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[Music] you [Music] [Music] men and women of Jerusalem hear the sentence of the grand Sanhedrin which has a judged guilty of blasphemy and rebellion our mayor son of Zachary and sokar son of hazy headed our great sovereign by the will of God king of Judea as just and deserved punishment for their crimes orders that they shall be hanged upon stakes until they shall both be dead orders that they shall be exposed for today the curses of just been shall follow them into eternity not guilty you won’t believe me my son is not guilty [Music] what I’ll get you some my son I’m going now [Music] let me yes thank you give him this water for pity state remedy for those who have offended our King Herod has murdered that man because he called Herod a murderer return to your work now [Music] who won the battle where our son does business dead in flight and what news not now I am the commander of the stronghold I demand an answer and I am the commander of the King’s Royal Guard I answer only to the key the key to victory Alan’s face does not speak of victory well it’s at the end of Herot silence we must be ready for anything [Music] my key I understand Harlan defeat with how many men have you returned a mere handful of your royal guards and my Adomian cavalry my yellow mercenaries the Thracians the apps they were wiped out and my ships all sunk off at him but I swear to you that they fought valorously and bravely and they would surely have held out longer if answered his mate had not given in and taken to flight Antony was doomed from the moment that he met Cleopatra my king she was the only one who was faithful to him to the end the end he had no other choice but suicide who loses McBay and I have lost with the others listen to my people live your voices in thanks to God to him who has not abandoned us to him who has heard the sound of our voices raised in lemon listen to them they can do nothing else but cats and prey they are all wild dogs lunatic rebels exalted and deceived they will soon feel the fist o Rome but while I live they will all know that Herod is their king while you live did you say no one will ever see me in chains are on I alone will decide the time and the manner of my own end there is only one thing that makes life worth living to fight for something and for someone for what is not my kingdom and ruins and for whom I am alone go Adam my king go farewell my king orders of the King no one may enter his chamber but I can see my father know no one may see him my father is not asked for me no I see he asked for that woman and her son you’re here alive Sara you must warn the Queen at once only she can save him run to her and tell her to go to the king immediately it’s a question of life or death hurry hurry well there was the usual marketplace cries nearly no my brother they were different voices something must have happened my queen Aaron ordered me to come to you it’s a question of life or death for the king hurry mother what has happened to my husband it’s the end of him Miriam Antony has been defeated God’s mercy Miriam don’t go to him don’t go to that man my queen heron said that nobody wants to pass open what are you doing here I have come to say goodbye because my place is at your side Thank You midium but now I must be alone and soon before nightfall you will be alone there will be great rejoicing and prayers of Thanksgiving the whole city is waiting do you think that I do not know it they are all out there in the corridors the streets the squares waiting all asking one another it is still alive don’t talk like that it’s not the first time that fate is against you you must fight fight back why are you saying this because I love you three years ago when you forced me to be your wife I hated you your power fighting me but then your love lit mine so much that I don’t know which flame burns more your heart is good I know it it’s other people’s hate that made you as you are do not leave me you must live but if you have decided then take me with you oh if I could believe you must if I could you could then they would not try them full of Eve let’s flee together to the desert the mountains where no Roman told you will ever find us Miriam it will be as king or not at all you were born a queen and you shall remain so is Octavian is not destiny if not a man what will you do I will live [Music] yes I’ve waited for these words of yours and I bless my bad fortune God has brought your clothes to me [Music] oh it’s you is it shame on you always looking at yourself wait a moment why are you always hurry away I don’t want my mother to see us talking together she doesn’t like you does she comb your hair like a girl it’s disgusting I’m going now you think you’re King it’s too soon I don’t understand your mother would you’re always playing games with words what is it you really want I want to know tell me if this is clear enough for you Herod is finished either he’ll commit suicide or they’ll kill him but but you’re speaking of your own father he’s always despised me perhaps because my mother was not noble like your sister so I asked myself what will happen to aunty bitter when the new king shall be Daniel have you already decided my fate with your wickedness wickedness it’s my skin Daniel [Music] Thomas what does it mean today is the day of mourning the Army has been defeated many men will not return to their homes we exalt their banner they have fought for their king the war has been lost and it is my duty to think of the welfare of my people with different means from the arms which we no longer have and it is for this reason that I have decided to go to Rhodes to pay homage to the new master of the world the victorious Octavian I see among you many anxious faces and the concern that you must have but nobody speaks where are my counselors samia’s you who were proclaimed the interpreter of the law you were summoned here today were you not why do you ask me generally you prefer to listen only to your astrologers now what sir what are your planet’s say today do they speak ill for me I am sorry for it Great King but it is so you should not go I will not listen to predictions Ezra a ceremony will be held in the temple today at sunset for my safe journey and thus every day until I return do you understand yes my king are on we leave at sunrise choose the escort depend upon me torez my king the troops will be drawn up for my departure and the square will be filled with cheering crowds you shall be obeyed Miriam and toddies during my absence see to it that the snakes among us stay in their dens or when I return I will change the color of this room to read this won’t be a pleasure journey all it that’s the reason I asked the honor of being a part of the King’s escort very well you will go with us till tomorrow I thank you are what is it Sara you’ve just come home and now you’re leaving again you make me the most unhappy wife and all the word [Music] Jared needs me at his side and you know I owe him everything if it weren’t for him I would still be a petty chief in the desert of doom eeeh my father met his death beside her in a battle against the Arabs the king will that I should grow up in the palace is one of his family I too owe him everything but how can I ever forget that my own father was killed because of the king he was a soldier and you too are a soldier and I fear that Herod will tear you from me too dear Sarah that will never happen when I think of tomorrow don’t think of it now I have you in my arms smile at me well then no matter whether the news is good or bad but especially if it should be good you understand me don’t you well do the vanquishes a Roman saying and they’re famous for applying it be careful make your escape in time and remember I must be the first to hear absolutely the first to hear of what has happened to Herod I am a good horseman you’ll need money take this my queen [Music] how lovely you are my love why do you look so troubled I have been looking at you and it seems to me that it seemed that you were surrounded by other men and they were asking you is it possible that you could have loved such a monster and you said let’s not speak of it anymore what are you saying it was as though I had ceased to exist life still went on you were still living and you said to them I never loved him it is finished now I want only to forget it only a moment ago I was lying in your arms did you feel my heart did you feel the way it was beating do you think it was lying to you [Music] perhaps you were thinking I can sweeten the last hours of this man every thought of yours is poisoned by suspicion but you must trust me your wife you are so beautiful the most powerful men in the world would throw their kingdoms at your feet what a magnificent prize you will be for the victor they will forgive you that you were Herod’s wife other men will hold you in their arms is your faith in me so miserable your blood is young if I want to live and will revolt of the thought of a dead man you must not say that word you told me that you have hopes and I also have hopes you told me that you will come back and I know you will and nothing will cat this thought from my mind is your anxiety then so little my confidence is so great God will not part then if I ask him you promised me that if I should [Music] this time you sleeve each other what do you want me to do ask me ask me ha nothing my love nothing it was madness but if there is no madness there is no love [Music] Todd is what does this mean they have shut themselves up in their houses to get them out will require a massacre if you order me to perhaps I will when I return now we do not have the time may the Lord going play the Lord prevents your return you you [Music] you have never come into this room before you are wrong I used to live here once when my family reigned over Judea it was our family I often wonder if you remember the blood you bear everyone does the family of heroes that’s how we are known to the people because through the centuries we have dedicated our lives to them and now this chosen people of the Lord must bear the domination of a proconsul of pagan Rome no proconsul will ever dominate our land no to think that Herod will return then or at least that he has made secret agreements with Octavian he’s always been a master of double-dealing hasn’t he as far as double-dealing goes mother I know someone else who was also a master I was filled with joy when I saw you here I needed a word of comfort but you just came to make me suffer what is it that binds you to that idea me I’m barbarian then your marriage to him was an insult to our name he has humiliated you he’s contaminated you you ought to hate him it’s not love it’s nothing but the senses he has bound you to him you fill me with disgust my daughter you cannot admit that I love him and you also cannot admit that I love the son that he gave to me look at him since he came into this world you never came to see him for you he is Herod’s child that is his fault he has a face that is so sweet so tiny and fragile and like all of the children but for you he is Herod’s child if Daniel were king the people would be spared the shame of a Roman proconsul I’ve come to you to know if he would be opposed to the project I am only awaiting his return what a sad thing that mother and daughter should be so divided [Music] so no further the Romans are killing everybody my king what do you intend to do now I shall go on as I have planned two roads you are on will return to the palace my king allow me to go with you I know that you are loyal and brave and it is for this reason that I have chosen you for the task order me a Don if I should not return from roads my king if I said I should not return I do not want to be alone after my death I want her to be with me she whom I love she swears that you will obey me I swear it I want you to go back to the palace and stay by her and protect her while I live but if the news should arrive yes my king she must not even suspect my order you understand I understand [Music] did he give you a message for me he ordered me to stay close to you when to protect you depriving himself of his most valid and loyal men it’s strange how was he when you left him despairing Herod knows how to confront destiny I would love to have his strength I wonder when he will come back by now he should be nearing the island of Rhodes answer me Aaron and be sincere what do you think will happen at Rhodes do you think he will return he will return I wish it as much as you if any news arrives advise me at once rest assured that I will my queen you may go now Aaron you must be very tired Adam why do you think he has returned Herod has sent us his strong right arm his keen and watchful eye is very shadow like Herod Aaron is idumaean a race which has brought misfortune to our land let us hope it will bring misfortune to Aaron also then so Cleopatra queen of Egypt took her own life by causing an ASP to bite her the guards venerable fathers of us all that will that she shall not follow in Chains the commander Claudia of Eris [Music] Kalib Tavian on the coast of Africa near Actium Herot has been taken prisoner with some 100 armed men where were they headed yeah if it’s true as they say that Herod is a madman this is certain proof of it he has asked to see you he wants to speak to you he probably wishes to beg for clemency I cannot be Clement with a man who is a Raiders mercenaries on the side of the traitor Anthony what should we do with him then bring him before me I want to know him I shall measure the pride of one who calls himself Herod the Great be careful of him Octavian Herod is very clever at the use of the treacherous weapon of deceit he’s very shrewd I have crushed other serpents surely more poisonous than he you will wait before concluding my message to the Senate perhaps we may also add that my triumphal chariot in Rome will be followed in Chains by the king of Judea Herod the Great who saw you enter only my servant continue he was chained as I have told you as soon as he dismounted from his horse then he was dragged in a dust like a slave was been condemned to death the commander then ordered him to be lashed the people covered him with spittle and insults well then I thought it best not to stay longer since the soldiers of our Kings escort had already been taken prisoner you will soon hear confirmation of the execution of Herod the news has already arrived early how you have brought it I would you like to become commander of the guards do as I tell you and you will I obey my queen and after he was bound with heavy chains he was dragged into the presence of Octavian but he was already a corpse when he got there from the numerous wounds he had received from the soldiers and the rabble along the way I myself saw a Roman centurion plunge his sword into his back then his dead parents body was devoured by dogs outside the city walls if the Romans find our country torn by disorders they will impose a proconsul upon us and we must avoid this absolutely or it will mean the end of our independence that must never come to pass let Daniel be the new king agreed but let us not forget that there are still many who are faithful to our tyrant people boundary and by blood and self-interest they will be our enemies we must strike them down before they can act I am with you Daniel is king it’s just my father was a monster I will tell it to the people I will tell it to the people before all of you no one could do it better than I can you can trust me I’m with you I am with you answer me no no no what are we to do with him he’ll get what he deserves however he is not dangerous Aaron is dangerous he must be eliminated I approve tonight it’s your concern you’re his friend Erin Erin save me the soldiers have completely surrounded the palace there’s no way for me to risk what’s the matter with you now there’s no hope for me my father is dead what yes you are lying you’re lying no no they want to kill me too I saw it in their faces they’ve condemned me to death just because I am his son and who came back with this news I don’t want to die urn I want to live help me Erin you must help me Oh Liv is it true is Hera dead yes I must speak with you I wanted to go and kneel before Octavian and entreat him to deliver me the remains of the king for an honorable intimate in Jerusalem but I feared for my own life I confess it by disguising myself in these clothes I was able to escape to die like that a great king so great that even destiny itself seemed to be subject to him how much he would have regretted not falling in battle we served him faithfully to the very end I must serve him even beyond the head what did you say he gave me an order have pity have pity pity [Music] [Applause] you my closest friend why they ordered me to do it Oh Aaron what happened he was my friend and he tried to murder me the palace is in great turmoil is it true what they’re saying the king it’s true go back to your chamber and you there is something that I have to do listen to me Aaron there will be a new king new factions will command in the palace don’t set yourself against them on go back to your chamber as I told you and don’t leave it again [Applause] [Music] take the baby any news yes my queen [Music] dead I should have stopped him hey shouldn’t of God oh it’s my fault I can’t live any longer without him I implore you Aaron kill me kill me do as I tell you I [Music] cannot is what he himself ordered me to do but I cannot hey I have always obeyed my king when he has wished it I’ve killed for him with these hands but now you know you must go on living this is what he wanted what has been cannot be changed now you must find new strength and think only of the present and of the future of the future and of your son it is for him that you must live to see him grown up and sitting upon the throne of his father one day you are sure to be proud of him now you must think of the life of your son what do you say a revolt is on the point of breaking out of the palace here there will be plenty of bloodshed and your son will be sacrificed for reasons of state does this not love you my baby who my mother it she who’s behind the plotting and even if she did try to save him the others would prevent her forget about Herod and about yourself if you really love your baby idiot Aaron was quicker than he was now he’ll arouse his guards Karen and all his guard have fled from the palace with the Queen and a little prince I would have preferred to see Aaron in his place he’s headed the great wire his eyes shut seven days in the dark our Tavian bring him here seven days in the dark you can stand you can sleep but without water do you want water I want to talk to you what do you hope to obtain do you know my prisoner if you had captured me Octavian then I should expect to be killed but I came here of my own free will do you think that will soften your fate yes because I have the right the vanquished hath no rights but a king who comes himself to the enemy camp and presents himself to the victim has to be listened to not out of generosity but for your own good do you think Octavian should learn the outs of war from you no victorious Octavian but the politics and life of these Oriental countries especially where my Judea is concerned you will find that it is not like other countries you’re a student ready with your words Eren but Rome has no interest in speeches it is interested in faithful allies in those regions where its frontiers are threatened in Judea cunning an experience served better these were my weapons who will collect your taxes no one has been able to collect them from that people except headed why then seek a new man when you already have one who can be useful to you if you replace me then you will have to send many legions but you need elsewhere must I forget that you put your entire forces in the field against me that you were faithful to Anthony to the very end yes I was faithful and this from a Roman is the greatest tribute that you could pay me do not think of whom I was a friend think of how I was a friend and I will be the same to you to your friendship ships easily from vanquished a victor like a challenge in the circus racing from one turning both to the other you’re very astute Aaron but if you try your shrewdness against the forces of justice it will have no effect upon name as your arms have no effect upon Rome take this man away [Applause] Karim executed Cass Octavian he will stand as an example to the other petit sovereigns who think of rebelling against Rome along the coast of Asia I haven’t decided what is to be his fate whether he will follow in Chains my triumph in Rome or whether he will remain on this coast as a perennial warning of our strength that about greatness he deserves only one fate his death let us leave it to the gods to enlighten us I give no consideration to my personal sympathies Claudius Severus but only to the future of the Empire it is written I have cried to the Lord for a long time and he is listened to my cry and he has drawn me out of the quagmire of despond and he has placed my feet upon the firm rock Daniel remember these words and may your reign be as a rock for the glory of the Lord and of Israel may you be an example of Virtua to the end that the mire which covers this throne through the guilt of an impious King shall be washed away [Music] [Applause] the Roma’s are coming here yes there in front of the palace go on with the coronation how do you must act quickly Ezra accompany him to the throne face the crown upon his head proclaim him the new king of Judea for the glory of the Lord of Israel had of all right [Music] [Laughter] what’s going on is the feast perhaps hahahaha Diaz you will find many strange things about this country they do not perform on the stage as they do in Rome and Greece here they recite their parts in palaces and the characters are not played by actors they are real an ambitious Queen Mother a traitor general I was faithful to you my king as long as I believed you were alive and all are gathered here to perform a comedy a crowning ceremony what did you say the sad news of your death came to our ears as the grievous thing for us all my king where is the Queen where is our own you thought that I was dead yes making only brought back his terrible news to us ah out of my way by order of Octavian Augustus emperor of the Romans Herod is king of Judea to him the people and all of you here Oh absolute obedient father who father you’re alone yes I have returned as I probably to hide myself it’s as much a miracle that I am alive as it is you come back tell me where is the Queen kill them father avenge yourself Wow come on boys will you want some he where is the Queen where it are on him I asked his help but he refused it here we thought of protecting her I’m asking you where is the Queen what had happened to my wife she’s fled fled with him but you safe where does she asked Sarah father kill them father kill them father kill them Sarah my king where is that on well answer me woman you must know I know it’s the Queen with him is she safe yes come then show me where they are midium ah only now do I feel that I’m alive now that I hold you in my arms smell your perfume nothing else exists now the expectation of death the distance longing for you and the terror that I might have lost you this moment makes up for everything speak to me you’re here you have come back I thank God it was not your God that saved hedid he saved himself why do you look at me like this something has changed changed in you if you had loved me how could you have thought decided how could you hoarded where is our own gathering together the men who are still faithful to you because Herod is thought dead and so that his son may be able to reign do you not ask me why why he did not do it I don’t know I only know that I could not order someone to go and kill the one person I loved do you not understand me do you not understand what my love is for you when you were ill two years ago when you almost died I determined then that if your illness should take you from me but I would not continue without you or without you there will be nothing is it so strange then that I should Dammam the same from you but you did not demand it instead you put an assassin at my side and was only through his mercy but you did not find my grave on your return did you even think of your son Aaron did Han not only did he reveal but he should have kept to himself but now he is maybe you my enemy me Oh mayhem or forget my madness I have returned to you and you have not even given me a smile ah what a joy it is to be home again Claudius among my people I know that you are homesick for your Rome but we will do our best to make your stay with us a pleasant one to make this evening unforgettable friends let us show our guests from Rome that peace joy and happiness reign in Herod’s palace you will find Claudius but my people are reticent to display their emotions when they are overcome with joy why let us drink to the new piece of road the piece of those who have eliminated their enemies – Claudius Severus a strong wine which can overcome the dryness of souls now some of my other favorite wines – Alessandra the pride of Israel the noble representative of a most noble blood I don’t drink as you know but for once you must think and for my friends the wines that they most deserve Tara’s a rock of unshakeable faithfulness for you the safe and samia’s for you for you a wine that is cool and limited like wisdom if you should find it somewhat bitter then blame my wisdom father is always something bitter in it what is the matter Are you ill Herod I said drink tells the health of your king are you all afraid to drink my wine your fear has given you away [Music] [Laughter] Daniel they’re in the pool no he’s dead yes no he can’t be dead over don’t listen to me Oh [Music] poor unfortunate boy you murderer I can understand your sorrow Alexandra abomination I knew it I felt it it was you who had him killed you he did not know how to swim he must have fallen in while playing be quiet be quiet I hate you Hotel you he is the king leave her alone she is his mother unfortunate Daniel you had your whole life before you you could have aspired to great things your blood gave you the right I wish that he be buried as a king with full honors exactly as would have been given to Herod if Herod had died don’t touch him mother you’re not my daughter you are not Daniel sister you are only the woman of that murderer you are is accomplice nothing what do you say don’t try to win me with those tears revenge your brother you must kill him and free us from that monster [Music] look at me I implore you give me an answer for this the King does not answer to anyone the King no but my husband yes say only a word a single word to take away this terrible thought from my mind say it was an accident I have already said that it was look at me and tell me again now answer me this question midium which is the data to you your brother’s life or mine supposing you had to choose nobody can demand such a choice very well then let us suppose that the brother intended to kill the husband what then this is your answer then you had him killed listen to what I am saying let us suppose a king who is surrounded by enemies he reads in everyone’s eyes lies hatred treachery its thrown on his life are in danger and in the middle of this rising tide a brother the Queen’s brother this King what should he do should he not forestall his enemies and strike first you revenged yourself on a poor young boy ah there’s a queen another wife you should have replied that what has been done could not have been avoided I hated those who hated you the courtiers who were betraying you the Pharisees who are inviting the people and even those who came by night and soiled the palace walls with insults I even made an enemy of my mother for you because because I loved you there is no room for weakness in this world when must strike first will be destroyed perhaps your enemies are no better than you perhaps they don’t have the right to hate you but I don’t have the right to love you something is dead in me now you killed it no you must not talk like this you do not know what you are saying it is because of what has happened that now you say things that you do not mean later you will understand Miriam it was said that Daniel looked like me that he had my face and my eyes do you still want to embrace me do not speak of him anymore leave me let me go but I need you Herod needs nobody then go and join my enemies the only real enemy you have is you yourself Miriam what are you doing here I heard you and you dare to admit it is it strange I should give thought to my father but I should worry if his honor is betrayed and suffer when I realize that though he is strong with others he’s a weakling before his wife get out of here how true it is that every man shapes his ruin with his own head and tea patter you are twisted and malicious if you have something to say then say it or go have you no trust in me not much but go on you would only consider it malice I would gain nothing but your anger a sweet when they thought you were dead they wanted to crown another king maybe your wife when she thought you it did what yes it could be [Applause] [Music] tell me the truth or I’ll break you in two let me go you’re right I take back everything I said where is the man who is he the man just think about it for a moment who is there here in the palace was young enough whose aspect is vigorous and slightly fogger such as women like do you want his name but you already know father Han you’ve said it the most faithful if they’re always the ones what else do you know but they were together they escaped together and they live together both day and night if you observe well there’s something between them like a communion of thoughts I one fact you asked too much in their intimate moments naturally I was not there if you have lied to me it was much more dangerous to tell you the truth last night I was finally able to sleep a little it was so wonderful I dreamed of my Daniel do you recall how he was with a baby with his long hair hanging down on his shoulders I poor little baby it is all my fault I wanted to make him King and I love mother don’t cry the baby has just waked up my queen don’t cry mother please Sarah what has happened to you Arden had disappeared and they’ve appointed a new commander of the Royal Guard I’m afraid my queen I’m afraid but you should inquire of a new commander I have asked him but he would not to me no one will tell me anything you must help me my queen only you can ask the king where he is I cannot but it’s a question of Aaron’s life if he has fallen into disgrace in great you know what will happen to him in disgrace but it’s impossible he was Herod’s best friends they are the ones the tyrants strike down first forgive my boldness but I can’t stand it anymore I going mad he is everything to me don’t cry sir I will help you Oh wait for me mother please take care of the baby your orders have been faithfully executed my king sameas and the commander Sarika have been put in Jane don’t tell me tell the hangman oh you could not have come at a better moment allow me to present you our new commander of the guards the valorous and faithful Efrem my sword and my life are dedicated to your cause well-spoken Ephraim the Queen appreciates your your good intentions you may go now I did not think that I should see you again after all the days and nights that you have kept away from me what have you done with your best friend my best friend but everyone here is a friend you understood me very well I am speaking about Aaron Oh harder for some time now you have avoided me as if I were some plague and now at last I see you again why is it I wonder could it be perhaps that you are curious to know what has happened to a Don but you are pale you are shaking why are you afraid for him could it be that you are afraid something has happened him what have you done to him you want to see him very well then come with me [Music] where are you taking me be patient now you can look at him why are you wasting time the man is fainted my king then let him know that we are here vinegar look at me you recognize me they’re owed your king row not longer you were ambitious my little little mere gathering together the desert tribes for what to steal the throne for her perhaps and by yourself no doubt you thought in your miserable little mind why not be daring as well did not haven’t meet with success in the same venture and his courage and his greatness are in me too what a pathetic and pale imitation agile disguised as a lion look at yourself then and tell me who is king Harlan I can let you die quickly or I can keep you alive so that you will curse the woman that brought you into this world it depends on how you answer this question how long has all this been going on between you when did it start [Music] Oh No when did it start how long have you two made head of your fool continued I think this way he will dies his head continued I want the truth sweater to be my bitch what can I do yourself and I will believe you hello he will be buried with full honors but this is terrible his life for our love now I demand it the only proof that you will give me hope that I will believe they can’t you’ll love it taken away [Music] again the vinegar is it possible but he has been like that he’s always been possessed of the devil oli you would never believe it at one time Aaron would be safe I would have confessed what I never committed even in my thoughts I can’t bear it anymore there must be some way flight what are you saying is it possible do you know tell me I implore you the next change of the guard there will be men whom we can trust the only faith of the guards is the fear of the master why should they risk their lives for Aaron not for Aaron Aminu but for something that is worth the risk go he’s right someone will always sell himself for gold we must at least try only as I have already told you my queen the recompense must be equal to the risk I unfortunately possess nothing and my father hardly allows me enough to clothe me but you my queen are resplendent with treasures but necklace alone [Music] I don’t know what’s in your thoughts but I know I must try to save error her faith in me I promised that Aaron would be saved and I will keep my you may go Nelson [Music] you [Music] [Music] Sara ah [Music] now you’ll be free again they’re going to carry you out of here in place of the body of summons is he dead yes torture to death we must hurry give me the reward you promise me now yet is it worth much more than what you deserve it’s all done as you wished my lord the god he has been paid you did not mention my name oh no I know that I can trust you you may go [Music] sleep my baby sleep I don’t want to see you anymore go away forgive me for what I have done to you that struck you marked you forgive me I cannot sleep I I cannot rest I’ve been thinking of any things of you or my son my son but Herod you were mad what are you thinking uh what shall I do ahran did not confess and he will die before a single word will pass his lips against you and you say nothing you hold within your hands my peace of mind and you do not want to speak and you do not want to listen I rule a mob of slaves but it is I who am the slave yes your slave if you want it is it not possible again that you feel as I feel after all our happiness again all that’s happened seems so far away it seems as if it happened to other people not to you and me but it was to you and me and it could still be so again if you want it I will forgive everything if you are willing to be with me again I will forget all that you have done I pray God to enlighten you I am NOT speaking of God I’m speaking of ourselves you must humble yourself ask my forgiveness and then we will start afresh I love everything you have insulted me like a courtesan and now you want to treat me like one I ask you for the last time no never ah get out of my sight I know you don’t want to listen to me Father but Aaron has escaped rot he’s no longer in prison what are you talking about someone must have bribed his guards who has bribed them come with me Father you sent for me to come to you what is it Miriam this is horrible I married a monster and now God is punishing me what can I do mother calm yourself my daughter calm yourself sit down here and tell me all that has happened the child my baby I’m frightened he looked at him in such a strange way and he was saying strange words as if he doubted that it was his child do you realize what that means if he thinks that it is not his child he might even kill him yes he is capable of it you must help me take the baby leave the palace and Jerusalem and go where nobody can find you save the baby very well my poor daughter who gave you this pickup man it’s the king who questioned you more have the old household slave when I discovered it was Mojave he tried to kill me I had to kill him in self-defense get rid of him – the executioner thirty thirty day I gave her this when I returned from Egypt it’s all clear that all is clear now tomorrow night we will be as my home my cream in Bethlehem go and tell me if you see anyone coming remember he must live like all other children it’s the only way for him to be safe no one will know he’s the son of the king take good care of him he is so sweet and so delicate I know very well what it means to have children if God wishes after this storm has passed I will let you know may the Lord protect you my child wait who knows if I will ever see him again the gods my queen they’re coming here what gods take it at the door you two come with me [Music] orders of the great and noble King Herod from this moment on you will a prisoner you may not leave these chambers for any reason and no one may visit you tomorrow at the third hour you will be conducted before the grand said hitmen in order to be judged you [Music] you sent for me father well what is happening the judges know they must render justice to you but why are they taking so long the woman is clever she talks well we’ll go back then and tell them to heartless business [Music] faith slave banking look out there up in the sky tell me what you see tell me a miracle that was our great king what does it mean this sign according to my science or according to the superstition of the Judas to you that I put this question now but Sir you know very well but tonight will be decided the fate of the woman there will be my wife this celestial sign is a warning perhaps or no maintenance I’m Sonny Great King it is truly a sign of justice an admonition to your enemies an announcement of glory for you even if the false prophets pretended this comet you see in the sky signifies the coming of the Messiah the new king of Judea my fortunes are reflected in the heavens I need not afeared otherwise now all the people of Israel will see and understand that the Stars protect headed [Music] building guilty guilty [Music] [Music] did she admit to her guilt no my king she did not confess then and she did not ask for mercy not for herself but for those who were passing judgment upon her she had no word then for the man she had offended nothing for the King she had betrayed what is your judgment else rather judgment the great Sanhedrin has found the Queen guilty of adultery as accused she did not ask for mercy it resulted she will show her hatred of me to the end father you must decide the punishment she is an adulteress the law shall be upheld she shall be stolen today [Music] she shall be don’t put it tomorrow at sunset what did you say I asked you if the execution is to take place tomorrow at sunset yes [Music] [Music] [Music] Sara it’s terrible Herod has condemned the Queen to death she has to be stoned today at [Music] move your arm a little that’s right does it hurt not much you have left me well do you have any news of the Queen I’ve heard nothing well then I must go no not yet do you love her destiny has inexorably mingled our lives answer me do you love her yes but you see it isn’t love as you understand it Sarah everything that could ever pertain to the nobility of a woman she possesses the purity the grace the gentleness one look from her is enough and one of her smiles to recompense any man for the greatest sacrifices Hera does not deserve her and he has been unjust that is why I feel it my duty to defend her and to save her Sarah what is it I have to tell you then no one considered the Queen now no one why not today itself she used to be Stone No and you knew about this I was jealous I didn’t want you to risk your life by trying to save her he mustn’t go I love you I couldn’t bear to lose you detestable tyrant so he has even come to this vileness I won’t allow him to commit such an intimate act a giant irony will crush you um an eye for an eye that’s what he taught me ah ah don’t leave me [Music] each of you will take command of his own men the condemned woman will be conducted from her cell across the square to the wall outside the eastern gate it’s the King’s order in the square there will be many people many and outside the wall to be still more but I require of you that there are to be no incidents everything must be orderly and carried out to perfection God is as she asked for me know my king taught as if she should do so if she should confess if she begs for mercy even at the last minute then you understand you yes in that case I will suspend the execution yes you must you must stop the execution promise me torres that you will stay with her promise me I will my king go then father a man has just been arrested he was spreading rebellion among the people telling a fantastic tale of a miracle but the Messiah has been born in a new king will reign in Judea a new king fetch him here he claims that he is seen what is this you are supposed to have seen well him we were grazing our flock new Bethlehem I and my sons suddenly as night had started to fall a great star in the heavens illumined the valley where there was an old stable my sons became frightened but I sing the great multitude which was going in that direction said let us go too as we drew near the place I saw upon the faces of those who would arrive before us how shall I say it it was peace it was joy and in my heart I felt that same peace that same joy I looked into this table and I saw a man and a woman and under straw a little one who had just been born and kneeling before him three kings dressed in robes alike of which I’d never seen three kings were adoring the newly born babe I looked at my sons who knelt down then I knelt down to I knew that I had begun weeping the people all about me were saying it is he it is the Messiah the new king of Judea hallelujah hallelujah enough Ephraim take your men go to this Bethlehem and kill all the newborn all of them shall be done [Music] [Music] if you will confess your guilt you will be saved you must decide [Music] [Music] very well you must die people of Jerusalem you must carry out the sentence it is the law the Sanhedrin has condemned her as an adulteress [Music] carry on the sentence Aaron has committed his most atrocious crime where is the Queen I wish to see where is she at the old wall don’t go you won’t recognize her [Music] it was innocent oh I know it oh that she is dead she was innocent I thought that she was no longer mine she was innocent and now she has punished me really our Father father and keep I tell you she was innocent no you knew it no father it is you who have done all this happen it is you who have killed her I only acted for your sake we are all against those who hated you now why did you do it [Music] well have you gone my son where is my son either to London where is he silence [Music] who are you we dare to take my place [Laughter] [Music] the King on the dues blood let’s put blood micron [Music] everywhere [Music] there must be a place in the world for love rather than hate [Music] [Applause] you

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