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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Gone Girl. directed by Being John Malkovich actor David Fincher and starring Argo and Gone Baby Gone director Rosamund Pike. The film follows Nick Well-Dunne a beefy Earthling dish who comes home one day to find his wife Amy has gone AWOL which stands for “absent without leaving a note.” The no nonsense female detective finds evidence of a struggle and conclude without any nonsense that Amy was murdered. Audible gasp! That’s audible.com/gasp. Nick becomes the prime cut suspect because come on, look at his face. The detective also finds Amy’s diary but she refuses to read it because of the girl code. After everyone dicks around for a while it’s revealed that Amy has been alive all along. Only on a Class 12 planet! She orchestrated the whole thing as a goof to get back at Nick for sentencing her to life in the Midwest and then cheating on her with Blurred Lines. ♫”Good Girrrrrl~”♫ Nick hires the fastest lawyer in the world Usain Bolt who advises him to go on television a thriving medium that will definitely
be around for a long time in an increasingly web-centric marketplace. Meanwhile, Amy is robbed in the jungle by some Mozarts and calls up her old stalker Barney to help hide her. And he does. Because that guy is legen– wait for it… –ds of the Guardians the Owls of Ga’hoole. But then Amy sees Nick on TV and she likes him again because he’s famous. So she kills Barney and frames him for her kidnapping letting Nick off Scott-Peterson free. Amy now wants to rekindle paperwhite
the flame with Nick which he’s not exactly psyched about since he’s more of a Nook man. But too late: she artificially inseminated
herself with his seed and the media will crucify him if he bails now. Moral of the story: Don’t get married. Gone Girl demonstrates how a
well constructed narrative can prevail over reality even in a movie that couldn’t manage
a Best Picture nom. The film posits that 21st century humans are unwilling or unable to discern truth in the face of some juicy goss. “Can’t believe we haven’t arrested this guy.” “We’re not gonna arrest anybody just ‘cuz some blonde dunce says so.” Amy’s version of events contains all the classic
elements of a typical “true crime” program including the violent husband a turbo-charged life insurance policy and an ice cold Pepsi twist: pregnancy. Amy: “You need to package yourself” “so that people will Truly mourn your loss.” “And America LOVES pregnant women.” Early on, the film introduces the idea that
people can be easily pigeonholed. Amy: “What type are you?” Nick: “Corn-fed, salt-of-the-earth, misery guy.” Which is a tasty bit of foreshadowing, since Amy is a professional pigeonholer. Amy: “I write personality quizzes for magazines.” Just like a child with too much Play-Doh the media molds Amy and Nick into a perfect wife Noelle: “She was so innocent.” and a full fledged monster Tanner: “The hallmark of a sociopath.” making a mess all over the living room carpet. A coerced smile on television turns into damning evidence of Nick’s heartlessness and a quick selfie on some cougar’s
Samsung Galaxy Note explodes in everyone’s faces. With the help of Usain Bolt and the entire country of Jamaica Nick gains control of the narrative. Usain Bolt: “A guy admitting that he’s a
gigantic asshole on television?” “People empathize with that.” The media immediately switches gears playing up Nick’s redemption angle like a flugelhorn played upwards. Nick: “They hated me, now they love me. The truth doesn’t matter. All that matters is a good story. Nick: “All of a sudden, I feel like I’m in a
Law and Order episode.” The power of the narrative is proven
by the film’s impact on the viewer which is mostly me but also you. For the first half of the film, the audience
is lulled into trusting Amy who is presented as a beautiful, erudite woman from a good family with no history of heart disease. Amy’s story has the indicia of truth as it is presented through her diary which is like a Tumblr with zero followers and therefore has no incentive to lie. When Amy turns out to be not only not dead but a zany, adorkable prankster we realize we have been manipulated
by our expectations. Except that I didn’t get to be manipulated because someone ruined it for me. Telling someone there’s a twist counts a spoiler Karen! *rises eyebrows in frustration* The title “Gone Girl” refers to both
the disappearance of Amy’s physical self and the destruction of her personal identity. Amy spent much of her life trying to live
up to others’ impossible expectations namely the “Amazing” version of her that her parents
created. UnAmazing Amy: “I got cut freshman year.” “She made varsity.” And also Harry Potter, for some reason. The line between Amy’s life and the storybook
becomes blurred which is just another cruel reminder of Nick’s infidelity. Even Nick’s marriage proposal is a performance Nick: “A few questions…” with Nick serving as the journalist and Amy serving as his editorial on tort reform. Nick: “My colleagues tell me that
you are not yet married.” “Is that correct?” Amy: “I’m not.” Indeed, the men in Amy’s life take over her identity
just as her parents did before them and her children will long after she’s dead. When Amy meets Nick, she
believes that she must become “cool girl” in order to win him over. Retired ‘cool girl’: “Cool girl hot.” “Cool girl is ‘game'” “Cool girl is fun.” “Cool girl never gets angry at her man.” “She only smiles” “in a chagrin, loving manner” “and then presents her mouth for fucking.” But Amy doesn’t want to be cool she wants to be a weirdo. She equates the sacrifice of her true personality
to murder the most heinous of all metaphorical crimes. Current weirdo: “He took and took from me” “until I no longer existed.” “That’s murder Later, Barney expresses his own vision
of who Amy should be telling her she should suit up. Barney: “Decent clothes” “There’s a gym overlooking the lake.” “The sooner you look like yourself “the sooner you’ll feel like yourself.” We might as well equate that to murder too, while we’re at it. Ultimately, Amy’s personality becomes so distorted that nobody knows who the real Amy is including herself. But I think we’ve all been there, right? No? No one else with dissociative identity disorder? Just me?
*looks nervously for validation* And me. Oh good, heh at least there’s two of us. For Earthling Cinema we’re Garyx Wormuloid. And I wanna tell you about another dope channel you should know about called AWE me. AWE me is home to mind blowing shows including: Man at Arms Super-Fan Builds Epic How-to and more. Click here to visit their channel page and Subscribe. And be sure to check out their DIY Prop Shop episode building Harley Quinn’s hammer from scratch. Oh oh oh snap! Alright y’all enough from me It’s time for me to get goooone~ Goodbye.


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