Haunted Operating Room – The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London

hey guys thanks for tuning into Tales From Amy’s Crypt. Today I’m going to be telling you about a creepy little museum
that I found in London and it’s ghost stories. In London tucked away in the Attic of an
early 18th century Church which was once part of st. Thomas’s Hospital lies the
oldest Operating Theatre in Europe. It is connected to the hospital’s old herb
garret which used to dry and store medicines for the hospital. The garret actually predates the theatre which was built in 1822 long before antiseptics and
anesthetics were used. When that area was made into an Operating Room was an
extension to the current women’s ward. It was a very well lit room where
operations could be displayed to up 200 students at a time. Patients were predominantly very poor and female, and mortality rates were high.
They would be willing to undergo this painful, deadly surgery without
anesthetic and in front of a large audience simply just to get medical treatment.
when St. Thomas Hospital moved location in 1862, the Herb Garrett and the Old
Operating Theatre were blocked off. The Attic remained empty, closed off and
collecting dust until 1956 when a man named Raymond Russell was researching
the history of the old St. Thomas Hospital. He actually got a ladder, scaled
it into the attic and discovered what was then the only surviving Operating
Theatre in Europe. The Old Operating Theatre today functions as a super
interesting Museum. Yet, given it’s gruesome past of high death rates and being closed off for so long it’s really easy to think that this place
could have a few Ghost Stories. During my visit to the Museum I had to ask whether
any staff or visitors have experienced any Paranormal Occurrences there and I
was surprised with some of the responses that I got. Apparently, an
older woman shrouded in black clothing has been sighted inside the Operating
Theatre. She was very upset, weeping and wailing, and some believe that she is
either mourning the loss of a loved one who died in that area, or that she could
have been one of the patients who didn’t survive their surgery. There is also the
apparition of another ghostly woman who’s been seen inside the Attic of the
building and she is known as the Woman in White. She glides around wearing
just a white dress. I was also told another Ghost Story which is pretty
extreme activity… So, a staff member came in to set up the Museum for the day and
while she was opening she heard a great noise come from the Herb Garret. She
obviously went in to investigate and she found every single cabinet door and
drawer open. She has no idea what caused it because she was completely alone in
the Museum and some of these drawers are hard to open. So, having such a fright she fled the Museum and refused to return until the
second staff member came on for their shift. They went back in together and lo
and behold this second staff member was able to confirm that all of the drawers
and cabinet doors had been opened by some unknown force. This was actually my second visit to the Old Operating Theatre in London which I love and I cannot recommend it highly
enough. All the Ghost Stories aside, it has a very cool and gruesome history
that’s presented extremely well by the museum. You should go check it out – I would love to know your thoughts on this
creepy little Museum. So, if you have any please share them in the comments below. If you did enjoy this video please remember to like and subscribe so I can
keep making more. If you want more information on this place or any other
haunted locations that I visited head to AmysCrypt.com and until next time,
stay spooky.


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