“Home” – 1835 Hall Point Rd Featurette – Park West

About two years ago, Andrea and I were out
for those relatively rare date nights when you have young children. About half way through the night, she suggests,
well, would we ever consider just picking up and moving. I did not imagine she had anything massive
in mind. Certainly we had moved our house a number
of times but moving our place was a completely different discussion all together. And the whole notion of changing place was
a big deal. Being relatively out of touch with most of
what we knew. The people, the institutions, work, church,
everything like that….I’d never even considered that possibility. It became this concept of adventure. What would life look like? If instead of having everything, a whole lifetime
of connections to fall back on….if we completely changed everything. Instead of just living vicariously through
the people who seemed to be willing to do it in all of these uber popular television
shows, why not actually experience this for ourselves. The house itself is a big meaningful part
of the place. There’s so much beauty, so much history, the
water….we love the water. There were so many different elements even
about the architecture itself. We wanted to move into a house that felt more
like an adventure. Something that had a little bit more of a
coastal look to it. We wanted the house itself to be part of the
adventure, something new, something different. Home embodies a lot because it becomes an
expression of who we are. Our house flows directly from the kitchen
into the family room so having a place where people can actually be, just hang out on the
couch, read a book, watch a little bit of television in between homework. Where my wife can be cooking and still be
part of the whole setting. That was big for us. We love home. We go back often but now also, our family
comes down here. There’s no question that there’s something
about the people of this area. Certainly you have the indigenous people,
the people who actually lived here for a long time and embodied that southern hospitality. But then certainly, also, other people coming
from all over the place were attracted to that. Our favorite part about living here, in this
house, is how quickly it became home. That normally takes quite some time. And for most people and for us, in the past,
it has taken over a year to get there. As a family, the four, we’ve really bonded
together more than we ever have. And it truly has been an adventure. It was very easy for this to transition from
the house we just bought to the home that was ours.

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