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Greetings and welcome to Earthling Cinema, I am your host Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s
artifact is There Will be Blood directed by 19th century showman P T
barnum who famously coined the phrase there’s a lollipop born every minute I
still have a lot to learn about Earth’s agriculture there will be blood tells
the story of Daniel Plainview a human male who enjoys burrowing into the
ground like a worm a disgusting earthworm. His worm buddy dies so Daniel
re-appropriates his offspring and Christens him HW short for human worker fittingly he uses
this worker to start a business out of nowhere some dork tells Daniel about a place where he can get a metric buttload
of oil which is perfect because that’s one of Daniel’s favorite things to worm
around for. Daniel crawls his way over there and buys up all the land angering Eli another identical dork. Soon
Daniels oil business explodes knocking everyone’s socks off and stuffing them
in their ears. Daniels half and half brother Henry shows up so Daniel does
the responsible thing and succumbs to nepotism HW gets jealous and tries to
fire Henry so Daniel ships his son off to obedience school like a dog a
disgusting earthdog freed of that
dead weight he quickly strikes up a lucrative ass deal with Union Oil and
gets to work on a pipeline. Unfortunately Daniel discovers an inaccuracy on Henry’s
resume so he has no choice but to clean house. He goes to Eli’s church and they
both scream the same thing I do every day when I drop the kids off at school. Only his version doesn’t quite capture the same unbridled exuberance.
Later HW grows up and wants his own business but daniel has a few choice
words for a him. Now without a partner for the big bowling tournament. He is forced to go stag. Eli shows up for a few frames and Daniel responds by beating
him fair and square or more accurately fair and oblong. As the title
might suggest the primary motif in there will be blood is bees no wait wait… blood. Oil
serves as a metaphor for the blood of Christ which was the juice in Christ’s
veins that gave him laser vision. In this shot sunlight forms a halo around Daniel
making him look almost holy. One of Daniel’s workers put oil on infant HW’s
forehead thus baptizing him in the eyes of the american government
similarly Daniel baptizes Eli in a puddle of oil because that’s what jocks
do. The nerds get their revenge when Eli makes Daniel big for a baptism of his
very own. He acquiesces but is he being bathed in the grace of God or is he just psyched he can
finally finish laying that pipe. Fellas…you know the drill. blood is also important in the way
Daniel emphasizes blood relations with all CAPS he uses it to find common
ground with Henry. When that common ground is revealed
to be fraudulent Daniel loses interest in Henry faster than you can say
peachtree dance unless you can say peachtree dance incredibly fast
peachtree dance for me it takes about 30 seconds. The only time Daniel shows
legitimate emotion in the film is while reading his true brothers journal and
that’s partially because the pages are made of chopped onions so strong is
Daniel’s adherence to blood ties that he doesn’t even exhibit love for his
adopted son, human worker. Daniel is pure American ambition he’ll
exploit anything for a profit including locally sourced child labor. When HW is injured Daniel leaves him with his friend so he can check on the old black
nectar. he later tells his son he was nothing more than a sweet face to buy
land not even bothering to compliment him on his figure. even after Daniel is shamed for abandoning his boy the lingering wide shot of the
reconciliation may suggest it’s more about appearances than anything else. Eli the pastor serves as Daniels counterpoint in the film and although it
may seem altruistic by comparison a closer look reveals that they are both a
couple of Decepticons Eli claims to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit but it turns
out he’s just as egotistical as Daniel. When Daniel finally gives Eli the scrilla he owes him. Eli uses it to leave town
and pampers brand instead of putting it into his church then when his ship runs
dry Eli tries to blaspheme for cash. If that worked I’d be a god damned Chamillionaire and indeed the
parallel confessions force these hemoglobin homies to come to terms with
who they are ego masquerading as a prophet and
ruthless businessman masquerading as a family guy but daniel is more than just
a bird’s nutsack thanks to blind ambition he becomes a monster removed
from humanity. As such there will be blood
can be viewed as a horror film in the vein of the shining or Beverly Hills
Chihuahua the dissident score gives the film an ominous atmospheric tone that
eerily contrasts with the sunny landscape of Southern California plus
there are those sickening references to food consumption. In
fact Daniel may very well be the devil himself when Eli is preaching he
siphons the devil out of the old woman’s hands and throws it outside the church
like a bag of old ham as he nears the exit the camera takes on the role of the
devil following him out the door like a bag of Oldham as soon as Eli says the
camera cuts to a close up of Daniel in the church as if to say he’s not really
gone and he never will be at least not until the credits roll. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Hey everyone, thanks for watching earthling cinema supported by
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