HAUNTED Ghost Town | CREEPIEST Church EVER! | Old Tailem Town, South Australia

is very unnerving in there at night what
the Frick is that right behind you Jarrad what I’ve actually seen a figure in here paranormal music box is growing on flat
sir just one with that’s the doorway where there’s been
bigger scene right hi Cryptkeeper’s thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt
tonight to kick off my October long special leading up to a very incredible
investigation for Halloween I’m gonna take you guys around a very old very
creepy ghost town here in Australia to investigate the paranormal claims before
we get into things I do just want to thank my friends over at Adelaide’s
Haunted Horizons for getting me access to this place I actually have it all to
myself to investigate tonight if you guys are interested in this place I want
to check it out for yourself I’m linking their website below so you can buy
tickets to come here and investigate or do a ghost tour and really experience
Old Tailem Town for yourself but I think I’ve talked enough let’s get into it
Old Tailem Town is Australia’s largest pioneer village dating back to 1982 it
was built to represent the lives of South Australia’s early settlers
starting from the mid-1800s many of the buildings contained on the property are
original you have been transported from different locations majority of these
structures are over 100 years old and have their own dark histories or stories
to tell they include an old church school theatre homes and stores adding
to this each of these buildings have been filled with antiques and
collectibles all of which could potentially hold their own energies or
attachments multiple deaths that are known to have occurred on the property
only seem to add to what already could be described as a perfect storm for
potential paranormal activity tonight we shall investigate many of the most
haunted areas of old talen town we will attempt to communicate with dark
spirits that many people have claimed to sight here and feel the presence of guys we’ve got a church we’ve got a
school here these are all old original buildings although they weren’t
originally on this land they’ve been transported here and over rebuilt or
transported intact there’s so much history here and there’s so much to
explore like I’m living for this place guys one thing that I’m heaps excited
about is this it’s an old little cinema and a lot of
you might not even know this but I actually worked in cinema for a long
long time so actually how I met Jared we both used to work in cinema but I know
there’s like a person yeah Jesus so this is like a rigid age cinema it actually
has an old film projector we can’t get in there to have a look at it but we
were excited too because we’ve both been projectionists in the past ourselves
both traditional film and it’s digital I’m just like the new way of things but
this is so cute as I’m about to take you into one of the
supposedly haunted hotspots here now this one’s actually called a hotel
but I was just told that supposedly it was somebody’s house and there’s
supposed to be a bit of activity in here I think down this end mostly yeah this is like full-on bed drinkin
you know see like not only is this place historic for the original building look
at all the stuff in here it really has that old kind of musty smell but almost
as if someone’s still here I don’t even know if that makes sense all right guys so I’m just stepping into
the Emporium here in Old Salem town this place is seriously unsettling like just
look around and I don’t think I need to explain why this is unsettling for me
but this is also supposedly more active locations so go into that oh my god this
is just like jigsaw oh man yeah this is gonna be cool and you
actually cannot tell if these are mannequins or just people standing down
there so I don’t know what this is gonna be like in the dead of night and just
lastly before we move on what the Frick is that any guesses leave it in the
comments please in this next clip Jared explores the Emporium solo to
collect some footage please note that he was completely alone in this room which
also has no air movement guys weird what the hell hello these mannequins are creeping me out matter B okay so this is the church and
I love this building I just think it looks absolutely
magnificent and so so creepy apparently a lot of different things have happened
in the church so I’m really interested to get in there tonight another cool
thing though is we have all these tombstones and they’re not actually
representing grapes that are here they were moved from a different Cemetery you
know was being the land was being reclaimed so if these tombstones were
saved and brought here they’re all from 1813 it’s pretty cool school is in session this is how school
pose is to be done alright guys I am joined here by Alison
from Adelaide haunted horizons and you guys going to be seeing a lot of Alison
am I trying to October like she’s helping me of swiv some really awesome
locations this month and we’re starting out at old tail in town do you want to
just give everyone a run for the history at his place and what it is but it’s not
a real town to start with which is why the first question we always get asked
why would it be haunted it’s a recreated village but it’s been recreated by real
buildings authentic buildings because the owner didn’t want to build this
village to look new or old shall I say he wanted it to be authentic so he’d go
out and buy some old buildings dating back to 1890 some of them so I think the
oldest one here is 1885 the genuine buildings they’re real buildings and the
question is if you’ve got a ghost in the house and you move that house to the
ghost just and they go wait at my home girl or does the ghost come with the
walls so we think that’s what’s happened here it’s also got a lot of history to
the land as well I know of about seven deaths on this land and there was
probably many more in the old days and just having a general walk free just now
we noticed there are a lot of antiques and all the pieces of memorabilia do you
think any of them might have so what actually it’s interesting you should ask
that because as a paranormal team we got called out to for cases where somebody
been down to an antique shop bought something old woman was an old wedding
ring brought it home and then suddenly they had weird things happening and it
didn’t stop happening until she got rid of the wedding ring so yeah the question
is can energy cling to objects that it was attached to in life this place the
buildings came with shells but these buildings are absolutely chock-a-block
full of antiques and we don’t know the history behind these antics because they
get dropped at the gate he buys them at auction they get donated so we don’t
know what are the most interesting places to you from our haunting
perspective here definitely the church the Woolsey Church that’s what brought
us here even before we came paranormal team the walls the church had
hit the media in fact Hamish Nandi the DJ yes yes when they did their caravan
of courage across South Australia they also knew about the church and went to
the church to look for the ghost bit so it was well known long before we cannot
however there is about 115 maybe 117 there buildings
so when we came up as a paranormal team obviously we looked at a lot more it
isn’t just the church we have the Emporium we have the hotel the theatre
it seems whatever it is can be anywhere in the village what is your favorite do
you have a specific place that you like yeah that’s really scary so I love it
yeah exactly that’s a good way of putting it is not what’s my favorite
it’s the one I hate the most and because and I love it because I hate
it so much and that would be the Emporium
I would rather go into the church and unpack on my own and clear it up at the
end of the night then going to the Emporium on my own
yeah oh it actually does quite it does it is very unnerving in there at night I
totally agree I’ve had mannequins thrown across the room when I’ve been in there
on my own you don’t oh my god I want to know what that feels like but how can
people come and experience a paranormal investigation or a ghost tour yeah yeah
just get in touch with that side through Facebook or through our website they can
either do it to our ghost stuff or they can do a for our ghost tour and then an
investigation and you even get to see 20 minutes of footage if you do the
investigation of all the creepy things we’ve had to happen in the church that
you won’t see online so that’s a bonus definitely do it I’m gonna leave all of
your social media and website down below so if you guys want to come and
experience this place at night like all the go see things then definitely go
check them out thanks fellas looks like you know that’s good that’s good
oh by the way we totally chose to go into
right here this beautiful bride he’s directly out of a horror movie I am
currently standing inside of the old church here in the Salem town and then
this place is creepy inside Allison’s here bus is there what kind of stuff
happens in here like what goes on in this church and this is one of our most
active buildings in the whole place we’ve heard everything from people being
touched it’s I’ve actually seen a small figure
in here I was giving a tour one night and I watch that come through that door
two of us saw it we all heard it went into the back corner there I’m not
concerned at all because I thought it was yeah like calling out to him going
let’s just do isn’t it no ants I got the torch no believe it I’m very excited so
yeah we get figures in here we’ve had the bigger of a small child people
saying that they’ve seen a small child just standing in the doorway there and
we had a very strange experience of the church where this lady took on the
persona of a small child which we didn’t know about and it led us to a story of a
child ground on the property in 1990 and it
happened to be that date but you know that he died that she looked really
strange yeah so if it be my own reach out in
here and see what happens alright guys so we’re just setting up a
couple of theses alright so paranormal music box is going
on flat so if there’s someone that when you step away for a moment music box the thing that you can hear
going off has a motion sensor on the front of it and for that to be playing
that tune something needs to be there in front of it if there’s someone here do
you want to set that thing off again I think it sounds really good never know
it just yeah it’s really odd which that’s two things going off now in this
area that’s the doorway where you said you’ve
been figure seen right yeah that’s where the Charles know anything okay can you
make can you make that go off again if you are a child it’s that you here
to have two bits of equipment from two different triggers now you don’t have to
hear if you want to just play with it you can sorry we’ve kind of taken notice
of in there is it because I said the word which was
odd I’m so happy that music box went off so that’s really really cool music box
and the rem-pod wrote a lot more interesting to me and even that same
location because the music box is looking into the room when the rem-pod
it is it says someone in the back room if there is don’t be shy to come on out
sorry those noises of me the nd would come and play yeah they’re the child that we found
that died here yeah in 1990 which I didn’t know until this woman in the
church had her experience which made us look in the old newspapers
yeah and what we found is in 1918 a young boy in ditch he actually drowned
out in the swamp the back of the village here that was in 1980 he was five years
and nine months old so only a young child so again there’s a lot of death
with the property and I’m not just linked to the building so because well
it’s not a village the existence of why would it be haunted but there’s a lot of
history with the property as well and deaths so we’ve got a couple of cat
bulls I don’t even know where the capital is on the altar ah they should
sensor that’s clever and then we’ve got a k2 down the aisle here so if something
comes from pretty much any direction we got it comfort us so Allison said that they’ve seen that a
dark figure come in from the back before so it will be interesting maybe it will
come in when our attentions all up to this side or something so there is our
little flashing balls are pretty much also motion sensors so they need to be
physically moved to light up all right so now we’re just gonna reach out and
just see if anything continues happening so the small child that you know is
supposed to hang around here is called Ian say and if you are here pray what should I pray for can you tell
me did you make that word come up just now we can drive your life stuff pray about
stuff Kingdom that’s pretty good your memory is better than mine stuff forgive
us our sins and those that trespass against us amen I probably said that
already badly but I pride is that Alright
let me show yourself now did that pass the test to be a lot of times it’s
upright if you’re not yet you have full permission to come into this church you’re outside
so I’m just going to test that this ghost music box is working there it goes
it still working Walter details remember just came
through the Ovilus it seems a little bit random but we also just lowered the
paranormal music box from the top of the piano down to the floor because maybe
we’re talking with a child and it’s no easier for them to reach or more likely
though for posture or something so we’ll see if that can maybe go off again
can you walk out from behind the altar and come towards me like I say Allison
has just left the church walked out so it’s just Jared and I am here when we
started out with him to be getting lots of activity and she thought maybe it
would be interesting to kind of remove herself and see if anything stirs up
when it’s just us in here it’s just the first time I’ve ever been here to
investigate old-time town so I mean maybe like some someone new in here will
be interesting to them I haven’t seen anything go off down in so I’m just
gonna kind of focus on where our equipment has gone off and it all seems
to be in this area what I really would love I would be
super super compelling for me if that paranormal music box went off at the
same time as the REM pod which is like in front of it you would be like wow
this really really something there so and it’s just us now I’m always
looking for new friends my name is Amy and I have my other friend jarred here if you want to talk or play or
communicate with us all you need to do is go and grab the little wire on top of
that red light in the doorway a press is creepy that’s so creepy that is really
really scaring me it’s poor so it’s like super cold but
it’s I don’t know I just feel like I’m getting shivers for my legs or something
I’m probably just called but this room is creepy I think it’ll be creepier if
something up the back of the church goes off because that’s where the more
sinister being kind of dwells whereas up here you know it’s supposedly just a
child which is kind of sad but don’t be shy we’re not here to hurt you I did
freak out before cuz I thought there was someone sitting in Belize called de PUE
these seats mhm it was just our tripod set up play say
it’s very creepy I’m kinda like freaking out yeah I don’t know it’s just weird in
here nothing really has been happening since the first you know a few moments
that we were investigating in here but yeah this place is just weird it was
like I just don’t spend a lot of time in churches Ian it’s a me again he come out
of the back room into the church why do you like that back room are you
hiding back there you don’t have to hide from us there is a freeway that goes past so
there’s like a drunk we don’t completely lights out if
there’s someone in here can you make a noise for us can you tap on something
like this just one of the ways is over you like
here that if that was you can you make that noise
again but tap twice now if you don’t feel like tapping can
you touch one of those balls walk in front of that music box or touch the
rem-pod I know you know what it is are you on the altar oh one of the cat balls
on the altars going off can you make another noise or touch another ball
there’s three different balls they’re older was it just a one capital that went off if there is why behind me come up here
with us don’t me to approach the altar it kind of went off when you weren’t
facing it priest so I heard a couple of noises behind me like it could have just
been creaks like this is an old wooden booing I haven’t seen anything down there
although so I think that we should just ignore that and focus up here I also
think if we try to do can you touch another one of the balls again I think
that is the most fun thing because when you touch them they light up and they
flash different colors so you just moved the rem-pod we’ve made paranormal music
box I am gonna start a goes to obsession and just like walk around and see if
anything strange happens now I really really really want to know if there’s
someone don’t want you to walk close to me and try and grab my hand and and and
I’m holding a device right now if you can come and try and grab it out of my
hand that would be really cool and you don’t have to baby only me that was very likely me that’s that that
all just passed in front of the power of the music box now I’m gonna go you
through this doorway I haven’t actually been back here yet this is where young
boy ian has been seen what is that oh that’s creepy yeah yeah thing as Jesus
is it in a Christmas display oh that might make sense so so cool this place
sighs everything it has a baby doll in the back of its church books and stuff
too Amy back here is this your favorite room do you hide
back here or do you like it do you like that toy on the floor if you do is very
touch that toy all REM pods gone off no I’m pretty I’m at least three meters
from it you know someone on the altar can come close to that thing that was
bust go right up to it and touch that little pole had a spike wasn’t looking at it to be
quite honest I just looked down when it was very green and then it was kind of
like my hand was here and I don’t know am I really getting anything someone
just come near me I had a knock back it was those noises coming from this for
you so is the rem-pod we’ve just been playing around with it
because it kind of keeps going off but I suspected it might be the floor and it
is like whenever you kind of come around yeah 1/4 C when you moved it you
probably just dislodged the battery a little bit and just the connections a
little bit yeah I think when I went off in a doorway though that was interesting that was you know yeah that would be
more interesting to me all right guys I just moved what we’re doing into the
back room of the church and that’s because this is the area where in Ian
our child hangs around the most maybe because he’s a bit timid and scared kind
of hiding away from people so what I’d come to him I am gonna try and do a
spirit box session and see maybe we can get a child’s voice free which would be
phenomenal it would be so cool we’ll see if he wants to talk hi and I’ve already
introduced myself to you I’m Amy but I really really would love to talk to you
and your voice can you come close to me and
use this device on my hands maybe you can say something to me maybe say hello
or if you can say in then I would really know that you’re here and that would be
so so cool did you say hi I don’t know I didn’t
hear that one howdy in all right so we didn’t really seem to be
getting much through there I thought I heard a voice say hi but it could have
just been a clipping of say radio station I’ve got you know cut off so we
might leave this but thank you Ian if you are in here appreciate it
certainly the creepiest and I’ve had mannequins thrown across the room it
really really sound like footsteps he doesn’t weird one you don’t like
women do you they saw it go faster with that cells up boosted okay or something
yeah now crying can anyone else hear voices oh they were like right there
feel like I keep seeing like an old bear you’re making go read thank you guys so
much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this episode if you did make
sure that you’re subscribed because I have a part two video coming up a very
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