Herons – Meet the Director: Sean Holmes

[Eerie music with a contemporary beat underscores] Sean: There’s several reasons for doing Herons, (erm) the first one and simplest, in a way, is just I’ve always really loved the play. I saw the
original production and it really blew me away. I didn’t know Simon personally then, and it was my first experience of his writing and I just, the sort of truth, beauty, horror
of the writing really stuck with me. It also feels very Lyric. In that it focuses on the experience and the growth of young people in a, in a particular situation. I
suppose you could look back over the last five or six years with Punk Rock, a
different play of Simon’s that deals with young people from different social world,
that share some of those themes. And also, Mogadishu, Vivienne Franzman’s play that came from Manchester here. Both of those plays had real resonance. And I suppose also plays like Saved, and to a degree Blasted. So there’s been a theme of plays through here, through the Lyric in the last five or six years – of plays that have young people at their heart. That are
provocative, and challenging, and also can really breathe on our bigger stage.

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