Hassad | Last Episode | Part 2 | 2nd Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Nain Tara? Mother, my face is burning Mother look at Nain Tara, how she is suffering. I’m enjoying it so much There is no one here dear No mother, she’s over there, look. Tell her to leave from here or else I would hurt her very bad And Farhan is only mine. She can not take him away from me. I will hurt her really bad. Did you see how she was suffering? She will continue to suffer like this I will enjoy it so much I have finalized the date for the surgery. Don’t worry What is the name of this child? Arsalan Sir, she was telling lies only because of him Her in-laws have her child. How could she dare tell us the truth You’re right. We can’t do anything about it since we don’t have any evidence against them Sharif, we have no more work over here, let’s go Alright then, we are leaving. Let’s go Sharif Thank God Please forgive me Farhan I couldn’t give you your happiness No Nain Tara. Have you gone mad? After all this you’re still worried about my happiness? I promise you. I will make Zari pay for each and every tear that has shed from your eyes No Farhan, you will not do anything of this sort That’s enough Nain Tara I will not listen to you one bit in this matter. I have already listened to you enough You are in this condition because of her. It is because of her that we lost our child And you still care about her. Already you have done a big favor on her by saving her from the police I will not allow you to do anything more then this and neither does she deserve it I’m so sorry Mother, look Farhan is looking so handsome Why isn’t sister picking up the phone I’m talking to you about something and you’re talking about something else I’m talking to you about Farhan Sister pick up the phone Who are you calling? Oh I’m asking about Nain Tara Mother, she must be dead by now. No need to call You should pray that she survives. Otherwise Farhan will take care of both me and you. And he will send you straight to jail Jail? Mother I dont want to go to jail, I’m frightened from jail You come with me Where? Mother let’s go to your house. Farhan won’t come over there, let’s go Shut up. You say one more word and I will leave you right here No mother please don’t leave me alone. I don’t want to go to jail, it frightens me. I won’t go to jail, I’ll go with you. You won’t leave me Alright mother? We won’t go to jail. We’ll live together. We will go together wherever we go Won’t you come inside son? Nain Tara is alone over there. You should get some rest Mother, brother Farhan and aunty are here Beg and plead for forgiveness as much as you can, this might be our last chance Where is Zari? Leave her, She is not in her senses. You go and talk You’re right, but sister is not willing to even talk to me Why are you making assumption. Go and talk to her. She will take out her anger but then she’ll be fine. Please go and talk And tell Zari to leave, I do not want to see her in this house She has left me speechless. I have no words to say in favor of her God is witness that I sincerely wanted her to settle down and raise a family. I did not want her to be ruined You have no fault in this mother. And neither is it about what you wished for Zari is responsible for whatever has happened. Not me or you So you don’t need to feel guilty about anything I know you are upset because of me sister I would be upset if you were one of my own. But I would never expect one of my own to do what your daughter did You’re right, she’s also very ashamed sister What? Ashamed? People who have a heart and feelings for others can feel ashamed. But Zari neither has a heart nor does she have feelings Even if I assume for a moment that she is ashamed then what’s the point of it now? She has already done what she wanted to Mother why are you talking to her? Why don’t you just tell her our decision? What decision son? Mother will tell you Sister she made a mistake. Please explain Farhan. Please forgive her. You’re the elder one sister Save me mother, they will kill me Did I scare you? I’ve been deceived by you too many times. Not anymore You’re the murderer of my child Nain Taara? Is she dead? I killer her Stay away from me No Farhan, I will not stay away from you. I’m scared I know this is just one of your tricks. You want to fool everyone with your insanity. But you will have to leave right now. Get out I don’t want to go Get lost from here I don’t want to go Aunty, take her from here before I say something to you as well What are you saying son? Aunty take her away before I say something to you as well I don’t want to go Sister, look, she is acting so strange She is pretending mother I don’t want to go For God’s sake sister, look at her condition, she is acting so strange. Sister please have her checked my a doctor We have no concern, you can get her checked wherever you want, just take her away from here Please don’t say that. Sister, please have my daughter checked by some doctor Aunty I don’t want to listen to another word. Just take her away from here What are you doing? Farhan, it seems she has actually lost her senses Mother she is only pretending. She’ll be back to normal in a couple of days. No need to worry about them Mother, when Farhan comes to pick me up then we will go for dinner. Farhan told me. Mother? Is Farhan about to come? He will come Then I’ll just wait for him over here You come with me, he will come Mothet Farhan is about to come. My Farhan He will come, you come inside. Is Farhan inside? Farhan? What happened mother? Where did you bump your head? I was feeding Zari. She bumped my head. It’s becoming very hard to control her Kashi. I don’t care about myself. I just hope she stays fine Mother, I think we should listen to what the doctor said No Kashi, my Zari is not insane. She’s just a little emotional Ever since Farhan has left her, it has affected her emotions a lot. She will be fine if Farhan starts talking to her again Mother, why would he? Brother Farhan came to drop the medicines but he didn’t even bother to meet sister I don’t think this matter will ever be settled Don’t say that Kashi, it hurts my heart Oh mother why do you worry so much. There is a treatment for every disease. The doctors are giving her medicines We’ll pray for her. She’ll be fine Kashi, Zari will be fine won’t she? Yes mother Okay, I’ll go check if she woke up. She was sleeping Shut up Nain Taara. Shut up Mother, please make her shut up. My head is going to explode. She is here Mother she’s here. Make her shut up Kashi I’m sorry I’m five minutes late You know she has fits if she misses her dose Kashi, Nain Tara is in my room. Go and make her leave I’ll get her to leave. You please give her the injection What is Nain Tara doing in my room mother? She’s gone now sister Please call Farhan Yes I have called Farhan Farhan is only mine Kashi, don’t worry. Sister came and gave this money. Keep it Has Nain Tara returned home? Her bandages have been removed but it will take time for it to heal We have been punished for what we did to the poor girl She kept enduring everything silently. My God is watching from above to give justice Nain Tara’s patience has made our sins even heavier then they were. We will be at loss for the rest of our lives Sister has forgiven us. Nain Tara has forgiven Zari from her heart. But our Zari is still not fine Mother I think it is to late to make amends now Only God can forgive us now Oh God, the most gracious and most merciful, please forgive our sins and mistakes Oh God, I can not bear watching my daughter in pain. Please cure her. Oh God please forgive us Now you can see one side of her face is clear now. Just a little bit is left which will be clear in a few days and you can take her home Thank you doctor No problem, you are most welcome. Keep this file. Okay lady, take care. Good bye Thank you Don’t worry, If God’s willing then Nain Tara will be fine very soon I should go now You will come home very soon The fire of revenge and hatred brought you to this extent Zari You wanted to give her pain. You wanted to hear her cries. Now look, you’re the one in pain Your cries prick my heart Someone has rightly said that jealousy is a poison which a person drinks himself but wishes for someone else to die No treatment or medicine is curing her sister. She will not be fine again sister. This is the punishment for our own actions Now she will not be fine till our punishment does not end Zari is not in a condition that I could leave her alone, otherwise I would have come to see Nain Tara and meet her Yes sister Alright, good bye Sometime the sorrow is so much that a person gets completely destroyed by it What are the doctors saying? They say that her condition is beyond their control. They have handed them a long list of medicines. But it won’t make any difference. I know it Mother don’t say that. Hope for the best from God When God teaches some one a lesson, this is what happens My heart cries whenever I see her Be strong mother, if God’s willing everything will be fine It’s Nusrat who is strong enough to be taking care as if she were a child This was what she would have wanted for herself. That Zari took care of her mother Did you drop the medicines to Nusrat? Yes I did. Also gave some money That’s good. May God give her strength to bear this burden Nain Tara has returned home Kashi, why are you so quiet? What’s left to say mother? I cant stand sister’s condition Are you thinking of admitting her to a mental hospital? Look Kashi, I won’t let that happen in my life Mother what’s wrong with you. Why would I do that? She’s my sister Sister supported me whenever I was facing a tough time. How can I leave her at her time of need Thank God that He didn’t test us any further. If you had abandoned us after looking at your sister’s condition, what could I have done about it? What would she do? That would never happen mother. You and sister are my responsibility Whatever has happened with us is all our own fault. It’s because of our own greed What we did was wrong. What we did with Nain Tara was very wrong Oh God forgive our sins. I pray that my daughter gets fine again. Oh God forgive us


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