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– How do you get your kids
off all these digital devices? My name is David McDivitt. Am a full-time single dad. And if you’re like I am, you’re always trying to think of ways to get your kids off of devices, to get them to be creative and to think and to be imaginative. So when I told my friends I was putting in a home theater, they assumed I meant a big screen TV, leather recliners,
maybe a popcorn machine. But that’s not what I meant. (loud upbeat music) This is what I meant. (loud upbeat music) Welcome to The Single Dad’s Guide To Life. On this episode of The
Single Dad’s Guide To Life, I’ll show you how to take any small space and turn it into a kids theater, so you can get the most out
of your time with your kids. I found an unused room in my home. And I was trying to figure
out what to do with it, and I thought, what if
I could take this room and turn this into a
dedicated space for the kids, so that they could create? And that’s something you can do anywhere. But id doesn’t require an entire room. All you need is a space
that you can dedicate and devote to your kids
and their creativity. If you’ve got a small corner
in your basement, that’s fine. I took the doors off of the closet and I figured out how to
put a stage in the closet. What you can do is you
can go to Home Depot and you can get two-by-fours. And create kind of the
substructure for the stage. And boom, you’ve got your stage. And I wanted to frame it with curtains. So I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, and I bought a bunch of curtain rods. And then I found curtains, so that that the kids can pull ’em shut and open ’em as they need to and they have a blast with that. And it really frames the space. This is all stuff that I
was able to do by myself and believe me, I’m not a handyman. I then took a lot of costumes that we’d accumulated over the years. A lot of them were hand-me-down costumes, extra Halloween costumes, things that we bought on clearance after Halloweens’ were over. I got these green benches, they’re storage benches. They’re very sturdy. Inside these storage boxes, I’ve designated space for
different kinds of props. We’ve got one for weapon and wands. Because believe me, if you’ve got kids, boys or girls, you’re going to accumulate a lot of weapons and a lot of wands and they need a place to go. We’ve got one for helmets, wigs and hats, we’ve got a lot of hats. And each one of them has
a picture on the lead so that the kids, when
they open the bins up, know where they need to
put their stuff back. ‘Cause it’s really
important to have your kids help take care of their own space. A great project for your kids is to make fun backdrops
for their own place. I like to let them have
a lot of fun with this when they’re creating the backdrops. They’re perfect for us
and the kids love it. And it gives ’em an investment in the performance that they’re doing. That’s the beauty of a
home theater like this. The kids drive what they wanna do. Have ’em make their own programs. They’ll make their own tickets, they’ll write their own script. Gives them a sense of creativity and ownership of a project and the responsibility of hopefully seeing it through to completion. I’m the winner here
because I get to come home and I get to spend time with my kids, I get to see them in their element performing and being creative. They’re not on their devices, and it’s a beautiful moment
for us to share together. (loud upbeat music) So this is what I came up with to help keep my kids off of screens. I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got any great ideas of how to keep your kids
off of their devices, maybe you’ve creates a cool room or a cool space in your house, please share it in the comments below. I’d love to see it.

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