Hindustan Ki Kasam | Hindi Movies | Ajay Devgan

This movie is the cherished
dream of Veeru Devgan. I’ve transcended caste,
religion, society, anger.. ..boundaries and seen
it in a different light. This is the dream that
without your support.. ..could not have been fulfilled. ‘In the map of the earth,
God knows how many.. ..countries were created
and they vanished.. ..beneath the sand of time.’ ‘But I’m still alive.’ ‘I’m India.’ “The world doesn’t know my age.” “My history is centuries old.
The world doesn’t know.” “I’m the land of saints
and spiritual people.” “I’m the land of saints
and spiritual people.” “I’m India.” “I’m India.” “For the freedom of this country.. ” “Don’t be afraid and
be ready to wage the battle.” “And be the victor.” “I’ve been divided in my own land.” “I’ve been divided in my own land.” “I’m alive,
but I’ve been ripped apart.” “I’m alive,
but I’ve been ripped apart.” “I’ve been divided amid
my own people and strangers.” “I’m wounded and covered with blood.” “I’m wounded and covered with blood.” “I’m India.” “I’m India.” “I’m India.” “I’m India.” “Vande Mataram.
Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram.” “Vande Mataram.
Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram.” Listen, I’ve been standing
here since the past 2 hours. First give it to me. Father, flag. – Give it to me. If you don’t understand
then you’ll perish, Indians. There will be no
memories left of yours. This is not a tri colour cloth.
It is your national flag. If you disrespect it,
then you’ll never gain respect. Who are you? – Kabira. I sacrificed my arm
for the honour of this flag. For this flag which
is worth 25 paisa. Great! You’ve fixed the price of
Mother India’s veil as 25 paisa. Then how much price will
you fix for your daughter’s clothes? Not even a penny! It is not your fault. You received freedom
in your heritage. You’ve just read
about the injustice.. ..of Englishmen and
martyr’s sacrifice. That too only during history period. The period ended.
And the book is now shut. Then why should we
repeat those stories. It has been 50 years
since we got independence. Will you forget your
mother in 50 years? Will you forget your wife,
children after 50 years? You have some relation
with this earth too. If the soldiers standing on
the border become selfish like you.. ..then it won’t even take 24 hours.. ..to host another country’s
flag in this country. Weak people like you can only
fight for the temple and mosque. Not for the honour
and respect of the country. No, dear. No. People who clap are audience. I want to see this generation
on the open ground. I want to see the
obsession in their eyes. So that nobody dares to
raise an eye at our boundary. You’re the guardians of this country. Take this.
Protect the respect of your country. Don’t ever let it be disrespected. Jai Hind! – Jai Hind. It has been more than
50 years since the partition. But the neighbouring
country is always.. ..attempting to destroy our country. Though in the last 3 battles,
it had been badly defeated by us. So through terrorists,
it is trying to provoke us. And it is trying to seize our states. But there is one way
to thwart their attempts. And that is to collect
evidences against them.. ..and present it before the UNO. So that it declares
the neighbouring.. ..country as a terrorist state. Many brave soldiers
of our intelligence army.. ..have become martyrs
in this mission. Today I feel proud
and pleased to say.. ..that our one brave soldier
has succeeded in this mission. And very soon he’ll come
here with the evidences. Hello.. hello..
November 738.. Juliet Zulu. I’ve taken off with
the top secret floppy. I request you to clear
SK42 landing strip. Who are you? Soldier.. whose mission
is to destroy the enemy. Give me that floppy. Sit down. Sit down. – Thank you, sir. There is a bad news, officers. It is a sad news that
our intelligence officer.. ..Aziz Kashmiri’s plane crashed. From the analysis of the
black box we’ve found out.. ..that there was one more
person in the plane at that time. He killed Aziz Kashmiri,
grabbed the documents.. ..and he vanished from there. It has become very important
for us to work prudently. And to expose the people who.. ..are involved in this conspiracy. Hey, you! How dare you click my snap! I did it. I’m a press photographer. I’ll even publish it. Fine, publish it. How are you? – Fine. Excuse me, excuse me.
Autograph, please. Give it to me. I’m your fan.
I’ve read all your novels. No one can match up to
you in thriller and suspense. From where do you
get such unusual ideas? Trade secret. – Okay. Thank you. Won’t you take my autograph? – No. No! No! So how was your conference?
– Conference? Didn’t you go for
writer’s conference? Yes, mother. Mind-blowing! Fantastic! I’m famished! Some 40-50 parathas and 1/2
kg of pickle will satisfy my hunger. That’s it? – I’m dieting. Why are you casting
an evil eye on his dieting? You sit. I’ll get the meals. Postman! Come. I’ve got pension. Son, who is it? – It’s me. Greetings. – Government gift for you. Sign here. Shall I leave? – Take this. Why do you take the alms, aunt? It is not alms. It is respect, son. Respect doesn’t
satisfy hunger, father. We don’t have a shortfall of money. But those martyr’s family,
where there is no working member.. ..whose needs are more than money..
what do they do? Has our government
ever thought about them? That’s the reason why
our young generation.. ..doesn’t expect anything
from this country. Even the gold medals of
this place are worth nothing. Dear, the people who
had sacrificed their lives.. ..for this country had
never wanted to be weighed.. ..by gold and silver medals. Or that martyr’s family
should receive pension.. ..sufficient to make
both the ends meet. No. Those patriots sacrificed
their lives so that it’s land.. ..and the future generation
will lead a free life. Because they had seen the
injustice when they had to.. ..take Englishmen’s
permission to breathe. They had seen the terror
when children used to.. ..tremble hearing the
footsteps of Englishmen. In such an atmosphere
of fear and terror.. ..Netaji Subash
Chandra Bose awakened. Carrying the torch of revolution.. ..he called out to
the youth of this country. ‘Hail revolution!
Hail revolution! Hail revolution!’ ‘You get freedom not from slogans,
but from weapons.’ ‘Those who have the sentiments
to die for mother land.. ..those who are ready to wage
a fight.. may come along with me.’ ‘You give me blood,
I’ll give you freedom.’ ‘Netaji! Netaji!’ ‘Netaji!’ – ‘Yes, young man.’ ‘If blood can give us freedom,
then take each and every.. ..drop of blood from
both of our bodies.’ ‘If sacrifice can give us freedom,
then I present myself.’ ‘But free our country, Netaji.
Free our country.’ ‘Very good.’ ‘The country that has sons like you.. ..that country can
never remain a slave.’ ‘Never!’ These martyrs got buried
in the ground like seeds. Now it’s branches
should grow and blossom.. ..so that no one craves
for the shadow or fruit. Lift! Lift! Hello. Is he a man or an eagle?
He got stuck in the air only. Hey, you! – Yes. Look, my car is not working.
And I can’t find any cab. It is very urgent for
me to reach to the airport. Otherwise I won’t
be able to participate.. ..in the Miss Universe contest. Will you please escort
me to the airport? Please, please. Hello. I’m talking to you. Even I’m seeing you.
– Don’t see me. Let’s go. I have to reach the airport quickly. Why airport,
I’ll escort you to America. ‘Ajay, today you are with the
one about whom you used to dream.’ If you ride with this speed,
then I’ll surely miss my flight. What are you doing! Look ahead! Look ahead! Look ahead! Look, I’ve to reach the
airport at any cost, but alive. Not after death. Please, please. May your enemies die! I became your huge fan
when you had become Miss Femina.. ..I mean Miss India. That day my heart said.. Ajay Malhotra, here is
the new heroine of your novel. Oh, god. Now what?
– No problem. Hold me tightly. Okay. Why? – Do you want
to reach America or not? Yes. ‘And the first contestant
is Miss India.’ ‘Now time is going to stand still.’ ‘Let me present the 3
finalists of this mega event.’ ‘Miss Greece.’ Ajay, you want some more snacks?
It’s ready. Come and take it. ‘The second finalist is Miss India.’ Mother! Mother! What happened, Ajay? What happened? Mother, come quickly.
You got your daughter-in-law. Come, come, come. Have a seat. What happened? – Sit. Okay, I’ll sit.
But what happened? – Look there. ‘Miss Priya,
when there is so much of.. ..poverty and starvation in India.. ..why is India still
called the golden bird?’ ‘The gold for which
the whole world is mad..’ ‘We Indians are well
aware of that gold’s reality.’ ‘Because for us,
gold is the yields of our field.’ ‘The mother’s love for her children.’ ‘The love of a sister
for her brother.’ ‘For a wife,
her sparkling vermillion.’ ‘The gold of love,
relation can never betray.’ ‘So India was, is and will
always be the golden bird.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘And the crown goes
to Miss India, Priya.’ Oh my God, son!
What happened! – Mother! Hi! Excuse me. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much. Excuse me. Excuse me, please. Hi. – Congratulations. I.. that day.. Hi, Priya. – Hi! How are you all?
It feels so good to be back. Thank you. Okay. “Love, love, love.
I’ve fallen in love.” “I’m immersed in the trance of love.” “Love, love, love.
I’ve fallen in love.” “I’m immersed in the trance of love.” “I don’t know. You don’t know.” “I don’t know. You don’t know.” “God knows when and
where it happened.” “Love, love, love.
I’ve fallen in love.” “I’m immersed in the trance of love.” “I don’t know. You don’t know.” “I don’t know. You don’t know.” “God knows when and
where it happened.” “When you saunter along.. ..you give me sleepless nights.” “When you go away.. ..my life goes away along with you.” “When you come and when you go away.” “When you come and when you go away.” “God knows what has
happened to your heart.” “Love, love, love.
I’ve fallen in love.” “I’m immersed in the trance of love.” “Come, my beloved.” “Let me steal you
from your own self.” “Come, my beloved.” “I’ll take you away
in a cherished palanquin.” “Come and follow me.” “Come and follow me.” “All what is yours has become mine.” “Love, love, love.
I’ve fallen in love.” “Listen, you crazy one.” “Don’t come close to me.. ..otherwise something
will happen to me.” “Listen, damsel.” “Don’t go away from me.. ..otherwise something
will happen to me.” “No matter what you do,
no matter what you say.” “No matter what you do,
no matter what you say.” “Everything has a meaning.” Conspiracy. Darling! If there is a selection
ceremony of grooms.. ..and the garland is
in your delicate hands.. ..then on whose neck will you put it? His. His. Who is he? – He’s magic. Of Bengal? – No. He’s amazing!
He writes so beautifully! Major Chawla met Shirwani, the spy.. ..of Pakistani army in America. Shirwani gave the details
and names to Major Chawla.. ..of those who spread
terrorism in India. Before Major Chawla. What are you saying! Sir! Sir.. we’ve found the
proof of our officer’s murder. What? – Yes. Read in this newspaper
as to how Major Chawla.. ..was murdered in New York. Who is the writer? Sir, Ajay.. – Sir, Malhotra. Bring him for interrogation. Mother, I’m leaving. Son, wait. Eat curd and then go. Can’t you sit at
home and write novels? Mother, to write new novels,
I’ve to visit new places. Otherwise there is
no spice in the story. When will you make your life spicy? He is going for that program only. What do you mean? Aunt, your daughter-in-law
is shooting in Srinagar. And he is going to meet her only. Really? – Leave my ears. No, I’ll let you go
only when you’ll promise. That you’ll bring
Priya directly to me. Yes, mother.
Leave my ears. Leave my ears. And if he were to forget it.. ..then you bring your to-be
sister-in-law directly to me. But aunt,
I’ll just accompany him to Delhi. From there,
Hindu brother will go to Srinagar. And Muslim brother will go to Punjab. Greetings. – Yes? Is Ajay Malhotra at home? He left for Srinagar in the morning. Srinagar? Yes, Marathe.
– Calling from Srinagar, sir. I’ve found out the
secret passage from where.. ..where our lost youths
are taken to Pakistan.. ..and they are given
terrorist training there. Well done, my boy.
Well done. – Thank you, sir. But be careful. Young fellow! Listen carefully! Pakistan uses 2 ways to get anything. Snatch it or buy it. Kashmir is ours and
it will always be ours. No power in this world can stop us.. ..from achieving this mission. If we can’t have Kashmir,
then it will be destroyed. Hail Pakistan!
Hail Pakistan! Hail Pakistan! ‘Ajay Malhotra?’ Yes, Marathe. Sir, I’d collected all the evidences. But.. Ajay Malhotra
took away all the evidences. Oh my God! Where is Ajay Malhotra? Where is he? Sir, he has still not
returned from Srinagar. Our agent Pajirao Marathe
has been murdered. When Marathe was
successful in making.. ..the video film
of the terrorist camp.. ..do you know who the killer was? Ajay Malhotra. – What! But it is impossible, sir.
Ajay Malhotra is just a writer. Look at this. Ajay Malhotra has undertaken
the training of a commando. But he was rejected
during the medical test.. ..as his eye sight was weak. Now I think,
this was his well planned ruse. A thoughtful plan. What happened? – Nothing. Did I hurt you? – Yes. But here. Shall I apply medicine? Shall I? One dose is not sufficient. I think you were a
cat in your last birth. No, not a cat. A tigress! No need to be so romantic.
Go and get ready. – Why? Don’t you want to go
for the new year party? It will be great fun.
Alcohol and youth. I think today the meal will be bad. “Near your heart is my heart.
My heart is fervent.” “Am I losing my life or some desire?” “Near your heart is my heart.
My heart is fervent.” “Am I losing my life or some desire?” “My heart desires..” “My heart desires..” “My heart desires
to hold each other.” “Near your heart is my heart.
My heart is fervent.” “There is beauty, love.
What is not there in the bash?” “Just turn around and see.” “There is no other person like me.” “There is beauty, love.
What is not there in the bash?” “Just turn around and see.” “There is no other person like me.” “On people’s lip..” “On people’s lip..” “On people’s lip, are our names.” “I’m with you.” “The vibes of the bash
is changing every moment.” “Am I losing my life or some desire?” “Near your heart is my heart.
My heart is fervent.” “With lowered eyes,
by suppressing things.. ..I’m keeping the silence.” “Greeting you, making you drink the.. ..intoxication of
love with the eyes.” “With lowered eyes,
by suppressing things.. ..I’m keeping the silence.” “Greeting you, making you drink the.. ..intoxication of
love with the eyes.” “Give me your heart. Take my heart.” “Give me your heart. Take my heart.” “What else is there in the world?” “Behind our backs,
there is nothing else.” “Some magic is being cast.” “Am I losing my life or some desire?” “Near your heart is my heart.
My heart is fervent.” “My heart desires
to hold each other.” Friends, at mid-night
we’ll switch off the lights. So as to welcome the new year. Happy new year! Happy new year, ma’am! Ajay! Why did you murder Pajirao Marathe? I didn’t murder anybody. Then why did you go to Srinagar? Does a civilized man
have to take permission.. ..of the military
before going to Srinagar? Every civilized man
is not a killer like you. I’m a writer, not a killer. You’ve used a new way to earn fame. Using the guise of writer,
you commit murder.. ..of military
intelligence’s big officers. And then you write novels on them. Yes, I’m a writer!
But not a murderer! Oh my God! You’re lying! Do you know the consequence.. ..of behaving like this
with a civilized person? More dangerous ways can be used.. ..for the sake of national security. But you’re been given this justice.. ..because you are a honest
martyr’s son, who was my senior. So this respect is being given to me. Those people for whom
you commit murders.. ..must be giving
you respect and money. This is an accusation. What is this? This is a conspiracy. Based on Major Chawla’s murder. Look at this as a revenge based.. ..on our officer
Aziz Kashmiri’s murder. Look at ‘Chakravyuh’, ‘Hadsa’. You wrote all these novels
after committing these murders. I didn’t commit any murder! Then how did the plot of
all these novels enter your mind? I saw all these plots
in my dreams. – What! Yes, I saw it in my dreams!
– What is he saying! Yes, I saw it in my dreams!
– Rubbish! You think we are fools! Greetings. My name is Priya. And.. I’m Ajay’s mother. Come inside. Come. Wow! My to-be
daughter-in-law is so pretty. Where is that useless fellow? – Who? Where is Ajay? – Ajay is not at home? He had gone to Srinagar. You both were supposed
to come together. ‘Oh no!’ What’s the matter, dear? Aunt, Ajay suddenly disappeared.. ..from the party
on the night of 31st. I thought maybe
he came here without.. ..informing me so as to harass me. But if he has not come here.. Oh my God!
Where must have my son gone? Bura. – Yes, sir. Give me the shirt. – Yes, sir. Bura. – Yes, sir. Hello. Brother, Ajay had gone to Srinagar.. ..from there God knows where he went. What? I’m tired. From where did the details
of your novel come from? Dream. Why don’t you tell us?
From where did you get the stories? Dream. Dream! Dream! Dream! Dream. Dream! Don’t worry, ma’am. Don’t worry. If he’s alive.. – What? I’m sorry. We’ll surely find him. What did you do! You broke such an expensive
camera made in England. You come here. I’d ruined the Englishmen like this. Sir. I’ve read in the novel
that in foreign counties.. ..hard core criminals
are hypnotised.. ..so that they would
spill everything out. Mr. Ajay, this is the most simple.. ..way of finding out the truth. Have a seat. Lie down, lie down. Very good. Put your legs straight. Close your eyes. Imagine there is bleak
darkness all around you. Go back to your last lifetime. Go. Go. Go. Go. ‘What happened, aunt Geeta?
What happened?’ ‘Aunt Geeta.’ Aunt Geeta!
Aunt Geeta! Don’t kill my aunt Geeta! What happened, aunt Geeta?
What happened? Aunty Geeta. Relax. Now.. come out from your childhood. Come out from your childhood. Come back. How did the plot of these
novels enter your mind? Right from my college days
I had a penchant for writing. I made writing my profession. My stories were published
in newspapers and magazine. And then one day.. ‘Conspiracy.’ ‘Welcome, Mr. Habib Shirwani.’ ‘Chief of the Pakistani army,
welcome.’ ‘These floppies and
CDs have the details.. ..and the snaps of all
those Pakistani people.. ..who spread terrorism in India.’ ‘We’ll pay you lavishly
for your courage and betrayal.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘Thank you.’ – ‘All the best.’ ‘Go down!’ ‘Out!’ ‘You’ll be responsible.’ I saw the incident in my dreams. I saw strange dreams. And I used to convert
those dreams into stories. Wake up, Ajay. Open your eyes. Thank you, Dr. Dastoor. – Thank you. Thank you, sir. – God bless you. Mr. Ajay, I’m sorry for
the trouble that we caused you. But it has solved our purpose. And we’re thankful to you.
Best of luck. You may go. Thank you. Sir, you let him go?
– Keep a tab on him. Ajay! Ajay! ‘There is delay but
not denial at Your place.’ What way is this to forsake somebody? You know what plight was I in. I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Mother. – Are you fine, son? Where had you gone? Mother, army soldiers
had taken me away. Army? But why? Mother, according to them my novels.. ..are not just fiction but reality. The same officer’s name,
the same location.. ..the same manner of murder. They didn’t believe that
I saw all these plots in my dream. They tortured me. But mother, who is this aunt Geeta. When the doctor hypnotised me he.. ..took me back when
I was 2-3 years old.. ..then I saw.. Who is this aunt Geeta, mother? She is your aunt Geeta. You are here. And he is your twin brother, Raju. Twin brother? – Yes.
He was born 8 minutes before you. It was 1971. My younger sister Geeta had come.. ..to our place during vacation. During that time, there was a war. Your father was
stationed at the border. Then suddenly one day,
it was announced.. ..that the war will be stopped. The happiness of the tired
people knew no boundaries. “Oh country, oh country.
My cherished one.” “This ambience, this weather.” “I’m ready to sacrifice
my life for you.” “Oh country, oh country.
My cherished one.” “This ambience, this weather.” “I’m ready to sacrifice
my life for you.” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Oh my God! Oh my God!” “My eyes.” “My eyes bow before your feet.” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Oh my God! Oh my God!” “Child, dance.
We’ll give you eatables.” “Child, dance.
We’ll give you eatables.” “We’ll not give you raw,
we’ll cook it for you.” “We’ll give you lentils
and tempering too.” “Child, dance.
We’ll give you eatables.” “With sweets, I’ll give you a kiss.” “I won’t give you wheat pancakes,
I’ll give you bread.” “And will give you snacks too.” “Child, dance.
We’ll give you eatables.” “Your body is embedded with gold,
silver and gems.” “Your body is embedded with gold,
silver and gems.” “We all guards are standing
on your doorsteps.” “When we’re here,
what is there to be sad?” “Since we’re here,
what is there to be sad?” “What fear is there?” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “She wears anklets on her legs.” “And she is all decked up.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are wearing a golden nose ring.” “You put cream on your lips.” “Bangles on your hands.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “You are the attraction of the fair.” “I’m a soldier.” –
“You are a flamboyant.” “I’m a soldier.” –
“You are a flamboyant.” “What fun when 2 crazy ones meet!” “What fun when 2 crazy ones meet!” “Along with this dust, our duty,
love and livelihood is fused.” “Our duty, love and livelihood.” “There is sentiment
of love within our heart.” “There is sentiment
of love within our heart.” “What splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” Get ready for the attack. But sir, ceasefire has been declared. And attacking now would
be against the norms of the war. You just do what I say. “Garden, garden.” “Respect, respect.” “Jamboree, jamboree.” “Sea-shore, sea-shore.” “Village, village.” “Fun, fun.” “The thick tresses.” “Splendour! Your splendour!”
– “Kohl in your eyes.” “No words to describe it.” “A face like a flower.” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “A piece of the moon.”
– “No words to describe it.” “The face is like a book.”
– “No words to describe it.” “Rosy lips.” “No words to describe it.” “What royal way of walking.” “No words to describe it.” “What royal way of living.” “No words to describe it.” “Be it a messiah
or an ordinary person.” “Everybody is talking about you.” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Oh my God! Oh my God!” “Splendour! Your splendour!” “Oh my God! Oh my God!” Raju! Geeta! Sister! Mummy! Commandos!
Teach the enemy a good lesson. Kill those enemies
who cross our borders. You have the oath of your motherland. You have the oath of India. Fire! Geeta! Raju! Geeta! Sister! Sister! Soldier! – Sir. Handle the machine gun. – Yes, sir. Colonel Malhotra! – Yes, sir. With your battalion,
plan the rear attack. Major Farhan.
– Yes, sir. – Follow me. – Sir. No.. no! Sir, the Indians have
ruined our tanks. – Shut up! Fire! Lay the guns down! Major! – Sir. – You have done it,
man. – Thank you, sir. Jai Hind! – Jai Hind! Make the civilians
reach their villages. Come on.. come on! Everyone come. Come on.. sit fast. Come on!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Is anyone else there? No! No! No.. no.. no. Oh Lord! No! No! No! And in that battle
I lost everything of mine. My husband, my sister and one son. This is not the truth.
This is not the truth, sister-in-law. What are you saying, brother? Father, say clearly
whatever you want to say. I still remember very well,
the deadly site of the 1971’s war. Fool, you have come
into the lion’s den. Mummy! You can’t escape. Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! My son! Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing here? I’m an Indian, sir.
I’m an Indian. Believe me. Come on! – Sir,
those fools killed his mother too. And that fool took Raju with him. A human can accept someone’s death. But when one of our own
gets lost then he can’t.. ..tolerate the restlessness
till he finds the lost one back. I didn’t want to give
this sadness to sister-in-law. But I don’t know what that
fool must have done to Raju. Sister, this means that
you haven’t lost your second son. He is still alive. – What? – Yes. Ajay’s twin brother is alive. My son is alive.
My Raju is alive. – Yes, sister. There are many examples
in the world of Siamese twins. This means that those
kids who are born together.. Their looks are similar,
their nuances.. ..are similar,
their behaviours are also the same. Their bodies might
be separated in space. But they are connected from the mind. If one gets hurt then
the other feels the pain. If one falls sick then
the other one also falls sick. This is what happened with you too. But your case is very extraordinary. You do not believe me, right? Come.. come with me. Look at this. Parapsychology. This is Para Science. Astral science. A lot of examples are given in.. ..all these books
about twin brothers. Ajay, the incidents
that you had seen.. ..in dreams, in reality,
your brother has done them. Doctor sir, I have a request. Please don’t let my mother
know about the fact of my brother. “I’m getting intoxicated
by the drink of love.” “I swear by God, I’m getting drunk.” “It fills my heart.” “It makes me love
my beloved even more.” “I’m getting intoxicated
by the drink of love.” “The drink of love
is intoxicating me.” “It makes me love
my beloved even more.” “The drink of love.” Friends, today is ‘Baisakhi’. Give me a quarter at least. Don’t talk about quarter. Clear your earlier accounts. Sir, give me alcohol. I will repay all your
money in installments. Fool! Am I a beggar? That you will be repaying
me in installments. I didn’t mean that. – Shut up! Pick him up and throw him out. He’s acting too smart! Sir! You will die one day because.. ..you are kicking your friend out. I will be going to the graveyard
in installments. – Shut up! “The one who drinks love and brandy.” “This foolish girl
also troubles him.” “He keeps remembering
Juliet throughout the day.” “He keeps remembering
Juliet throughout the day.” “When Romeo has the drink of love.” “Brandy.” “I’m getting intoxicated
by the drink of love.” “The drink of love
is intoxicating me.” Muslim brother! Move away! Hindu brother, you here? I had gone to your home
from there I got to know. I thought if a priest
will be at the haunted house. Then a King will be at the bar. You are reciting a poem. Yes, you are a writer. Are you looking out
for a plot of a new novel? No, dude! I have come to find my brother. Brother? What are you saying? Listen. “She becomes an enemy to the foe.” “She is known as
a beloved of the lover.” “The great warrior like Mirza.” “The great warrior
like Mirza also died.” “Because of the drink.” “I’m getting intoxicated
by the drink of love.” “The drink of love
is intoxicating me.” He never met us after that. And we still couldn’t
understand where he is. We just got to know he is alive. Now you tell me what
should I do about him? Hindu brother, is this a story
of the novel or is it your story? Don’t joke, buddy. I don’t understand
where to start from. 1971’s war! Hindu brother, we can get
the record from an army office. “The drink of love.” Army office. Yes, there is this one man. His only one son was saved.
His name is Jabbar Singh. At times when I look at you I feel.. ..Tauheed is a name
of a machine than a human. In which the parts of happiness.. ..sadness,
pain and pity are not present at all. That’s why machines
never betray, sir. Tell me, for what mission
have you called me here. We don’t want to
have cordial relations.. ..with India which the
Prime Minister of India has.. ..started with our
country’s Prime Minister. That’s why now you
will have to kill.. ..Pakistan’s Prime Minister
on the Indian land. In Pakistan,
celebrations are on because.. ..our Prime Minister
is going to India since.. ..he has been invited
by the Prime Minister of India. So that one must forget
revenge and harmony must exist. Peace and love must be
the basis of our relationship. Nonsense! They want people to remember.. ..them as they remember Gandhi. They will rule.
And we will be ruled by our enemies. Never! They have cut our hands.
We will chop their heads off. Bangladesh was snatched from us. We will snatch Kashmir from them. That’s why we had fought 3 battles. The war in which lakhs
of people passed away.. Thousands of families
were washed off.. Can you forget about it, Tauheed? What the Indian soldiers
did to your mother in 1971’s war? Tell me, Tauheed.
Can you forget that? Because of these Indian
soldiers your mother was.. Tauheed, you will have
to take revenge from them. This wound will be cured. But the wound which is on your soul.. ..will not get cured
till the revenge is not taken. Revenge, Tauheed! Revenge! What is the plan, sir? In India,
few of our agents are mixed.. ..with the culprit
leaders over there. They have taken this issue
up and have started riots and chaos. But you have to
execute the final act. On 1st October, our Prime
Minister will be a guest in India. Come with me. Look, Tauheed! On 1st October there will
be a shipment of dry fruits from.. ..Singapore that will
reach a Mumbai city in India. Here both the Prime
Minister’s will be meeting. In one of the containers
in that shipment.. ..there will be
an anti-air craft gun. The number of that container
will be OPN 1613 M. I repeat OPN 1613 M. Now, under any circumstances,
you have.. ..to enter this dockyard
and get this gun out. And the moment Prime Minister’s.. ..plane will go over the dockyard. At that time you will have to shoot. What happened, Muslim? Buddy, don’t call me Muslim. Why? Aren’t you a Muslim? A Muslim is ‘Musal-E-Eman’. It means a person who
is very sincere and honest. I can’t even stand on my own feet. How can I be sincere? Take this. Hindu brother, look at this picture? His face matches Jabbar a lot. Jabbar? – Yes he owns a
5 star hotel here. Jabbar Seth. Gentlemen, in this country you are.. ..amongst those people
who have control over goons and.. ..you can make the government
dance to their tunes. It is obvious when
a dog from one territory.. ..enters another dog’s territory,
they will fight. And here the Prime Minister
of our enemy country has come here. Money! Everything has a price. Take how much ever money you want. You may take how much
ever weapons you want. Create such a havoc that every.. ..lane and crossroad
must be like a graveyard. “This curfew,
this strike, these riots.” “My heart has broken.” “The river Ganges has also cried.” “My heart has broken.” “The river Ganges has also cried.” “The high Himalayas and the.. ..tricolour flag
are feeling ashamed.” “The high Himalayas
and this tricolour flag.” “The high Himalayas
and this tricolour flag.” Why are you doing your business?
– Come out. Fool, you think too much of yourself. Don’t you know that
our party has shut Mumbai? Sir.. I had not come
out to do my work. An old lady’s brain had
been ruined because of the riots. I had gone to leave
her to the hospital. You have a lot of
interest in social work. Are you a leader? Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up. Beat him even more.
– Kabira! – Why did you all stop? Cut him into pieces. Sprinkle petrol over
him and light him up. This is what happens to people.. In this country who do good deeds.. ..this only will happen. No Gandhi, Subash or Jawahar.. ..are going to be
born on this land again. Only people like Meer,
Jaffar and Jaichand will be born. These snakes of crime and
terror are found at times in.. ..Kashmir or are found
in the jungles of Tamil Nadu. They harm Assam or
they ruin Punjab at times. All of you..
belong to the same breed. You dance to the tunes
of selfish politicians. Light the fire..
burn the buses and trains. A country’s property
is not your property. In this country, there is
shortage of petrol not of blood. There is shortage of
wood but not of dead bodies. And the explosives
of religion are so.. ..much that till the
end one huge war can be on. Tauheed, why did you kill your man? ‘We have started the
riots between Hindu.. ..and Muslims in Mumbai,
Bhiwandi and Surat.’ ‘Now it’s the turn of Delhi,
Calcutta and Chennai.’ Put him in the fire.
By putting a fragrance on it. He spies on us. Today is 27th September. And you have only 4 days
to betray the police and.. ..military and reach Mumbai
and to execute your mission. This mission is very dangerous,
Tauheed. Tauheed plays only
with danger. – Wow! You? How did you come inside? The doors of your thoughts were open.
So I came in. Shut up! You are so shameless!
Go from here. Go from here! “Oh beloved.. oh beloved.” “Beloved!” “Oh beloved..
oh beloved.” – “Beloved!” “You are.” – “You are.” “The King of love.”
– “The King of love.” “I’m no less, I’m your Queen.” “King, can’t rule my heart..
my beloved.” “Oh beloved.. oh beloved.” “Oh sweetheart, my darling!” “I won’t let you go today.” “Oh sweetheart, my darling!” “I won’t let you go today.” “I will be yours.” “You will be my lover.” “Oh beloved.. oh beloved.” “Beloved!” “Oh beloved.. oh beloved.” “Beloved!” “Oh sweetheart, my darling!” “I won’t let you go today.” “Oh sweetheart, my darling!” “I won’t let you go today.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice.. ..when I don’t see you.” “Please come in my dreams.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice.” Tauheed! Tauheed! “Beloved, I want to embrace you.” “I can’t wait without seeing you.” “Yours and my life is the same.” “Then why are we
in different bodies.” Control your madness of love. It is not madness
if it can be in control. You don’t know how happy I’m today! My beloved has come. I feel like..
I feel that the moon must.. ..remove the evil eye cast on you. I would bow the sun
down in front of you. I will use the charm of my youth.. ..as bondage so that
I never let you go. Hello. – Yes, Tauheed. Chief is going by the car jet. Come to me quickly.
By spreading the fragrance. – Sir. Everything is going as per your plan,
sir. – Good. Very good. After the success of
this operation you will.. ..have a good excuse
to declare war against India. Yes, sir. And the most important thing. Indian military intelligence
is behind your agent Tauheed. Tauheed, did you hear? – Sir. “The flowers blossom.” “The fire eyes brighten up.” “The hearts beats.” “The stars have come out.” “My beloved, you haven’t come.” “Everyone else has come.” “Without you, my beloved!” “You merciless person,
you unconcerned guy!” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “Beloved, without you
I don’t feel like dressing up.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “Without you, my beloved!” “Without you, my beloved!” “You merciless person,
you unconcerned guy!” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My lover is not in front of me.” “If lover is not there
then there is no love.” “Why should I dance?
Why should I sing?” “There is no tinkle in my anklet.” “My lover is not in front of me.” “My beloved made a false promise.” “And the entire world is false.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “You merciless person,
you unconcerned guy!” “My anklet!” “My anklet has started tinkling.” “My bangles!” “My bangles have started clinkering.” “My anklet has started tinkling.” “My bangles have started clinkering.” “Your thirst has been
quenched with the rains.” “Your beloved has come today.” “Your beloved has come today.” “My heart was in my mouth.” “And you have come now, tormenter.” “My heart was in my mouth.” “And you have come now, tormenter.” “In the path only it broke.” “I felt shy and I
woke up from my sleep.” “I felt shy and I
woke up from my sleep.” “My heart has slipped out.” “And it’s now started beating.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice..
doesn’t feel nice.” “Without you, my beloved!” “You merciless person,
you unconcerned guy!” Tauheed! Tauheed, my love. Tauheed? “My heart doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice.” “My heart doesn’t feel nice!” Oh no! He went away. Hindu brother, why was the
dance girl calling you Tauheed? I must resemble some
person called Tauheed. I found my brother. Yes Sharma. Ajay Malhotra has
changed his identity. People address him
now by the name Tauheed. Arrest him immediately. Mother! Mother! Mother! What happened, dear?
Why are you yelling? Mother, Ajay. – Ajay! Ajay, dear. Mother.. mother, I have
got to know about brother Raju. Raju! Where is he? How is my son?
– He is in this city itself, mother. I will find him very soon. I will tell him that you
are very eager to meet him. And.. and.. – And what? – And me too. Beloved, you come like a sudden.. ..storm and where do
you go away like a tempest. Tauheed’s life is like journey. Then make me your life partner. You are under arrest, Mr. Tauheed. Under what crime? – Oh!
So this too we have to tell you. Come out.
Come out. – Come out. – Come out. Come out. – Come out. Hello.. hello..
hello? Control room? Control room? Just now a white gypsy has
gone from the Pathankot route. Put a curfew on every
road that goes out from there. The car should not cross the bridge. Don’t fire!
We have to catch him alive. Oh Lord! Tauheed, bridge! He escaped. Why did you run away from
the police and the military people? What if I was caught with this? Why do you keep
such things with you.. ..that can take your
life than giving you one? Can I ask you one thing? When are you getting married? On 2nd October. In Mumbai. Why in Mumbai? Because there no one
knows Roshan Ara nor Tauheed. Only you and me. You mean to say only you.. ..me and the priest
who will get us married. A useful place.. Move aside! Hello. – Hello. Get out. Sir, one is not allowed
to have a hard drink in the hotel. What will the people out here drink?
– Canada Dry. The entire bottle. – It will be fine. Did you like it?
Did you like it? – Yes. Good morning, sir.
Soft drink. – No, thank you. Hi, Tauheed! How are you? Jabbar is waiting for you. Actually, I’m.. She is taking you to the right place. Tauheed, shall we leave? – Yes. Hey! Whenever I see you I start melting. You have so much fire within you. Stay away from me.
Or else you will get burnt. I have already got burnt.
Now I want to extinguish myself. Make love to me to the fullest
so that my thirst gets quenched. Stop it! No! – Hey Kareena! Oh! I’m sorry.. sorry. I
think I have come at the wrong time. By spreading fragrance. No, sir!
You have come at the right time. I have every important work with you. I too have some every
important work with you. Come. Come down to the control room. Sorry for the break. Sorry for the interruption. Tomorrow exactly
at 2 o’clock over here.. ..there is going to be
a huge procession of unity. In which, the Hindu’s and Muslim’s.. ..will be given the message of love. And the most important
thing for us is that.. ..many Indian kids
have gone to Pakistan. And many Pakistani
kids have come to India. So that they can forget
the enmity and increase.. ..mutual harmony and
brotherhood amongst them. But the terrible bombs
which we have spread.. ..will not allow their
noble intention to succeed. Hey! After the kids
will die then the enmity.. ..of both the countries
will be converted into revenge. Give this to me. After completing our mission,
you can go.. ..and settle in any country
of this world without any worries. These are the passports
of various countries. Now do your preparations. It is strange! Hey! He looks exactly similar to you. Science has progressed a lot,
Shahaji. They replace a face
with another so easily.. ..that the difference between
real and fake gets eliminated. O my God! But every time I will hit him,
he shall repent. Who are you? – Your brother. How can a Pakistani
be the brother of an Indian? How dare you! Tauheed’s life is just related
to motives. Not relationships. Tell me, what is your mission? I have come to take
my brother back home. An eagle never makes his own nest. And a daring man never
makes his own home. Tauheed is a revolutionary. And he just has one motive. The destruction of India! What all have you
known about us until now? Tell me. I just know this much
that we both are standing.. ..on the opposite
sides of the border line. But we belong to the same country. We both share the same blood. And that woman is also the same.. ..who has given birth to both of us. I have come here for
that unfortunate woman only.. ..who is waiting on the door
with the hopes of your return. And I will definitely take
you away from here, brother. I will take you away
from this entire nuisance. No, Shahaji.
His life is as precious for us.. ..as the death of our main prey. She is Miss Universe. Hey! So then meet this
girl and inquire about it.. ..that what is the
reality of this man? Press reporter.
Let her come in, Maria. Please be seated. – Thank you. Tell me. – Miss Priya.. ..several people are crazy
about your beautiful face. Many people get inspired by you. It is all your generosity! But is there any face
that you are crazy about? Yes. There is a magician. His name is Ajay Malhotra. Can you introduce
us to that magician? I will definitely
introduce you to him. But right now, he has gone
to Punjab in search of his brother. He had been separated
from him in the childhood. This means that he is very
far away from you right now. He is in my every breath. He is in my heartbeats. He is in my eyes. He is in my dreams. The truth is that
my heart is with him. And his heart is with me.
– “Our eyes meet each other.” “Our eyes meet each other.” “The eyes crave for each other.” “The eyes only quench
the thirst of an eye.” “Eyes! O my God, the eyes!” “The eyes! The eyes! The eyes!” What happened? I remembered the thought of a story. I will just write it and come back. What? Come here. I am so.. But if Tauheed will come
to know about this secret.. ..that Ajay is his twin brother
then we all will be in danger. Hey, no! We will kill
Ajay before we face any danger. The arrangements
are absolutely perfect. Uncle. – Yes. On that day, I had come
up to here along with Ajay. After that,
a beautiful girl had taken Ajay.. ..and gone downstairs. And this guy knows that girl. Was there any problem in the customs? Nawab. – Yes. Please take out my bag. – Absolutely. Yes, please. Sir, two men have come inside. Be alert. – Ok. – Ok. Yes. – Hello! Hello! Hello! Go inside.
– Why don’t you say anything? He is dead now. Uncle! Hey! Hey! Hey! No! No! Save me! Uncle! Hey! What are you doing? It is very important
for him to survive. If you want to chop
anyone then please chop him. So that you would enjoy chopping.. ..and he would enjoy
himself being chopped. Hey! What are you saying, uncle? Uncle! – Yes! Which uncle? Whose uncle?
I am not anybody’s uncle. Hey! Who are you all? How did you all come up till here? Up till here! Yes. You have asked a very
complicated question now. Where? Sir, actually in search of him,
we came up to Punjab in train. And then from the station,
we took a taxi to go to his house. And then I took along
this unfortunate man.. ..and came over here. The activities which
happened after this.. ..I want to explain
this in great details.. ..because I am very
weak in mathematics. Nawab sir. – Yes. Right now when we both
were in the corridor then.. ..how many people did we kill?
– Four. – Correct! And then we went upstairs
from the corridor.. ..then how many people
did we get hold of? – Six. They were not six.
They were eight. – Six! Come on, let it be.
They were neither six nor eight. We will just compromise
for seven. – Ok. How much does seven and
four make in all? – Eleven. Brother, you are better
than us in mathematics at least. After that there were
six of them here and there. And we killed them also. How much does eleven and seven make?
– Eighteen! This is nineteenth.
This is twentieth.. ..and this is the twenty first one. Is there anybody else? – No. It is more than enough for today. Child, are you fine?
– I am fine, father. But many people’s
lives are in danger. On the function of religious unity.. ..Jabbar has spread bombs everywhere. And in his dirty deeds,
even my brother Raju is involved. Hey! Do not worry! A saviour is always
greater than the killer. Come with me. “Look at this temples and mosques.. ..which have been created.” “They are so closely
related to each other.” “They all have come on this side.” “Those birds are
flying on that side.” “Those birds are
flying on that side.” “They are so innocent.
They are so loving.” “They are so innocent.
They are so loving.” “Why aren’t all the human
beings like this only?” “Why aren’t all the human
beings like this only?” Ajay, the bomb is there. O Almighty! Nawab! – Nawab! Nawab! – Brother Hindu,
won’t you call me a Muslim today? Today I have fulfilled
the duties of a Muslim. All my life,
I was just violating my religion. I kept drinking booze.
But I did not drink it today. I did not drink today. It is possible that the
deed of saving these kid’s lives.. ..maybe the source of my salvation. Nawab! Nawab! – Praise the Lord Almighty! May God rest his soul in peace! Hey! What has happened here?
What has happened? Shahaji, two people had come here. They managed to take Ajay from here. Hey, stupid!
What were you doing over here.. ..then with all this ammunition? Shahaji! Shahaji! Shahaji! Ajay has failed our
plan of religious unity. The police can come here anytime. What rubbish are you saying? I am saying the truth. – That fool! Hey! Burn this hotel
before the police come here. Burn this place! Where is Jabbar?
– I don’t know. – Tell me. Where is Jabbar? – In Mumbai. Where in Mumbai? Yes. Where? Hey! He ate cyanide. This means that the
mission is in Mumbai. O my God! May my youth be ruined! This beauty is standing next to him. And he is staring at those
stones with these binoculars. What is the problem? If I will have only
one problem then.. .. I will let you know about it.
Today is 30th September. And you had said that we
would get married on 2nd October. Only 48 hours are remaining. And you have neither
spoken to the priest. Nor have you booked the hall. Neither did you shop for the clothes. Nor have you ordered the jewellery. I think that your
intentions have changed. Blame me only when Tauheed’s
promise will be incomplete. ‘I have faith in you, beloved!’ Won’t you feed me ice cream? I will bring it right now. What happened? According to the information,
he should be.. .. somewhere over here only. Yes, he should be here. But where.. There he is! Hey! Hurry up! Hurry up! Son, when you will come
and when you will call me mother.. ..and hug me then
how will that moment be? I might die out of happiness. On that occasion,
only one person will be missing. Your father! I have seen you only
when you were so small. How would you look now? Ajay! Son Ajay! When did you come? I didn’t know about it at all. Where is Raju? Where is he? Please don’t joke with your mother. I will not be able to bear it today. I will not be able to bear it today. Where is Raju? Tell me. Why don’t you say something? Raju! Son Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Son Raju! Raju! Look, I know that you
have hidden him outside. Even he is no less. You both always used
to trouble me in childhood. Tell me. For God’s sake,
tell me that where is my Raju? Tell me. Tell me.
Please tell me. – Mother! Raju! Raju!
Raju, my child! My son! – Mother. God, thank you a million! Where had you gone?
Where had you gone leaving me? Where had you gone? O my God! God, thank you a million! Mother, what is wrong with you? Why are you screaming Raju? I am Ajay. – Ajay! So then he.. Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju! Raju was here! Raju was here! Raju! Raju, my child! Wait! Don’t call out for him.
– Where has he gone? Raju is not at all ready to
accept this that I am his brother. And you are his mother. What are you saying, Ajay? Raju is the enemy of this country. I cannot bear this, God. I cannot bear such
a big stain on my son. Please do not malign my son! Don’t make my son a stone like you! Please do not make
him a stone hearted person. This God. This Almighty. They are the other
forms of a mother only. This storm is the evidence
that his throne is moving right now. His motherly love is awakening. Because when his
motherly love awakes.. ..then he spreads the
holy water amongst the people.. ..and he consumes
all the poison himself. In order to guide the people on
the right path who have been misled.. ..he crucifies himself
like the great Jesus Christ. In order to quench the
thirst of those affected.. ..he takes the form
of Guru Nanak and.. ..creates water from the stones. He creates a way out
of the flowing river.. ..in order to save others. In order to unite your children
who have been separated.. ..he is breaking
the walls of enmity.. ..and creating a path of
love which I can clearly see. India is our enemy. India is our greatest enemy. India aims on ruining and
destroying us completely. India wants to wipe out
Pakistan from the world map. It wants to destroy
us since many years Since the last 50 years,
we have inculcated.. ..this baseless terror in our hearts. We have stored less
grains in our godown.. ..and more of weapons. We do not prepare so
well for the festival of Eid. But we are always
prepared to raise a war. Today the world is planning
to settle on the moon. And we are teaching our kids that.. ..our neighboring
country is our enemy. We have created a
very big wall of enmity. But we have also shut
that light of hope with which.. ..we could extend
our friendship to them. God willing!
The day Indo-Pak will be friends.. ..on that day both these countries.. ..can together be a super power. And such super powers don’t
want us ever to be friends. That is why, they surely
supply us with the weapons. But they do not give
us the advice to be friends. But sir, what is the guarantee
that after this friendship.. ..India will not interfere
in our personal and religious issues? That is a Hindu country. And Pakistan is an Islamic country. For your knowledge,
let me tell you that.. ..India is a democratic country. Muslims are a minority there. In spite of that,
the government never interfered.. ..in their religious issues. Even today the Muslim personal
law is valid for the Muslims. Just look at the wonders
of the non Muslims also. The Prime Minister of that country.. ..himself shares his
food with the Muslims. They celebrate the festival
of Eid also harmoniously. Respected sir,
it is shameful that in spite of us.. ..being an Islamic country,
we have disputes and riots.. ..regarding the issues
of Shiya’s and Suni’s. Sir, these are our homely issues. But the conflicts between
India and Pakistan will be solved.. ..only when the issue regarding
Kashmir will be solved. Sir, the way the border
was extended in Punjab.. ..we accepted that. The way the borders
were extended in Rajasthan.. ..we accepted that too. We even curtailed the route of Kutch. In the same way,
as per the Shimla compromise.. ..can’t the Kashmir
issue also resolved? I am going to India to
discuss about these matters only. God willing!
If God will wish then I will return.. ..with a well favored decision.
– Amen! – May it come true! I have understood that
what you are thinking about. Frankly speaking, there
are so many worries in my heart. Every moment seems
to be so long lasting. I pray to God that these distances.. ..should be cleared immediately. And that moment should
come immediately.. ..when you will be my groom
and I would be your bride. “In your heart lies my picture.” “Your love is my belonging.” “I feel like Ranjha one moment.” “And the other moment
I feel like Heer.” “Your love is my belonging.” Whenever I start seeing
a beautiful dream.. ..then this watch starts ringing. Let me also see that how
do you look in a bridal wear? Really! Shall I tell you? You understood me, isn’t it Tauheed? Tauheed understands the
meaning of OPN 1613M very well. Until now, many Indian
officers have been killed by me. But now I even have the
responsibility and pride.. ..of killing the Pakistani
Prime Minister on the Indian soil. And listen to one more thing also.. Hello! Hello! Tauheed! Hello! You want to kill the
Pakistani prime minister.. ..on the Indian soil
so that the Indians will be.. .. accused of this blame. What nonsense are you talking? I am Tauheed, your lover. Just speak about us.
About our marriage. I should speak about my marriage! Ad then let my
would-be husband make.. ..all the Indian wives a widow. I should think about my house! Even if my would-be husband.. . ..will turn all the
houses here into graveyards. I.. I should embrace this bridal veil.. ..so that the huge pile
of corpses should be invisible. So that the bangles
would never cling again. So that the screams of the
orphan kids will not be heard. You want this only from me, right? What is wrong with you? Don’t touch me. I have heard everything myself. Who are you? Who are you? Do you want to hear it? I am a secret member of
the Pakistani terror mission. The hotel in which
you used to dance earlier.. ..that was our control tower. And Jabber was the
head of our mission. Roshan Ara, please help
me in fulfilling my motive. I will support you forever. Deal! – No. Help. We both are Muslims. Our self esteem is one.
Our Koran is one. Please help me, Roshan Ara. When you have given me the sake of.. ..the self esteem and holy
Koran then how can I deny it? But I want one promise from you.
– What is it? For the sake of your mission,
not even a single Muslim.. ..from India will sacrifice his life. Guarantee me the protection
of each and every Muslim.. ..of this country.
And only then I will help you. What is this foolishness? When the war is raised
to destroy a country.. ..then we do not see
that to which religion.. ..do the residents
of that country belong? They are just enemies. Why? Is the Koran of
the Indian Muslims different.. ..and is the Koran of the
Pakistani Muslims different? If in your eyes the Muslims
here are also enemies.. ..then how come I am our friend? Why are you expecting
help from an enemy? Because I am your lover. No. By giving me the sake of love.. ..do not expect betrayal from me. Under the cover of a religion,
don’t fight the war.. ..regarding the borders of a country. Hey! Roshan Ara is
a daughter of a Muslim. She realizes her
self esteem very well. Not only love,
I will sacrifice my life also. Because I have the sake
of my motherland India. What are you doing? That only what an
Indian is supposed to do. Roshni. – Don’t move ahead! “In your heart lies my picture.” “Your love is my belonging.” “I feel like Ranjha one moment.” “And the other moment
I feel like Heer.” ‘Only you were a spark
of light in Tauheed’s life.’ ‘Everything else is completely dark.’ “O my Beloved! O my Beloved!” “O my Beloved! O my Beloved!” Who fired at you? Who fired at you? Look at this photo. Did he kill you?
Did he kill you? – Yes. But why? – He is on
a very dangerous mission. Mission! Which mission? OPN 1613M. That means the Pakistani.. Pakistani! You are under arrest! I am asking you for the last time. What is the meaning
of operation 1613M? What does it stand for? I have told you
plenty of times that.. ..I do not know the meaning
of this code at all. I don’t know. Then who the hell knows it? Who knows about it? Tauheed knows about it. Kabira, you! – Yes, Abrar sir. This is the very strange
story of two twin brothers. And he is continuously facing
the consequences many times. And today if you
will not believe him.. ..then it may affect
the country also. But we must also have a legal
base to believe this, isn’t it? There is legal base, Abrar sir. Dr. Dastoor! It is possible that through
Ajay’s brain nerves.. ..will match with
that of his twin Tauheed. And we may find out
that where Tauheed is.. ..and what is he doing? But.. Sir, operation1613M has been decoded. Murder of Pakistani
Prime Minister in India. Murder of Pakistani
Prime Minister in India! This.. This.. Contact air control. Contact the General. Contact Islamabad. Anybody who is responsible.
– Get him on the line. Fast. Come on. Fast. Abrar sir, for God’s sake. Allow Dastoor to
do the experimenting. No. No. I have no
time for any experiment. It is possible that Tauheed
might be involved in this mission. We don’t work on possibilities. Sometimes the possibilities
can come true. Why don’t you understand, Kabira? Ajay Malhotra is a
very hardcore criminal. If he will take undue
advantage of that experiment.. ..and run away from there. And if anything will
happen to the Prime Minister.. ..then who the hell
will be responsible? Who will be responsible for that? Who will be responsible for that?
– I will be responsible for it. I will be responsible for it. My duty will be responsible for it. This uniform of mine
will be responsible for it. These medals attached on
my chest will be responsible for it. My amputated arm will
be responsible for it. A father’s sacrifice
will be responsible for it. The mother’s milk which
is running in his veins.. ..in the form of blood
will be responsible for it. And if all these responsibilities
are not sufficient.. ..then arrest me on his behalf. Hang me, Abrar sir. Ok, Kabira. All right. I will give it a try.
– Thank you, Abrar. Wish you good luck, sir.
But sir, you are going to.. ..India in this small plane.. ..then won’t it be
unfair to your position? When the Prime Minister of
India can come here in the bus.. ..then can’t I go
there in a small plane? The real well-wisher, the real
leader of a country is him only.. ..who saves the money of his country. Come, sir. Please. Sir, there is a call
for you from India. Hello. – I am General
Abrar speaking from Mumbai. Tell me, sir.
– Your Prime Minister’s plane is.. ..scheduled to land in India. Please withhold it
over there only until.. ..you receive our next information. Ok, sir. Now our Prime Minister
will definitely fly. Good morning, Mr. Prime minister. I am the captain
of this plane, Imran. The distance between
Islamabad and Mumbai.. ..will be covered
in two and a half hours. Who are you? – Ajay Malhotra. No. You are not Ajay Malhotra. You are Tauheed. Tauheed is Ajay
Malhotra’s twin brother. That Tauheed because of whom.. ..Ajay Malhotra’s
life is in danger today. And now you are roaming
among the stars. Among the stars. There are stars
on all the four sides. You are moving with the stars. Where are you?
– In between the stars. Excuse me. Hi! How are you, Imran? I am fine. How are you?
– How are you? Be seated. And what are you doing nowadays? I am with the Prime
Minister nowadays. Hey! That’s very good! And how is father? – He is all right. Suddenly..
Suddenly, you are stuck in a trap. You are being stuck in a trap! You are being stuck in a trap,
Tauheed! Save yourself, Tauheed. Save yourself, Tauheed. Save yourself, Tauheed.
You will be drowned. Where are you now, Tauheed? Where are you now, Tauheed? Right now, I am in the docks. Sir, Dr. Dastoor has found out that.. ..Tauheed is in the dockyard now. I see. Look, send Sharma to the dockyard. And you directly come
to the airport. – Sir! SOS. This is flight 490. Flight 490. SOS. I think that we have
lost all the contacts. What do we do now, sir? We have already crossed half the way. I think lets proceed
towards Mumbai. – Ok. Father, my brother
might be somewhere.. ..near these containers only. OPN 1613M. That means the Pakistani
Prime Minister’s death in India. You lousy man! I think there is some threat to us. It can be dangerous to land now.
– You are right sir. No, child. No. No, brother! Don’t call me a brother. It hurts me. I had been segregated
from the clutches.. ..of relationships
in my childhood only. Instead of a house,
I was in the training camp. Instead of toys,
I had weapons in my hands.. ..my heart is just a
medium of breathing for me. And my brain.. my brain
is a source of destruction only. There is no space for
feelings in a mission. Tauheed is just fond of his mission. My mission. Because of which, I.. ..lost my Roshan too. About which mission are you speaking? Are you calling the destruction
of two countries a mission? You are making many innocent
people fight against themselves. Is that called a mission? What will you get with all this? Will you stand on the
pile of many corpses.. ..and declare that
you are responsible.. ..for all this destruction? I have stained this land with blood. What type of hunger
is this which wants.. ..to eat borders instead of food? Those selfish people who want a war.. .. they do not lose anything, son. Those people lose everything
whose morning starts.. ..with the search for food
and they spend their nights.. ..on the bed of tiredness. Let it be any country. But not even one of
its residents wants a war. And the countries which
are fighting in the wars.. ..this world is witnessing
their consequences now. They do not cultivate grains
in their land but they have hunger. The fruits do not grow on
their trees but the bombs grow there. The people who die,
their eyes remain open.. ..while waiting for someone
to come and bury them. And the people who get
saved become so scared.. ..that even if a matchstick
is burnt then they feel scared. If you speak about your
mission then stop them. Stop those hooligans
who are chopping off.. ..the roots of humanity. Cut those hands which
are distributing.. ..the weapons of destruction. Brother! ‘Who are you? – Your brother!’ ‘You both always used
to trouble me in childhood.’ ‘Tell me. For God’s sake,
tell me that where is my Raju?’ ‘Tell me.’ ‘We both are standing
on the opposites.. ..sides of the border line.’ ‘But we belong to the same country.’ ‘We both share the same blood.’ ‘And that woman is also the same.. ..who has given birth to both of us.’ Why didn’t this blood
shed from my body earlier? At least you would have embraced me. Tauheed! Don’t consider this that.. ..with the unison
of both the brothers.. ..our mission will be incomplete. The Prime Minister will die.
And he will surely die. And Jabbar will conclude
this plan at the airport. Save them, child. Save the crores of children
of both these countries.. ..who wish for harmony
and brotherhood. During 1947,
a rift had been created.. ..between both these countries. The time has come now,
child to heal.. ..that wound with love,
affection and friendship. Only young people like
you can do this deed. Only you all can do it, son. What are you saying, Sharma? Come on, give me the phone.
Yes Sharma tell me.. Sir, there have been
missiles attack on.. ..the Pakistani Prime
Minister’s plane. But he was saved. His life is endangered
on the airport also, sir. – What? How did the Prime
Minister’s plane come.. ..to India without our clearance? Gul Afghan. – Sir. O my God! Listen to me. Listen to me. Brothers. Brothers, put on your seat belts. There is no need to worry. Only that will happen
what will be God willing. Let’s go back. Prime Minister sir,
your death is certain. May God be with you! A little bit low. Brother, be careful. A little bit low. Sir, you don’t worry. Everything will be all right. Ajay, headphones. Headphones. Along with the Prime Minister,
we will land.. ..at the old Mumbai airport. You can hear me. Ajay! Gul Afghan.
Gul Afghan. What happened? I think Ajay and Tauheed
have saved the Prime Minister. Kill them both! – Yes, sir. Commandos, attack! Ajay! Lets go back otherwise
we all will be killed. Gul Afghan,
die yourself or kill them surely. My bullets have got over, sir. Take the helicopter
and hit the plane. Come on! Let’s go back. Hit the helicopter on the plane. Ajay! Hey! Who are you? Hey! Are you still alive? Today you will not be spared. Drive bus. Our biggest plan has failed. Your Tauheed has betrayed us. Sir, he is that evil
who is the enemy of humanity. He is the person who is
the enemy of both the nations. Hello, Jabbar.
Jabbar, I am General Haider speaking. Jabbar, why don’t you speak? Can you hear me or no? Jabber, what happened? Did the Prime Minister die or no? Did the Prime Minister
die or no, Jabbar? Jabbar, give me an answer. Jabbar! Hey Jabbar! Jabbar, give me an answer. Hello, Jabbar. Hello. Arrest him!
– This is not possible, sir. This is not possible at all. This has happened. Even God never
supports the betrayers. Noor Mohammed. – Don’t scream! For the crime of betraying
the nation and planning out.. ..the murder of the Prime Minister.. ..you are being arrested. Tauheed! – Raju! Raju! Raju! No. No. No, child. Open your eyes, Raju. Raju! Raju. Raju. O my God! Mother, I got my Mother’s
lap then I felt sleepy. Mother, when two
brothers can remain.. ..in a mother’s womb and
they can be nurtured together. Then why do they come
in the womb of this earth.. ..and become enemies? The Almighty also doesn’t
has the answer for this, son. Even the Almighty also doesn’t have.. ..the answer for this, son. The public wants this only, sir. The public of both the
countries want this only. From many years,
the saints and the scholars.. ..have bonded the Hindus
and Muslims together. But these leaders
divided our brotherhood. In the same house,
they have hung two different things. One is India and
the other is Pakistan. We do fight.
The walls are created there. But one brother doesn’t become..
..an enemy of another brother. We all are different. But the roots of
our relationship are.. ..on this side of the wall
as well as on that side also. This wall created
of enmity doesn’t have.. ..the courage to suppress
our relationships. When we have already
broken one wall.. ..then what is the
identity of this wall? Sir, the public themselves
wants to unite now. The public themselves
wants to unite now. “The good neighbours
stay harmoniously.” “Whenever they meet
each other then they say.” “The good neighbours
stay harmoniously.” “Whenever they meet
each other then they say.” “You are my life. I am your life.” “You are my life. I am your pride.” “You are Pakistan. I am India.” “You are Pakistan. I am India.” “You are my life. I am your life.” “You are my life. I am your pride.” “You are Pakistan. I am India.” “You are Pakistan. I am India.” Yes. This is that dream
which cannot turn into reality.. ..without your support.


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