How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie Theater

How to Ask Someone to Be Quiet in a Movie
Theater. Don’t you just hate it when a fellow moviegoer
provides a running commentary? Here’s how to silence the squawker. You will need Self-control Persistence Daring
and theater management. Step 1. Positively identify the miscreant. You don’t want to wrongly accuse someone
who appears to be speaking, but is actually just chewing his popcorn aggressively. Step 2. See if there’s a seat you can move to without
much fuss. In these situations, an avoidance maneuver
is always preferable to a confrontation. Step 3. Assess your adversary. Does the loudmouth have tattoos that might
have been acquired in prison? An aura of insanity? A weapon? If so, it’s probably best to wait until
the movie comes out on DVD. Step 4. Begin with a polite approach. In a soft, calm voice, explain that while
you are impressed with how well he is following the plot, you’d appreciate it if he’d
keep his observations to himself. Step 5. If he ignores you, raise your voice a notch
and say you are _begging_ him to pipe down, as you paid good money to hear Daniel Day-Lewis’s
voice, not his. Ask loudly if anyone else is bothered by this
boorish behavior. It’s in your best interest to get the entire
theater riled up against noise. Step 6. If nothing is getting through to this chucklehead,
complain to management. Even if the “manager” is a pimple-faced
teen, he has the authority to throw out unruly customers. Step 7. If all your efforts have led to naught, plus
you’ve missed a good chunk of the movie, politely request a refund. If you come off as reasonable, you might even
score some free passes. Did you know Action movies and those with
a PG rating are the most likely to have problems with audience behavior, according to officials
at one large movie-theater chain.


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