Historic City Hall – Cities Skylines – Fairview – EP6

hi everyone the main focus of today’s
episode is to add a city hall to Fairview I am about to place down a one-way
road near the central square which I’ve named civic square I will be placing
down a City Hall along this one-way road and I will get to talking about the
city hall shortly but if you’re new to the channel I released cities skylines
videos every weekend so subscribe if you want to see more just like this one back
to the city I am placing down the Amsterdam palace building which is a
unique building in the vanilla game to unlock it you need to place 600 service
buildings in one of your cities you could also download the unlock all plus
wonders and landmarks mod to skip this requirement you may have noticed in the
opening shot of this video that there is a different building in this spot
partway through the episode I swapped out the Amsterdam palace for the city
hall building which is much easier to unlock as it only needs you to have 3000
public transport passengers per week after switching these buildings i will
be placing down the Amsterdam palace along the main road in this area here it
could serve as a large office building the Amsterdam palace or royal palace of
Amsterdam as it is called on Wikipedia was opened in 1655 after several years
of construction the building was initially the Town Hall of Amsterdam
until 1808 when it was converted into a palace for King Louis the first of
Holland a quick fact about King Louis the first is that he was the brother of
Napoleon Bonaparte and didn’t stay in the palace for very long in 1810 he fled
to Austria after Napoleon annexed Holland in to the French Empire today the
building still remains as a royal palace there is also a museum near which people
can visit the architectural style of the building is classicism and Fairview is
meant to be an american-style city so you may be
wondering how such a building could fit into an American city in the 1800s there
was a lot of buildings built with neoclassical architecture where neo
means new a notable example of neoclassical architecture in the US is
the white house which was built from 1792 to 1800 another example of
neoclassical architecture and United States is the Capitol building which was
also completed in 1800 the features of neoclassical architecture and classicism
are closely linked as they both evolved from classical architecture the features
of buildings are very orderly and buildings are symmetrical in classical
architectural styles they also feature a lot of pillars the original building
style comes from ancient Greece and ancient Rome back to the Amsterdam
palace building it could have been built in Fairview during the early 1800s when
other neoclassical buildings were built around America over its history the
building could have faced disaster as an office building an example of this is
during the fire of 1973 in Fairview the cause of the fire was believed to be an
electrical short the fire caused extensive damage to part of the building
and had to be partially rebuilt after the fire the fire also reached the main city
hall building which I have now replaced the Amsterdam palace building with when the
first fire truck arrived at the scene the firemen focused mainly on stopping the
fire in the city hall building the fire in the city hall building did cause a
little bit of damage but it was mainly to the exterior and the office building
bore most of the brunt of the fire the city hall building is based off of the
Graz town center in Austria I’m not sure if I got the pronunciation right
there I had to do a little bit of research to find this out here is a
screenshot of a post on reddit comparing the building in cities skylines
to its real-life counterpart after some more research I
discovered that the building was built in the first decade of the 1800s and
extended twice during the 1800s I don’t want to share the dates with you because
there’s a bit of confusing information and a lot of different dates on
different sites online and kind of my main source of information was a
translated Wikipedia page the Graz City Hall is also a neoclassical building
which is not surprising given the time that it was built the building in
cities skylines is a little bit different from its real-life counterpart
during the expansion of the town hall in Graz there were three house owners who
refused to sell their buildings to make way for the expansion the City Hall was
built around these houses as you can see here this makes for one very interesting
detail in the building which the game developers have not incorporated this
might have been due to it being a very unique feature that would only fit into
some cities so the Town Hall would have been built slightly earlier than the
office building they both were probably built when the city was growing rapidly
and maybe this was in the middle of the nineteenth century around this time
railroads would have been built on the east coast of the US where Fairview last
said last episode I discussed how the city’s main industry was trade due to
the location of Fairview at the junction of multiple highways Fairview links the
small towns to the west with larger towns to the north and south with the
construction of a railroad in the mid 19th century Fairview’s position as the
main trade connection for the towns to the west would have been set in stone
with the increased trade and a new way for people to travel to the city city growth
skyrocketed the city government quickly needed a new home and established their
offices in the two buildings the construction of the railroad will be in
some future episode I’m not really sure how far away that will be in terms of
episodes but have a plan of where to place down a
train station within the city back to the Town Hall it is positioned to face
Civic Park which is the central park in the city and creates a well-defined
city center in my opinion I have added some trees and a path in front of the
building and added a more modern-looking office building to the left of it
further to the left is the public library which came with the free campus
patch between the Town Hall and office buildings to the right I have added in
some four-story buildings there was originally green space here but it was
sold off and developed when the city was running low on money the money
shortage was caused by a battle between developers and one of the city’s mayors
throughout most of Fairview’s history there was a four-story building height
restriction and the tallest buildings in the city were the fire station and City
Hall this is currently the case in the city as I haven’t developed any taller
buildings yet the developers had clients from large corporations wanting to set
up local offices in the city the best way to accommodate these corporations
was to build taller buildings in the heart of the city the mayor at the time
had grown up in the city and was in favor of the current four-story height
restriction after a long court battle with the developers and some corporations
the city ended up giving in to their demands as the local government lost the
battle they were almost broke and ended up selling this land in between the
city hall and office building to developers part of the agreement with
the sale of the land was to ensure that the developers did not build higher than
the old four-story height restriction this was because the City Hall had
developed as a landmark by that time and local government wanted to preserve this
back to what I’m doing on-screen I am filling in this empty space between the
office building and the parking lot the parking lot would have been added here
sometime in the 20th century originally there would have been a street here
which would have had houses along it during the 20th century demand would
have been created for car parking space here and this parking
lot now provides parking spaces for the City Hall office building public library
cinema and a hotel which are all in this block this block is now a lot larger
than other blocks in the city and takes up four times the area of a regular
block while I’ve already talked about the City Hall today the hotel needs a
story to go with it I am giving you the opportunity to
create one yourself I will be picking the most creative story for the hotel
and sharing it in a coming episode the cinema in this block is a unique
building which is unlocked after you get 4000 tourists in your city as it’s just
a cinema I don’t think it really needs a special story to go with it if you want
to write a story though you can feel free to do so on the topic of cinemas
there is another cinema on that other side of civic square which is an Art
Deco building and comes from the Art Deco content creator pack I am no expert
on building styles but I think the brick cinema in this block is also Art Deco
if I’m wrong and you know of a better building style that this building would
fit into please feel free to leave a comment and correct me beside the public
library I have placed down a bookshop from the University City content
creator pack I had a bit of space here and thought that this would be a good
space to put a book shop it’s kind of counterintuitive though as the bookshop
has the library right next to it and people could just go to the library and
get books out for free rather than buying them from the bookshop the
library probably has different books than the bookshop though and probably
has some older books that have been sitting on the shelves for a few decades
collecting dust and the bookshop probably sells newer releases cookbooks
and various other things in this block I have also placed down some leisure
buildings around the parking lot these buildings bring the city alive on Friday
and Saturday nights residents of the city initially
criticized the City Council for permitting these buildings to be built
so close to the iconic City Hall the residents were right and the City
Hall has been vandalized a few times due to disorderly behavior in the parking
lot the area now has a strong police presence in the weekends and this has
helped to stop most of the bad behavior some of the residents in the area got
really fed up with the loud nights so they left and the area has now undergone
some development and features a two-story apartment building close to
the library this building mainly has young people living in it so they don’t
have to go far in the weekend there are two houses that remain they are lived in by
two elderly couples who complained about the noise but didn’t move out when the
clubs were built twenty-something years ago there is also a small single storey
motel on the corner which is much cheaper than the hotel just up the road
moving on the other block that I worked on a few minutes ago was started in the
first episode of the series it is situated beside Civic Square and I built
a few shops facing the square in the first episode today I have completed
this block and added another parking lot after this episode I might not make so
many parking lots for a while in this episode I end up adding a few hundred
parking spaces to the downtown and I want to let the city grow a little bit
before I add any more parking spaces in that block I also added a fenced off
area behind one of the shops this has dumpsters in it and is fenced
off so that random people can’t just dump their trash there here is a frame
from earlier in today’s time-lapse showing the trash area I am using a
frame from the time-lapse because at the time of making this video I am away from
home and don’t want to try running the city on my laptop because it probably
couldn’t handle it between recording today’s commentary and the time this
video is released I hope to have planned out the next few episodes for the series
if you have any ideas for things that I could build in the series then please
leave your ideas in a comment so the main road from this part
of the city onwards will break away from the grid pattern and curve towards its
final path this road will lead to the west of the city and connect with
smaller towns in that direction I imagine that there would be quite a few
towns to the west of Fairview in the series I will only be building one of
these towns to the west of the map this is due mainly to the size of the map as
I want to leave plenty of space for the city to expand while still having
farmland in between in this block that I’m working on at the moment I added a
church this is the second church in the city today’s church is a unique building
so does not function as a cemetery like the one in episode four did it kind of
makes sense though since there is no graveyard out the back of this one the
church is on the main road and would probably have been an important part of
the city in its early history in this block I’ve also placed down the road
maintenance Depot which is a modern looking building and was probably a
relatively new addition to the area and beside the road maintenance Depot I have
placed down a Hard Rock Cafe building this building is by king leno and is
modeled off one and Memphis Tennessee I have placed down plenty of tables and
chairs in front of the building to fill up the empty space now I’m going around the
entrances to the parking lots and removing the pedestrian crossings I have
decided to leave some crossings near the City Hall because it would attract more
foot traffic than other places in the city
the reason I’m covering up the pedestrian crossings in the first place
is that it doesn’t make sense to have them at every entrance to a parking lot
usually you would only find crossings at intersections or in the middle of a very
long road now I’m going to fill in this block here with some houses I am using
the houses from the American eclectic theme and the University City content
creator pack here when I changed it downtown in the future
I might also change this block a bit now that we’ve caught up with what’s
happening on screen it’s good timing because that’s all for today’s video if
you have enjoyed it you can leave a like and share this video with your friends
if you are new here and haven’t already then subscribe to the channel for more
cities skylines videos thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in
the next one

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