Hindi Drama Short Film – Sorry | Not asking for forgiveness on time can be fatal

Oh, there’s a woman… a woman, who I love… and I got close… nearly got f*cking everything! Shut up, Naman! Bro, Peaky Blinders? Neha, haven’t you watched Peaky Blinders? No. Wow! Are you guys really my friends? I think I’ll just swipe on. Listen, Neha… There’s not even one good girl on this dating website. Why don’t you search someone for me? Anyone will do. Trust me. Vedika! Vedika is the girl! Huh! Noways! Neha: Why? Too much drama. I just can’t handle it. Babe, why don’t you look for someone? Yes, brother! Indistinct chatter. Babe, vape? Laughs…sorry What the f*ck was that? You idiot! Had to ram into the car, right? Excuse me, but you were on the wrong side. It’s your fault. Huh? My bike is damaged here. Why are you preaching? Did anything happen to you? At least have manners. Say sorry…
Naman: What! Neha: Naman! Stop it! Why are you wasting time on him? Just come back! Laughter. You’re pathetic! Why are you wasting time on him? Brother! Indecent comments What kind of a man are you! Not going to do anything about it? Are you even listening to yourself? What the f*#k, Veer! Who are these guys ragging me? Took water and splashed it on his face! Be a man first, and then find a girl for yourself! You run away from all your problems, brother! What is wrong with you? Stupid ass that he is! Said nothing to them! You’re such a loser, man! Thank you so much, brother! But I can take care of myself. We’re done! Workers chatting in local dialect. Excuse me. Do you know who owns this factory? Actually my company is interested in acquiring it. That’s why I was asking. Local dialect. Factory is shut since a long time, sir. You mean no one comes here? Absolutely not. No one. And the owner? He comes once in a year. Their office is located in the city. You can go and meet them, sir. Can I have a look once? Yes please. Go ahead. Sir… He says it’s going to be no. 5 and I’m saying it’s going to be no. 7 in the lottery. No listen, you guys discuss. I really need to leave. Music playing in distance. What the hell is this? Hey, I’m talking to you Look at me! Hey! Look here! Who the hell are you?! You have no idea who I am! Untie my hands! Stop this nonsense, and untie me! Just bloody untie them, you asshole! Untie my hands! What are you looking at! Untie me! What kind of people are you all? You do whatever you want. And even if you’re at fault, the victim bears the brunt of it all. Why? Because you think they’re weak. You know, Naman, people like you they’re everywhere. In schools, in colleges… on the streets… restaurants, cafes, everywhere. You have just one aim in life. To look down upon people like us. Do you know how pathetic we feel? It’s like why are we even alive? To be your punching bag? Who knows tomorrow someone else will come, slap us and leave. It’s like a routine you know. Wake up, go to work, get beaten up and come back. It has become a cycle. But not anymore… Now someone needs to do something, right? Do you remember, Naman? There was an accident yesterday, and you slapped someone for no reason? And that asshole… …is me. brother…mumbles I’m sorry, brother. That was a misunderstanding. I wasn’t even driving. No, no. Don’t worry. This is…this is local anesthesia. Naman…Naman. It’ll ease the pain. It’s for you. No, no no. It’s for you. Bro, please no! You’re mad! Don’t do it! Naman! Shouts. That’s it. You asshole! Come on! Just cut! Are you freaking mad?! Stay away from me! Listen! Listen, don’t do this! Listen, brother! Don’t do this! You don’t actually want to do this. What’s wrong with you, brother? Just slap me if you want. Just cut, dammit! Don’t do it! Yes, bro. Please be sensible! Bro, I’m sorry. Screams! Wow! Wow, bro! Did you see that? You saw what I did? I did this, man! I…I…I did it! Yesterday you had hit me. Right? Look at this. Tell me; what do you want? Let’s call Ajay. Let’s call your friend Ajay. Call your friend. It was just one slap. Slap me as much as you want instead. Naman, it’s like this. Either you’ll bleed out to death, or we’ll have to amputate your arm as it’ll get infected. No, listen listen. I promise… I’ll fix this, ok? I just want to see the both of you in one frame. Just…look here. Talk to him. Ajay: Hello. Bro! What’s up? Ajay: Nothing much, man. Just driving around Ajay: You say. What’s the scene with you? Bro, just come to this amazing party. It’s crazy! Just…just… Come over. Ajay: Naman, yaar. Ajay: Not really in the mood for a party. Dude, if you don’t like it… we’ll leave it together. Dude, we’ll leave immediately, but please come. Ajay: Okay. Send me the address. Oh! You’ve also joined the party. Neha: Who are you, man? Ajay. Ajay! Ajay! What do you want? Please! Don’t come… Don’t come close. What do you want? Help! Help! Help! Screams! There’s no one. No one around! There’s no point of screaming. You’ll just go into shock. So… So please. I’m sorry. Who are you? Who are you? You want money? Shhhh! I’ll give you as much money as you want. Ajay, Ajay, Ajay! Don’t hurt us, man. Ajay. You don’t know me? No… We really don’t know you. I swear. Remember there was an accident yesterday? Your friend, Naman… He slapped someone. I was not even there. Ajay, what the f*ck have you done, man? Don’t, don’t! What is this? No no, guys… Guys, listen! Local anesthesia… It’s for you. No, no, no! Please! Listen…listen, listen, listen! Please, don’t do this! Listen, listen, listen! Brother, please listen to me. I wasn’t even present there! I was in the car! I didn’t even do anything! Please! Ajay: What’s wrong with you, man?!
Neha: No, man! Neha: What is wrong with you? Neha: No! Please! What are you doing! Please! Nooo! Oh my god! Please…no, no! Listen, listen, listen! For just one second, listen! I was not there! This hurts, man! Are you crazy, you psycho! Listen buddy, it was a mistake. Forgive us! We’ll never do this to anyone. Sorry! Please! Please forgive us, buddy! Sorry. Please let us go. Sorry! Wait, wait! What’s the point of saying sorry now? Had you apologized yesterday, today would have been a different story. But… But good! Good. Because you see, I… I got a new identity now. I… You know… A new purpose…I feel strong… I feel strong, buddy! I feel strong! I feel strong. So….infact… Ajay… Neha… Naman… Thank you. I’m getting late for an office party. I think…I think I need to leave. Okay? No! Neha: He’s a psycho, Ajay!
Ajay: Open our hands! Don’t do this! I know you don’t want to do this! Please…please! Don’t worry! I’ll give you all the keys. Neha: He’s laughing, man! Ajay: Are you completely mental? What are you doing! Ajay: Please let us go. Neha: Such a psycho! Ajay: Don’t do this!
Neha: What have we done to deserve
this? Ajay: This is wrong.
Neha: What have we done… Please, buddy. Forgive us! We made a mistake. Neha: We’re going to bloody die… Ajay: Sorry, buddy. I’m giving you all the keys. Keys will be here itself. I’m sure you’re all smart enough to get out. Just one more thing… Neha: Why are you doing this?
Ajay: What do you bloody want? Ajay: What…what are you doing?!
Neha: What are you doing!
Naman! Wake up! Ajay, what is that?! What the f*ck is this! What are you doing! Shouts. What is this!! Ajay: Untie us! Stop f*cking around! Guys, guys, guys… It was great meeting you all! Right? I had a lot of fun! If there were any shortcomings, I’m sorry. It’s…my first time too, so I did a lot of things randomly. I’m sorry about that, but… It was a lot of fun! And by the way, the liquid… It’s honey. You know… There are a lot of ants here. That too, red ants. So… I’m sure they’ll find you all soon enough. It was great meeting you all again. Let’s meet again… If fate so desires. Ajay: I’m warning you! Ajay: Asshole, untie our hands!
Neha: You are totally mad! Neha: We have open wounds!
Ajay: Untie me and I’ll show you! Neha: Please untie us. Ajay: Untie us and let’s fight man-to-man! Neha: Hey! Where are you going!
Ajay: Wait, you asshole! Neha: Can’t you…can’t you bloody understand! Both shout in desperation. Neha: You’re a bloody loser!
Ajay: F*cking impotent jerk! Neha: Ever seen your face; you’re nobody!
Ajay: Turn back! Neha: Run for your life…
Ajay: Turn back this instant! Neha: Please untie us.
Ajay: Come back. Please, come back. Sorry.


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