations. You seem as if you have done a crime. Nain Tara go to my room and you bring first aid kit. Come Come here! Sit What is happening Tara? I didn’t understand. Why do you forget that your husband has just died. Have I done any mistake mother? Be careful because if people will talk bad about you, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. Sorry I came into the room without knocking the door. Have I disturbed mother and daughter in law? No! I’m trying to teach her about the world. I hope she understands. Show me. The wound is not very deep. I will apply antiseptic. I will heal till the morning. Mother! What happened? Antiseptic cause a little pain. You have to tolerate. Come on apply. Mother I’m having more pain after this medicine. I don’t want it. Okay don’t get it done by me. Get it done by aunt. It’s rainy season. What if you will have infection? Zari is right. I will apply it. Leave it mother. I will apply bandage. Why are you acting like kids? Be patient! Mother! Are you fine? Brother Farhan, don’t talk to me. I’m a widow. Nain Tara? Aunt, did you see how rudely she behaved with you. See I told you, don’t talk to her about anything. She doesn’t like it. No I think this medicine is expired. Show me. No. Three years are still left. She was just over reacting. I don’t know why she is angry at us. Where is the cap? It should have been me who had to leave. Why did you leave me so soon my son? Whenever I think about you, I don’t understand what to do. My heart breaks. Aunt! Aunt, you are crying again? I have no control over my heart. What shall I do? Okay have breakfast. You are getting weak. I don’t like to eat anything. Whenever I think that my Armaan is buried under this land, my heart breaks. I can’t eat. What is the problem. Everyone has stopped laughing and talking after Armaan died. One should sympathize this old lady all the time and cry with her. Mother, please don’t cry. I was missing Armaan. We can not forget him but we can pray for his forgiveness. Why only aunt. I have read the whole Quran for Armaan. I also ask Nain Tara to read Quran as she is free at home. I got a call from Armaan’s office. They called Nain Tara to receive his gratuity. But how can Nain Tara go? Mother, according to you people Nain Tara can not leave the house for another 7 or 8 months. Office will not wait till then. If they can not then that’s fine. We don’t want that money. Our daughters and daughter in laws can not roam around in offices like this. There is nothing like this. Nain Tara and her child have complete right on Armaan’s money. She should get it. It is just about few hours. Farhan, aunt is right. Nain Tara can not leave the house right now. No Zari, Farhan is right. Nain Tara has a complete right on everything that belongs to Armaan. You both can take her with you. Yes! I don;t know what has Nain Tara given her. She still cares about her. Get ready Nain Tara. Why? Do we have to go somewhere? We have to go to Armaan’s office. Why do we have to go there? It is about Armaan’s gratuity. You are his widow so you will get it. This is why it is important for you to go for official procedure. But sister, I can not go. I know. It is important for you to go. Cover yourself properly and do not talk much to anyone. Hald book is left. Shall I finish it? Read it later. We are getting late. Where are your things and your shawl? There it is. Don’t you have any other shawl? No! Isn’t it fine? Its fine. Cover yourself and say hello to aunt. Have you told her? Yes aunt but .. But what? She has covered herself with a printed shawl. I told her to get any other but she said its fine. Call her Please talk to her politely otherwise she might think I complained about her. She will get angry at me. Call her. Are you ready? Come! Aunt is calling you. Why are you wearing a shawl that is of dark shade. Don’t you have a shawl in a lighter shade? Aunt, I only have this shawl with a lighter shade. Tak out white shawl from my cupboard and give it to her. Yes this one. Bring it. Cover yourself. Aren’t you wearing any jewellery? No! A widow should stay simple. Now its fine. Go! Yes I talked to him about it. Yes sure. I will talk to you later. What is this? Nain Tara. What happened to her getup? What do you mean? Sh is a widow. I have told you many times not to call her this. Didn’t you find a better shawl than this? It’s too hot and look at her. Farhan, this how things happen. You don’t know. I know. I’m worried about Nain Tara. Lets go! Sister! Sister! I have brought a bad news. O God! Will you speak up or give me a heart attack? Sister, I came here running. Younger sister called. Is everything fine? Is younger sister fine? No! There is nothing right. What happened? Brother Aslam has passed away. O God! My younger sister. She has no kids yet. What happened to him? He slept at night but didn’t wake up in the morning. Its his funeral at 9 at night. Get ready to go now. Yes be quick. And where are all these people? I can’t see them? Where have they gone? They took Nain Tara with them. O sister, Nain Tara can’t go as her husband just died. Why did they take her out? She will come. Why are you being worried? Let me bring my shawl. Be quick! O my younger sister. Sister, what would she be doing? I used to laugh like this with Armaan. Hey your shawl. Take it properly. Let me help you. Look at this. I am binding you with the chain of my love. You are very clever. Why? You are killing two birds with one stone. My gift and your chain of love is one item. This isn’t right. Thank you. I’m never proud of myself. This is cleverness. How did you find it? Beautiful. Isn’t it? Yes! Thank-you Armaan’s office is here. Take Nain Tara with you. I’ll be back in 5 minutes.


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