Hi-C time to find you guys, it’s all we keep talking is. How are you doing? I’m the fucking black widow Ha no way. No way that is the best spot ever? Hey there everybody What you guys doing? Oh? I’m bored again, so I figured we get all the bros together and play a big massive game of hide and seek Oh, you guys down. I didn’t think I did it No, come on Hell yeah, alright, so this is how it’s going to work. All you guys. I’m gonna go in here I’m Gonna count to a minute. Oh Dang, I’m Gonna count to two minutes for two minutes two minutes And then you guys have all The house to hide the backyard just if you go into anyone’s room like a room like that the door has to be open So if you go in your room guys your door has to be open are you gonna hide in your room? Oh shit Also, this one’s going to be different because a few of the guys on a rug I know banks and nick you have a camera Too right, so they’re going to film them hiding so you guys know where they are when I’m looking for them, so let’s go I’m on here for two minutes and once you guys hide you can’t move like last time Yeah, there’s no bed. No you can’t move that was Emmett you can’t move that made it too hard last time all right this post is giving going there for Two minutes we’re all going to hide and I’m gonna win. I can see let’s go two minutes oh We’re Gonna Hide together, Alyssa What okay, so I’m in the garage right now. They’re all about to go hide once again in this massive house I got two minutes on the clock and listen since last time we played last time with a knight It’s kind of during the day. There’s daylight listen I’m Gonna kill it this time whatever let you guys know whatever lie to you. Maybe but what I went Hide-And-seek, yes That’s in really south as good as I wanted to know what if we do this. Oh Shit wait. No I’ve actually oded yeah That’s actually pretty good spot. Goes with the blanket over your head Really? Jesse had no wrong So I’m looking for like six people. I think Roman Nick Nikan Rug Riki and Alyssa have Another finger I swear, I just have to hold the camera, but I think it’s time. It’s been about two minutes hi-C time to find you guys I Know someone smart is messing around in the theatre they’re going to come hide in here. I messed up last time I didn’t check all the spots anybody nope, okay? Listen someone could definitely be hiding up here like heaven. I check this hair here real quick in the theater Make sure no one’s hiding down there. We’re good All right, so the theater is clear. I’m going to close these doors bathroom Not weighs so much in the bathroom Second floor all Rice’s room someone is in here The door is open. I said you got to leave the door open area high Balcony. No one on the balcony Feel like a lift I could literally be hiding in the covers Hello Those scare me please God wait, really no one’s in here The door was open and it wasn’t opened before I feel weird looking through the roses closet. Oh, and now it’s back there, right? That’s a perfect spot shit bathroom Damn, okay. There’s no one in there. Oh, I really thought someone’s going to be right there oh I knew it. Yeah, you’re the first, huh dude cuz I this is like one of the most best spot Uh if you would have held the blue paper down because it normally like it stuck I would have never checked there, but now you get to help me find everyone else Yeah, where do you think all the guys are iced we’re playing hide and seek and Alex said if we hide in our rooms? We have to leave their door open, so I’m creating a diversion. He’s an idiot He’s retarded becoming sick cover his coloring is going his toe fake Go go go go go I’m so nervous dude. Oh Shit, where do I go where do I go? I know someone’s fucking around in here. Nope Nikan You think mekong’s hiding on its balcony like it If you were the first one to give out They all got to be on the third and fourth because I just checked all over the first and the fourth oh my God I’m under seed No, one’s here You think someone could be hiding in the elevator? That’s a smart spot Drugs are you in your room this way? This house is so big there’s so many places to live there was someone in the sauna last time with all the fucking pizza boxes Anyone aah we found you Alyssa. Did you know she was in there? Kind of you committed like Allah not too. Easy. It’s too hot in there. You guys are the first to I Feel like rug is in in here. This is Road zero ruggy. Oh, you’re in here All right, no one’s in here that means everyone. No I checked in there. I was like dude rug could perfectly fit in there Well rex pasta, you’re just you Know no regret they all got to be on the fourth day. Oh, you want to check your room Hello Knicks anybody you see anyone coming here to play hide and seek. Oh you have a massive bathroom There’s a million eyes boss in here. I Know rug is out here rug. You’re hiding in some secret a spot drug Damn, bro. That’s a good spot down there Who’s up here? You’re here. I do you were here. I started out Now you can’t I knew he was out here bro. I was like rug is definitely in some secret spot It took us three there’s three more left No one else over rome this book is part Did I kiss it I can’t tell you Wait, did you already check around here? You got to be on the fork then nick Nick on oh yeah, you’re gonna tell but We’re don’t tell me you get to help though bro this closet is insane What the fuck what is wrong? What is this story? No, wait. Oh, this is tough wait, really That’s what this doors for what the fuck yo, you guys are hiding fuck Dude, yeah, this unless you find rome or no no Yeah, it’s real we need to find out roman nick and those rubies. All I didn’t go on the 4th floor yet I looked I looked down here No one was down here unless they went down all the way down under there could be in the trash man That is a Golden squawk Yeah, I thought you were going to be in some small last space roguelike in a drawer no one’s down there. No chance I think they’re all on the fourth They have to be the hunt is on so we go just up from this list and this is a nice ass shortcut I feel like nick is like the type of kid that goes and hides on the fucking Roof I Want to fucking black widow 30 yards from here Or look at this. Why did you even know about this spot right here? Like the leaves under your pool this under your pool. Tell me you’re on top no, but like into the Golden five pink them accountant jungle shit whale Secret room bro, watch I go check Room never all a secret room No, one’s is is in here No, no, one’s in here. There’s a lot of spiderwebs though this fucking bonus on It is meek on phone. This is me cocks phone. He comes around here. Nick on you big-ass dumbass You guys know we’re here. I’ve no cool drug does rug knows where he is, neha No way No way you were right there? awesome the size the best spot ever yeah, brad look I looked at I just saw his eyes when he Goes off fuck Mike foley ocean Roman just nick and Roman now Yeah, Roman guys now you’re gonna find your own closet Dude is someone on the roof okay So then nick has to be on the force somewhere roman is hiding somewhere that we don’t know a guy needs your help We found nikan he was in like one of the best spots ever I didn’t look at all around here this area I Feel like someone could be right here Give me a clue One of them is on the fourth one of them is on the first board did I miss one of them I know Nick is on the force I must have missed Roman But nick has to be around you know I want to get found so I can get the phone out of here This is nasty that’s a good spot under there Did you see Nick? You saw what could it be later? I feel like he’s hiding out here Walter are you sure if you like in plain sight right now. I just can’t like oh I thought someone was in the elevator. We’re really on the fourth Nick you’re out here somewhere, and you’re fucking with my head. I think you’re back there, bro. You have to be back there You’ve got to be back here dude because this is where I was Nick No, it’s not well, give me a clue please Super clothes nick making that noise or something I know you’re out here mark You said fart dude. Where is he oh no? Once he’s not in here But I heard him just yell I Just heard him yell fart London where is Nick Johnson he had to have gone this way What do you mean am I retarded dude what what am I looking for? I hear him yelling haha wait is he under here what a bus No No way, you’re hiding under that. Yeah, wow you guys are good at this game Fuck nick that was awesome Are you got one more to find we have roman wrote a book I did all that and I didn’t even win No Roman stuff shit So many clothes dude that actually is such a good spot. How many times did I walk by you? London London Snips you out Let’s go a bellator. I think it’s on the first, and I think I missed him okay, so apparently romans on the first That’s what I’ve been hearing. He’s in a really good spot Really good, so I’m curious the back ball yeah Yeah, you’ve probably had the worst bottom every where’s roman. He’s in a fool. No. He’s not forgot I didn’t check here talking to Brody would you pick dude honor? I’m being keep that help will be the bottom over Bro, I looked all around here though. This is the first he’s on in the theater Is he on the first yeah young person he’s into that. What does that remember? Romed Where is he fuck? Got on the cheapy. I can’t shit Bro, this is just like the second time someone’s been in plain sight and I can’t you know As the poster in the post it he’s not in the posters, bro. He’s not in here I swear to resume he’s ended through Mike look in this area I’m very a good fun the best colors on and well Tell you I would just open little bit to see you walk. You walk out my fuckin time. Well you won dude you really would Congratulate Roman dude for winning the high Seat Yo, thank you guys for helping me out with this one. Shout out to my man rug I am Ricky Ali Khan and Roman had a good squad though you hadn’t oh damn. Yeah Anyways, thank you to everyone for watching go subscribe all my friends all their lector in description anyways guys been Alex or face a sudden facade dude Listen later mater mater


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