Here’s What It Takes – A Conversation With The Creators | Stratford Festival 2020

Steven Page: 00:01 [inaudible 00:00:01] five?
I think it’s been five years of work and then there were a few years before that of discussion. Daniel MacIvor: 00:07 The idea was Steven
sent me a bunch of songs, maybe 15 songs or something. So before I sat down to really
trying to craft a story, I asked Steven, “What is this all about for you, really?” One of
the phrases that he used was the cost of creation, what it takes from us, what it takes to do
it, and what it takes from us. Steven Page: 00:27 The idea of Here’s What
It Takes being both the stamina and everything else that you must have in order to create,
but also here’s what it removes from the rest of your life. (singing) Donna Feore: 00:54 Here’s What It Takes is
a musical that is about rock’n’roll and that’s a big world. This world starts in the 80’s
and it moves us through to the present day. So it travels through time. So it’s a big
adventure. I mean, this is really a love letter to rock’n’roll. It’s the evolution of music.
A great musical has songs that the lyrics really tell a incredible narrative, and that’s
Steven Page. He has such a wonderful sense of humor, but he catches us with the depth
of his writing and the meaning of life, but also humanity. Daniel MacIvor: 01:33 The songs are amazing.
The songs are powerful and fun. And the other day I got very moved, just hoping that I was
able to kind of create something that could honor these songs, to surround these songs. Donna Feore: 01:47 Daniel MacIvor is one of
our most beloved playwrights in this country. And to bring these two guys together, which
I would call incredibly unlikely mashup is what makes for exciting theater and exciting
musical theater. Steven Page: 02:01 Donna is a force of nature. Daniel MacIvor: 02:03 We really do come from
three different worlds. Steven Page: 02:05 That’s right. But we, we
totally do see eye to eye. We. all want exactly the same show. Daniel MacIvor: 02:11 I think because it’s
set in the music world, it’s set in the music industry, that it allows us to play with,
so they’re very kind of, rock songs, concert style. There’s musical theater style. Steven Page: 02:29 And then there’s Motown
influenced stuff, and then there’s rock’n’roll and it’s all over the place. But that’s kind
of what all of my records, even with Barenaked Ladies have kind of been. So it does have
that consistent voice. Donna Feore: 02:41 And also what I find so
interesting about this piece is the eighties and this Walker Roads band. When you look
at the influences of the Duran Duran’s, Depeche Mode, and how much they influenced the artists
today. If you don’t know these bands and you weren’t alive, it really doesn’t matter because
when you come to see, Here’s What It Takes, it’s a trip down memory lane for some of us,
nostalgia, or it’s a discovery. We get to go inside the world of rock’n’roll. And that’s
not always pretty, but often it’s fun. (singing)

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