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In high school I didn’t do a ton of
theatre so coming into an actual dedicated theatre course, Art of Theatre,
was a really great experience and something really really awesome. I would like to think that we set an incredibly high bar for our student performers and
our student technicians. My expectations are incredibly high and I have yet to
ever be disappointed. Being able to work with others, not only the storytelling but the collaborative piece of it – life is a collaborative endeavor. I don’t
think you get to be a great storyteller without being able to listen. I find that my current students help carry on a sense of those expectations regarding
professionalism and traditions – they pass those on to the new students coming in. When you’re backed up by a great cast, you don’t have to worry about if it’s
gonna look good or not because you just know. It’s important when we all work
together to see what we can collaborate on and how things are gonna work together. You meet a lot of different people that are
from a lot of different backgrounds and different from you and it’s really cool.
Ultimately it’ll it’ll help us be better. Our scenic carpenters – the students just
love working with them. They’re very professional yet gentle with how they
teach and knowledgeable with how they proceed in creating beautiful sets. There’s a lot of freedom here on campus. There’s a lot of things to do.
There’s a lot of opportunities for a lot of different people, especially in the
Theatre department. It was important for us to get a page up for managing the social media of the Theatre department especially the show – what’s going on with
the show, what’s going on with future productions. Rachel made an announcement saying if anyone was interested in helping out
with the upcoming show to just come talk to her so I went and talked to her and
she was like, “Oh, absolutely,” and one night she needed a skirt hemmed for a girl
that was little bit too long on her. She was like, “Can you sew?” and I was like, “Yes, I can.” Then things just started going along somehow until she was like, “Do you want to design my next show?” And I was like, “I’ve never done that before.
Like I don’t know how to design anything but, sure.” So I stumbled through the
designing A Year with Frog and Toad and it turned out great and then here we are, I
just finished a second show and I’m gonna do the third. We often say in rehearsals and in the process that it’s not complete without every piece. There
are no small roles and that includes actors, stage crew, design crew, builders,
director. The give-and-take with the students at rehearsals, watching them
develop their character and develop whatever story it is that they’re
telling, seeing how they create an environment and portray somebody’s story to an audience – that’s the beautiful thing about live theatre and collaborative art. I really love that moment when I see a student finally connect with their character. I stop seeing them and I begin seeing the
character. They’re not focused on themselves. They are focused on making
the other person look as good as possible and that other person is doing
the same for them. That is when theatre becomes truly electric. I can go in any direction that I want. It makes me feel like I I want to give my best and I want to do my best here.

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