Hindi Short Film – Dum Dum Deega Deega (Dancing in the Rain) | Inspirational | Award Winning

The solution to your problem is usually hidden
in your problem itself. . ..all you need is a different outlook. “Dancing in the Rain” Sahira! Sahara! What is it? Why are you troubling me? Why are you not talking to me, Sahira? Let me go, Ajju But what have I done? What have you done! So you don’t listen to what father keeps
saying? Ajju when will it be enough?
He is tired of hitting you but you don’t seem to understand. What is wrong with you? You know what he wants me to do right, He wants me to sit around a traffic light
and beg for money from whoever passes by I can’t do this! I have been doing what he has asked of me,
haven’t I? Ajju, you are my brother, hence, I say this
out of love.. There is no escape from this.. ..this is our destiny, Ajju That’s why I am saying.. just do what you have been told
and only then will you be able to live in peace.. ..or else forget about it. Look, the old man is a fool.
Why should we suffer because of his foolishness. You can go and tell him I won’t be begging
for him. Really? You tried doing that last time,
you remember what had happened right? He beat the life out of you..
Try talking to him again, he would probably kill you. Ya so let him kill me! Look, you don’t worry.
This time I will find a way out.. ..and the look on his face will be worth watching. Ajju, beta Baba Baba stop! Are you trying to run? Corner him from that side Let him be Stay there, baba Baba, look Come on! Wait right there! Where did he go? You broke my leg you brat. You motherf.. Come here, wait.
Broke my leg Ajju.. Ajju Wait till I find you Now tell me, beta.. Baba, what are you doing! Shut up and stay inside.. What are you doing! Stay inside Are you crazy? Open the damn door! You never listen to me.. ..you don’t wan’t to beg huh!
You don’t want to stand at the signal.. ..you brat! Are you crazy?
Open! Yeah yeah I’m opening.. Open! Stay inside! Where are you going?
Get me out! Open! Ever since you were this big I took care of
you and you won’t listen to me. You’ve lost it! Open! Just stay inside and rot! Baba open Open it..Open it if you can!
You broke my bloody leg you brat! I’m not going to beg for money Then stay here all night Baba where are you going? Get me out of here.. Baba open.. He spent the entire night in the cupboard.. ..the security guards let him out in the morning He was very angry.. I thought he would run away and never return.. ..but he wasn’t like that What is this? Where do you want to go, sir? Why? Will you take me there? Yes, sir Well, I don’t live that far away
Just down the road That doesn’t matter
I would have taken you down any road Is that so? Yes Lets go This is a strange hobby? This is not a hobby
This is my work Work? Don’t you have to go to school? School? I don’t think so.. Look, the government doesn’t let me work
and my idiot father doesn’t let me study and begging is not an option
You tell me, what should I do So your father forces you to beg? Yes sir I am not going to listen to anything he says Here is what I am going to do.
I am going to drop you home.. ..and in return you can give me whatever you
want to. How old are you? I don’t know You don’t know? Here, this is your “income” My what? Your “income” Your earnings ..and this is your bonus What is this for?
This is for not begging. Thank you Ok I should go now
If we run out of water, I’ll be screwed I was about to leave,
He was the one who started arguing.. He said, “50 rupees per kilo”.. And I was like ‘last week, it was 48 rupees’
So then he said,, “Madam, if you want it, take it!
You just come here everyday to pick a fight.” And I was like, “How dare you talk to me
like that,
Where are your manners?” Don’t you think so, ‘little one’? My name is Ajju not ‘little one’ Yeah Ajju.
You saw how the vegetable vendor was talking to me Yes! Yes! Someone should think twice
before picking a fight with you. Here, take this ‘little one’
I mean Ajju. So, do you go to ‘shkool’ ? Its not ‘shkool’, its school, And no, I attend college College? I heard there are a lot of girls in college Well, thats what I had heard too, But there are none. There are none? Or you couldn’t get any? In one day Ajju had earn so much money that.. it would take baba 3-4 days to make the same
by begging. And yes, he did it with an honest heart. Here, take the money for the umbrella. And listen, give me an ice cream.
The orange one. Some people tend to runaway from the rain.. ..and some curse it But there are a few,
who love to dance in the rain. The problems in life are just like the rains.. ..dance through them
and you will not feel the pinch Like I said, the solution to your problem
is usually hidden in the problem itself.. ..all you need is a different outlook.

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