Hindi Drama Short Film – Meera The Belief – A story of conflict and faith

Mummy Momma Meera, we are getting late Riya will miss her flight and I will my school bus..Please
make it fast What are you saying Papa? Mummy Papa will miss his bus and I will miss my flight Please make it fast
– No Actually I will miss my flight and Riya will miss her
school bus Fast , Please I am coming Hey Meera I am sorry I am really sorry Sorry Mumma, Please let it go Meera why are you so upset whenever I have to travel for work Its just a matter of one day I will be back tomorrow Hey Meera, I am talking to you I am busy making breakfast in the kitchen Hey Meera Now you need me to pamper you like a small kid..? Tell me….. what happened I have a flight to catch Since the day we have settled in a new country I have no choice but to remain alone at home the whole day And you know this very well Abhi(name) that how easily I get afraid of things especially when you are not at home Is it necessary for you to make these trips ? Moreover, that Prayer plate fell down when I was worshipping..I am really scared that its a bad omen Meera you know very well that its part of my job..? You are such a well educated person And you believe so much in God, you pray a lot You keep fasts Oh Brother…(Dear) Oh Brother…(My Dear) Atleast have some faith in your God See, you have a flight to catch and I have started my own
drama You know right how easily I become afraid of things Anyway Abhi, you leave… and please also drop Riya till the
school bus Ok Meeru Come on …nothing will happnen Faith in God and Premium of an Insurance they never go waste Hey Riya Come Bye Mumma Bye [ background horror music ] [ ring a door bell] Oh my God..what happened What happened Riya How did you get injured ? Come inside What happened Is it a deep wound ? What happened Madam, she fell down while playing She was in deep pain thats why school sent her back Thank you Thank you so much Come Come,Lets go to room i will do your proper dressing..and then you go to sleep Its ok Mummy Dont worry at all Why are you in a state of shock You just sat on a TV remote See (Anchor voice – Car Contest) Wait wait wait there is an interesting contest going on Can i have your phone? Done ? Now go and take rest Hello Abhi Have you reached ? Yes I have reached How are you doing ? I was telling you no that something wrong is going to happen Riya has got badly injured And today TV started on its own, Strange things are
happening since the morning And being alone I keep getting this feeling that someone is there at home who is watching me I am really really scared Abhi You please come soon please Don’t overreact Meera Please Whats the use of so much of Worshipping when you dont have
trust in your God And I will be back at 6 in the morning tomorrow Be brave and take care of Riya as well Ok I will try You take care Ok, see you soon God i believe so much in you I keep worshipping you always still things never go my way Do you even exist or not? Please make my belief stronger in you…Please Please make my faith stronger in you…Please Riya where are you going Stop Riya Mumma door closed because of the wind Why are you getting so worried Oh God, don’t know what’s happening I am getting so worried Riya Riya Riya I feel that someone is watching me over from there Its nothing Please can you close that window….Please Ohho Ok ? Today we will sleep with lights on Ok..Good night Good night Thank God you are back Only I know how I spent the day yesterday Neither you were here, nor my God was with me Come What happened Abhi you are looking a bit concerned ? Do you know Our neighbour’s home had a robbery last night I could see Police as well What ? Yes Yesterday our neighbours forgot to close the main door Burglars took away all their stuff Oh God This means..Yesterday our door which got shut on its own Hello speaking What..? oh No Oh God Ok…Ok thanks Who was it What happened? Was a call from Riya’s school Today school bus will not come Yesterday the bus met with a terrible accident 10 children are hospitalized in critical condition Oh No Abhi I was so wrong God Please forgive me Please forgive me I kept doubting you And kept thinking negative of you But you Hello Yes Meera speaking What Really I cant believe it This is ok i will send you the details Thanks Thanks again Who was it ? What happened ? I asked what happened? You know that TV switched on itself yesterday Yeah so That time there was some contest going on in which Riya had participated In that contest, we have won the 1st Prize We have won a Car oh… really Nooo This can’t be true Abhi I mean I This is unbelievable Meera [chanting music playing } mahakay suryakoti samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada [music playing]


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