Hassad Episode 7 | 1st July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Now are you satisfied mother? If this was your own daughter instead of Nain Taara, would you have done the same justice with her? I’ve lost my young son Mother, he was her husband too Just imagine how much Armaan’s spirit would be hurt by all this I did what I thought was right And what about all the wrong that has happened with Nain Taara during all this? No body is giving any consideration to that So what’s the big issue? It’s not like as if she has exploded a bomb or something. Sister only asked her for a justification that’s all Oh why have you people started arguing? Farhan please go and get that medicine which doctor has prescribed for mother Oh Zari, go and make some soup for sister. We have to give her medicine as well What are you thinking sister? Nusrat, I’m wondering if Nain Taara was telling a lie she would never pick up the Quran Leave it sister, people even swear on the Quran to save their necks Listen, everything will be fine sister, please don’t cry, already you are so sick Hello Greetings, this is Saad speaking Yes, Saad who? I had even called you in the morning regarding Mr. Armaan’s gratuity checque, from his office That’s fine but, offices are closed at this time. You could have informed me tomorrow Actually I was just about to leave from office. It can to my mind so I thought I should remind you to please collect your checque tomorrow Well, I won’t be able to come tomorrow. If you don’t mind, could you drop the checque at my place? I should drop the checque at your home? Yes, actually I am a newly widowed woman so I can not leave the house, I hope you understand? Yes I understand, okay I will arrange to do it Thank you Farhan, why are you standing here so quietly, has something happened? No it’s nothing like that. Has mother gone to sleep? Yes, I gave her soup and medicine. After that she went to sleep You don’t like talking to me? Because you were giving such a big lecture about how to treat others, but you don’t remember the rights of your wife? I personally feel that I am fulfilling all of your rights You don’t even listen to what I’m saying properly. forget about giving my rights I have a slightly different opinion about this You’re right, very different Look Zari, my mind is already occupied, I am not in the mood to solve any mystery right now What’s bothering you? Nothing. By the way, the coffee is really nice, thanks At least you liked something about me You’re impossible What are you doing over here? Actually, I was having a severe headache so I thought I would have this then take a tablet Alright, pick up your tea and go to your room. I have to make breakfast for Farhan So you can make breakfast, I have already made my tea How do you manage to do all this? I don’t understand? We’re all puzzled trying to understand you If you’re talking about yesterday, I’ve already given my testimony after swearing on the Quran You know that only liars try to justify themselves Why would any one lie while holding the Quran Everything is possible in this world. You see something happening while in reality it’s something else What do you think it is sister? You won’t like it if I told you what I think, so just forget it, have your tea and leave. Have a nice day And listen, try not to come in front of Farhan. Stay in your room when he is at home Why? Because I can not trust you anymore regarding my husband. Now go from here Aunty, there’s some here to meet who I don’t recognize Someone must have come to pay condolence for your late uncle. Or it could be someone from the neighborhood inquiring about my health It’s not any one from the neighborhood, it’s someone else It must be some relative dear Aunty it’s someone for Nain Taara for Nain Taara? Who? I don’t know, you come and have a look yourself Who has come for Nain Taara? Greetings Greetings, so mister, what have you come for? Who do you want to meet? I’m here to meet Mrs. Armaan You should say that you’re here to meet Nain Taara Yes exactly Regarding what matter do you want to meet Taara? Actually I used to work with Mr. Armaan, I’m the Finance Manager at his office. I talked to Mrs. Armaan last night, she requested that I should visit her, that’s why I’ve come here Nain Taara called you here? Yes Nain Taara? Yes mother? Why have you called him here? I haven’t called him here What are you saying? We had talked last night on the phone, you called me here No mother, I haven’t called him here Get out of here What? I’m telling you to get out of here right away I have not come here on my own, I was requested to come. You should ask her I’m telling you to get out from here What is she going to say? She’s pretending to be dumb because we caught her red handed today What? You keep this which was entrusted to me and I’m leaving And listen, come back here after six months with four witnesses and I will give her to you after signing the marriage contract What are you talking about? Atleast try to understand what I’m telling you when her four month grieving period is over we will contact you ourselves, now please leave Now go from here Aunty, you will get sick, others have no consideration. This was the limit of shamelessness First Kaashi, and now this person. Who else will my name me attached with? Oh God What’s my fault? What kind of test is this? Please relieve me from this test, oh God Aunty are you feeling okay? Should we call the doctor? Not at all, I don’t feel anything anymore. I have become immune after bearing all the sorrow Aunty why are you getting so worried? If Nain Taara is in such a hurry to get married then let her do it? It’s not about her marriage, it’s about the devastation of all the happiness of my house I have already lost my son. The only hope left is a grandson, who she will take away with her How could she take him away just like that? Legally, if a woman has a second marriage then the child’s custody goes to the family of her first husband I will get the child but I will not get peace by taking away a child from its mother Aunty, you’re still thinking in favor of Nain Taara, who did not even give any regard to her being a widow This is the fact that is continuously hurting me. Oh what was short in my Armaan’s love for her? I always thought her intentions are not right Turn off the lights, I want to get some sleep Alright aunty, get some rest. I will prepare your meal. Stop worrying Oh God, I don’t know what should I do You know what, you should start preparing for your wedding. Because after your delivery, aunty won’t let you stay here for very long Sister please don’t say that, I didn’t do anything, please explain that to aunty. Where will I go from this house? I don’t want to go First try to convince yourself then think about explaining it to someone else Sister you should believe me, I don’t know that person, I don’t even remember his face anymore So is he telling lies? Didn’t you call him here? No, I didn’t call him, he must have had some sort of misunderstanding, trust me Sure, everyone in this house is crazy, first we had a misunderstanding about you and Kaashi, and now this person Hey, madam, now what lies are you telling my daughter? Mother, there’s a new story here every day Now what happened? What ever it is, it’s nothing Oh God please help me, I’m very worried What’s happened to her? She didn’t cry this much even when her husband passed away Leave it mother, it’s just a drama that she’s doing How’s Kaashi? Did you talk to him or not? What would happen to him? He’s enjoying spending with my ATM card well yes, since he took such a big risk. If anyone found out it would have ruined everything Mother, please don’t ruin my mood, just forget this topic now, don’t even mention it by mistake You’re explaining to me as if you’re the mother, not me Mother, why are you getting upset, I’m just saying that casually Farhan, you’re back home so early? I wasn’t feeling well this is why I came home early. Go to your room and have some rest. Yes! What kind of voices are coming from Nain Tara’s room? Yes I can hear too. Did you check what happened to her? No! This is what I hoped Where are you going? To check her. I can check her. I have seen how much you care for her. Zari go behind him and see what they are doing? What happened? Why are you crying? Nain Tara, are you scared of me? Please go from here. First tell me what happened to you? I don’t want to answer you. For God’s sake, go from here. Has anyone said you something? Listen to me, I will not leave until you tell me what the matter is. Let me ask her. You shameless woman, with how many men are you having an affair? Zari! You can see sister that Farhan is being rude with Zari for no reason. Was it me or Zari who was rude with Nain Tara? Why did she slap her? Look aunt, I have served this man day and night and he has hurt me so bad. It’s surprising that instead of accepting your mistake you are blaming me. It is not a blame. Its true. You slapped me because of that woman. How dear she is to you. It is about principals Zari. Whenever you will do anything wrong, I will stop you. and will beat me? Look sister, how badly my daughter is being treated at your house. I can see everything. Then why do you speak up? I will not stay here any more. I can’t be more humiliated. Have you gone mad? These are all men who have gone mad after that woman. Shut up Zari, This is too much. Look after your house yourself. I will not stay here any more. What nonsense are you talking? Mother I will go mad because of all the drama going here. You will not go anywhere. No aunt, I can not tolerate any more. I will not stay here any more. I told you that you will not go anywhere. It would be Nain Tara who will leave this house. What are you saying mother? This would be better for our house. But mother where would she go? I’m not sending her out of the house. She will stay here at annex of this house for few months. Annex? It is closed since many years. How would she stay there? Enough Farhan, I can’t see my house shattering. It would be better for Nain Tara to stay away from everyone for some days. You have no idea mother how badly are you treating the wife of your dead son. I’m badly treating? If I was badly treating her, I would have kicked her out of this house the way I have kicked her out of my heart. But mother, please think once again. Enough! I have said it. Now go from here. Go! Nain Tara, how would it work? You have to speak up for your right. Why are you being tensed? Because whatever is happening with Nain Tara is not right. Farhan, is she doing right with us? Haven’t you observed her actions? I feel ashamed to even think about it. You? What are you doing here? Aunt asked you to stay in annex. I want to talk to brother Farhan. What do you want to say now? Nain Tara, tell me what do you have to say? She can not talk to you. Why not? Does she need permission to talk to me now? She has to stay away all men including. And you? Why are you here? Zari! I am like her brother. Let her talk to me atleast. Tell me Nain Tara, what is it? I want to talk about it in mother’s room infront of everyone. We have talked about everything. What is left now? Nain Tara come with me. I don’t know what will she say. Say what you want to say. We have other work to do. We can not keep a court open for you for whole night. Yes! Speak up quickly. Sister has already fallen sick. She is restless. I want to clarify something. Aunt has already given her decision. What will you clarify now? Nain Tara, you don’t have to be scared of anyone. Speak up whatever you want to say. I don’t know the reason of whatever is happening here. All I know is that I’m not at any fault. So you are trying to say that were are putting a blame on you? I want to say it infront of everyone that I have no relation with Kashi or any other man. So you are trying to say that whatever I and Farhan saw the other day was a lie? Yes, it was a lie. It was Kashi who was being forceful to me. Hey! My son became homeless because of you and you are blaming him in his absence. This is not a blame. Its the truth. And what proof do you have? You brother will tell you the truth because I’m certain that he can not lie on my face. Your this wish will also be fulfilled. Zari, call Kashi and ask him to come immediately from wherever he is. Once you have talked to him, inform me. Now you all can leave. But who asked you to go there like a hero. I have made this mistake. I’m stuck because of this small mistake. It happens in these kind of things. But it shouldn’t happen. They misunderstood and blamed her for no reason. Look, what was due to happen has happened. Now you don’t worry. I wish I can help her a little. I will be relieved. O brother, help yourself first. What kind of get up is it? correct yourself. Enough brother, If I shared something with you it doesn’t mean you start teaching me. We will do something. Don’t take tension. Have juice. I’m being worried here and you are talking about juice. Don’t take tension. Calm down. Haven’t you seen mother how clever Nain Tara is. She acted like an innocent infront of Farhan and mother, and trapped them. O God! How clever she is. I don’t know what magic spell has she done on sister. Sister listens to whatever she says. Mother what will we do now? Aunt has ordered to call Kashi. We have to call him otherwise we will be proven wrong. But mother what if Kashi makes a mistake and ruin everything? It was he who did everything, why would he ruin it? You know how stupid he is. Everything will mess up if he will say anything wrong. Okay don’t you worry. Call him. I will talk to him. God will help us now. I’m telling you not to worry. God will help you. Call him, I will talk to him. Let me bring my phone. Sister, Kashi called. He is coming tomorrow. I am unable to face you since that day. It will be better if he comes so that we can know what the truth is. By the way sister, my Kashi is innocent. Did I say something to you? You didn’t but I know it, I’m embarrassed. You know it very well that I haven’t raised my children badly. God will make things right. Sister, you should do something of your daughter in law. I’m afraid what if she takes a wrong step tomorrow. No widow has done anything like this before in our family. Look Nusrat, I don’t want to talk about anything regarding this. I’m having a severe headache. I want to rest. Okay fine. You go to sleep. I’m also going to sleep. Good night. Good night. Do you want something? I’m here to make breakfast. I’m surprised that you feel hungry even in this condition. What happened? Did you mind what I say? You can say what you want to say, sister. What do you mean? Are we torturing you? I didn’t say that Oh yes, you never say anything. You keep everything to yourself. You’re so deep My life is like an open book Not at all, these days people have so many multiple personalities that you can never see their real face By the way, Kaashi will come today, you should stay prepared What happened? I’ve told you about Kaashi, not the devil. Why do you look so worried? I’m not worried Anyways, your husband is not with us anymore so you should please try to reduce your daily household needs. Kashi you? This early? But you called me here. I traveled the whole night to come here. Greetings brother Farhan! This is why I don’t come here. Didn’t you see how rudely he acted? Leave him. You don’t take tension. Tell me are you ready to give your statement? Sister you haven’t seen me acting otherwise you wouldn’t have asked such question. Don’t try to be a hero here. You ruin things while showing off. Sister don’t you worry. I wouldn’t make any mistake. Just keep my cheque ready. How greedy you are, Kashi. I’m your sister. You will do business with me? Aw! My dear sister, I beg to state that business is business. Such things happen in making deals. Don’t speak too much and try to control your tongue. Use it while giving your statement. Don’t take tension. I’ll handle things. By the way, where is that innocent woman? Shut up! What do you have to do with her? I just randomly asked. Where is mother? She is having breakfast in the guest room. You go there straight. I go check Farhan. Okay! Give this to me and make something fresh for brother Farhan. Why did you leave your tea there? Because your brother came there and I can’t tolerate him. You can tolerate Nain Tara’s actions. I’m not talking about Nain Tara right now but your brother. Yes! Aunt called him to know the truth about that Nain Tara. Otherwise he doesn’t like to come over here and get humiliated. Look Zari, I don’t want to argue right now. Even I don’t want to fight with you. But you always support others. It really hurts me. Because you always misunderstand things. Anyways leave it. Have these egg sandwiches. They are very tasty. Weren’t you allergic to eggs? No! Why would I be allergic? They are my favorite. Aren’t you pregnant? You must have forgotten. It slipped out of my mind.


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