Horpal – Marathi Drama Short Film

Hey son be home in time and walk from one corner of the road. hey son bring 3kg rice from store Guna.. understood ? Yes dad.. Gunaa..! Come sit..i will drop you to your school.. Thanks..But then, you should pick me up from here everyday.. Lad..I have many important work to do.. Hop on fast if you want lift.. You are talking like
you are going to become an Officer after
completing your studies ? Yes ofcourse..i am going to be one..
and then i will be giving you lift
in my personal car.. Hey Ambadas.. Hey Rohilya.. Where have you been from last few days? Actually my wedding date has been finalized, so was busy with that. From where does she belong? From the next village.. and my father-in-law has asked me to join him in his Ice Factory.. great man.. As you all know The time these concrete bricks have come we are left out from work and our wages.. Good to hear that buddy.. Here it all seems to be over for us.. why?? What to tell you brother… i haven’t got my wage for the
previous work i did… its going to be difficult to
survive if this continues.. dont worry Everything will be fine brother.. Don’t you worry.. do you have more tobaco Om ? Present sir.. Sanket ? Present sir.. Rahul? Present sir.. Gunaa? Present sir.. Pandurang? Everyone: He’s absent sir.. Gunaa.. Pandurang stays nearby to your house..Right? yes sir Ask him why doesn’t he come to school.. Its been more than 20 days he hasn’t come to school.. I allowed him to sit in this
class irrespective of his incomplete documents..and
see how is he behaving.. I see him passing by my house every now and then.. But i will surely ask him to be regular to school.. Yes..please do that.. yes sir.. today we are starting new lesson wright it down.. This bloody owner doesn’t even increase our wage.. i am thinking of quitting this job and should start looking for some other work.. what other work can we get brother ? Rohilya also left this job saying he is going to work at his in-laws ice factory… he also face same problem i am telling you brother i will be going to
owner and request him to increase our wage or else
i am quitting this job… But brother how will we
manage to accommodate from one place to another
in every few monthS? We have to manage brother.. do you think
we can survive from this job for a longer time ? And above all, our owner takes us for
granted and makes us work like machines.. if this continues we will have to die starving.. our hands are either swollen
or cut preparing these bricks still we get less wage..
i have decided i am going to talk to the owner and ask him to
increase my wage or else i am leaving this job.. what’s your opinion Bala ? can i make one more drink Forget everything brother and have a drink.. Hey Pandurang! why aren’t you coning to school? The teacher was very angry on you.. I have quit schooling You should continue
schooling..We all classmates play cricket in the interval..We
have too much fun as well.. My dad has asked me to join him in farming.. bye Gunna.. Hey kid! Don’t play in the mud..Cone here i will teach you some alphabets.. A B C “Without education there’s no
intelligence, without intelligence there’s no policy, without policy
there’s no speed, without proper speed there’s no good earning and without improper earning the poor
gets knocked out”..all of this happened due to lack of education.. With this kind of philosophy, people’s motivator Mahatma Jyotiba Phule were born on… What are you reading child? Mother, there’s an essay
competition happening in our school tomorrow..i have also taken
part in that competition.. Very good my child..Study well..i have no clue of what you are reading.. For that you should complete schooling… true son.. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule were born on…11 april 1827 in katgun village Ask him to load brick ? Hey Tukaram have you complete the work ? hey get up owner is here have you complete your work? Yes sir.. Good.. Take these 15000 rs and distribute among yourselves.. sir, these are very less compared to
the work we did, this is injustice happening with us.. We need to use
this money until we get our next work.. What can i do for that..
i am also not getting enough amount..Due to these cement brick there’s
no value for concrete bricks. And on top you guys are asking me to increase your wage.. Sir please ,we beg before you.. Won’t be possible..You guys head to your next work.. Phone ringing hello yess speak wait for 5 min i am coming.. ask them to don’t go anywhere sir plese listen to us.. No i am done bye Not only you but i am also suffering
the same because if his high education fees.. But what can i do? The owner
will not give a single penny now.. However Brother Suresh,
Deepak and Ganesh are good people..
i l ask them for some help.. Now its like work 4
days here and 10 days there..”All desires are
left out on our backs”. our son is good at studies !! I know that’s why i am working
so hard these days.. however our lives have turned into ashes
now preparing these bricks.. l ask the owner for some money as loan.. Our son should not suffer as we did.. but our son has a bright future,we can’t spoil his life.. where is clothes bag? its in the tempo take this.. dont get up while driving.. Let’s GO


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