Henry Kisses Charlotte?! 😮 CHENRY Moments | Henry Danger

Ugh, I should lift weights more. You mean, ever? Henry, you gotta save me! I know, that’s why I’m here,
and why I lift weights. [cheering] [roaring] Shut up, Lion! I’m in the middle of something here. Oh, thank God. – It was just a dream.
– What was just a dream? Lips! You dream about lips? Uh, giant lips, and not yours, they were chasing me down
a hall of popcorn, you weren’t there, leave me alone! OK, but you got
a phone on your face. That’s where I put my phone
when I’m sleeping, God! – Where you going?
– Uh, I gotta make outta here. I mean get out of here!
I’ll kiss you later! I mean I’ll catch you later! Where is this elevator? – Hiya, Charlotte!
– Ah! What’s your beef, Stu? Nothing! No one! Normal! Normal! – Hey Char–
– Ah! My coinage! Hey, uh, Jasper… Stole Ray’s favorite pair of jean
shorts and turned himself invisible. – What? How did Jasper–
– Come down to the, down to the basement… the totally normal
basement of this building. Yeah, OK, I’ll be down in a peck…
uh, I mean a sec. Sorry, I kisspoke…
I mean misspoke! Leave! Was that the boy you almost
kissed in your dream? Shh! Are you sure you don’t
like him that way? Because he is a sweet piece of candy. Please stop talking! – Can I try the ring?
– Yeah, here. – Uh, were you–
– Uh, it’s just– There’s a button at
the bottom of the ring, it’s– Check it out, Henry’s asking
Charlotte to marry him. No he’s not! When they’re married,
I will call them “Chenry”. Pfft, that’s never gonna catch on,
obviously it’s “Henlette”. – #Henlette.
– We’re not getting married! – Not until you kiss, you’re not.
– We’re not kissing! Runaway bride! I hate this elevator, I hate it! Ah! Why is this always here? [screaming] [roaring] Welcome back, Charlotte,
I’ve been waiting for you. My breath smells good. Let’s kiss. [screaming] Hey, Charlotte!
We’ve been waiting for you. OK, done my job, I’m leaving. [screaming] – What was that?
– Charlotte just fell into the lion’s den. Well that’s not good. – Charlotte, you OK?
– Yeah, I’m good. Great, maybe watch out
for that lion, though. [roaring] [screaming] I got you, I got you,
come on, I’ll pull you up. Ah! – What are you doing?
– Um… – This is just like my dream.
– What dream? I don’t wanna tell you! Woah, woah, woah, you can’t
be in there unless you’re a lion, which you are not! C’mon Charlotte, climb up that wall
and I’ll pull you out. – No!
– Why not? Um, because you just got back
from the bathroom and you usually don’t
wash your hands afterwards. Gross, is that true? – Heh heh–
– It’s true! – You would’ve said no by now.
– Look! We can talk about my bathroom hygiene
after I save this person I do not know. But then why do I keep
having that dream? I don’t know, man,
dreams are weird, OK? Can we please have this
conversation after I save you from– Hey, look right over there,
it’s a dang lion! – Promise you won’t try to kiss me?
– Yes, I prom– I’ll look away, OK, here,
take my hand, please, I’m not even looking, see?
I’m looking away. – Is this you? Alright.
– Yeah. [screaming] – OK, alright.
– OK. OK. See? You’re fine, and we’re
definitely not kissing. – OK, let’s get to the kissing!
– Not gonna happen.


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