Henry Trilogy: In rehearsal

[A chorus of voices harmonising] Come, shelter shelter! I have removed Falstaff’s horse, and he frets like a gummed velvet. They’re so enjoyable these plays. Give me my horse, you rogues! Give me my horse and be hanged! They are unexpected – Strike, down with them – cut the villains’ throats! They’re funny. [Yelling] They’re playful. [Inaudible noise] Oohh well then I’ll go with thee. One thing that’s amazing about Shakespeare and about these plays in particular is that he’s a great observer of the human condition. [Singing] But Hotspur, Harry Hotspur… This is Worcester, malevolent to you in all aspects… I think everyone can relate to sort of difficult family tensions. But I have sent for him to answer this. The families that have these disagreements are also responsible for the national interest. Sir John, your horse stands behind the hedge. Yes, I suppose the biggest misconception about the plays is that they’re boring slices of history. Case ye, case ye! On with your vizards! These plays have horror themes, they have quite a lot of comedy as well… ‘Tis going to the King’s tavern – [Laughter] … so it lends itself to the audience. It really helps that we’re all in it together. [Singing] The darkness cries, aloud across… You really need the audience to be in the scene with you and be the crowd, or the army, or that sort of N-th character. We can’t tell the story without them really. It’s more of a rock concert, the mosh pit where everyone’s standing, so that kind of energy is very useful. Now, my masters, happy man be his dole, say I. Every man to his business! Hilarious Funny Fierce Pacey Cunning Expectations, consequences, and legacy! [Singing] He found one man would die…

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