HEIR (2019)-(বাংলা) A Suspense-Drama Short Film By Subhradeep & Guys| Deep | Pinanko | Payel | Asim

NILOY – Today I am gifting my only son Sam on his 25th Birthday. Enjoy Sam. This is for you. NILOY – I have given the exact thing which I have promised. SAM – Do you know what gift i got! SOUVIK – What uncle have given you? SAM -: Rs. 25 LAKHS. I recommended you to keep this safely at you room as other guests are available at my bedroom. Keep it safely with you, bro. SOUVIK – My name is Souvik. This house belongs to my friend Sam, where i am staying as a PG for 6 years I have started staying here during the initial days of my Engineering study and spend for first 4 years till graduation. After the graduation, it’s been now 2 Years past now where I am still staying in this house, jobless. But Sam’s parents don’t interfere in my business because of my friend Sam, who is a jobless too. Niloy Uncle is a Mable Businessman and yesterday he has gifted Sam Rs. 25 Lakhs on his 25th Birthday. But that money got stolen from my room where I have kept on Sam’s request. So everybody, except Sam is suspecting me behind the steal. But I am neither a sleuth nor
a cop to catch the real culprit alone. So how will I prove myself innocent? Let’s think about every spent moment I had after the party’s over. May be I might get a clue. SUPRIYA – Was it so necessary to make both of your cousin Sukhen and Sumon stay in our house for
this night. They could have left our house after the party’s over. NILOY – But??? SOUVIK – Can’t you see I haven’t finished my glass yet. Get lost. SAM – Get Lost. SUKHEN – Niloy da, will you do me a favour? Will I stay at your house today? As I live at the outskirts and it won’t be easy for me to go
back after this party night. NILOY – Certainly. Today is my Son’s Birthday. Besides, this is considerably your house too. SUPRIYA – What about Sumon? Is he again told you to make him stay and to give him money for his
gout sickness? SUMON – Niloy da, can I stay at your house tonight? Due to my gout problem I won’t be able to return home tonight. NILOY – Certainly. Why not! Today is my son’s birthday. SUMON – Need a small favour. Can you please give Rs. 10,000 for my gout treatment, if you don’t mind! NILOY – Look this is my house and my relative. So I know what to do and what not to do. SUPRIYA – Will you ever listen to me? NILOY – Why should I even? This is my house, my property and money which comes from my
business. You are only a housewife so stay at your limit. SOUVIK – I really enjoyed today’s party, bro. SAM – Look buddy. I hate those two uncles. They only know how to take advantage of
my father’s wealth. So, I have my own request. Please tell them to stay at your room for this night
since AC is not working at guest room. SOUVIK – But??? SAM – What do you mean? Ok (sigh). If you do what I say then tomorrow we will go for party again. SOUVIK – Ok, Done. SAM – By the way, did you kept the gift money safely? It’s all your responsibility. SOUVIK – Nicely kept. Don’t worry it’s my responsibiity. SOUVIK – But one more thing. We can’t spend much money out of it as Niloy uncle gave this to start
a business and I will be your business partner too. Since this is the only chance to do something in
life as we are college drop out with no jobs. SAM – Lets think about business later as I have to give some money to you as well as you need to
deliver some of it to your parents. SOUVIK – Well, it’s a bitter truth that I give lumpsum amount to my parents every month by lying to them that I have earned from my job. This money actually belongs to Niloy uncle which Sam gives me. SOUVIK’S MOM – Hi son. How are you? We are ok I have received your money yesterday. When will you come home? It’s been a long time we haven’t seen you. Ok. Fine. Take care. RAJU – Souvik Da, where should I keep this? SOUVIK – Duffer. Don’t you know? Put it on the floor. SOUVIK – How dare you to light the bheedi in front of me. Get lost buddy or you will be trouble. RAJU – Ok. Never mind. RAJU – Sir, I have delivered your necessary sleeping belongings to Souvik da’s room. If you need anything,
just call me. I will take nap at the drawing room floor today. SUMON – This is the only guy in this house who always respect us, nevertheless how
difficulty we had faced. SUKHEN – Thanks Raju for all your help and support. RAJU – No problem Sir. This is my duty. SUMON – When will you visit your native house next time? RAJU – No idea Sir. Obviously, I also don’t like to leave this house, as Supriya aunty always cares for
me and treats me like her own son. SUKHEN – What about Niloy? RAJU – It is impossible to keep everyone happy though. Anyway get off to sleep. Good Night Sir. SOUVIK – Oh yeah. The floor is well prepared for your sleep. Go ahead. SUMON – Ok No problem No problem SOUVIK – So, this is what had happened last night. Now, i think only Sam can help me out with this mess. SAM – Since I have known Souvik for years, so I don’t think he had done it. SUPRIYA – I don’t know anything about your matter. Was it really necessary to give him so much money? RAJU – Aunty…. NILOY – Don’t speak to me like that. SAM – Ok Ok, let me speak with Souvik personally regarding this matter SUPRIYA – Raju, please go with Sam. SAM – Why he will go with me! RAJU – Don’t worry brother. Niloy uncle started suspecting the two uncles, besides giving you three
days to find out the stolen money. Niloy uncle is too good. He didn’t lodge any FIR yet. SOUVIK (Thinking) – Hmmm…. FIR for the black money! SOUVIK – What are you doing here? Get lost buddy or you will be in trouble. RAJU – Actually I got to collect my bheedi packet which I left last night. SAM – Hey buddy. I don’t know how to react. SOUVIK – No Buddy, please sit here and please …. SAM – Look…. As we have stayed together for so long time. So I am
asking you a very simple and casual question. Did you know where the money is? SOUVIK – No Sam. Believe me. I didn’t. Couldn’t figure out what’s going on exactly. By the time I
woke up the two uncles gone. Then I checked at the table, the money was gone too. SAM – Table? Did you keep at the table? SOUVIK – Yeah. That is my only mistake. SAM – I dont know what to tell you. Well just think of it once as anyhow we need to retrieve
the money bro. SUKHEN (Thinking) – What an item! I wish I could…. Oh No!!! Whose Calling. Bad Timing indeed… SOUVIK – Calling from Local Police Station. am I speaing with Sukhen SUKHEN – Hello. Yeah it’s me. But why? Anything happened? There was a theft last night at Mr. Roy’s house. You were the
visitor. Where can we meet for the interrogation? SUKHEN – But Sir. I didn’t steal the money. I am a relative of Niloy. Honestly speaking, I am a middle
class man, I don’t have much money. But I do not have the mentality to steal from my brother. But
for your satisfaction, you can come to my place. SOUVIK – But how do you know that I called you for the monetary stolen case? SUKHEN – Niloy called me this morning. And was asking me whether to lodge the FIR Since he is suspecting Souvik But I told him to lodge FIR doesn’t matter whether Souvik has even done it. SOUVIK – Did you left Souvik’s room between the time you entered his room for sleep and the time
you departed during morning? SUKHEN – Yeah. Once. I went to toilet. SOUVIK – Ok. Text me your address. SOUVIK – Hmmm…. Now, that means the other suspect Sumon uncle is the real culprit Let’s pay him a visit. SOUVIK – Why did you steal the money? SUMON – How dare you to speak to me at my house. SOUVIK – The gift packet was having pink colour which I had kept at my bedroom’s table and a cloth
was wrapped partially. You might have seen the partial pink part and guessed the packet and
perhaps stolen it. Please tell me honestly or I will go to police for FIR. SUMON – What? I have I stolen the money? There is no need to steal the lump sum amount I frequently gets petty cashes from niloy By acting as a gout patience Do you what to know the reason for it? Because he is a rich person he have lots of money But not have a poor life just like I am having. So, I lie and cheat him always. SOUVIK – But your matter got leaked to me now! SUMON – Sukhen called me few minutes ago. told that Niloy have lodged FIR. police might come here anytime Then you will get arrest Is there anyone going to believe any words of you who have stolen Rs. 25 Lakhs? Who will going to believe that I don’t have any gout problem or I take petty cashes from Niloy by lying him Who will going to believe all this. You are anyhow going to jail. SUMON – You scumbag Last night because of you, I have to sleep in the floor. now, habituate yourself to sleep in the rotten floor of a jail. SUMON – Hey you bloddy thief. Come back here. SOUVIK – Hello Sam. just now send a message to you. Check Whatsapp don’t let him go Keep your eyes on him. SOUVIK – Tell me where is the money? SAM – You idiot. How dare you to steal the money. RAJU – Please leave me. SAM – We had considered you a family member. When you have seen so much money, you became
so greedy, you greedy punk. SUPRIYA – What going all these? Stop it boys. Leave Raju. He has no fault. SAM – But mom, we have the proof. Raju had stolen my birthday gift. SOUVIK – I can proof it. Last night he put his Beedi packet in pocket and departed. Today morning he again came into my room and took the packet from the floor. So that’s clear while stealing the money, the packet has fallen from his pocket. SUPRIYA – Do you know why he has stolen the gift? Because I told him to do so NILOY – Oh, Supriya. So you have started stealing money, eh? Then tell me, how much money you have stolen
since our marriage? SUPRIYA – Just shut up. Enough of your insult in front of the young boys. NILOY – How dare you to speak to me like that, you filthy housewife? SUPRIYA – How dare am I? Who are you? What are you? Do you know anything about parenting? Do
you know what is the future of your son and Souvik? Only this housewife know what is Parenting and how to run a family. You only know how to make wealth and money and this housewife know how to convert this so
called black/white money of yours into clothing, housing and parenting. NILOY – You are crossing your limit. SUPRIYA – Oh yes I am crossing the limit. I also regret if I would have crossed my limit a long ago then
things would have been a little different. What do you think of yourself? The way you treat Sam, is it
a correct parenting? Sam even doesn’t able to realise what is called RESPONSIBILY. He didn’t became
mature. Whenever I used to scold him for his wrongness you used to keep me aside each and every
time. Beside Sam, Souvik’s life also got into trouble. Tell me Souvik, for how long you will keep
sending uncle’s money to your parents by keeping them into darkness. Don’t you feel ashamed lying
to them? Don’t you have any goal to become success in life? And Niloy, what you think; if you give
Sam so much money to start a business, he will become successful! He even doesn’t know
how to manage people and business. How many times he had visited your marble factory? NEVER. Look at Raju. He might be not so educated, but he always obey the rules given by me and respected a lot. Niloy, if
you would have spent a single penny on Raju’s education, he would easily become successful in life. So Niloy, I have saved your so called Rs. 25 lakhs or else it would have washed down with loads of
liquors for Sam and Souvik. Sorry to say, since I belonged to a middle class family so atleast I know the correct way of parenting. Sam and Souvik, you will attend off campus drive from tomorrow to get yourself a job. First learn
how to become a good human being then think about your leisure time and doing business. And by
the way, Raju don’t need so much money, because on my guidance, he managed to get a Govt job

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