Present. Congolese film. Crash. First part. It better be the last time you ask me that question. Do you understand!? Imbecile! Is it my fault that your parents are poor? Really? My father has a lot of money. It better be the last time! It is not my fault that your family is trash. Is it my fault that your family is trash? Is it my fault that they are poor? Please baby! Who is your baby ? Me? Really me?! Reply! Am I your baby? No I am sorry. Am I your baby? Are you crazy? Sorry! What’s wrong ? La Joie what do you have? Why did you say I had to come here quickly and almost got crashed on my way? Joseline I’m dying. This eye doesn’t open anymore. All this just because you want to be married? You do not understand. You will never understand. How do I not understand? Just because you want to be married so you suffer this way. What kind of marriage is this? You have money but you have to suffer this way. You’re just being beaten every day. You still have the nerve to call me, but you know what I think about this issue. Still you decided to call me again. Who else should I call? How many times did I try to give you advice on this marriage? You still have nerves to call me. La Joie what’s wrong with you? What kind of marriage is this even if you have to constantly suffer in this way. Go tell your parents that you are suffering. Whenever I go to explain to my mother and father, they always have the same advice. They say, “Marriage is always like that and just needs to last” Joseline I’m dying. You’re not dead yet. I thought that marriage is wonderful and I would be happy. I have never experienced the good aspects of marriage here. In this house I am just being beaten up and yelled at. All I do is always wrong in his opinion. That’s why I have chosen to stay single. La Joie you’re still young. There are many people of your age still living life and having fun. You have locked yourself in this house . What benefit do you get from this? Is he trying to prove his strength by beating you? There is a lot of men out there looking for someone to beat up. Ive doesn’t even have chest muscles. You could even hack him some day. So what? Couldn’t you take a stick and defend yourself if he tries to hit you again? Hey! I am tuned. You know quite well about gold. I’m not in the hallway. No. Let’s do that. Give me 30 minutes to come where you are. I had to get a woman named Maga Mokulu clothes. I had some trouble with the battery. That’s why I didn’t hear when he called me. But clear. We’ll talk later. You know quite well that I always have time for you, You know that. What is ? Can’t go back to your room. Okay! No problem. Kisses. Are you starting to observe my discussions now? Are you ashamed? Don’t you be ashamed of Ive? Even if you are fond of that woman, you could even try not to hear or see your pursuits. What do you want to see and hear? Who did you talk to on the phone? You would be ashamed of Ive! I know you’re talking to a woman. In my house. I did not know that you have become a fortune-teller and you already know that I’m talking to a woman. Are u serious? I am glad that “I’m talking with a woman”. It better be the last time! Wasn´t I called? Someone is knocking the door. Oh here? U think this is my job? U are so lazy. Etumba. Why do you always mock me? Open the door already! Did you come to work here just to eat fufu and pondu? You are only getting fatter. Hey La Joie! La Joie has come home. Who has beaten you? Why do you have tears in your eyes? La Joie who hit you? Can’t you talk? It looks like you have fought hard. You’re completely red. Can’t you talk? Someday you will be killed. You have taken a criminal for yourself as a husband. He’ll kill you sometime. Why are you crying? Is there something wrong? If there is any problem please tell me! I am your father. Tell! I don’t want to see you sad. I am your father. Father. Why don’t you love me? I live in hell. It’s not marriage it’s a hell. I am dying there. La Joie! La Joie! I don´t know how to say this. I just want what is best for you. It’s best for you. No, it´s not! Who said that it isn´t your best? It is not the best for me but it is bad for me. I don’t listen to that kind of language. Ive is your husband. Even Ive is screaming at you it’s not a good reason to come here to cry. My love! I don´t mind if he insults me but he hits me every day. Every day! Is it a problem if Ive beats you? One time is nothing but it has became a habit. Hey Mom. What is wrong? Why are you crying? She cries all the time and looks like a widow who has lost her husband. Although Ive is alive. Ive is your husband and if he beats you a little bit you come here to cry. Beats you? No! I don´t agree with that. Have I never hit you? I don´t accept! Have I never hit you? NO!I don’t accept that! Ive is her husband! So what if he hits her. So what? What are u letting out of your mouth!? It is a marriage. NO Waterlo! Waterlo listen! I have stayed in this marriage because u don’t hit me. And that’s why I don’t want my child to be like a slave and have a miserable life. What if she doesn’t obey her husband? Doesn’t obey her husband? Yes, he has the right to discipline her. Father. Be quiet! Why are acting like this Waterlo? Have I raised you this way? If your husband hits you , you’ll come here to cry. Go home now! Out! No Waterlo , don’t act like this. Don’t fool with me! Go to your own home! Is that the education I gave you? Go to your home! Don’t come here to cry. As soon as he hits you, you’ll come here to cry. Get back to your home now! Out! Open the door for her! Open that door! Don’t come here to cry! Hey lady soon I will hit you! Hi Ive! Why are you just sitting here? Ive, why are you sitting here? Since when have you got permission to ask me questions? Is there a problem? You step into my home. You didn’t even knock. After that, you ask the question:” Why am I sitting here?” Can you leave? Because the door is still open. Out. Before I do something you won’t like. I said leave! Get out! What is this? Ive stay calm! If you want to come here .. wait for me to go out and then come. I don’t like to see you here. It better be the last time that you come here when I’m here. It was the only thing I had to say to you. Why are you crying? Tell me why are you crying? Go to the room! I said go to the room! Do you want to ruin my career? Do you know what his father has done for me? You’re crazy. The reason why I have money is because of his father. Thanks to your job, we all have become slaves. I’ll hit you! We all must become slaves? What’s wrong with you? She will stay there in her marriage. She’s already married and has a ring in her finger. If she stays there she is going to get killed at that house. Just because u like your job. If he’s killed, I don’t care. If she doesn’t know how to obey, he can hit her as much as he wants. He has the right to hit her. If she doesn’t obey, he has the right to hit her. What’s wrong about that? This is stupid! Don’t you see how she is losing weight? She doesn’t look like that when she is okay. If she doesn’t obey he must hit her every day. I will call him right away and tell him to hit her every day. What? You heard right! I will call him. She is in a marriage not in a vacation. Can’t you leave me alone? I won’t ever abandon my job because of you. You need to discipline your child properly. Ive and Ive. God. Why do I have to suffer so much? De Paris! I’m going to look for a job. I can no longer sit like that. I walk to the town even though. I have no choice. Brother. De Paris. I have said to you many times. In life, you should not wait for the bumps to be straight and assume that the miracle will happen. I am studying music and art, and I should have the same hair as you. Still, you have to look for jobs. You can’t just wait for the money to drop in your arms. I don’t have time to keep track of you and laugh all the days for your jokes. I left the house for your responsibility because you don’t want to look for work. Sorry my brother would be the thing. Brother. Here’s my thing: Finding a job is good but .. just leave. Look at that food we bought a long time ago. There is no spice or fat. We have still not found a solution to these foods. And now you go. Who takes responsibility for making food? De paris. You are such a person who doesn’t have to start explaining life. We have no choice. I will go. You’ll find that I can’t answer your question and you have to try to understand me. Put my sandal back home. I’m going to look now. What am I doing with this food now? La Joe I am not your husband. If your husband lets your husband treat you badly, he doesn’t have permission to treat us too. I’ll be there to find you. If it were about an animal living in your house, I wouldn’t even go there. She’s my husband. So what! He sat in the yard and drank something expensive whiskey and decided to throw them all over me! Did he throw a whiskey on you? I went looking for you home and threw the whiskey over me. He told me to get out of his house because he thinks he owns the best home in the world. For me, he could be buried in the house when he loves it a lot. I didn’t like it at all. If! Joseline forgive her for my sake. I didn’t like it! If! I didn’t like it at all. Well, now. Oh God. All my friends hate me. All this is for my mother’s reason because she wanted me this marriage. Good morning Mrs. Good morning Mr. Kares. Is Ive at home? Yes it is. Is everything okay? Yeah everything is fine. After a long time. You have left us. I’ve traveled a lot but now I’m here again. Sit down. Sorry for Mr. Kares. You are a serious and responsible man. Why use diamond earrings? You’ve also opened your shirt buttons. Nothing suits you. You’re such a serious man. Since when? You have a forehead. You have a forehead to talk to me about. Although my wife is not afraid to talk to me about. I am sorry. Anti be the last time. Make those your stuff for you on Ive, but I’m not your husband. Not even my wife dares to talk to me but you have the trouble to talk to you about your stupidity. Is that breeding you have received from your family. ? Your husband’s guys come to the village and you’re talking stupid. That’s madness. I’m not your wife. You have to respect your friend’s wife. If you had noticed that you were a friend’s wife, you would have honored me. It was just advice. What kind of wife are you? You don’t have to bark my family what my family has done to you? Kares. Ive not been happy. What is? I’m not happy with you. You give your wife a talk to me stupid. What is? My wife did what? He speaks stupid about me. My wife did what? He began to complain to me that I have earrings in my ear. What’s in your ear then? What kind of wife is your brother? You have to look at what wife to marry. Do you think she’s a good wife? Kares calm down. My brother is not happy. IM not satisfied. La Joie! Kares. You are my friend. I know how to handle this thing. How do you replace this? I’ll send you some money for your account. You are my brother and we can’t argue about such stupidities. If you really do it I agree to give up my anger. You know I handle things quickly and easily. Right. I know you well. Not to my brother. Peace. How do we handle this? Are you leaving with me? No! Source so I’ll call you. I’ll fix things here first. Don’t stand. I’m waiting for you. See you. Thank you. La Joie! La Joie! Where are you? I’m already dressed. I’m coming, I got dressed already. I am getting the gold. I don’t like you being angry. Sorry I’m coming. There are no long dresses I have pants on. I’m coming for gold. Dear If Why Are You Sore Easily? Why did you immediately change the style of speech when you heard that I was behind you? You immediately changed the words when I came. What do you mean? I’m talking to Josel. Where are you going? I asked where are you going? Ive what now again? I am your wife. You can’t treat me that way. Ive not been able to treat me like that. If you want me to treat you so well, be calm. Give me your phone. Give me that bag. Ive? Give me that bag. Down to undress. Are you cheating with me? Do I play with you? Ive. Do you gamble with you ?! Come closer. Come dear. Start undressing one by one. Take off the high heels. Please! Take off your top coat. Take off your top coat. I can undress in the room. I told you to take off your overcoat. Take it away. Just like you don’t know who you live with. All I do is play with you. Really? Really? Or is it .. Come on. I have time to beat you calmly. Mother! Sorry! You have miracle encounters. Sorry! You have miracle encounters. Certainly with men. Do you think I’m stupid. All right? Liquid has run out. The heart is fluttering. Oh, you like? It is because of hunger. The heart goes through overdrive because we put you in a drop and you had not eaten anything. You have to ask for food. Your doctor wants to talk to you. Okay. Do not be afraid. Rest in peace. I ask the doctor here. Okay thank you. Greeting. Good morning lady. Good morning Are you feeling better now? Is. No problems? My chest burns and my heart goes through overdrive. Did you already eat? You must eat. I do not feel like eating. You have to make an effort. It’s good to eat fruit. Clear. Good. Eat a lot of fruit. Tell me now. What happened? Mrs? I fell down the stairs when I was landing. I fell down the stairs. Is that true? When I looked at your power, I noticed that you had scars and traces in your hands and body. I fell really bad and hit the metal bar. The stairs are made of metal. I hit them when I fell. It seemed to me that you were beaten or something bad was done to you. Did you know that if someone is violent towards you then you must report it. You have to call it to the police. Many politicians are against violence. The most important thing is to stay strong. You knew for yourself that you were pregnant. We tried to save the child but it failed. Pregnancy was interrupted. Pregnancy had progressed to another hearing. Be a doctor. Lady stay strong. Don’t panic at peace. Be calm and don’t panic. You were pregnant. Doctor. Your pregnancy was interrupted. Mrs? Stay strong. De Paris. De Paris! Get up. The man does not sleep during the day. Get up at De Paris. Oh my lord. How did you go there? I do not understand this life. Has this misfortune come from father or mother. I do not understand. All I do is not. What am I doing now? What I have done for this country? What have I done to this world? So, are you trying to say that you came back empty-handed? De Paris is not good. I came from far and walked high. You have to understand our situation. I just wanted to say that since you left, I didn’t even drink water. My stomach hasn’t gone in. What have I eaten? Give me a few coins that I can eat. I slept because there was nothing to do. Go to the neighbor’s lady there and ask her to borrow bread. We could get some food on our stomach. There is no alternative. What did you miss the food. De Paris you annoy me. Why don’t you understand our life situation? You’re also a man. Why should I suffer for you? Just think about your food. I walked far and came back empty-handed. I told you just to borrow money. Be more mature and understand things sometimes. What’s wrong with you? Bring me water. There is no water here in the house. I have not applied for water from the mine. Why? The landlord does not allow us to apply for water anymore because we have payments for two months at the checkout. I tried to put some water in the small heap, but he threw it. No problem. In. In. Good morning. Mrs. sit down. Mrs. how can you? Did you check out Sephora Mokulu’s space? Yes, I checked. Also check out Lucas De Macks Mayas. In the last private room. I already checked Sephora Mokulu. I put Lucas back into the drip. Malu Mavokan I take care of now. Clear. If you marry Sephora Lindsay, another Sephora cousin will come and bring her here to the office. I have something to tell her. Thank you doctor. Mrs. What is? Mrs? Last time you were here I gave you advice on your strength. Why don’t you care about it? You came here again for the same reason as last time that led to abortion. Again, in your skin, traces of fighting. I told you to report it. I can’t intervene in your private life. I care about you because I am a doctor. NO he hit me. NOT hit? Clear lady. I give advice because I am a doctor. You follow them if you want. I’ll write you a referral to the pharmacy to get the medicines for your pain. That’s a lady. Take this and buy this medicine. Buy from a pharmacy and give the employee a sticker. The medicine helps you with your pain. When you use that medicine, your pain will stop. Thank you. Listen to my advice. Notify him. I’m glad you came to see me. I feel good because I never believed you could come to my low-light house. I call this studio. Although there is a big room so I say it as a studio. You live alone so it’s normal. You live in a big house. I say that house to the king’s palace. That house is full of problems. I didn’t think you could step into this house. Feels really good. Mr. Kares. I’m sorry about what I said last. I’m really sorry. The reason why I came is your friend’s behavior. He’s become a brother to you. I don’t understand Ive. I tolerated everything but I can not do it anymore. I can no longer be there. I don’t live in the house. You say it in a palace but I don’t live in peace. How are you not alone in the king’s palace? You live where the king lives. What can I say then because I live in such a small studio. How could I then live in peace. It is better to eat dry bread when the chicken is not able to go down the throat. I live in hell. Ive not treated me like his wife. Evil on misery only. Stay calm. I notice you sweat. What do you want to drink? Although water. Today you drink only water? I like more whiskey. I call it a drink of the gods. I don’t drink tommo. Sorry to leave for a moment. What? The phone rings. Oh God. La Joie! Why do you take about a long time? Are you talking about whatsap? Or on Facebook? I don’t use them because Ive not like it. Before you drink, drink water because you asked for it. Drink water so we can talk properly. You are a very beautiful woman. It bothers me a lot. I’m disturbed by the fact that the criminal has got a pretty woman like you. Your level woman. Not meant to live with such a man as Ive. He’s a gangster. When you came to tell that thing, I was really surprised. Ive been a criminal. When you fell in love with her, didn’t you know she was like that? He’s a gangster. We have lived together for a long time in Europe and have always been such a criminal. You are a beautiful woman and your beauty is right for someone like me. Stop! I can take care of you. Stop it already! Listen to me properly. Kares. Are you sick or what is wrong with you? Kares! I’m sick? Yes. Regarding what? No La Joie listen to me first. You want to continue living that terrible life where you are being treated badly and your beauty is not appreciated. Your femininity is not appreciated. I can appreciate you. Ive been your friend Kares. You always say that he is your best friend. Ive been your friend. He is my friend but doesn’t know what you are worth. You prefer me with me. When I walk down the street all eyes are in me. I really care about you. La Rose is not good. Love. I love you. Please, La Joie. You are my Everything. Some people don’t know your worth. Please, dear, try to understand me. I love you. Are you sick. Kares. Anti be the last time. Do not be confused because I am a quiet person. I love Ive and I respect her. La Joie. Do you want to continue your suffering? Get rid of me! You’re crazy. Oh God! Anti be the last time! Last time! Did you hear? Anti be the last time! Baddie. Oh Jesus. La Joie! La Joie Why You Don’t Understand! Kares. Make yourself at home. That’s your favorite whiskey you like. Take it and sit still. I’m like in my home because I am in your house. I’m like in my home and I am glad that you know what I like. I laugh just because I’m in your club but I’m not happy. I’m not happy because what your wife did for me today was something I didn’t believe your wife could do for me. What now? Throughout my life, no woman dared to pour me a drink. Your wife poured her drink on me. Kares. Do not say that. Pliis. Is it east telling you a dream or a fact. I do not understand. Did La Joie really do that? Did you meet somewhere outside? Did you meet in a bar on the terrace area? Or what happened? No. I was home. He came to complain about you to me. What you do to him and you hit him. I tried to help him but he got angry. I didn’t understand him. He became angry and angry. He even poured his drink on my face and shirt. My wet shirt is at home. I saved it so I can show it to you. Oh God. When you wear that shirt, you get the assurance that I’m talking about it. Oh God. Talk to me the truth. Do you want us not to be friends anymore? Or do you want me to step out of your home for your wife? No. Drink and drink cold water. Drink cold water. I feel like .. La Joie has betrayed my trust. Anything that is happening here is perhaps foolish in his opinion. This time I hit you so that he will understand that I am in earnest. All what I have done for her. Maybe he doesn’t understand. Throw him out. You get a much better wife who understands your desires better. He’s not a suitable wife. I have no problem throwing him out. When I look.. his father … and her patience .. and without me .. they wouldn’t even get food. It’s a long story. I can’t tell it to you. Sometimes in the future you will understand this. Ive not been able to marry someone with pity. You can’t bear the burden of his family. Marrying is for the rest of your life. What if that woman kills you some day? What are you doing then? He has ruined all your friendship. What are you going to do? Kares I heard. I’m still looking at the situation. I listened to your advice and I can decide what to do. My brother. If this thing happens again, I will not be happy. For the first time I understood. La Joie? Why did you pack your bags? I am tired of this. You’re tired? La Joie? You’re tired ? Already? La Joie. There is no difference in treating this. If I do death here. You’ve been dead for a long time. I’m tired of this marriage. Now, I made a decision that I’m ready to go. I can no longer do this. La Joie wait a moment now. Wait now. What do you think you’re waiting for when you’re single? If you leave now, what’s waiting for you there? If you are trying to preach now to me? I preach to you. Saarnaat me in this hell house. Hell? I suffer here and you are trying to preach to me. Marriage is like that. If not. Marriage is kind of La Joie. I love you a lot and you have become my sister. Your suffering is also your suffering. Listen. I know. You still can’t stand this way. Suddenly, even if you have officially married. Don’t do things with a whim. Well, precisely because I have tolerated all of this. If you want to resign with her then you have to take divorce. You can’t just leave here without saying anything. My friend. Outside of marriage, you do not expect anything. I can no longer. My own mother does not understand my pain. Not to mention the father. Do you know how much your mother has suffered in her marriage. Oh the same way as me? Yes. That’s what you’re trying to do will not succeed. If I even told Mrs. Colette Makanda .. He should never accept Sephora Mokulu’s mother. He always advises us in our marriage. You want to resign and I’m not even married. I’m just wandering out and looking for a man. La Joie, I have always been envious of your marriage. What marriage do you envy? Just where you are. Do you invite this to marriage? No harm to me. My dear husband who loves me so much strikes me with a belt. I do not know that he and I have a belief any animal. Remember when we had to go out then? Why didn’t you ask me why I didn’t come anymore? Why would I ask? As soon as the call ended, he started to beat me with his hands. When he was not satisfied he decided to take the belt. I went to the hospital for three days. I told my mother but they still didn’t believe. I just have to be patient and the marriage is like that. Marriage is like a hill that is lubricated with oil. When you want to climb that hill, you have to struggle. I’d rather stay alone. How do you stay single ?! La Joie! La Joie! Yes? Where are you? I am here. Where? The kitchen. La Joie. Who gave you permission to go to the Kares house? Talk to her about your fools. On top of all, you decided to throw a drink on him. Who gave you permission? Answer me ! Who gave me permission for it? I do not understand. All I talk to you. What do you want me to do for you to understand? He’s your friend and I just went to explain what mite you are about me. Do you want to beat you even more? No. Come here. On your knees! Carry this. On your knees! Lift this up! You want.. I said to lift it properly! Lift it up! La Joie. Is that kneeling? Kneel! Sorry! Kneel! Lift this up. You got a miracle of courage to go to Kares. I do not understand! Sorry! No Ive been kind! Rikko on that leg to understand. Sorry Ive! Sorry! Love. I didn’t like any of the things La Joie was in. I didn’t like anything. I didn’t like it at all. How Ive can hack our kids into that condition. La Joie’s face is completely swollen. He’s still lost a lot of weight. For real. I don’t understand when you say he’s lost weight. I just heard Ive hit her with a belt. I’m not sure. Some things you need to understand. The thing that ruins our children is their friend. That’s the reason for friends. When a wife does not have good sensible friends, the man will not like it. He’s really calm and well-behaved. Really? Yes. Let’s talk about something else. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Morning sit down. Wonderful to see you here too. You haven’t been in for a long time. I didn’t come because of that. I don’t understand Mr. Waterlo. Mrs. Ulda. I do not know.. how you raised your child. Is that a question or a slogan? Let him talk first. That’s an insult to what he’s talking about. Let him talk. I remember and I am really sorry about the day my father made the decision that I had to marry with your child. How is it possible that your child La Joie is so abusive? I do not know. Maybe I need to get him back and you can train him again and then he’ll get back to my house. Please. Mr. Ive. What you did was not a good thing. With a stick you hit the woman you love. Now think about yourself. He’s been asleep for two nights in a hospital. You can’t do that. You’ve got the wrong information. Aijaa? Yes. Do you find yourself! Do I notice what Waterlo? You talk about lies. I saw La Joie myself. I know that lord well. I know he’s really taking his job seriously. Waterloo I don’t like any of this. I don’t like any of this. All I had to say was that. I also came to give you money in gas. Mr. Ive. Usually you only give every week. I give the whole month because you are a person that I failed to manage my business. I also give because I want my business to succeed. That’s why I’ll give you one month’s gas money. Otherwise I would not have given. Just ask you two to take the time to train your children again. I promise that. My child is well-behaved. If you don’t do it .. You will lose a lot. Follow me on the car. Arrogant. She’s always so cheeky. He’s my boss. Bring the amount of disrespect. He’s my boss. Why doesn’t he respect you. Are you asking me to be silent? My child is suffering from Waterlo. Mrs. Although the father is not on your side, God is fighting for you. Etumba my family things do not belong to you. I saw myself on her feet. Go away! Immediately into the kitchen! You never listen to advice. You were awesome. When I look at you, I can’t believe you did that. I have been with many women but you’re something else. My friend Armando Mokulua said that the day when I’m with you so I will be satisfied. So you told him? Yes. I’m not hiding things. Oh yes. I told you what we did was something special. Oh yes. So you also told Patricia Mokulu. From now on, your name is no longer Joseline but it is your name must be Plat Prefere or my favorite food. Coke I want you. I promise. I just want you too. You are the great love of my life My special love. What? Beloved is playing late. I’m going to bed. See you. Are you cheating with me? Ever since you got married with my daughter so I did not know that he lives with you. La Joie has never slept here since then. Mr. Waterlo. I think you are ignorant. Jolie no longer lives in my house. It’s been weeks and Jolie hasn’t been home. Tulin tänne koska olen varma että hän on täällä. Vaihdoitko hänen nimensä Jolieksi koska teet hänelle tyhmyyksiä. Olen vain ihminen. Minulla on lupa välillä tehdä virheitä. La Joieta ei näy. Tulin tänne tapaamaan teitä jotta voin viedä vaimoni La Joien takaisin kotiin. Jos en nää La Joieta niin joko.. palautatte rahan jolla meni naimisiin La Joien kanssa tai… teen jotain muuta mistä et pidä. Herra Ive. Muista ensimmäisenä että olen sinulle kuin isä. En usko. Ette tiedä mitä minä koen. Minäkin olen surullinen koska minun lapseni on hukassa. Minä kunnioitan sinua mutta muistatko mitä olen antanut perheellesi jotta saisin La Joien. Muistatko mitä sinä ja isäni sovitte. Älkäämme unohtako sitä mitä allekirjoititte. Minä sanon tuon kaikella kunnioituksella. Sinä et kunnioita minua. Sinunkin täytyy kunnioittaa minua. Koska et kunnioita minua. Kunnioita niitä ehtoja joita isäni antoi sinulle. Jos La Joieta ei näy niin.. sinun työsi… päättyy. Annan teille 48h. Toivottavasti minun ei täydy enää palata tänne ja kysyä tätä samaa asiaa. Kiitos ja näkemiin. Herra Ive. Mitä sinä katsot. Tee työtäsi! Ei herra, hän on vain niin epäkohtelias. Etumba! Jos joku synnyttää sinulle vaimon niin häntä pitää kunnioittaa. Hän puhuu sinulle ihan kuin olisi sinun kanssa saman ikäinen. Minä en pitänyt siitä. Annoinko minä sinulle luvan puhua? Et herra. Häivy täältä. En ole vielä valmis. Hei Ive. Mikskä sinä kutsuit minua? Iveksi? Unohditko jotain? What do you mean? Unohditko osoitteen vai mitä teet täällä? Onko ensimmäinen kerta että olen ollut täällä? Minusta tuntuu että et ymmärrä mitä yritän sanoa. Ota kätesi pois minun kaiteiltani. Häivy talostani. Why? Älä anna tämän mennä siihen että minun täytyy koskea sinuun. Miksi koskisit? Koska se ihminen jonka vuoksi kävit täällä on jo heitetty pihalle. Ymmärsitkö? Jos tulit etsimään rakkautta täältä niin tein sen vain koska olin humalassa. Se ei ollut siksi että olisin rakastanut sinua. Olin humaltuneena ja tietämätön siitä että sinä olet aina unelmoinut olevasi minunlaiseni miehen kanssa. Miehen kanssa jolla on näin paljon rahaa kuin minulla. Sinä lankesit minuun helpommin kuin puun terälehden katkaiseminen. Häivy! Ive kuuntele minua! Kuuntele! Ive mikä sinua vaivaa? Jos luulit että minä Joseline lumosin sinut niin se ei ole totta minun mielestäni. En ollut edes ikinä saanut päähäni ajatusta että haluisin olla kanssasi. Enkö muka ollut kanssasi? Ei minua kiinnosta. Ehkä sinulle se oli iso asia mutta minulle ei. En edes ymmärrä miten La Joie ylipäänsä rakastui sinuun. Ive. Sinä pilasit minun kaverisuhteeni La Joien kanssa. Ollaan kasvettu hänen kanssaan yhdessä. Sinun takiasi. Ihan kuin olisit jotenkin ihmeellinen mies. Olet täysi nolla Ive. Olet nolla. Thank you. Luulet että olet kunnollinen mies vaikka olet kunnon roisto. Kiitos lähde. Bravoo. Kaikki mitä minä halusin sinulta niin sain sen jo. Lisäksi et ole edes minun tyyppiäni. Unohda tämä osoite! Sairas. Likainen. Mitä tämä on? Köyhä nainen. Tulit tänne mustilla vaatteilla. Sanoiko joku että täällä on hautajaiset? Toivottavasti en ikinä nää enää naamaasi. Luuletko että minä Ive voisin ikinä rakastua tuommoiseen tyttöön. En tiedä. Köyhä nainen. Anti olla ensimmäinen ja viimeinen kerta!


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