Housing Tours: Burge Residence Hall

Welcome to Burge Residence Hall Burge Hall houses approximate 957 students It’s located just two blocks north of the pentacrest on east campus Now, let’s head up and check out a room So here we are on one of the floors of Burge Hall Burge Hall is co-ed split into men’s and women’s floors Except for the suite living, which all of them are co-ed and have their own bathrooms This is a typical double room in Burge These rooms come with two desks, two beds, which can be delofted if needed, a sink, and two closets Beyond student living, residents also have access to a lounge located on each floor, study spaces, and a computer lab and fitness center next door in Currier Burge Hall also includes Burge Marketplace It’s close to Blank Honors Center and the Pomerantz Center and Clinton Street Market, a C-Store that was opened in 2012 Additionally, the Cambus system makes it easy to get around campus Cambus routes include stops at all residence halls with buses coming roughly every ten minutes Thanks for joining us! For more information on Burge Residence Hall or any of the other on-campus residence halls, make sure to visit housing.uiowa.edu

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