Haunting of New Mills Art Theatre | Part 1 | Ghost Dimension | S01 E03 | Free Documentary

– Did you hear that? – Like a growl?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Back there. – You’re all right?
– What happened? – Don’t know but we need to
get you out of this room. – [Paul] Yeah,
let’s get you out. – It looked like
a big stocky man and he was walking towards us. – Emma, did you see anything on? – [Narrator] Ghost Dimension. (suspenseful music) – Tonight we investigate
New Mills Art theatre, which first opened
it’s doors in 1911. (eerie instrumental music) Many acts have passed
through these doors and it appears some
refused to leave. This theatre has seen and
survived two World Wars during its time and still
stands proud to this very day. (reel ticking) Shadows have been seen and cold
spots detected in this area. Perhaps it’s an old
projectionist still
entertaining patrons from a forgotten era. (crowd cheering) On the stage, phantom
footsteps can be heard and the sounds of singing
have also been reported. Is this a performer taking
one last bow for eternity? A figure of a person has been
seen sitting in the seats, staring down at the stage. Hello and welcome. This is Ghost Dimension. (man laughing) So, Paul, when was
this place built? – It was built in 1911. It was built by a local
builder from Chapel, on the si-per bioscope. It opened in 1904 originally. – Have you had any experiences
in this auditorium? – A long while ago, I was
working in the auditorium, doing the lighting for a
show and I heard a creaking, that was a random creaking
and then it carried on. I turned around and
looked into the auditorium to see the seats
going up and down. I asked a few
people about things and subsequently found out that that’s how the caretaker
of the day used to clean the seating. – That was at the
back of the top there? – At the top in the circle, yeah and the story goes that there
was a show in about 1960. He finished cleaning the circle, went home and unfortunately
passed away in the night, so we think it’s his ghost
that comes back and haunts. – How frequent is
the activity in here? – Very infrequent. – Is it very infrequent?
– Yeah. It’s always at its most high,
when there’s been a show. – Oh right, okay. – There’s been a show
today, hasn’t there? – There has been a show today. We’ve had 160 kids in here
today, doing the stage school. – Wow, so it should
be a good night. – Well hopefully,
yeah, no, let’s see. – That should have
brought the energy up and hopefully, we’ll be able
to pick some of the spirits up. – Exactly. The dressing room is
said to have a heavy and oppressive feel to it, almost as if somebody’s angry
with us all being in here. So, this is one of the
most active dressing rooms. Paul, what happened in here? – We had some members of the
public in here not so long ago. They were just about
getting ready to leave, going out through the door. They had a sudden
feeling and the guy, the last to leave the room,
actually got knocked over by something that
he can’t explain. – He was pushed right over?
– Yeah. – And he had to be
taken out to safety? – He did, yeah. – How many dressing rooms
are actually in this area? – There’s two dressing
rooms upstairs, which refer to
the back bedrooms, just from an age
things from the society and there’s three principle
dressing rooms downstairs, so there’s five in total. – Have you ever had anybody
reporting any uneasy feelings or activity in any of the
other dressing rooms in here? – There is people that will
not come into the theatre because they feel uneasy
about being on their own and hearing stories
and feeling things but nothing that we can
put a pin in, really. – Wow. – It’s said to be quite active
but in the day, in the light, it’s quite nice, isn’t it? It’s got a nice feel. – It’s got a lovely feeling. – However, when the
lights go off, that’s– – It takes on a whole new
sphere when the lights go. Especially when
you’ve had a show and some of the
lights can be creaking and people hear things and they will become
very uneasy very quickly and they like to
leave the building. – Over the years, who’s
used these dressing rooms? Any famous names that have come? – Society uses the dressing
rooms a lot for shows but we have had back in the
days, some of the names, we’ve had Maxwell’s been here. Maxwell’s wife, who
I can’t just think what her name is at the moment. Wyn Davies, famous
concert pianist. Ken Dodd, he’s
been several times and we’ve just recently
had Lucy Spraggan as well, of X Factor, she
played to a full house. Thought it was excellent
but unfortunately, we’d had no happenings
for any of those people, I don’t think. – You’ve had many people
come through the doors throughout the years, so
there could be still people that reside here,
that may have passed, guests and acts, that
come back to haunt. – Yeah, absolutely. – The theatre has lots of
paranormal tales and stories. The stage area appeared to
host a lot of this activity, so we will start here. (whistling) Please tell me that was
one of yous whistling. – [Jane] That was like a door. – Did you hear a whistle? That was a man who’s…
(whistling) – Just over there. Should we have a quick look? – The curtain’s moving.
– Which one? – That’s me walk. This curtain’s moving at
the top, top at the back. – So, we started our
investigation here in the main theatre auditorium. – We weren’t even ready to film. – We’re having
activity straight away. – What’s was that?
– What’s happened now? Did you hear that?
– I heard that. – [Rebecca] Did you hear that? That was up there. – Should we get the Ovilus up, see what we can get?
– Yeah. Already, this is going off. This is a GFO and we’ve– – That picks up on vibrations. – Look.
– Oh wow. Something up there then. – Are you up there? Business. Was this a process of
business in your day? – Was it your business? – Did you hear that? That’s a movement behind. – [Man] I should let you know,
there is a shadow up there. – Is there?
– I see it. – [Man] Yeah. You can come watch the screen, it’s right where you’re
shining the torch. – [Man] Okay. – So, tell us–
– We can vouch. – Did you hear that? – What was it?
– Don’t know. – We can vouch that
nobody’s up there because you can’t
physically get up there. – No. Tell us a bit about you. Tell us something about… Hey, there’s a shadow
up there on the ceiling. – Where? – (gasps) Can you see it? – [Man] A slight shadow, yeah. I don’t know if you’ll
pick it up on the infrared. – No.
– No. – [Man] Does the
infrared wash it out? – Give us something else. Tell us your name. – Communicate to
this device here. Speak to us, give us a word. – It’s dark over there. Somebody’s definitely
here with us. – Let’s go and have a look. Just watch the–
– You’ve got to watch the… (Ovilus speaks) Vase. Yeah. (Ovilus speaks) Eat. What the hell?
– What the hell was that? – What the hell? That was the door. – [Jane] That was one
of the seats popping. – That was the seat?
– Yeah. – That was the seat.
– That was the seat? Are you preparing
to watch a show? Do you think we’re
performing for you? – There’s no one in here. – That was a seat. – It sounds like somebody
sat down, like you said, ready to watch
this investigation. – Hello.
(Ovilus speaks) Paranormal! – Paranormal.
– Paranormal. – Wow!
– Paranormal. We’re paranormal investigators. Do you know that of us? – Can you use your voice
and communicate with us, as well as speak
into this device? – Oh my God. (suspenseful music) – [Narrator] Coming
up on Ghost Dimension. – That was an audible voice. – That was an audible voice. What was that saying? – That came from the corner.
– Yes. The seat, the seat just
went down, I think. (suspenseful music) Bangs and noises
coming from everywhere. It’s impossible to
go in one direction because you go over there, then there’s a bang over
there and you go over there. – Let’s see if we can make
it make a noise over there. Yeah? Can you make a noise if you’re
at the back of the theatre or behind the stage? Make a noise, give us a tap. (Ovilus speaks) – Harvest. – Did you hear that?
– Yeah. – Thank you. Do us another noise. – Mummy.
– Mummy. – This could have been like
a child at the concert. – Must have been a child. – I’ve got no idea. The stage revolves. Now you know when
you do a seance… Oh, that’s a good sign.
– Seance. – Yeah. You know when you
stand in a circle, well we’ve got the
energy of the stage and we can make that spin.
– Revolve, yes. – While we call
out and then stop. – Yeah.
– Maybe we can build up some energy on that stage. – [Rebecca] We decided to
use the stage as a seance but just as we were about
to set up, the spirit awoke, maybe they liked our
idea of communication. – That was an audible voice. – That was an audible voice. What was that saying?
– That came from the corner. – Yes. – Let’s go over to the
corner before we do this. That was like it was
drawing us into this corner because he wanted
us to do the seance. Is that you? Can you do that again for
us and use your voice? – [Rebecca] As we
arrived in the corner we had been drawn to, clear footsteps could be heard. Was this ghostly footsteps of
a spirit coming towards us? – Is that you? Can you do that again for
us and use your voice? – Do you hear that? – Hide.
– Hide. Are you playing hide
and seek with us? – Okay.
– Oh my God, goosebumps. I’ve really got goosebumps. – Are you hiding behind
these flocks, these curtains? – What’s your name? It begins with a B. – Benjamin.
– I was thinking it was a girl. – You think it’s a girl?
– Yeah. – Story.
– Story. Do you want to
tell us your story? I was thinking Betsy.
– D. – Betsy?
– D? – D, B and a D. What could this mean? – Light.
– Light. Did you like my light? – Oh, thank you. – Did you like my pretty light? – Award.
– Award. Did you win awards
here on this stage, for being on the stage? – Foliage.
– Foliage. – There would have been foliage because there’s foliage
back stage behind in the rooms there
but it’s fake. – Yeah. – Okay. Let’s grab Paul and let’s
get this stage spinning. – Okay. Paul, tell us about the stage. Why does it spin? – The stage spins. It was the idea of
the society that time. They were going to do a show which involved a lot
of scene changes, Fiddler on the Roof in 1976. They came across the idea
of building this stage, making it revolve. This stage we think makes
us unique in the UK, as being the only theatre with a fixed permanent
rate revolving stage and it’s variable speed and
goes backwards and forwards. We have great fun
on it sometimes. – It is amazing. It is, really is. – It’s not paranormal
but it’s fun. – We’re doing a seance
on the revolving stage. We have Paul, who’s joined us. We have the Ovilus on. It just said time. – Is that the Rem-Pod
that’s going off? – The Rem-Pod’s going off. I think we should
start the seance. – Yeah.
– Yeah? Right, do we have
to connect hands? – Yeah, let’s connect hands. Let’s do the sounds. – Do you want to call her? I think we should
try and communicate
with our little girl. – Yeah? The girl that was
communicating with us before? – Yeah. – Okay, is any spirits
here with us now? The little girl, can you
come forward and speak to us? Thank you if that’s you setting
of the Rem-Pod over there. Can you speak to
this device we’ve got on the table, which is… – Wow, did you hear that?
– I did. – I heard that girl’s voice. – Can you speak to us
and tell us your name? Maybe use this device. – Taste.
– Taste? Taste? – Did you hear that? – I heard that. Did you hear that as well? – Yeah. I heard about three
different things in three different areas, so
I’m not sure what to look at. – I think the circle is–
– Creating. – Creating the energy, so
we’re connecting on the table. – It’s getting stronger and stronger and stronger.
– And stronger. – Are you there? Can you come closer to us? Did you hear that? – Like a growl.
– Yeah. – Do you see a shadow
over there in the? – Over there in the corner? – Yeah.
– By the Rem-Pod. – Just to the left a bit. – Compete. – Okay. Is there more than
one of you here? Are you trying to
compete for the energy that we’re building
it right now? – Cleansing. – Cleansing. – Cleansing. – Are you not at rest? Do you need help? I heard… Did you hear a voice?
– Yeah. – What did you hear? – It’s like somebody shouted
but it as from out there. – But it was like an eerie
echoing sort of, “Oooh.” It was like a need for
help sort of shout. – Oh, I’m really cold.
– Yeah. – Like I just moved into a–
– All of my arms. – Can you feel it? I don’t know if I’ve just
moved into a cold spot or it’s just gone
really cold here. – Behind you, behind
you, I heard it. – By the Rem-Pod, it
was an audible sound. – I can’t get over it. – You’re doing really well. – This idea has worked. We’re sticking on the circle. – Has anybody got goose bumps? – Yeah.
– Yeah, think so. – Could we try and
stop this spinning? – Reverend.
– Reverend. – Reverend.
– Loud. – Was that a chair, a seat?
– Yeah. – A seat just went
down, I think. – Have you sat in the audience? – Are you enjoying the
show we’re putting on? Is that what you’ve come to see? You’ve come to see
us at the show? There’s a shadow. – Where?
– It just walked that way. – In between the chairs?
– Yeah, yeah. – [Man] We’ve got a camera on
that, so I might have got it. It’s going cold. – It’s going really
cold, so keep it up. This girl is really good. – I saw that there.
– Did you see a shadow? – I saw that at the back wall?
– Yes. – [Man] It’s
flickering a lot now. – Candle flicker. – Are you blowing on the candle? Oh, look at that. – Ooh!
– It’s reacting. – Oh, did you hear that?
– I heard a voice. – Did you hear that? That said, “Mummy.” That said, “Mummy,” over there. – We’re slowing down.
– Supper. – Shall we stop this and
see if the energy’s gone? – I don’t know.
– I think we keep going. We keep going. It’s like a momentum. – We’re getting
somewhere, aren’t we? – We’re getting somewhere. Holiday.
– Holiday. All of the equipment
is going up. – What the hell was that? – That was like a sh. – [Jane] That was just
to the side of me. I’ve just heard it blow in
my face and said, “Shoosh.” – That was behind Paul.
– It said shoosh. – It said shoosh?
– Like, no, no, no. No, I heard growl behind Paul. – You heard a growl?
– Yeah. – Yeah, I heard it
because I thought, “Okay, Paul’s behind me.” – You heard a growl,
I heard a shh. – Growls are not good, are they? – There’s that cold again. Well that’s an interpretation. I mean, we automatically
assume something’s growling, it’s not goo but it could
be something that’s trying to build up some energy, trying to get a voice
to do something. It’s not always right to jump to a conclusion just from that. – It was like something
was beside me. – All right. – All right, so
you’re all right, so you’re not going to harm us. It feels like somebody’s
standing beside me. – It’s freezing here, isn’t it?
– Yeah. It feels like somebody’s there. – Bex?
– What? – There was something moving by the side of me and Paul.
– I know, I know. – The temperature dropped. – Let’s see if we can … – [Jane] Again, somebody put
the camera near me please because somebody’s
telling me to shh. – [Rebecca] Really? – [Paul] Can you use your
energy now to move this table? – That’s three
times I heard shh, right to the side of me. – We’ve heard you. We think we’ve seen you. We think that you’re around us and you’re dropping
the temperature. Can you try and move this table? – [Jane] There is something
at the side of me. There is something
at the side of me. – Guys, I think
we’re surrounded. – Yeah.
– I just keep hearing, shoosh, shh, shh.
– We’ve generated the energy. – I think we have. – When we do things
like visualisations with the energy we see, imagine that it’s going
round in a circular motion. We’re literally
doing that right now. Perhaps we’re
creating that vortex. – That was the idea.
– Yeah, it’s genius. – You know what
could be happening? They could be
performing their show. – Yeah, oh. Oh, oh no. Something just put
it’s hand on me back. – On your back?
– On me back. The temperature just dropped. – Something’s behind you Paul? – Oh God, that’s gone cold. – What does that mean? – Somebody was behind me. They physically put their hand– – Hand on his back.
– On my back. – Were they trying to do
anything or was it just– – I don’t know. – Trying to warn you that
they were there maybe. – Just letting me know
they’re here, I think. I don’t feel threatened. I just wasn’t… – Fiddle.
– Guys, my battery’s gone from 45 minutes to 14 minutes. – No. That’s an instant
drainage on battery, giving them energy to make
themselves more known to us. – [Narrator] Coming up next… – This is the left
and the right side. – Ooh! There was a shadow. Like a shadow person! – No!
– Yes. (suspenseful music) – What the fuck was that? Can you hear that?
– Mm-hmm. – These are noises. – Everywhere. – Programme.
– Programme. – Programme. Did you buy a programme tonight? – Do you know that we’re
making a TV programme. – That’s what I was thinking. – Yeah and the
Rem-Pod’s going mad when we’re saying that as well. – This is amazing. Did you hear that? Yeah.
– Yeah. – I feel like I’m falling. Does anybody feel like
they’re falling off the chair? – I feel dizzy but
I feel sick as well. I don’t think it’s, because
we’re not going fast enough. – No we’re not.
– No, we’re going slow. – I think it’s a
heightened active thing because we’re going round. We’re generating
all of the energy. – Muse.
– Muse. – Muse. I heard that shh.
– I heard that. – I heard that. – [Jane] Well guys I’ve
just saw a black shadow right near the Rem-Pod.
– Seriously? – Really?
– I keep hearing, “Shh, shh.” – I heard it then. – Do you want us to be quiet because you’re performing
your last show? – We’re being too loud for them. – The zoo.
– Can you hear that? Can you hear? That’s the audience. Listen. – If you’re enjoying
the show, can you cheer? – Our spinning
seance had started to increase the paranormal
activity in the building and we felt it was time to
venture deeper into the theatre into the back stage corridor. Oh my God!
– What the fuck. – Oh my God, it was a shadow. Like a shadow person! – No!
– Yes. Walking towards me. Oh, I can’t go in. You go first. You go first.
– Give me the torch. – You go first. That was just, he was walking. It looked like a big stocky man and he was walking towards us. – Emma, did you see anything
on the camera where we are now? – I didn’t pick anything up but I saw Bex, it
looked quite freaky. – Yeah, she saw a shadow person but you didn’t see
anything on the camera? – [Emma] Nothing on the
camera, unfortunately no. – What do we do? Do we stay here? – Let’s go further and
then we’ll grab Paul and get the equipment in. – Okay. Oh God. Oh Jesus Christ. – Shit!
– What? – Whatever is down
here, moved and banged as we were walking down. – I’m going to
put the Ovilus on. Do you hear that?
(Ovilus speaks) – That was from
these dressing rooms. If you want us to go
into a dressing room, make us a noise now. – What the fuck was that? – That was a voice. It went, “Hrrrr.” – Sean asked for the
spirit which I had seen to make a noise and then we caught
something very unexpected. A clear growl as a response. – Make us a noise now. – What the fuck was that? – Make us a noise now. – What the fuck was that? – Was that you? You obviously made us a noise. There’s a dressing
room on the left and dressing room on the right. If you want us to go in the
left, give us a big bang. If you want us to go on
the right, use your voice. – Could that spider be
moving because of… (Ovilus speaks) Because of wind?
– Yeah. Well because we’ve
just come in here. – Okay. – Use your voice if you want me to go into the right with Bex or if you want us to
go into the left, tap. That was a tap.
– That was a tap. – Thank you, we’ll
go into the left. We’ll take all the cameras in. We’ll go and find out what
we’ve got and grab Paul and get some
experiments going up. Go in there. – That’s the left
dressing room, is it? – Yeah, a wardrobe. – Where the fuck are you going? – This one. This is the left
and the right side. – Ooh! Told you. – What is it? Oh…
(Ovilus speaks) It’s wanting to corner
us in this room. – But why?
– Which isn’t a dressing room. I thought this was
a dressing room. – It’s said it wasn’t
harmful on the stage. – Let’s try another one. We’re not going to
fall for that trap. – Multiple. Is there multiple spheres,
I don’t want to go first. – I’ll go first.
– Go up those stairs. That’s the way to the–
– Guys? – Yeah? – Yeah? – The Rem-Pod in the
dressing room’s going off, so you might want to
make your way up there. Looks like something’s
waiting for you. – Jesus Christ, you know
Paul’s in the dressing room? – Upstairs in the dressing
room, where we are now? – No we’re not there.
– Yes, upstairs. – Let’s go upstairs then.
– Oh my God. What?
– There was a tap. – There’s footsteps as well. – You made us come in here. Who are you? – As we’re walking up the
stairs, this said sent. Did you send us up here? Did you trap us? Why are you looking
at me like that? – It just feels weird. It doesn’t have the
same atmosphere it did when we came with the lights on. I know we said it wouldn’t. – I wonder if the
little girl’s in here. There’s a dolly here. You can play with the dolly. (Ovilus speaks)
Chair. Do you want me to sit down? I’ll sit on here next to
the doll and put that there. Do you want me to hold the doll? Is the doll fun? – Can you give us a indication,
a clear audible indication with your voice or with
a noise that you’re here. – This thing’s going mental. – The temperature.
(Ovilus speaks) – Sunrise. Are you here until sunrise? – It would be strange if
they were, wouldn’t it? – Yeah. Can you hear that? Like a, “Wooo.” – A silent, “Wooo,” yeah. Can you use our energy? Come forward and
affect one of us. – What did that say? – Eat.
– Eat. Are you hungry? Is this where you ate? Can you hear that?
– Voices. – Yeah. It sounds like a little girl. – Hello? Is that you that was downstairs? Come and effect the
temperature in this room. We’ve got a device
here which will change if you go towards it. Touch one of us or
effect one of us. (Ovilus speaks) Marker. You’re going to use
one of us as a marker? Was that you? – What was that? – I heard that. That was like
somebody was laughing. Are you laughing at us? Come on. Come in here and laugh louder. Laugh right in our faces. That was a bang. That was outside. Come and effect us now. – My ribs hurt. – Your ribs hurt?
– Yeah. – Maybe somebody’s
pushing your ribs. – My ribs hurt. – Tap. Copy this noise. (Ovilus speaks) Deplete. Is that deplete? Are you trying to use our energy because you’ve got
no energy yourself? You’re depleted. (suspenseful music) Bex? (Ovilus speaks) 15. Maybe this girl’s like 15. (Ovilus speaks) (Ovilus speaks) This is going mad right now
and it’s just said mummy. It just said mummy. Bex? Bex? Bex? Are you a girl? Hello? It’s like somebody has
attached themselves to Bex. It’s like a spirit’s attached
themselves to Bex right now. Are you the girl that
was just communicating through this device? Is that you? She’s not speaking at all. – [Jane] Bex, are you all right? – [Narrator] Coming up… – I understand you
want your mummy. – Where’s my mummy? (yelping) – [Jane] Oh my God. (suspenseful music) I think you should
go and call Paul. – Mummy, mummy? – [Jane] Pass me
the radio please. – Mummy? – Hello Emma, where’s Paul?
– Mummy? – [Emma] Paul is on the stage. – [Jane] I need him
right here, right now. – Mummy.
– Somebody shout him. (Ovilus speaks)
– I’m just going to go and get Paul. Paul, Paul!
– Mummy. – Enough, it said enough.
– Mummy. – [Sean] Have you had enough? – [Jane] Quick, quick, quick. (yelping) – [Jane] Oh my God. – [Rebecca] Someone had
attached themselves to me, which made me feel like a child. When Sean touched me, instantly I felt a
force push him away. – Quick, quick!
– What’s the matter? – Something’s wrong with Bex.
– Something pushed me away from her then. When I went near her,
something pushed me away. It’s like I got a static
charge in my body. – What’s the matter?
– Mummy. – Is this not Bex? What’s your name? – Not going to touch her again. – What’s your name? There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s nothing to be afraid of. What’s the matter? What’s your name. Tell us your name. Can you tell us your name? – Where’s my mummy? – Step back. – Where’s my mummy?
– Leave her alone. – I don’t know but right now
you’re affecting somebody else. – No.
– You are. – No, mummy. – I understand you
want your mummy. – Where’s my mummy? – I don’t know. Can you tell us your name? Can you tell us your name? – Who are you?
– No. Mummy. – I understand you’re afraid but right now what
you’re doing is you’re affecting somebody else and you’re probably scaring her. – No, no, mummy. – We really need you to
give us our friend back. – Leave this body right now! – I don’t know what’s going on. I need to just get out of here. – Are you all right?
– Yeah. – Are you not feeling well? – Something came like it was
coming over me then to… I’m going to get out.
– All right. You sit down. I know that you’re
probably frightened but I really need you
to just leave Bex alone. – Where’s my mummy? – I don’t know sweetheart. We might be able to help you. – Why? What, what… – I know you’re
probably very frightened but right now you’re probably
frightening our friend and you don’t want
to do that, do you? – Where is my mummy? – I don’t know sweetheart
but what I want you to do, reach out to my hand. I really need you
to take my hand. – No, no.
– I may be able to help. – What’s… Who are you?
– Don’t worry about those. Trust me and take my hand. – Why?
– I want to help. Take my hand. I promise I won’t harm you. Take my hand. Trust me. You can keep the dolly. Give me your hand sweetheart. I won’t harm you, I promise. – Shit.
– There you go. Hold my hand. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Okay, it’s safe. It’s safe. Take my hand. There you go. Hear me, push this person away
from you, we need you back. Come forward Bex. Push this little girl out. Push this little girl out. Come forward. Come towards my voice. Come forward. Come on, Bex. You okay? You okay? There we go? All right. You okay there? You’re all right?
– What happened? – Don’t know but we need to
get you out of this room. – Yeah, let’s get you
out somewhere safe. – It’s way too risky for you. You okay?
– Yeah. – There’s some weird
stuff going on in here. – Where’s the Ovilus? – Don’t worry about it. I’ll come and get it later. Let’s get you out of
this area right now. You okay, Sean?
– Yeah. Something overcame Bex there and it’s unexplainable
what it was. Something sort of
pushed me away from her and I felt a static charge. What was that? No idea but then–
– You’ve got a bruise on the side of the
your eye there, Sean. – Possibly but also at the same
time, something overcame me, as if I was somebody else to
say, “Get out of this room.” We’ll go and find out
what’s going on with her and we’ll recharge, then
try and go somewhere else. – [Man] Yeah, I think
we should take a break. (suspenseful music) – We’re in the
other dressing room and it got a little bit
out of control rather, in the other dressing room. All I know was, I was
speaking to the little girl with the doll on my lap
and I felt paralysed from the legs down and
I just felt distant. I felt like I could
hear everybody’s voices but it was distant and then I
didn’t feel in control at all. All of me felt in
the pit of my stomach and there was just some big
presence that took over me and I couldn’t get out. I physically couldn’t
get out of it and then the next
thing you know, I was on the floor with Paul. – Just as you were saying that, someone just touched
my head in here. – Really?
– Yeah, like that. – Wow. I don’t think the
spirits are harmful here. – No, I mean, we just had
a quick chat a second ago. I think you had a
little girl come to you and she probably
identifies with you. It might be that you
remind her of her mum because obviously, she kept
saying she wanted her mommy. These things can happen. It’s very quick and you don’t
really get much warning. It’s just, they see an
opening, they pop in. – [Rebecca] What has happened shocked my entire
team to the core. However New Mills Theatre
had more ground to cover and so I sent Sean and Dave out
to investigate on their own. – I’ve come into the
projectionist room. I’m going to call out and see
if I can gain any activity. I’m going to ask some spirits
to communicate with me. As you can see, there’s big
massive projectors here. A lot of wires on the floor. – Okay, so I’ve come
up to the top theatre, to the double seats that
were discussed earlier. Obviously with the activity
that we got downstairs, it seemed to be
quite attached to me and I’m going to sit
in these double seats. See if I can get any activity. I’ve got the whole
place to myself now. There’s not a single
soul in here with me. I’ll do some calling out. I’m just going to
pop the camera down, so you can see pretty much
everything that I see. Okay, so I’m calling
out to any energies, any spirits in this room. Can you come and make your
presence known for me? – Is anyone here? Please make yourself known. Come forward and
communicate with me. There was like a tap, tap, tap
on this machine at the back. I’m not sure if that was me. That definitely wasn’t me. Hello? Are you here? Come forward. – Come show yourself for me. It’s like a whistling. Can you whistle?
(whistles) Can you knock for me? I’m getting the same
feeling as downstairs. It’s like a cold, the feeling of someone
walking over your grave. – There was a bang and
then a tap just outside. It’s very enclosed in
here, as you can see. I’ll show you what I’ve got. I’ve got the back. I’ve got the lock
off camera there. I’ve got this massive projector and literally another
one right beside me. If anything comes in here,
I haven’t got an easy escape because I’ve also got to get down those
ladders just over there. (laughing) What the hell was that? Hello? Was that you using
your voice then? There was a laugh, like a laugh. I heard that. Definitely, there is noise. There’s weird things
going on here. Weird. (suspenseful music)

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