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Diya… Wake up. Wake up Diya. I’ll sleep for some more time mom. No…Whatever you study early in the
morning, it’s well remembered. Can’t I remember if I
study in the afternoon? Chatterbox! Get up and come. Hey, you’re reading it upside down. Sorry mom, I’m dizzy so
I see everything upside down. You’re strong-headed. Even you have cholesterol.. Go stand on sewing machine
and run at one place. Hey, that’s called Treadmill. That’s what I said in Telugu. Study well! [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Dad! Dad, here’s my report card. Oh, Report card.. Is it the reason for silence
at home past 2 days? Are they really marks? And should I sign for it? In those days.. Do you know how many marks
I earned in these subjects? Listen dad, your syllabus is very easy If you can earn with my current syllabus,
then it’s ok. I don’t know what’s in your syllabus
but you’ve learned to argue. Dad, will you sign it or not? What will you do if I don’t?
– I’ll sign it myself. How? Your signature isn’t that difficult It’s more like an crooked ECG. How dare you do such
fraudulent activity at this age Wait, I’ll complaint to
your administration. Then I’ll complaint to your head office
about your forgery. Ok, Ok. Score it more next time. Can’t you come fast?
– Wait… She must’ve come without
bathing even today. Start. Oh, are you here? Make it fast.
– Wait… [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Did you get your report card signed? The last time I got it signed
was in my fifth grade. Why? Is your father uneducated?
– Hey, shut up. Hey, did you dip in perfume or what? Yes.. to attract all boys. [HUMMING MOVIE SONG] Hey!
– They won’t come. They won’t.
– They’ll come bro Whom are you looking for? Bro, they’re coming. Hey! Wow, awesome. Hey… You keep it… Me… Move aside. Bro, aren’t these girls nice? They’re awesome bro. Wow. Bro, you and Diya are made in China. Hey, that’s not ‘Made in China’,
its ‘Made for each other’. Oh, do they say it like that? Oh wow, Tej is coming too. Oh..That guy with tongue out? Hmmm. “Who let the dogs out?”
“Who, Who, Who, Who” “Who let the dogs out?”
“Who, Who, Who, Who” Who’s he? His head looks
like grated coconut. He’s my friend at Church. Oh.. Amen. “Who let the dogs out?” Hi! Hi. Hey babes. Hey Patricia. I’ve seen you at church last time,
you look awesome.. Cute child.
– Child? Will he pick you up and play?
– Shut up. Boo. We talk like that. Oh, keep talking. Thank you.. Michael girl. I can see that in your face. His name is Michael. Oh.. Is your name Michael?
– Yeah.. Shall we go for a date? Now?
– Yeah, now. Will you come along?
– Yeah..You can also come, child. Come? Yah. -Will I get a certificate if I come? You can go and enjoy Children’s day! Oooh! Patty, let’s go.
– Oh sure. Go to hell babes. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Bro, give me one more cigarette. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] That team leader is
irritating me bro. -Why? He says ‘Oh, Wow, Sweet’ for whatever
a girl types in MS Word Even though I try hard
writing Java program, He says ‘You need to work hard’. Even a cook at hotel
works less than us bro. Roget that, bro.. You are better than me, That fatso
(fried egg dumpling) tortures me like hell. Why do you call him a fried egg dumpling? Is it because he looks like a quilt? Not that bro. Why because.. Look over there. He’ll buy 4 fried egg dumplings.. But eat only eggs like a kid.. That’s why. Did you see his face? Looks like pig in angry birds. He even gives a reaction for it. Bro, why is he looking at egg like that? Imagine how he looks at girls! Roger that..I roger that. Our life’s like fried egg dumpling. They deep fry us in oil, Swallow appraisal leaving
behind the flour-part(‘us’) What you said is new bro…
– Thanks bro. Is it because..
Is he a racist? Roger that…
– Cheapo! What do you say bro? Hey.
– Hmmm Did you at least listen to what we spoke? Hey, don’t praise too much. Hey, don’t say it.
It’s a bad word -censored. Bro.. E=mc2. There’s no doubt in that.
– Bro, let’s leave from here. Confirm.. something happened to him.-
come.. – Hey, believe me guys. Do not steal Helmet.. If you use a stolen one, you get dandruff..
And you may lose your hair strands.. Later, even amazon.com can’t help you. I think I’ve fallen for him. Oh My God! Why?
– What do you mean why? I mean, why do you love him? Oh no! What’s this? Like a Maths question paper
without important questions.. You ask me the ones I haven’t prepared. Oh, then what’s that important question? Hmmm.. How to impress him? Big question mark! Yeah right, it’s hard
that he accepts your love Why because he looks like actor Rana right? Right! We look like actress Trisha!
Shut up. It’s not that. What then? He’s just another guy,
what’s so impressive about him? Arjun is an ordinary fellow, that’s it. See, you got angry when your extraordinary
Michael dressed up ordinary right? But Arjun is always ordinary Some day he’ll be extraordinary
and I’ll be thrilled. Cover up yourself and sleep.
– Shut up! What I mean to say is.. Rain in May is better
than rain in December. Arjun.
– Hmmm. Doctor.
– Arjun.. Your mother’s situation is still the same
There’s no response at all Let’s hope for the best. Arjun, wait a minute. What are you planning to do? That is.. What decision did you take about mom? I can’t sustain it.. I can’t see my sister in this condition. It’s been 4 years that she’s in coma Like a flesh stored in fridge. You father died in accident
and is gone happily. Will you let her suffer just because Govt.
Pays hospital charges? Uncle.Hey.. Enough! Don’t you understand my intention? It’s better to opt Mercy killing
instead of letting her suffer. No…. If I hear that again.. Mom will get well soon, uncle. She reminds me to oil my hair, shave my
beard, iron my clothes, polish my shoes.. It’s true.. She’ll be normal again and be with us. Yeah, you keep on saying this.. You’re troubling us along with
you just because we’re listening to you. It’s not a big deal for
me to look after my mom. That’s right.. you can
sustain her condition. You believe that she’ll be okay soon That belief is killing you. First, you should understand that. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Give me 10 rupees card. Which card madam? 9884133531 Madam, how will I know what card it is? No need, there’s a landline at home. [HUMMING A MOVIE SONG] [MOVIE SONG PLAYING] Hi. Who’s this? I’m your fan, I’m following since many days.. Like fan following. Fan following? Hello, are you kidding me? Who are you? I’m Diya.. You may not know me.. But I know you. Oh I see. No, you didn’t.. You didn’t see me actually I’m crazy about you. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] This isn’t a dream right? Shall we meet in the evening?
– Yes.. Yes, definitely.. Time? 4’o’clock, Nehru park. Cool, that’s nearby my office. Yeah I know that, that’s why
I asked you to come there. Oh, ok..Fine. Hmmm.. While you come get me a
dairy milk chocolate if possible Let’s meet with the sweet. Oh! Dairy milk? And wear a blue shirt, That suits you well. Blue? Thank you. Bye. When did you come guys? Till now, you showed us an
English movie right? Then. Look at his face. It’s like as if he smelled
a pungent food.. I pity him. Leave it bro.. we established
what we hate, that’s it. Ladies weakness. Ok.. Do you have blue shirt? One blue shirt parcel for sir!
– Parcel. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Let’s see. What bro, what does our enemy do? Did he impress a girl by chance? Smoking is injurious to health. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hey What? I warned you. I mean, that’s me who called you. Oh. Bro, isn’t it funny to see moulds brush
and broom together? [LAUGHING ALOUD] Bro, it’s not a big joke. Hey bro, what happened? Bro, this is what we call mini meals. Oh no, did I come this
long for a school kid? Shit… Are you a chain smoker? Nothing like that. You can leave now. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] [PHONE RINGING] Damn! [The number you’re trying to
reach is currently busy..] Are you Busy? [WHISTLING] [PHONE RINGING] Hello.
– Hi. Is it you? Yeah, Diya. Why doesn’t your number look different? Oh this one? It’s my dad’s number Don’t call back and get me caught. Hmmm.. Do you think I’m jobless?
– That is why I said that. Don’t get pissed off By the way, why didn’t you attend my call? I was busy yesterday. Oh, are you busy? Thank god, at least you picked up now.. Otherwise I would come to your house. To my house?
– Yeah. Shall I come and see?
– Hey..don’t do that. Tell me what’s the matter? Nothing, I’m free today so shall
we meet up this evening? I’m very busy. What are you busy with?
Just usual busy without work right? You call it casual? Let
me see when we meet. Here, take this chocolate. I don’t want it. Won’t you accept what I give? [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Yes. Thanks. Fine with it.. The other day you said you were crazy.. Is it just that or is there anything else? Yes, there is something. Oh no, I’m dead! I’m so happy as if 10000
butterflies fly around me. Don’t you feel any such things? Not even a single crow that I see. Do you think we both can get along? Definitely. You talk less and I talk a lot There will be an amazing
chemistry between us. Don’t you watch successful movies? Same formula works everywhere. Trust me ya. Tell me one thing, You’re studying intermediate right?
– Hmmm. It doesn’t work out for us.. Try to be mature while you think. Again, that’s true But I can answer whatever
question you ask me. That maturity is enough for you. She’s got an answer for everything I ask.
– Yes, your honour. How should I get rid of her? But you know what? I don’t like you at all You’re a kid and you’re short I have to look down to find you. Practically, this is not possible. This won’t work out. I don’t even know if you
understood what I said But the fact is,
I don’t want to get into this trap. I hope you got me. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] [PHONE RINGING] Hey, what do you want? Arjun, I want to meet you just for once..Please It’s not possible. Please don’t say that Arjun, Please. Hey. Just for once. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Just for once. Ok. Don’t cry.. this should be the last time. Are you still thinking about it? I can’t take it.. I should make him accept me in any way. Oh God! I don’t understand what
kind of love is this Pleading someone who doesn’t care at all. It’s not because I love him, It’s not just that. If you say something for getting accepted.. You have to fight for it till you succeed. If you don’t fight for it,
your life is useless. Oh, Jesus. Tell me. Tell me fast. Don’t you really like me? How many times should I say?
No, I don’t like you. Why? Why because you’re a kiddo and short. Am I short? Well, you can consider
it but that’s not the thing. You’re shorter than normal height
and I’m taller than normal height. No.. That’s not the problem.. I’m an average girl, is it right? Well, see, you’re not average, you
look awesome but that’s not the matter Age.. Age matters here. That’s now.. After 10 years, there won’t be any problem.
– Hey, what are you talking? Should I wait for 10 years. Not that Arjun.
– Then what? Arjun, try to.. Diya, stop it. It’s so filmy, don’t give me reasons Your love is childish. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Please try to understand, Just leave me. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] I’m childish, But do me a favor. Tell me, I’ll try. Don’t smoke too much. May be its filmy But don’t kill me by killing yourself. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Give it one more thought and tell me Let’s meet again tomorrow. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] What bro, you’re in a cleaning mode today! Swatch Bharath? You’ve started digging up waste. He’s gone crazy! [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Raja.
– Hmmm. What are you doing dear? I’m warming up tea. Crazy fellow, will anyone
warm tea in kadai? Heights of craziness! Hey.. From today dal, sambar,
milk everything in cooker. [PHONE RINGING] Hey bro, have coffee. Damn! I’m feeling bad about her. What bro? You talk like a human suddenly. Stop it guys. See, she disturbed his silence. Girls will be girls! They can even change liquor to syrup Hey bro, what’s for tonight?
Liquor or syrup? Hey… don’t act bro. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] There’s no use pleading him this way. I’ll see him tomorrow when he comes. [BACKGROUNG MUSIC] Hey, Hi.. can you wait for 2 minutes?
She’ll come. She’s her puppet, great friend! [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hi. Heels, to look taller I started skipping too. I drink eggs and I’m jumping, jogging.. Definitely I’m going to grow taller. Is this height enough? If I grow up taller, you might look short. Oh! Are you of age? What did you ask? I just said that, don’t be angry. My friend used to say that.. While in Love, people don’t care even
they fight in anger or for fun. Even though they say
I love you many times a day It comes from heart just once or twice. What are trying to say then? I love you. Why do you say that in terror? It came out from umbilical,
so it’s like that. “I’ve seen you in a house of mirrors”
– All the best Thank you. I’m saying it to myself in my mind. Oh no no! “I’ve seen you” “I’ve gone crazy at every
inch of your beauty” “I made a sketch out of Davinci’s brush” “For every question, I’ve
opened my third eye” “I stay tuned like a blob on your face” “Your touch do some magic in me” “I kept growing to fill myself within you” “My hair plaits are your hand cuffs” “Follows me like I’m his
breathe and thought” “I’ve seen you in a house of mirrors” “A beautiful love within you… I’ve seen” “I’ve seen you in a house of mirrors” “I’ve seen beautiful love within you” “I’m a complan boy” “You’re a cerelac girl” “Party like there are many parties” “You mapped the route for a blurred sight” “All scented up for it” “And coated up with powder” “Going on a ride saying oh dear, my dear” “Both get ready for the challenge” Isn’t mom beautiful? Ha-ha Why are you laughing? Nothing, whoever visits
Mom cries and make it a scene You alone asked in a different way. That’s why. Now I know.. Remember that day you made
me wait on road when I was late? You shirt smelled like a medicine then. Just few more days.. If Mom gets better, we can take her home. But we never know when she’ll get better. Oh! Aunty, I’m waiting. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hey, will you take me to a
romantic movie? Please. We can go.. I’ll be allowed but not you. Oh. That’s A ‘Adult picture’ So, shall we go for a cartoon movie? Yes, we’ll go. How many more days should
I go through this? “At dusk, when ladybird sings,
My inferior heart beats high, it’s high” “In depth of your hair strands,
that shining floral essence opens my heart” “To look at you even in
my sleep, I open my eyes” – Sorry!
“While arranging words for my first poem” “Some are fine and
some are not, messing up my heart” Bend more. Who’s he? He looks like 7up Ad’s model. Bro, are you going this way? Did you stop me to ask that?
– Please drop me bro. Ok, come. Hey… Hey, Who are you? Hey… Don’t tickle me. Go wherever I ask you to.. fast. Even I’m from your place. Hey, why are you telling that to him? He’s frightened, leave him. Who are you? Look like Jokers! Bro, they’re getting him. Hey, sit without moving. It’s congested bro. Plan success..Over. Hey, is that all..Super. Main thing will start soon Cooperate very well. Congrats. What? Is it ok? Congrats bro… Thank you bro… Hey, what’s this funny act? Do you think it’s funny? Show him what we’ve got.
Come on guys, come Hey, wait… Position. Now give the pose. Hey, do you think we’re funny even now? No bro, this is your area right? You can do anything you want.
– You should have that fear Chittabbai is not easy! You just wait bro. Increase the build up. Continue to fear and forget Diya. What? Did you get it? Diya?
– D H I Y A What’s between you both?
– Yes, I love Diya One side love. So, leave her. What if I don’t leave her?
– We’ll make you leave her Hey, do the gargling.
– Hey, what’s your problem…? Come this way… He’s talking like Aadi from Jabardasth. Hey, look here I’m not sure if your love is historic But it’s a question of our reputation. BBC school kids are 13 members
and have an eye on Diya’s school But in our school, members
are sufficient for 12 Now, if my love..
– Hey… If Chittabbai Love is successful,
that’s when we give a good competition. Oh, is it like state
first or district first? Competition between your schools
to impress girls, is that right? That’s fine, is it yearly or monthly basis Bro, this is too much.
– Hey, what? Stop overacting Might be!
– Oh, are you being sarcastic? That’s ok, what about your age? 25. Twenty five? Diya completed 16 and entered 17 That means there’s an age gap of 8 years. I’m 17 years old and my elder sister is 25 We have same age gap but
I still call her sister. I call her sister right? Do you understand my intention, bro? Tell bro, tell.. did you understand? Bro, get his phone.
– Hey, wait man. It’ll break, leave it. IPhone? You speak to Diya with this phone right? Hey. That’s it. Come on. Hey bro, he looks angry.
He might hit us, come bro. Hey, enough of it bro
He’s already in frustration. Not that bro, his heroine
and villain-both are little. Don’t.
– Enough. Bro, I’m being calm though
I can’t control myself If I start laughing, everything around
here wakes up, do you want to see? Hey, stop it guys. Nasty fellows. Then, aren’t you ashamed to
get insulted by kiddos? You should’ve slapped them right?
– Yes. Hitting them is much worse
than getting insulted. I shouldn’t compete with them,
I should teach them a lesson I’ll take care of it. Oh…. What he said is new! Uncle… Diya called
you, go and talk uncle. Hello. What happened to your phone, Arjun?
– My phone is broken I gave it for service
and it’ll be back in 2 days. Oh, shall I call Vivek
brother’s number till then? What? I’m asking you
if I can call Vivek brother’s number. Hey..we both, both of
us are of same age Why are you calling him brother? Why do you talk like crazy?
You are different and he’s different. Oh, ok… From now on, don’t call them brother.. Ok? Why shouldn’t I call?
They’re much older than me, Arjun. I should call them that. Ok… you won’t change. Let’s see tomorrow.
– Bye. “Brother Brother come here” “Listen to my story Brother” “I’m not a chatterbox” “It’s my feeling…” Hey, what’s this nuisance? Sorry bro.. I didn’t mean to hit you,
I’m extremely sorry bro. Hey.. Hey.. Hey, hit me back if you want to. Did you really hit me? Hey, don’t pick up a fight Bro, we’re all friends. Stop it man. It’s ok, I’m sorry bro. Hey, enough of it..you said it 7 times I can’t forgive you. Let my anger calm down, I’ll forgive you. Hey… [SINGING MOVIE SONG] Doesn’t she have any work?
She irritates me. [SINGING MOVIE SONG] Bro, who’s that? That is.. Hey, tell me who is it? It’s me. Is it you? My connection is post paid
and I haven’t paid the bill So, I’m checking it for
outgoing calls. That works. It’ll be like this, if beggars at
post office gets a post paid connection. You can’t pay the bill
but need post paid connection! Hey, look here.. Don’t talk as you wish just for rhyming I’ll throw your phone in septic tank,
don’t mess with me. Decrease the flame, it will burn. Is it just burning here? Hey, what’s that? Is it funny? Yeah, I licked.
– Stop that and do hard work, go. Ok. Ok Sir.
– Go.. Look at his ugly face! Hey bro, did you call Diya? No. Then, why is she waiting downstairs? Hey, you crazy, why did you come to office? What if someone see us? That’s why I’m hiding from
everyone.. how’s my idea? Wow, you alone should
appreciate your intelligence. You can be seen clearly from upstairs Already, people started asking
about you at office. Why are you shouting like angry bird
just because I came for you? Why? Can’t you stay without seeing me?
– No.. I can’t stay. Can’t you? Ok, tell me. You bark at first and now you try
to butter up, look at your face! Hey, what should I do? I’m
not trying to butter up What are they doing here? Guess what, I’m very lucky Till today, no one proposed me. After you came into my
life, I got 5 proposals. Five? Three of them are from BBC school Chittabbai is one of them. What? Did this guy propose you? Wait… Do you know him? No, how will I know him? Yeah, you talked about BBC right?
I heard they’re idiots. Anyway, why should we talk about them? We can’t call them idiots..
But, that’s a style. Any girl in our school accepts
proposal from their school. Not just that, if they be our boyfriend,
no one will dare to tease us They’ll see their end. You keep talking like this.. At last, they’ll trouble you. Then you’ll finish them off right? Yeah, I can do that. It’s easy, we’ll finish them They’re kids right! Look over there. Oh no no, I’m dead! There’s no one over there. That’s what I’m saying,
there’s no one there. By the way, give them a warning That I’m bad and there
will a fight if they follow you. Tell them like it’s your personal warning. Is
it ok? If I tell them, they’ll get frightened They’re kids right? It’s ok Arjun, let it be. They’ll be useful for recharge. Then, go along with them. Not that, It might reduce your expenses.
– That’s not needed. If you need a person for recharge,
go and marry him. That’s not needed. Arjun.. Arjun. Hey…
– Hey Arjun, wait. Don’t go.. Listen to me. Hey… Hey… Hey, you dumb fellow! You’re a professor in
Kirikiri language bro. [Nimmddaa… Gojrass thelmii..] Hey, you gave it up right? Did you start it again? It’s not happening, we
both just can’t get along. What is your problem bro? That kiddo proposed her it seems.. His rubbish acts look stylish for her, So I asked her to marry him
if she likes his style. Isn’t it all childish? Do school going kids need love? Hey, what? Nothing bro, Even I said that earlier but
you didn’t listen saying they’re mature. Now, it’s a different trend.. It’s common to love anyone who’s elder. They’re even making movies out of
it and getting successful. Do you know what the problem is?
Young girl.. Thank you. To love very young girl. It’s not that late yet, just break up. What’s this crazy talk? My dear bro, I tell you truth.. It’s all for you good. What? Is it for my good?
Enough of your suggestions You asked her to marry that guy..
What’s the problem then? I said that in anger To scare her. Hey, what is he talking? Wait.. I don’t get it bro. I warned her because I’m
scared of losing her. I don’t know if it came
from my mind or heart. What bro? Do you puke
if you talk from here? Hey, leave it bro. How does that matter? Let him talk.
– You, on other hand! Support him. Bro, I loved her seriously
without my knowledge. I get scared if she’s not with me. Are you getting scared? Then, your relation will end for sure. Statistics bro.. Verified data. Hey, are you trying to break us up? Bro, is it because I hit you? No, shut up. I’m a grown up man, not a kid like Diya. Hey, leave it bro.. Why are you trying to break
them up? Leave them freely. Don’t talk like a nutcracker. Who pasted that picture? Me. 3/4 of it is off the wall.
– Yes. What will you do now? I’ll take it off.
– That’s what I’m doing now. If I leave them, they break up in 2 months
– I’m doing it in 2 days. I’m saving time. What is this? Don’t you
understand about me? Bro, you’re almost equal to God! I’m very proud of you.
– Hey, idiots.. Is that picture and my life, same? You got it now, you got it right.. I didn’t spare just a picture,
how can I spare a life? I can’t leave it, I’ll give my life for it. Gutsy! So, can’t we both stay together for life? Bro, you’re not understanding
the depth of it. Ok. If you get Diya
and introduce her at office.. Why will I introduce her at office? No, just imagine that you did.. What? Can you get a school kid
and introduce her as your girlfriend? I will do it. Will you do it? Won’t it be nasty? It won’t.
– You might not feel it, but we do. My friend loves a school kid.. It’s so dirty to hear. It’s wrong bro.. If Diya is my own sister, My parents will never agree.
There’s no chance at all. I wouldn’t have spared her. Listen. She’s young. Bro. Super bro, you did good. Shit! You stop keeping that angry face.. As if you’re responsible for
all village issues and got abandoned. Stop it bro, why will get abandoned?
– Shut up man. Why will she depart from me?
Why are you being insane? Hey, try to explain her..
She’ll definitely understand. What should I tell her? Whatever I say she’s like -Arjun,
this isn’t issue after 10 years. What else should I say?
– Tell her the same thing then… Tell her that you guys will
meet after 10 years and depart now. Once you depart, you’ll get to know
how funny your love is. Rascal. Go and tell her bro. I will tell her. [Laughing] Ok. What’s this thought all of a sudden? That is that guys.. Studies shouldn’t get interrupted right? That is why.
– Oh, do you care me that much? Listen Arjun, I don’t believe in departing
and meeting again. What if something happen to me?
– What if I met with an accident? We shouldn’t feel bad then
for getting departed. Who taught you, word of speech? Why? Did you think
an intermediate girl will be dumb? Yes, I did. What you said is true but I smoke a
lot right? I might die with cancer. Did I hurt you?
– No. But I feel the pain. In your heart? No, here. Oh no no, you hit me with this hand right? Did you start it again? I just started, it’s been 2 days. I’m so angry now. I feel like burning up
all the cigarettes at once. Why are you furious about it? Come running for me one day,
then you’ll understand. I understand that..
That’s what I’m saying I might die of cancer. Something should happen to me first,
not you, Arjun. Why did you come into my life? But one thing..It’s wrong
from one point of view But when I’m with you, I don’t feel it’s wrong. That’s enough for me. This is what happened bro. If you guys are happy
together, we’ll be happy.. Are you confident about it?
– For sure. Then, just be free.. We can handle it. What are you man? I thought there
will be a twist with your climax’s entrance You changed yourself in first half itself. I’m basically not a bad guy Then, why did you try to break them up? That’s a feeling bro.
– What’s that feeling? Like steamy bubbles.
– Churned milk? Not that..those things in love. Pomeranian dog?
– Stop. That is Possessive..
– Bro, he’s talking about some position. That one..you’re right bro.
– Hey, leave my hand.. Oh, are you that kind? Bro, we are safe because of this table Keep distance.
– Bro, please stay away. You guys are doing too much. In love, there is Possessive.. Possessiveness.
– Yeah, it can be there. But shouldn’t it be in friendship? They avoid even costly friends for girls.. After all, I’m a local casual guy. What you said is new bro. Hey, what’s that senseless talk?
– What else should I do then? After she entered your life,
I changed my profile picture twice. Did you like it at least once? What are you doing without
even liking my picture? Yes bro, you didn’t like even my picture. Only three people like my profile picture. We’re two.. I’m that third person, who else will? Yeah, that’s right. You haven’t like it right?
So, 1 like is missed. Ok, leave that.
– Hey as usual. We have a Whatsapp group.. How long had it been that we did chatting? You see all videos but how will we know
that we’re in sync if you don’t reply That’s why, there is possessive..
– Possessiveness. Yeah, that. You understood right? We smoke even after knowing it kills.. Nowadays, you’re not even
giving me company to smoke. Oh God! Bro, are you done? What?
– It doesn’t suit you. Ok, why did you get us here? Hey, don’t you guys know it? I buy everything when I’m
happy right? That’s why. Bro, I’ve been waiting to buy a
costly pant. – Hey bro, listen, I’m here to buy underwear for me. Why did you call us for that?
– Why are you asking me like its new? You should pick colours right? That’s when they don’t get mixed up. Hey, am I right?
– Bro, You’re equal to God.
– I’m brilliant bro. Anyway, you’re the only one in this
world to get friends for buying underwear. Thanks. Roger that… Roger that.
– Roger that. Do you at least have a thought
to buy a gift for Diya? I have it bro.-Shit. I’ll tell you what’s that, tomorrow.
– Bro, just leave us. Excuse me, someone give
him 2 orange underwear. Hi. Wow. What happened? Hello, I’m excited.
– Oh, excited? Ok, I’ll come to the point.. Since yesterday,
I’ve been imagining you in this dress. Wear it and show me if you want. If Diya is at this house,
she’ll become his own. And then it’s like use and throw. Bro, leave her. Ok, let’s go. Bro, they are his friends right? Yes bro..Come, let’s go. I’m telling the truth,
Andhra mess meals are so good. I’ll scold you badly, just shut up.
– Ok. Hello. Sorry brother, I don’t have change.
Go aside. Hello boss, I have to talk with you. Who’s this child artist?
– I don’t know bro. We are two. Where do I hear voice from?
But I can’t see anyone. Body is here, come.
– Hey, take your hand off me. -Tell me. What? Do you need a 1.5 ton punch? No brother, we want 1.5 ton AC
for our room..Will you give? Hey, it’s sultry. Oh, is it anger? Over emotion? Bro, kiddos got angry. Ok children, what are you going to do now? Dancing or Singing? We’ll dance while we sing, ok? Oh, what he said is new. Hello, I need to talk something serious. We’ll talk for sure. – Ask him to
go away, I can’t stop laughing. It’s not possible. Then, I’ll turn around, you keep talking. Hey.
– Hey, what man? Didn’t I tell you that I have a
serious talk to do? – Tell me. What your friend does is wrong.
– What? Ask him not to come in between me and Diya Tell your friend to be careful. Why should I ask my friend to be careful? Go and tell Diya’s parents
to take proper care of her. There isn’t Arjun’s mistake in this. Go man! Hey EEE, look at your face! You
get into everything! Let’s go. I’m already in a bad mood
and he’s irritating me. Hey, is there a chance? Yes bro.. Irrespective of her parenthood,
there’s a chance that she would love. Hey idiot, I wasn’t talking about that. Where did you come from?
– Then what is it? Eggplant. Bro, you’ve got a good sense of humour,
even situation is serious That’s the most funniest thing
I’ve ever heard. – Shut up. It must be the funniest act of all, bro.
– Yes. How am I? You’re looking good like a Fanta bottle. Who asked you to get this colour? But there are sleeves when I imagined you Why did you tear it? I tore it off! If you want it that way, you should’ve
get it altered and surprise me. Do you think girl’s dress is easy? There’s a lot to do.. Measurements should be right,
and tight at waist. Where’s your waist? let me see.
– Arjun, No. Let me see dear.. your waist. Hey Diya, how am I? We shouldn’t give birth to such baby. Leave it, our baby will be just like you. No, she’ll be short. Oh my God! Why did I say
that without thinking? They’ll interrupt at the right moment. Go, you’re friends are here.
– ‘Brother it seems’ Hey.. Hey Arjun, my sticker.
– Oh! Sir, it’s nothing like you see it. Sir…
– Dad, listen to me. Dad. Shit. Come.
– Dad… Sir… Sir.. Dad, listen to me. Dad, Please dad.
– Sir, listen to me once. You listen to me. Dad, we haven’t done anything wrong. Please try to understand dad..
– Don’t get us a bad name Dad, I haven’t done anything wrong. You..
– Sir… please don’t say anything to her. It wasn’t her mistake.
– Dad, Please. Listen to me Dad.
– Sir, please. Dad.. People are watching.
– Try to understand, please dad. Dad, please.. Listen to me. Dad. Dad, listen to me. Come. Dad. Dad Dad, please listen to me.
– Diya Try to understand me. Get in. Dad.. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] How could he do that? Do you know him? Look at him.
– What to do, it’s bad luck. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] He’s a bad man, why are you
looking at him? Come. Bro, you’ll get a burp in 3 seconds. Bro, new movie is released It’s a love story.. shall we go? That movie doesn’t play anymore. Love… Love.. Everything
is related to love. From today, there won’t be
cable connection at home. What’s that expression? How dare you do it?
– What happened? Why are you shouting on her? You asked
me to come back from office soon, why? Your daughter is in love with someone. Wait a minute, I’ll shut the door. You left us in shame. Wait dad, let mom shut the door and come.. Then we can talk about shame. For giving you birth, I should..
– Dear.. Mom, give some water to dad. Take it. She’s being sarcastic. Finally, you understood
something very soon. Hey, you become arrogant. Watch what you speak. It’s my mistake to not beat you
while you grow. That’s better.. It would hurt you
even more if that’s the case. What’s that arrogance? – What dear,
why are you hitting little one? I hit your mom for hitting you in childhood Now, you made me hit you. Ok dear, Forget him and leave everything.. Start to concentrate on
studies from tomorrow. Concentrate on your studies. What else can I tell you now. Hey, don’t close it..We
won’t trust you anymore. Prabhakar told me about you.. You have to take her in the morning
– Ok sir. And get her back in the evening safely.. Overall, take care of my daughter.
– Sir. Sir, you don’t worry You must’ve seen auto man in streets.. I took even kids in the streets. My auto is special for
women..point to point. Do you drive with words? Take this as advance. I’ve heard about her love.. So sad, school girl sir.. Days aren’t that good. Suresh sir’s daughter and
a guy got into my auto I took an about turn and got them caught. Next day Mallesh Sir’s son,
Prabhakar Sir’s daughter.. In a similar way, Mittal Sir’s daughter
got in with a guy and did mischief.. I cannot say that all. All their games came to an end. How? Is it wholesale or retail? Is it even a life! What is this Sir? What? Are you an Intermediate student? You look like a good girl, study well..ok? If you study hard, you’ll become a doctor. Oh is it? Can I become a
doctor only if I study? I don’t know that at all. That’s it? or Is there
anything else to say? Nothing for the moment, sister. Let’s listen to our hero’s songs. [SINGING A MOVIE SONG] Turn off the music. Why? Isn’t it a good song? [HUMMING TO A SONG] Stop it I said. Ok, I turned it off, ok? Look at his ugly face like a Hippo! Hey, Hippo? Me? My face? Bad..Too bad. How will a Hippo look?
I don’t understand how to handle. How did he handle her? Just a minute, I’ll be back. You call me a Hippo.. Now see what I’ll do. Don’t play music I said not to play music. [SINGING A SITUATIONAL SONG] Sad songs from old movies, Volume-1 [SINGING A SAD SONG] Now, let’s listen sorrowful
female voice. That is.. Actress Revathi’s Prema movie, Volume-2 Just for you.. You continue. [SAD SONG PLAYING] Its switched off..
– Even today? Vivek and Jai Ganesh brother’s
have blocked my number. Don’t you feel bad about your dad? Why are you silent? Elder’s answer would be mature
for such questions. No, try to answer it. Yes, I feel bad about my dad No girl would have opposed
her parents like this.. That’s why he and my dad
are playing with me. If I go there, I should come here..
It’s the same story even here. I cry a lot for Arjun than my dad. But one thing’s sure, Dad will adjust someday
looking at my tears. I’ll have to make him understand. He might forget me to not
hurt me and my father. I should tell him that no one
will be happy if he forgets me. Auto… Auto… Sweet voice! who’s that? Auto. Is it you? Usually they call it when
you’re out of an auto. Why are you saying it while you’re in? To stop this Auto.
– Why? Just 5 minutes.. Please. Will Arjun come in 5 minutes?
– Please, try to understand I’ll see him and come back soon.
– It’s not possible. Please.
– Not possible. Are you saying it even
after knowing about me? No matter how great you
are, it’s not possible. Hey, you idiot, how dare she! Wait, I’ll see to it. You short kiddo! See, how I’ll catch you. Hey, I got you. Come, let’s go home. Hey, leave me. -Listen to me,
your dad will scold me. Hey, get lost.
– Hey, give me some respect. Go away. It’s ok even you scold
me, but let’s go home. I asked you to leave me.
– I won’t leave you. Brother, help me.. Please. Hey, do your work. Madam, please come. I plead you, please come.
Father won’t agree, please come. -Brother. Brother, please hold him. He shouldn’t escape.
– Ok madam. Hey… First, zip up man. You can save her later! Madam… Go away man. What? come. You’ve become thin Eat fried egg dumplings every day. Bro, won’t this Arjun change at all? Why did this short kid
come to office directly? Tell that he’s not here. Find out what’s the
matter and send her away. Yes, tell me. I asked Arjun to come,
why did you guys come? He’s not here. Don’t lie. Seriously, he’s not here. No, you’re lying.. I’ll go check for myself. Hey Diya, wait.. Why don’t
you listen when we say? Didn’t I tell you that he’s not here? He got transferred and left. Where did he go?
– He strictly warned us not to tell you. Didn’t he bro?
– Why? Will I disrupt him? Yes, he’s afraid of disruption!
So he set a sad song as ringtone. It’s even ok to hear that song
but his expressions aren’t. What’s my mistake in this regard? Neither you nor he had
done anything wrong.. But the mistake is to get along together. Bro, what you said is new..
When did you think? Just now, everyone at office
got to know about you All are teasing him as
mini coke specialist. I’m not letting you down for that. Enough of it brother.
I understood everything. But brother, please tell me where he is.. Am I not like your sister?
– Hey.. Didn’t I say? Why is she
still bothering us? I tell you considering you as my sister Yeah..Roger… Both of you should be happy while departed It doesn’t work out being together. If your story is reeled, producer
and director will be smacked. Try to understand. If someone uploads a picture
of you guys on internet.. It will be a humorous picture. Hey, leave it bro.
– Why don’t you understand? She got that, you leave it. Looks like you’ll upload it by yourself. I understood what the problem is. This uniform -that’s his problem. But it will change soon
after I join college. But people around us wear
a uniform to their hearts And we can’t change that. His way of thinking isn’t like mine,
it’s different. He will come back He’ll come back to me for sure. Sorry for the trouble. I’ll leave. Come bro.
– Let’s go. [CHORUS] “In search of you for every step I take” “You’re filled within me completely” “My looks are spread all over the path” “And melt within upcoming thoughts” “I travel with time to find you” “Memory is heavenly that
never let me sleep” “I’m the violin’s music of sorrow” “I hear dad’s scolding in a dog’s bark” Hello.. Hey Arjun, I’m good..how about you? I miss you so much. Oh, did you ask how much? I’ll tell you after you
say that you miss me.. I only listen to sad songs.. I’m done with all songs..
Come soon..ok I don’t feel like saying bye.
You hang up first. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] [CHORUS] “Moonlight shines in the morning” “You’re the Sectarian mark on my face” “Every melody is a sweet tone” “My hearts shines with dreams” “My body floats in the air with a touch” “Heaven comes down to me” “Compass is in rectangle shape” “Truth floats like a bubble” “No end for her enraged youthfulness”
“This madness moves around her” “No strength to console,
it’s thorny inside” [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Diya, you secured 27/200 Srileka secures 160/200 Wow. “Some Roses are never snobby” “It’s not love if the story
is as per your wish” “Age doesn’t matter for love to happen” Arjun..hey, where are you? Bro, I’m at tea stall near bus stand I’m dizzy, please come fast. Hey, stay right there..I’ll come see you! [SINGING A OLD SONG] Hey, where did you go
turning off your phone? On the way, I got a problem So I got down and booked a room to drink.
– Drink? Were you here since two days? Hey, where? Arjun..
– Hmmm. Arjun, you should face
the truth on your face. You mother got bed sores, And it’s a deadly thing. Even there’s a fungal infection, You know it right. So what? So.. What else it would be? Doctor wants us to
opt mercy killing before she dies. Doctor, first give a deadly injection to
this moustache guy. -Don’t get hit by me, I’ve been watching since I came.
– Do you really need respect? Got ready to kill own sister..
Let me go..leave me Do you think this is hospital or market?
– Bro, please sit down. Why are you supporting his thought?
– Leave me. Arjun, don’t talk without understanding.
– Calm down bro. If your mother doesn’t respond
to treatment, she’ll die soon. Hey.. It’s your wish whether your
mother’s death will be better or worse. Doctor is trying to say.. Sir, have a seat. Hey, leave me. Doctor, my mother will get better for sure. Even God can’t help your mother. Trash your foolish belief. Sir, Can’t you just shut your mouth
for a while? Sir, please be silent. You believe in God’s existence But shouldn’t I believe
that Mom gets better? Diya, see I imprinted your name on my hand. It’s a spelling mistake. My name is D I Y A not T H I Y A. Diya, is it four letters? Oh my God! Ok, not an issue I lost my blood for writing 5 letters,
consider it dear. Get lost.
– Please Diya Don’t be cheap by pleading.
– No, it’s ok. Please Diya. Go away. Go girl, go..Go and share your life
with that man, end of the street. Whom did you talk about? That hunk who looks like flag pole
– Khalifulakhan, I was talking about him. Leave that and think about these 5 letters Hey… [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hey. Hey. Hey.. Hey.. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hey, lucky chance. Say cheese! Go away I’m already irritated, stop taking selfie. Oh God, what’s your problem now? He started smoking again. So what? So.. Why isn’t he able to give up smoking? After all, can’t he get over this? How can he lead his life?
– Leave it babe He likes to smoke that’s why he does. But, I don’t like it.
– He doesn’t like you. There’s nothing like that. Then, why did he leave without a word? That is, he was tortured
at office and flats. We should run way if a dog chase us right?
– Oh! Then why didn’t he try to meet you
after he’s back 2 days ago? He’s avoiding you Why can’t you understand that child? He doesn’t deserve your love. He blindly run way if a dog chase him. What shall we do now?
– Why do you ask me? Ask me if you want to break up.. I don’t have any ideas to patch up. Tomorrow is our school’s anniversary right? Yeah, why? Hi, this is Diya I know that you won’t answer my call. That’s why, this lengthy message for you. Today is our 6th school
anniversary programme. It’s from 9-12 So, if you can meet me
at 9:30 near Nehru park. I won’t suicide if you don’t come. I won’t even threaten to commit suicide. At least, come that I don’t do it. I hope for a reply And thanks for taking
time to read my message. Message.
– Oh God! Your lover is arrogant You sent him a lengthy
message and he replies K Does he think he’s gutsy? I didn’t expect at least this from him. So, will you take it easy? You reply back saying Hmmm Then, it’ll hurt him like a spicy chilli. I thought you’ll call me in the morning
– Is it? You might be busy all night.
– There’s nothing like that. Stop kidding. No way. Let’s see. Mom. Nurse..Doctor..come fast. Nurse, check what happened to Mom. Hey, You’ve done what you wanted to right? By the time I went in,
mom wasn’t able to breathe. Hey, what are you talking? I don’t know anything.
– Don’t act! You intentionally turned off ventilator.
– Hey, leave me I said that because I wasn’t able to
see her in that condition.. I can’t dare to kill her so
I requested you for mercy killing. Arjun, I can’t kill my sister by myself.
– Then, who must have done it? Did he do it? Your crossing the limits
Arjun..why should I? Hey, speak in Telugu man. Was it off by itself if it wasn’t you
who did that? I’ll destroy this hospital. Stop it Arjun, please stop it. Do you want to know who did that? Let’s see that in CCTV If hospital staff did that,
I’ll definitely make them pay for it. Come. Sister, doctor is calling you. Madhu,
– yes doctor. Rewind the footage of coma patient’s room.
– Ok. One second.. Did you say your mother couldn’t breathe? For the first time, she
opened her eyes at 7 am. Forward it. Yeah, sure sir. She’s conscious for like 2 hours After that, she tried to attempt suicide. Bro.. Motor cells were slow
so she’s done that after 29 minutes But doctor, she’s the first patient I’ve seen.. Who tried
to suicide after getting conscious from coma. Patient will be conscious for
2.5 hours after coming out of coma. May be, she had been
conscious for short periods. Doctor, will she be alive again? But, she wants to die by herself. If she don’t desire to live,
no treatment can help her. Please do something to
save her doctor, Please. What can doctor do? She’s in coma and on the other hand,
she’s got sores.. I keep saying Mercy killing. She decided to end her life to
not become a burden for you. It’s not in doctor’s hands
for your mom to be alive It’s in your hands..
– Shut up man. I’m completely blank now. I should die every day if she’s gone Or I should kill you all
to get her back to life. I’ll do that, I’ll kill you all..
That’s it. What is this, Sir? Bro, calm down. Doctor, that coma patient is conscious. Oh my God! Oh no, shit! Oh no, shit! Arjun, please wait outside. Nurse. Sir, please take him outside. Let’s go bro.
– Nurse, connect the IV machine Sir, please come. Sir. I asked you to connect that. Come, let’s wait outside. Make it fast. Hurry up. Doctor will take care of it, you just come. Let’s go. Oh my God! It’s amazing, make it fast. Listen, nothing will happen to mom
Doctor will take care of it. Hey bro, please drink. Hey, drink some water. Where are you going? Stay still.
– Mom.. Why is she bleeding mom? That is, she slipped in bath room And she her head is badly hurt,
so she’s bleeding. Is it why she’s bleeding? That’s why, they brought her to hospital. No mom. Bro, why did mom do that? I don’t understand anything. We saw it in CCTV at the right time. Hey Arjun. Hey, bro. Hey. Hey, bro. Hey, come.
– Leave him.. It’s fine, let them be alone. Doctor. Let’s go, come on… Something happens against us
like shown in movies right? I’ve seen such a sentimental scene. I’m talking to you You, yourself don’t know
if you’re alive or not. But get one thing to your mind.. You are alive. You always ask me to listen to you right? Now, you listen to me. Don’t you want to see me get married? Don’t you want to play
with your grandchildren? I’ll give birth to a boy, he too will be
dumb like me in maths. You should teach him math
tables by pinching him. Listen to me, If you want to do anything for me You have to be alive mom. You have get up and walk again. And stay with me lifelong. Olive ladies and kids.. Kids are coming. Hey, what’s this? Why aren’t you dressed
up for your school anniversary? This sexy girl dressed up very well. Don’t call me that, I’m not. You’re sexy girl..look at your
makeup and body shine. That’s just blush bro. Diya, what’s his intention?
– Google it. I’ll tell it, sexy.. You dare to see your face early
in the morning only after makeup That’s why I called you that. I guess you’ve been preparing
for this programme since 2 days. You’re right bro.
– What’s right? Come and get in auto.
– Don’t get angry sexy. Come fast, I have to change at school. He’ll meet me at 9:30, come. It’s ok, sit down. Bleeding stopped.. Now, she’s alright. Take proper care of her. Let’s hope for the best. [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Talk bro.
– Who’s that? It’s Diya bro. I don’t have mood to talk.
– Bro, it’s important. I spoke with her, you have to talk. Hello. Arjun, I’m at police station. She waited for you at a wrong place. Police have mistaken
and took her to police station. Hey, what are you saying? Hey, what are you doing there at this time?
– Wait I will tell you. I wore a saree to show you It’s my mother’s saree. I look like a woman. You know, I looked older. That’s why I’m here. You’ve increased my problems. Inspector asked me to call my dad I was clueless so I called you. Just a minute.. What shall we do now?
– We should get her out, that’s it. Hey, you go get her out from there. We’ll take care of mom. Just go bro.
– Come, let’s go bro. Wait a minute… What are you thinking? Where is that auto driver’s home? Diya is in a problem. You have to come and act like her brother. Who are you? Sir, I’m Diya’s brother. Dear, I can’t find our daughter anywhere.
– Then, who are they? Shit.. Shit.. Bro.. Oh, are they her parents? Diya… Diya, Diya.. Look at your father. What happened to you? Why are you sitting like a statue? Look at my daughter. Calm down dear. Is it him? Is he the reason for this situation? Dear.
– Hey.. Dear, don’t do that.
– Sir… Sir.. Kill you.
– What’s this nuisance at station? Sir, leave me.
– Will take care Leave me Sir.
– He’s the reason for all this. Leave it Sir. Come..
– He’s the one who troubled my daughter. What is this dear? Hey.. Please don’t cry dear. I can’t see my daughter in such situation. Oh God! why did it happen to my daughter?
– Please don’t cry dear. Why are you crying for a daughter like her. Don’t say that, don’t say
that about our daughter. Don’t say like that.
I’m not crying. Dear. You too don’t cry. We came to complain about
our missing daughter. But she’s here in that situation. We didn’t even get the
hall ticket for her public exam. But this happened before that My daughter’s future will be ruined. It’s a delicate matter, A question of our reputation. You have to save us from this. Take her home, I’ll manage it. Thanks Sir. Thank you so much. Aren’t you ashamed to trouble a school kid? Sir.. That girl is behind him Sir. I can understand that. She’s silly to think that highly
scored subject is her favourite.. It keeps changing with time. She’s from girl’s school so
she might not have seen boys That’s why she liked you
at her first sight. She can easily change her mind
after she joins college. See, how she escaped from a problem. You’re lucky that her father
didn’t complain about you Otherwise you would get thrashed. Why is he calling now? Hey bro, mom is conscious.. Doctor said everything is normal Come fast guys. Hello… Hello, why aren’t you talking? Bro, mom is fine now. Hey… I told her that you went home, maintain it. Ok? Bro.. It’s been 4 years that your father died
a question of our reputation. She’s crying like it happened yesterday. Hey, go inside.. get in bro. Oh no no.. “I’m the song of your dreamland” “You’re my treasured in my protection” “Sleep my dear, sleep…” “Like a cute elephant, shall I give a ride” “Show you the moonlight like a moon” “Sleep my dear, sleep…” Be Careful. Oh no.. “A rush of joy, A sweet love,
A shine of jasmine spreads” “To reach you, To touch you,
I move along to get near” “My hearts speak out to you,
full of sweetness and no distress” “God’s will, Wick of light,
lovely form, all are you” Arjun. Did you eat my dear. Bro. Arjun. Brother. Don’t cry my dear… Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Mom. My dear. Brother, my husband died right? He looks similar to his dad. Dear, won’t you talk to your mom? I’m scared mom. Whatever I ask might be wrong So, I’m unable to ask how are you. I know how you’ve been all this long. So that, will you not call me mother? I always called you mummy since childhood. That’s why, Mummy returns now. My lovely kid. My dear.. That’s fine, what is this? What is this? Is it a cigarette? How long have you been smoking? You father never had such bad habits. How did you get habituated? Oh no, Did I come back to life to see this? Listen, don’t kill me by killing yourself. Bro, we have to tell him clearly
without dragging it. Don’t get confused. Hey, I was right from the beginning
but you’re confusing me. Let me talk this time and you be calm.
I’ll take care of it. I’ll take care. – Ok, ok..you
talk. I won’t talk, is that fine? His life depends on what you talk now. Ok bro.
– Hey, he’s here. Hey… Go and talk with him. What guys? Why did you call? What’s the matter?
– He’s got something to talk. Bro, you and Diya.. You and Diya.. I’m a bit
confused so he’ll say. Bro, it’s yours this time. Tell bro. Hey, tell me. Hey, what happened to Diya? What happened for her? Bro, both of you should patch up. What’s this? You wanted
us to break up right? Now, you want us to
patch up. What’s going on? We watched Saajan movie
last night, that’s why. Stop joking. That’s what I’m saying, enough of kidding. Shall we talk seriously? Seriously? Oh sure, we’ll talk. Come on guys. Why don’t you talk something? Why are you talking like a good man? It’s not good.. Neither you see each other nor you break up
We just can’t see this happening. I take off a picture that’s
torn more than half.. If I can’t pull it off,
I’ll stick everything back. What bro, are you working
part time to stick posters? No, you always talk about pulling off,
pasting, stitching right? That’s why I doubt about it. Bro, are you tensed?
– Yes. Sorry bro. I’ll hit you if you open your mouth again. Is it done? Did you discuss? You guys want to patch us
up but I don’t want to. Why don’t you? I feel insecure about it. Hey, why is he talking like a girl? It can be.. I have a job,
I earn and have a house.. I can give her a secured life till the end. Yeah, ok. But, I have no hope that
she’ll be with me till the end. Bro, you’ve been like
this since the beginning. I met auto driver Venu, on the way home. Diya went to write Model exam. We’re are also responsible
for her situation. Hey, you alone are responsible, not me. Ok, I’m responsible of it She had seen everything
that’s beyond her age. After 10 years, I shouldn’t feel bad that you
guys would be happy if I haven’t interfered Oh no no. You might think why I
behave like a mediator. But you are my friend,
there’s nothing wrong in that. Hey, you have to tell her your true feeling
positively.. That’s when she can pass. What’s positivity? She’s not knowledgeable that
life’s good if she pass in public exam. How can she believe that her life
will be good if she’s with me? I understood that she can’t
take a wise decision at this age. I understood it very well. Don’t talk about Diya anymore. Hey.
– Hey, bro. Shit! Do you know what your daughter did? Wait… Hey, pass it. Miss. Patricia asked me to pass it on
to Meenakshi. – Hey are you mad. I won’t pass this exam anyway You pass it on to her. She did the right thing, What’s wrong in that? That’s what I thought, But.. Give me your answer sheet and get out. Ma’am, please ma’am. Ma’am. Please mam
– I asked you to give it to me. Ma’am,
– Leave it. Then, read Diya’s paper as well. Here, See for yourself..what she wrote. Take it and read. Madam. Should I?
– Read it. Last night I’ve seen Baahubali
song in a music channel Hero Prabhas is tall in that song.. I like tall guys. And I hate girls who torture boys. Read it aloud. Such girls in reel or real life,
should not be spared. Read it completely Before you finish them,
check if their hair is real. Because, Most girls have wigs after
losing hair due to straightening. Or else they go to beauty parlour
to get back lost hair. Now, I have two doubts. First, is your daughter a girl or boy? Why is she angry on everyone? Second, She’s a bright kid..what happened to her? If it continues, she’ll
fail in public exam. Sir, what happened? What should I say? My daughter’s life is ruined, Venu. And that useless love is
the reason for all of it. A generation itself is ruined. It stinks. They are getting worse
watching TV and movies. Shit! Who told you that? There’s nothing like that,
what you say is too much. Haven’t anyone loved before TV and movies? Sir, don’t take me wrong If love is a bad thing, Then you and your wife are reason for it. Sir, the relation between parents will
teach them everything about love, marriage. It’s not that I don’t understand it. When she is in 10th grade She studied about reproductive system. Why can’t she know about
Love in her intermediate? See.. In first year, I left it to her choice
to pick a group for her career.. In second year, I couldn’t permit her
to choose a life partner. Venu, I always drive safely But if my daughter sits behind I go fast.. Just to make sure that
none will see or stare at her. I increase the speed and go very fast. I loved and cared her that way. I always want my daughter
to be safe and secure. She should be safe. “Shadow makes us happy when it’s sunny” “Get wet in rain to be happy” “Essence of air makes us happy” “Imagine sorrow as a friend to be happy” “World flies like a peacock feather” “My lips might be perfect, with a bribe” “This is what I feel happy about” “Shadow makes us happy when it’s sunny” “Get wet in rain to be happy” “Essence of air makes us happy” “Imagine sorrow as a friend to be happy” Hey Arjun. Arjun. I’m coming. Come here Where did you keep the spices box?
– It will be somewhere around here Take it out.
– There it is. Oh, my favourite dish.. make it. Who’s that Diya? How do you know Diya? They said it in weather forecast! What are you? Everyone
here talks about her. Is she studying Intermediate? Do you like her? I got married at her age. Don’t you know that? Only few people will be wise
to think about life at that age. Back then, government rules
weren’t that strong. Nowadays, your world is
treasured in your pockets. You life will be known worldwide
just with one touch. But one thing, People will keep talking
even there’s nothing. Do you get it?
– Hmmm. Listen, no one is asking you marry tomorrow But give it a thought. I’ve thought about it mom I’ll marry after few years. What do you mean by few years? I know how hard it is, to live
without loved ones nearby. If you like it, go for it then and there. If you try to sustain everything I will fry your head in this kadai, Go away Stop blushing. Thanks mom. Ok… Go. You’ve grown so tall, go. Thank God. Hi bro. Its switched off. Hey, what happened bro? Public exams will start soon right? Ok. – What if she fails
not knowing that I love her? So? Switched off again! So what? I can’t love her in uniform
for one more year. She has to join college. That’s right! Ok, go bro. Go.. Hey, don’t give her ideas to copy.
You don’t know it for yourself. What happened to this? Auto… Auto.. What doesn’t he stop? Arjun..
– Auto, don’t stop..Keep going. Why Madam?
– I asked you to keep moving. Ok madam, I’ll go. Diya.. Hey, Venu. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Diya. “No end for her enraged youthfulness” “This madness moves around her” “No strength to console,
it’s thorny inside” “In search of you for every step I take”
“No end for her enraged youthfulness” “This madness” Diya. “moves around her” “My looks are spread all over the path”
“No strength to console” -Stop. “It’s thorny inside” Brother, don’t go too fast He should follow us behind,
maintain that speed. Hey, we were mistaken that you’re young. “This moment says” “You’re my sectarian mark” “Every melody is a sweet tone” “My heart shines with dreams” Diya.. Damn! this cigar! Hi. Come running for me one day,
then you’ll understand. I feel like burning up all
the cigarettes at once. Don’t kill me by killing yourself. Are you a chain smoker? [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Smoking is injurious to health. What? Water. Telugu. I can’t love you in school
uniform for one more year. Will you pass this time? Hello… What were you thinking? Do you alone think about it? There’s nothing like you think it is. Oh, did you prepare well then? Hmmm. Right. Ok, aren’t you eating well? You became thin. I’ll be like this, find someone
if you need a better shape. No, no.. School kids will look average But after joining college they’ll
turn beautiful suddenly. You too will..
– You! I will wait.
– Hey.. Go aside and wait.
It’s getting late for her exam. Ok Venu brother.. Alright, All the best. I was expecting I love you. Do you know this? It’s been so long we said that. So, I think actions are better than words. You, idiot! I’ll write everything you said on my auto. Please leave man. It’s her public exam. Leave it brother, go.
– You are so irresponsible. Go fast brother.
– Ok, you go. Bye Diya, I’ll buy chocolates
for you in the evening. Bye.
– Bye. God! She must be crazy. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Hi. Why do you always be in uniform? Will you be like this lifelong? That’s my fate. Oh.. Leave it, You’re more romantic in
school uniform than this. Oh, you guy! we can never satisfy you. Thank you, visit again. Come, you Shorty! [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]


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