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Please give it to me These are some vitamins which you need to give her regularly. And Nain Tara, you should not eat any other medicine Alright When should we come for the next appointment? Although everything is normal you can still bring her for a monthly check-up Thank you Sara Welcome Thank you Right, yes I completely understand We can get these medicines from downstairs Nain Tara? Take it easy Nain Tara. Stupid people Slow and steady, come Hello mother What time do we have to go? Okay I’m coming. Good bye Farhan, mother needs to go to the bank, can you drop me home? What happened? Same signature issue? Yes It’s close from here isn’t it? Even if it wasn’t I’d still take you there Do you know what Nain Tara? Mother has to go to the bank all the time because she doesn’t keep cards. She says who is going to remember the password Look, we’re here You should come as well Nain Tara. That way you can meet mother and we can have a cup of tea as well No I’m already getting late for office, I should go Okay, good bye What time should I pick you in the evening? Kashi can drop me back Good bye Nain Tara please come and sit in front. Otherwise I feel like I’m a driver Let’s go I’m doubtful that Zari can change so easily Farhan, sometimes it only takes a moment to change a person. I think after all that has happened there is some softness for me in Zari’s heart I know Zari very well. She can not change herself Otherwise there have been many times is her life when she could have changed. But she didn’t change Because to change it’s important to realize your mistake. Zari never realizes her own mistake That’s why I want you to be extra cautious SHe can do anything at any time Look Zari, give half a spoon or one spoon of this in a cup of tea or milk. Not more then that otherwise you will get in trouble Did you bring what I asked for? Yes sister that’s what I went for What’s this? acid What? Have you gone mad? give it to me I will not give it to you mother Look Zari, your grudge is against that baby isn’t it? That medicine is enough to take care of it. Don’t put yourself in trouble, give this to me I will not give it to you mother It will turn in to a police case. What do you want? I want revenge I want to take revenge for all the cruelty she has done with me. I want to see her cry in pain, I will find peace in that I want revenge. I will not give this to you I will take this with me You idiot, why did you have to bring this for her? Zari? It’s not my fault. I got it because she asked me to Zari, what happened dear? Are you feeling okay? Why are you sitting over here like this? I was having a headache aunty. I thought it might get better if I sit in the room for awhile Okay then I will make you feel better right away. Rani? Yes I’m coming Bring the mustard oil from my room Look aunty how she’s staring at me Why are you still standing here? Go and bring what I asked for Yes I’m going Where is mother? She’s in Zari sister’s room. Madam is going to massage her head I don’t know what she’s going to do. This girl is always getting in to trouble. I will tell Kashi to keep an eye on her Or we could get in to serious trouble Kashi? I’m coming mother, wait Go and get the bottle of acid back from Zari Oh now what’s the problem. I got it for her after so much difficulty and now you want me to take it back? Why don’t you two sit together and make one plan Don’t talk nonsense. Just do as I say Everything I say always seems nonsense to you. Don’t ever be happy with me okay? I should give you a gold medal for this achievement Have you seen how stubborn you are? Oh mother forgive me. Even if I give my life for you people you wouldn’t be satisfied You’re jinxed. You ruin everything you put your hands on Go and get it from her. Otherwise I will shred your skin, shameless person Oh God, I hope Zari does not do anything. This girl has got me so worried. I don’t know what I should do Look, your hair is so dry. It will be better when I will apply oil on them. Zari? Oh wow, you’re pampering your daughter in law today? She’s not just my daughter in law but also my niece, isn’t it? Farhan? What’s this? Give this back Wait a second What happened? What’s this? Farhan this is…. What is it? Get out of my house right now What happened? Leave my house right now Look at this, she wants to kill our son No You’re still not satisfied after ruining your own life that you want to kill that innocent child? Get lost from here. Mother tell her to leave this house immediately otherwise I am going to do something to her What are you doing Arsalan? Little madam? What happened Rani? Sister Zari did something again What do you mean she did something? I don’t know but madam and brother are both very angry You stay with Arsalan, I’ll go check I told you the leave my house immediately You, how do you always win from me Zari let her go Mother, tell her to leave this house immediately otherwise I am going to do something I’m going to leave but only after taking my revenge Nain Tara? I burnt her face You’re not a human, you’re worse than an animal Now she won’t survive. Now she’s going to die You’re getting pleasure from all this? Farhan my face is burning, mother? SHe’s going to die now. She will not survive I’m going to kill you Let’s take her to the doctor I burnt her face. She won’t survive now Oh Zari what are you saying? Mother, I threw acid on her. She was screaming so much. Her screams are still echoing in my head Oh Zari, is she still alive. What happened to her? Mother my face is burning Zari why aren’t you saying anything? Farhan my face is burning a lot, mother? Zari are you listening to me or not? I don’t know mother. She was half dead. Farhan said if anything happens to her he will kill me Look Zari, I’m coming Yes mother, if I die then you’ll have to take me back Oh shut up. Look Zari, don’t open the door till I get there, are you listening to me? Yes mother Oh I’m coming Zari, what have you done Is Farhan going to kill me? Kashi said that he had brought back the acid bottle. Then how did she throw it? Kashi? Yes mother? What happened? Why are you staring at me like this? What have I done now? Did you bring back the acid bottle from Zari? Yes mother I did, I swear Shameless person, you’re telling a lie. She has thrown acid on Nain Tara What? So soon? Your laziness is going to ruin her Mother it is not my laziness but your clever tricks that are going to ruin her Oh God what should I do? Sister and Farhan are going to humiliate us. I don’t know what they’re going to do with us Mother you’re still concerned about yourself. Just think what’s going to become of sister You come with me right away, We should get there before Farhan does so that he can’t do anything You go and start the motercycle, I’ll go get my things Whose call was it? It was Nusrat. Look’s like they have found out about what happened No need to tell them anything at this point. Especially nothing about Nain Tara I’m telling you clearly. I will not tolerate Zari or aunty anywhere near Nain Tara after this Don’t expect any compromise from me after what she has done today No son, I feel ashamed even mentioning Zari’s name in front of you. I tried to explain to her so many times But she ruins everything in her emotions. She doesn’t even think about how much pain it’s causing to the other person Don’t worry, Nain Tara will be fine I hope so Mother, I’ve made a decision What decision? Farhan, listen to me I’m coming Mother, please sit, I’m just going to listen to what he has to say No son, if he has called you alone it must be something to worry about God have mercy God forbid mother. Please keep hope and wait here. I’m coming right back My heart is worrying a lot son. I feel as if something bad is about to happen Nothing will happen if God is willing. I’m just going to listen to what he’s saying and coming back Go son, God have mercy Oh God Zari? Open the door Mother please save me Why did you have to do all this? Didn’t I explain to you? Why didn’t you listen to me? Mother at least look at her poor condition Sister is not even picking up her phone. This is all your fault you rascal Hit him harder mother. beat him Zari, why are you smiling? What has happened to you? So what else should I do? I suggest you people not to worry. They will come straight back over here Aunty must not be picking up the phone since the treatment must be going on Just you people stay here with me because if they people come here mother they will kill me Oh Zari please don’t say this. I’m feeling horrified by all this Mother she doesn’t look fine to me Zari, I even explained to you not to do anything of this sort You’re the one who got the acid for her you idiot What happened? Hey Farhan What is it Bilal? Please just say it, your silence is worrying me even more, please Thanks to God her face was not affected that much. But the affect of acid is severe on her hands I’ve contacted the best cosmetic surgeon for Nain Tara’s treatment If God is willing she will be. But Farhan But Farhan. Her blood pressure went up because of all this Okay then bring it back to normal through medicines. Everything should be fine then isn’t it? Bilal? Look Farhan I don’t want to lie to you But the amount of stress Nain Tara is in, the chances of her baby’s survival are very low You should be mentally prepared for this news Farhan? Farhan, how is Nain Tara? What did Bilal say? Is Nain Tara fine? Farhan why don’t you speak? What happened please say something Farhan Nain Tara is fine Thank God Her life is out of danger mother Oh thank God But my child What happened to him? He will not be able to survive mother Zari killed him She was successful in her scheme Be strong son I failed to protect my child mother Be strong son Are you with the patient? Sir is asking something. What is your relation with the patient? I’m her husband and she is her mother in law Oh so this is a family matter. Which one of you threw acid on her? What are you saying? You’re having some misunderstanding You keep quiet. We will find out who is the actual culprit. Let the victim gain consciousness first You will come to your senses once you spend some time in the lock up The patient is still unconscious Your introduction please? Dr Bilal. Patient will not gain consciousness till morning due to a heavy dose Alright, we will leave. Let us know when the victom is conscious Right Be strong son What happened? Leave my house right now Look at this, she wants to kill our child You’re still not satisfied after ruining your own life that you want to take the innocent child’s life as well? Nain Tara? If anything happens to Nain Tara I’m going to kill you I couldn’t protect you like a good husband should And neither could I protect my son like a good father should Mother I’m telling you, police is definitely going to come at the hospital And that cursed woman will give Zari’s name to the police right away Why are you so quiet? Say something What should I say mother? I’m observing you since last night, you’re acting strange Zari, what has happened to you? Mother, don’t worry about me and start worrying about yourself. If I go to jail, then you’ll have to come with me In fact he will go with me as well. He’s the one who got the acid Zari, what’s wrong with you? She’s going to get us in trouble. I say we should go home Shut up idiot. I’m seeing this day because of you Okay listen my dear. Tell me. What’s going on in your head? Nothing Mother just listen to me and let’s go home Oh leave everything. Let’s have tea. I’ll go make tea and then we’ll chit chat Zari? Mother it seems to me she has gone mad You shut up All this has happened because of you. I’m afraid of going to jail So, has the patient gained consciousness or not? Sir, isn’t this unconsciousness going on for too long? So doctor, what’s the situation inside? Has the patient gained consciousness? The patient is conscious now, but she wants to meet her husband This is not your house mister. This is the hospital. It’s important for us to get the statement of the patient inside We do not have all day like you that we’ll keep coming back to get the statement You’re absolutely right Sharif Let’s go inside and get the victim’s statement so we find out who the real culprit is, let’s go Yes sir How is she? better What a cruel society this is Tell me the name of whoever is behind this Without any threat or pressure Yes, Sir is absolutely right. You do not need to be afraid of anyone. The law is with you My husband Did you listen Sir? The husband must have thrown the acid, I told you he would be the culprit It’s not that, you’re having a misunderstanding. Can you please call my husband? You can meet him later. First please record your statement. Listen Yes Sir You keep your mouth shut and let her speak. So tell us the name of who did this Please tell us That’s fine. Thank you. We shall leave now. Let’s go Sharif


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