HEALING MASTER (复合大师) – Episode 1 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

Many a person asks me what is love actually. Having read many fairy tales, you must reckon that with love. Sweethearts will live happily, just like the prince and the princess. However,the reality is always like the evil-minded queen,the stepmother who will slap you cruelly out of blue. Actually,something resembles love most is cordyceps sinensis. For it has lots of different appearances with the season changing. As for love, it is always cut continuously entangled. Hello, everyone, I am Li Duan. With my leadership, our team is running a firm aiming to reconcile people in marriages or courtships. Our mission is to reconcile broken couples, or sweethearts. You are familiar with this sir. He is Mei Yuangui. He is so prestigious that he is well-known even in some metropolises. He is well known as a master helping people break up and divorce, and providing suggestions about marriage and courtship. And he is the founder of a official account named the Breakup Master. I don’t know him. But to be honest, it is he who inspired me to run the application of
the Healing Master. I quite appreciate his originality. But with regard to his ideas, I am afraid I can’t agree. I have been wondering that what happened to the world. Beyond doubt,love is beautiful and fantastic,isn’t it? Someone once asked me, whether I aim to be a Breakup Master? I said no. My pursuit is to annihilate all of the Breakup Master. From that day on, someone began to call me Healing Master. Take it away. Fraud. My head is sick. How can I invest in your apple. Not apple. You can call it a mobile application or an application Li Duan,thank God you came. I don’t care about it. It must be an error of tragedy to march in investment in advance. Originally how can I in a hurry. Be quiet, be quiet. Be seated there. Sit down. I asked you to be seated there. OK. Within twenty four hours, I will divest, and all of you should leave. There will be changed into a cold storage, for pork. Wait a minute. The mobile phone belongs to our company. President Jin. In this era of Internet plus, you must earn yourself. You must earn yourself a chance to talk with capital. Anyway, you can’t be a cook all your life. Do you remember the application selling crayfish I developed for you? It is so useful,isn’t it? What? Our scoring rate of users is as high as 4.9. It raced ahead of the application of the Breakup Master. The scoring rate is so high. But there are only 26 persons involved in scoring. Have you four informed all of your relatives and friends of scoring? From the beginning, you have been invoking the application of the Breakup Master. However,eight months passed, the number of users has not yet reached 500. How can we compete with the application of the Breakup Master. You. What’s up? It is not kind of you to say that. Don’t always talk nonsense about high-technology. I know. Do you really think I am a hillbilly? I am a rich man. Carry all of the things out. Carry out. Tear down the TV. Carry it out. It broke down long before. Support Pang Wei . Support Pang Wei . Carry everything out. No, set the computer down ,it’s mine. That,that is mine,don’t move it. Water, water, draw the water out. Put the fish in a plastic bag and take it away. Get,get,get out of the way. Don’t,don’t,don’t get in the way. Sorry,it is inconvenient for me . Sorry. Stop tearing. I’ll get a moving company tomorrow. Wait a minute. President Jin. Please give me three days. I promise you half a million users. Is the person named Pang Wei famous? What do you say? His follows alone add up to thirty million. He once made a mistake and typed a comma on Weibo. Surprisingly,the likes were reached to 50,000 times. People call him the youngest man An hour ago,I answered a phone from a client. It is strange that ha talked in a secretive tone. And the questions he asked were very interesting. He asked me for many times that if there were other clients here. If not, he would turn up in person. Pay attention, in person. I asked for his name in order to register. He only told me that his surname is Pang. Then I tended to ask some other details. He merely answered,sorry, it is inconvenient for him. And I think the voice and tone of this client are nearly the same as Pang Wei in TV. Sorry,are you free? Brother Wei,would you like to drink something? We’ve got tea,including Raw Pu’er, Ripe Pu’er, and Tieguanyin. We’ve got coffee as well,including Americano , lattes and Cappuccinos. Don’t bother about it. I will drink what President Li drinks. OK. Here you are. Here you are. Take away the rest. Thank you. I don’t quite understand it. What,what does that mean? Our President Li is great in every aspect. With both high EQ and high IQ. But the most obvious feature of him is that he has serious Decidophobia. Decidophobia? Never lay two things of one kind ahead of him and let him choose one. Once he chooses one,he can’t forget another. Letting him make a decision is equal to murdering him. Although his parents named him Li Duan The most obvious feature of his life just likes the saying. He who hesitates is lost. Hesitating leads to clinging vines. So I believe I am ideally qualified for the Healing Master. But you can rest assured, because it’s impossible for the Decidophobia to impact my professionalism. Actually, it’s would be pretty fortunate for one be able to choose. You’ve known the news, haven’t you? In fact, I’ve no idea about that girl. That was our first met that day. It was said that there was a banquet with a brand sponsor I must show up. All that photos you saw were fakes, and there was so many people that day. We were not the only two. I’ been framed. I believe you. What can we do for you? It’s Healing office,isn’t it? Do help my girl and I heal. She’s gone on the day after that gossip flew out. Why the president hasn’t arrives? We have to find Wei’s girl Tina before the media find it out. Zhou Mo, what made you concluded that Wei had a girlfriend, and the girl was Tina. Well,it was said that she’s truly been in love with Wei, though she was just a low level fan of him. She didn’t put it on line to make a hit, when get Tina and Wei’s photos, but came to me first. So I choose to believe in her. The brokerage firm didn’t answer our phone, or delivered any instruction to us till now. There is clearly a big event, so we must make the most of each one’s special skills under this most dire of circumstances. We are bound to be strong back of our Wei, and use the ways of civilized, friendly and high-quality. Let’s fight for the same goal and do your job well. The slogan is “Loving Wei, loving way” Zhou Mo, 23 years old. She actively selected the life style of non-mainstream on graduating. She works willingly, hard and free of charge served as the president of Pang Wei Fans, and at her own expense instead. Hello. OK! I’ve on the way. Before long, I’ll meet her. My life will be tie on a roller coaster by that time. That kind of feeling… You can tell. Hello,Wei. I’m sorry , but not now. Thanks! Wei, Wei! Come on! Find Tina and let her reunite with Pang Wei. It’s the only chance to save our office. Hi, mom. Hmm, I won’t go home the following days. It doesn’t matter, just go and do what should you do. You’ve been married with dad for thirty years till tomorrow. And I’ve promised to treat you a supper before. Are you staying with dad? NO, nope no no. Well then, mom! Gee! My office have accept a great deal and we will jump to a new level. I’ll travel Maldives together with you and dad at the end of the year. We’ll travel freely, on our own. So long, mom, I’ve got something to do. Fine. Boss, here is the book you want. Your parents are so intimate that still willing to travel freely even have been married for so many years. It’s impossible for my parents’ place. That’s why are we occupying on this position. My parents are taking their life to show that be in love is just like eating sugar cane in a opposite way– the more you eat ,the sweeter you taste. I’m sorry. It was my son. Since you’ve been gone up and down together for thirty years, why must you divorce? I’m from Zhejiang while he comes from Beijing. I like rice, but he prefer noodles And I enjoy food that taste sweet, while he always wants to have some salty food. Our living habits are completely different. And we’ve found that we were quite unfit each other on marrying. But we still hold it on for 30 years, just for our son. Our son knows little about it, even if we’ve been arguing for almost life-long. Because we never quarrel under his nose. We’ve made an agreement privately that we won’t get divorce, until our boy be mature and independent enough. For we can’t allowed our child to grow up in a broken family anyhow. And it’s all for good now. Even if we still live together nowadays, he has his own successful career and doesn’t need us anymore. So it’s no good for us to star in this play. Do you know any good way that not only for him and me to divorce normally, but my son can happily accept? Well, we were told that you were terribly skillful, specially in painless birth Oops, painless break. Breakup Master. Here the bargain money is, I won’t accept your pay, because it’s free for feedback today. You will be the last couple of my reception in my whole occupation career. There won’t be a Breakup Master in the world after all end. Ho, the schemes will be sent to you later. I’ve been totally hidden from all what you are seeing now. As a Healing Master, My own parents are close to be broken up, when I’m just about to embrace the most splendid case of all Here comes the president! President, is there a new situation? I’ve met Wei. How is it going? He was in a hurry. And not have much time to talk with me. Still, I’ve got a massage for you that he’s fine, in good condition and loving you. Momo, I’ve got it. This girl named He Zhouyi; is a 29 years old reporter. She is a mistake maker and brainless gossipy female, but has a strong atmosphere on her own. Never mind. Since I’m not familiar with her, just let it be. I need an explanation. What now? There is a jeweler’s shop, which machining jewelers illegally ,am I right? It have been complained for several times, but no one give that a glance, am I right? I’ve been stay up for three straight weeks to find it out to find it out, AM I RIGHT? It was a deal that it should be the top of the front page, but it turn out to be like THIS? Whatever you should put me at ease by giving room for me to release, MAY I ? It just the matter of short, that’s all Good choice of the topic and the attitude is fine! All good but one– the view is something extreme, not all right . especially on the Three Conceptions I told you. Don’t talk about Three Outlooks with me any more! What kind of Three Outlooks is right? Acting young is right? Using a tag to disguise a rotten fruit is right? Unhappy with the appearance, then tidied it up in Korea, finally became a Internat Celerbrity Face is right? It’s me. I know, I know. OK, OK. I will arrange it right now. Well, that’s it. How? Keep pretending. Right? You’re pretending to be busy and interrupting me, right? Gao I won’t leave today until I get the answer. You are it. The great star, Pang Wei. The case of scandal has been reversed. Stop. Who is mad? You or me? My job is doing the research of deep social events. I am not paparazzi. And you, let others whoever you want. Me? No way! Why are you still done nothing? while having been here for a long time Hello, I want the a cup of coffee. I can get none of what I want, wealth or fame OK! Boss, I’m unable to write this kind of article, really Excuse me, I want it. What’s up? Are you the Breakup Guru, Mei Yuangui Sorry, boy, It’s not convenient to sign today. I’m the Healing Master I can’t deny that it’s your contribution for me to create the application of emotional experience

But I may not agree with you. I will beat you at last! All right! Let’s have a gamble. The loser should make one dream of the winner come true, and give up this profession. On what? Observation is the most important thing of emotional experience When you follow me a person passed by you. Well, how many buttons have he ? 14. 15. The last one hides in his handbag How many people in the VIP room? 10 No. 11 One of them has pregnant. How many pine trees on the mountain? 76. I lost. Admit defeat. From now on, I’m not the Breakup Guru any more Are you satisfied with it ? Li Duan Actually, I notice you all the time No matter break-up or reconciliation, we are help others to solve the emotional problems, is there any difference between them? Among all of the team which imitate mine; you are the best one! Come on! By the way. There are 75 pine trees The fifth one on the right is a Platycladus Why did you invite me here today? I want you to keep on masking and sensationalizing. Throw it off to the end. I have sent the video onto the internet; Pang Wei has hit the headline; What else do you want me to do? I hope no one would know it except you and me Or I will kill you Hi, the Breakup Guru, I’m reading your books. Originally I thought that the kind of your books are made-up. They’re as worthless as the Chicken Soup for the soul. But I was attracted entirely. It’ s amazing that I read it in one breath. Every one of those true cases is elegant, amusing and vivid. It’s easy to find that you truly understood the customers’ feeling. You can get their troubles and happiness, or how can you help them to solve problems? As the saying in your book All life is bitter. Everyone is weak who is put in a tight spot of emotion. Only positive mind can help us to defeat the bad things. I felt a strong connection with this sentence. My question is, If by life you were deceived. What will you do? If by life you were deceived. Don’t be dismal,don’t be wild! Cause you will be deceived by life tomorrow. So what we should do is fighting a battle of wits and courage with life.

Recently, the scandal of Pang Wei which catch public’s eyes is holding its notability. Several official accounts of we-media set a heavily reward to find his secret girlfriend. This case differs from any previous one. It will decide whether the office survives or not. You can only win but not be defeat. Luckily, I have a strong team. My team established the basic direction. According to the information of Pang Wei’s girlfriend he served. She should be acting in this area. There are 12 communities. By the mean of the level Tina lives. She may live in one of the three senior communities. And the place where she tweeted last time is a hospital in this area. This is uncle Bao. People also call him Professor Bao. He looks a little ugly. Everyone thought that he is the “Erbadao” who is fixing parts in the Computer center. Actually, he is the backbone of our technology section. He is the real Computer Master. He is 33-year old, a single local person. He owns a private house and a quadrangle dwelling. The only one disadvantage is…… Who did not set new toilet paper after running out of it. Shameless! I set a new one yesterday. But only one box left. Stinginess, freeloading. He is the most stinginess man I have ever seen. Somebody will hold the toilet paper while shitting. How is the preparation going? Never worry about me. Stickers, is known as the Master Crafter. He can confuse truth and falsehood with his dab hands. He is about 27 or 28. I don’t know about his academic and background exactly. Besides, I always suspect that if he can’t find a job so he came here and asked for my help. So, I didn’t give him a positive up to now. I have been to those three communities. One of them doesn’t allow me to enter. When I passed by, I found that the security checks are rigorous. But we can prepare the materials according to the plan. Yezi. Go with me,will you? Shut up! Don’t call me Yezi but Sister-in-law. Come on. Yezi, 27 years old,a young woman in the town. No car. No house. No boyfriend. And she masters all kinds of tidbits,gossip and rumors. Although these two men by her side battle heatedly for her everyday. But she is so ambitious that neither of them are in her eyes. She claims that she owns three thousand beauties in her harem. And all the handsome brothers in the world are her idols. She graduated from Adult Education School of Normal University, claiming to be an Internet addiction girl of psychological master. It can be searched on the Internet. Micro-blog content of an average user once mentioned Tina. Fortunately,not many people have recognized. Up to now, Only one comment has appeared. Can you prove your comments? As for the identity of this reviewer, his last name is He. He Zhouyi? How do you know? Found out!Tina has appeared. Healing Master. Action. Where are you going? Let’s go to Number 17 in Zone 2. Sorry. There are regulations in our district. Express delivery and take-out food can only be delivered to the entrance, then transmitted to the owner by us. Excuseme. We are not delivering take-outfood. We are Lobsters Online, specializing in coming and cooking for customers. Can cookers come and cook for customers now? Of course. Which restaurant do you work for? Lobsters Online,you see,I have said. That’s it. We are Internet companies and have no stores. Our appointment is to cook for the customer at half past eleven. If you still don’t allow us to enter, a little while later,the customer may feel so anxious that she blame us or you? That’s right,the customers are starving. Go.Go. Wait a moment,Let me contact with the owner first. No,She is starving… You needn’t ask. No, Professor. This side has started dialing. How long will it take before you hack into the system? Immediately. You,you see,the owner is so hungry that she has no strength to answer the phone. Let use enter, will you? Big brother, wait, wait. Please,big brother. It’s too late.The customer will complain about us. OK. Go. You see,the owner is badly hungry. We are ready to go. Thank you,brother. Wait! What is up? Where are you from Shandong province? I’m from Qingdao city in Shandong province. Fellow villager,I’m from Qingdao city,too. Are you also from Qingdao city? I live in Southern city zone,which zone do you live in? I live in Southern city zone too. Townee see townee. See you later. See you. Turn left at the front of block, and you can arrive at Number 17 in Zone 2. Thanks, fellow-towns man, goodbye. Byebye. When townee see townee,Tears form two eyes. I didn’t order take-out food. Miss Tina. We are not delivering take-out food. We came here specially to see you. Because we are PangWei’s friend. What are you doing? What are you doing indeed? Now the whole world is looking for you. You do not want to disturb everyone,do you? You just need to give us three minutes. Three minutes later,we will leave right away. Yes,three minutes. Clipped like this to the end will kill a person. Only three minutes. Get up, up, up. Tina sister,I eventually find you. Only you can save Wei zai. Who is he? Who? Who is this guy? Is this guy with you? I don’t know, don’t know. Let me go, girl. You should listen to me. I am the president of the Wei zai Fans Association. Then I tell you, Tina. Only you can save Wei zai. Let me go. Sister. Security staff!Security staff! What a mess of people? Now anyone can enter our District! My family is being invaded by someone illegally. No. No. Sister, you must mistake me. That video is fake. I heard it when I was in Newspaper Office. Sister. What did you hear and look? The man framed an other man. Then the man would report on him. Then the man said he’d quit. Who is this man? Who is that man? It was dark, so I only saw four legs. Only two men. I don’t know. Shut up! Noone is all owed to go until the security staff arrive. I must find out who you really are? If you are people of the media, I won’t let you go. Here. Why are you so late? Sorry, Miss Tina. Sorry for making you feel afraid, I’m here. Sorry. Sorry,Miss Tina. Sorry for making you feel afraid,I’m here. Sorry. Sorry,Miss Tina. Sorry for makingyou feel afraid. Check it out for me. What identities are they? Take them away. Itneedn’t. These two men are actually registered at the door of our security department. ID, Mobile phone number, and our work unit are all accurate. The key is that according to our regulations, we actually have no reason to Limit their freedom of person Yes,you allowed us to enter just now. We come to help you. What about her? Who? Where? Here. Here. This guy actually broke in when I was not prepared Forthis,I am on behalf of Security Department, Giving you a solemn apology. I’m sorry. Who are you looking for? Having had an appointment with your property manager, I come here to have an interview. Please took off your sunglasses to let me see. All right? Wait. What are you interviewing for? Manager Liu. Hello, hello, Iam He Zhouyi. I’ve arrived. I’ve reached the gate of your community. The guard don’t let me in now. Hey. Did you arrange it well. It turned out he’s a worker. Please come in. All right,I can come in now. Is your property at the left or the right? Lady, go ahead,it’s on your left. Go ahead,turn left. Sorry. Hey, Tina. Your community is not safe at all. Is it safe to find a “four-eye”(myopic) security? I am not going out. Who is four-eye?! Who is four-eye?! Three minutes. Three minutes. Manager Liu, that is I received scoop news It is said that the famous host, Miss Tina lives in our community of zone one, building five. There are often fans around her

which has badly influenced her personal life. Is it true? Impossible. Miss Tina has just moved here. There’s no way anyone knows where she lives. And, She lives in zone two, building seventeen. But what you said is zone one,building fifteen. You didn’t meet this kind of information. Please don’t get angry. The information you said we’ll check it out. But Miss Tina was harassed It’s also true, right? Hey,“doubleeyes”, where do you take me to go? Shut up! What’s wrong with me? What? What’s wrong with you?

What? What’s wrong with you? Miss Tina have complained about that so many times. Don’t you know? How dare you still let the media come in? I tell you, I saw another person at building six just now sneaking into it. You ought to go and see it quickly. It is impossible! I’ll call the patrol and ask. Don’t call him, look at it by yourself soon. If something goes wrong! OK. What? I have seen you. You finally found me. You finally know where I am, and you are both associates. The three of you stand together that I remain. You were with Pang Wei that day. Who are you? Crisis public relations consultant shired by Wei zai. If you can help Weizai, our millions of Wezai’s fans will all regard you as our benefactor. We will thank you for your eight generations of ancestors. But if you can’t… You can count on me,it’s our job. Just as what we did for Wei zai. How many efforts we did for him Miss Tina, tell you honestly. Actually,I was a fan of yours before. Why am I not your fans later? Because I saw you today, I found that compare to you before, you indeed are more emaciated. The screen picture of you in my cell phone should be changed. Don’t try to hit me. I am not the same as Pang Wei. He’s a superstar. What am I? They all said I am super annuated anchorwoman. Of course there is no such thing. Pang Wei said personally. I have never liked a girl so much. She is everything good. but it out of bad-tempered,too head strong. When the scandal came out, she did not listen to my explanation,the phone shut down, I cannot contact her. Now,she has moved. I had been with my girlfriend for more than half a year Wait a minute. He said he had been with me for more than half a year? Yeah. Half of a year. They hired you to persuade me, but he didn’t tell you, I had been with him for eight years? Eight years? Pang Wei let you to persuade me. As a result,he didn’t even tell you the truth. How do you make me believe him? Give me the phone. I tell you, this is my phone number. If fans club has something, call me any time. By the way, What’s your name? Zhou Mo. Have an ice weekend(homonym). What’s your name? Benefactor. Just call you benefactor. Don’t touch me!If you do. believe it ornot,I’ll let you become a hot topic tomorrow, Don’t scare me. Who did let you spy on star intelligence. Zhou Mo. What are you hanging out for on the weekend. Monday. What are you hanging out for on the weekend? Wait a minute. You go and tell me in the security room first. I have things to do. Go go go. Go. Quickly! Wait for a while. We haven’t sorted out yet. Take a hike. What’s wrong with you? What? What’s wrong with me? I might ask you the same question. What’s wrong with you? Come and chase the stars,don’tyou? What I am going after is not stars? What do you think all day? Don’t mind what I think now. You pay me back first. Don’t talk so much nonsense. I just ask you if I amy our sister. Can I take care of you? Pay me back. Am I your sister? pay me back. You see. Am I her sister? Yes, you are. Can I take care of her? Yes,you can. Don’t talk to me anymore. Now I count three numbers. Go home with me. One…


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