Hotel case study: Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall is I call it a hotel
with two sides we’ve got the old part and a new part or the best
of both worlds you can have a fantastic conference in
our modern conference centre and a dinner in the old hall the beautiful old
hall but still so you can have conference in the old hall we’ve got 17
conference rooms we have large the largest up to 350 theatre style so we’ve got a large variety of
different conference rooms in different settings the business delegates are there for
most of the time for work so they have to have access to work
particularly Wi-Fi is important they have to have a great sleep because it’s going
to be in a conference the whole day so they have to have a great sleep and great
food food is very important years ago it was very much about a lot of deep fried
food for catering for the customers now it’s much more health based and focusing on
the individual customers now we have our own kitchen garden we have our own bees and local
produce we use a lot of local suppliers staff requirements for business tourism is of course extremely important however we don’t recruit
on skill we recruit on attitude because i can’t teach people how to smile we can teach people how to look after
a customer and i am very fortunate to have a great team in place we market our
business tourism offer through different channels of course the main ones these
days is the website to make sure that it is updated on a regular basis we also recently did a 360 degree film
about our largest conference two of our largest conference rooms so the
customer can actually see what the room is like and we also have a
virtual tour of our hotel also now website we have gone on youtube
facebook twitter that’s what we use and we’re very good
in that it is so important social media is getting more and more important to promote your hotel or your offering you have the key to future developments in business tourism is
very much about keeping up to date with trends within the market and
understanding what customers needs are and continuously investing as we do
as a company this year for example we spent a lot of money on improving
our Wi-Fi and the other area we are focusing on is the training market
and see how we can support that how can develop further on that side the three most important areas to look
at if you want to develop your business tourism within your venue is have the
right team in place secondly I think it’s about
understanding the market understanding the organisers listen and
listen to their needs and cater for that

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