hey guys and welcome to another video so in todays video i’m going to show you something very special this house has been our dream from many years, so we have made something special in this house which is our private home theater so in this video i will show you guys our private home theater and if you like this video please inform me in comment and do subscribe and like so guys get ready for it , on the count of three one, two, three so this is our private home theater here you can see there are eight recliners and this is the interior This is the main screen here , all the speakers are in wall one is on left , one in centre and one on right and then the two surrounds one is on right another on left and all these speakers are from klipsch and also we have two JBL Atmos here you can see .this is the first and the second one we have used projector from EPSON all models will be in description you can check out details there this projector also has 3D option in it here we have used subwoofer from KLIPSCH then lets come to player we have used PIONEER player and DENON amplifier with it so ill share all models in the description box also you can connect tata sky we have also connected radio/FM also we can connect usb hdd and cds and also there is internet connectivity after that here we have made a small pantry if we close doors you will not realize that there is a pantry so we have provided a small pantry behind this where we can keep oven and refrigerator so we dont have to go down while watching movies we have also fitted one intercom in theater so then we can call downstairs if needed as theater is on 2nd floor we can relax and see number of movies its very comfortable and one special thing about recliners is , they are all handmade we have not imported them ,they are made in delhi this is video testing i cant play audio for more time due to copyright issues so guys i hope you liked my video and if you like my home theater dont forget to comment and please press bell icon if you are new please do subscribe and like and share with your friends too thankyou for watching


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