Hey guys! My name is Cypher Den and today we’re talking about high school drama If there’s one thing that I hated more Than high school itself, it would be the drama that came along with it It’s so frustrating because in the four years that you have to spend in high school, someone, somewhere, sometime Is talking behind your back, at least once or twice, or three times I don’t… I don’t understand Oh, but Den, you can always stay away from drama You.. You… think I wanted to deal with drama? Kids around you are always so petty and mean and nasty… Ugh… I hate high school High school was my own personal hell Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t really THAT bad But, it sucked In my first couple months of high school, I ended up going out with someone Didn’t Really Know much about this guy Does not have any much in common, or anything to begin with… It was one of those bad decisions in life, that kinda didn’t even matter That relationship didn’t last At all So yeah, we broke up But that’s probably another video on its own The amount of gossip that happens in school once you start dating or breakup with someone Is ABSOLUTELY insane People that you don’t even know start knowing who you are You find out things that you don’t even know about yourself People start hating you for no reason whatsoever Even if you’ve never met them Hey Den, so, uh, I heard that you don’t really like Abbie Wait what? Who… Who’s Abbie? You know, um, your ex’s ex? You understand that I don’t know who that is, right? But Abbie said that you called her a hussy Wha- *huff* No idea who that is and that’s how high school started for me Just… Just… Just why? Everyone, and anyone somehow becomes a part of your life And for some reason knows more about you than you really know yourself At least they think they do My high school was a population of 70% male And 30% female Therefore, as a girl i’d have a couple of guy friends It should be completely fine, but in high school Oh, FREAKING high school You’re automatically a couple just because you see two people Of the opposite gender talking to each other Doesn’t make them a couple So, Den, i heard you’re going out with John I think you guys make the cutest couple But we’re… We’re just friends Oh, so it’s not public yet It’s okay, I can keep a secret Wait… Wait, What? Den said she’s going out with John But, it’s not official yet So, yeah You know I can hear you, right? I tried my best to stay out of drama So, eventually I just mainly hung out with my Girlfriends But, even that didn’t really pan out so well Drama in high school is somehow just completely inevitable It’s like a disease It’s like everyone is just a brainless zombie, out for the next gossip So, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but, you and Corinne are friends, right? Yeah, she’s like my best friend You two hang out a lot Yeah, ’cause she’s like my best friend So, are you guys, like, more than just best friends? *ANGRY* No! Just, no Not dealing with it Stop What Why are you like This? I wasn’t even able to have friends that are girls Without people thinking that we’re a couple Like, am I even allowed to have friends, or… What’s the deal with that? In all honesty it was actually because of drama, that George and I ended up talking I like tuna Because butts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Are you guys, like, going out now? And that’s why George messaged me, because someone was trying to butt in Get it? Butt? In? No, no, okay After a long day of drama I usually just go home and turn into a magical burrito Hey gramps! wanna watch some anime? Where? In the movie theaters? What? No You know we can watch anime on Crunchyroll, right? C-crunchy what? back in my day, we used to go to the movie theaters to watch anime *pfft* gramps, you can get Crunchyroll on all devices Xbox, Playstation, Android, IOS, Roku, Apple TV, The Crunchyroll premium all episodes are ad free in 1080p HD! Plus, it’s unlimited anime, manga and drama titles That means I get to be a magical burrito girl Anywhere and everywhere And 99.9%, on the couch Where can you sign up, you say? Well, you can get Crunchyroll premium ad free for 14 Days at crunchyroll.com/den Links in the description down below Was this video sponsored By Crunchyroll? HECK TO THE FREAK TO THE YEAH WOOOO If you guys have any anime suggestions I can go obsess and cry about Leave them in the comments down below I personally Like Soul Eater Why turn into a magical girl, if you can turn into a hella cool Death site or a burrito? I like burritos And with that said, i’ll see you guys later Byeee Who the heck is Abbie?


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