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So I asked you guys on my Instagram, which is just Hannah Meloche if you haven’t followed me already you como no se pude puta cabaron should go follow me Just kidding don’t follow me. I’m really actually I’m annoying I’m more annoying on there, and then I am on here anyway So I asked you guys Ask me some questions for a Q&A because I love doing Q and A’s I haven’t done one I think since like November was the last time I did a Q&A you know what before I get started into the questions. I would just like to say one I hope you’re having a great day. Whatever day. It is. Whatever you’re going through whatever your procrastinate It never stopped me in yourself and never stopped going after what you want Hopefully that inspired somebody 90% of you were cringing through that but you know we’re just gonna get into the question so when I click on the photo goes To the top comments and like that’s all my friends commenting emma goes do you ever go to school with your underpants on the outside? Of your pants, or is that just me first of all I mean you don’t go to school anymore and second off No Ava jewel is the commented idk man, which is like a thing we would say in Hawaii you’re much like Alan Oh, man, I don’t know man like whatever. I don’t know it just an inside joke looka commented What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up as Hannah lush? when you wake up you’re just like I have to go to school I Need coffee Ellie a scrunchie or regular peanut butter definitely regular peanut butter like creamy peanut butter whoo I’m sorry, but I just I cannot deal with crunchy peanut butter that it’s just the weirdest texture ever Tatyana commented What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten um? The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten probably like just a dish in Europe. I can’t really think of But I know I tried a lot of like weird things there Moving on have you ever peed somewhere you shouldn’t have ever asked So if you don’t watch the vlogs and you probably wouldn’t know that my family, and I basically our whole lives We’ve been trying to get to all 50 states And I invent for the United States. I just have to go to Alaska Which will probably happen eventually, but I’ve been to 49 states, so if you live in America besides, Alaska. I’ve been to your state um Spring Breaks summer vacations Road trips my brothers can pee and bottle in the car, which I know it’s disgusting But that’s what we do then when Ella or I have to go pee. Well. I don’t do this anymore I make them go to like a gas station now But sometimes we legit would just pull over get out of the car literally just go pee in the woods cuz sometimes There’s not gas stations now. I’m like old enough to hold my pee and yeah It just that’s how it be sometimes help. How do I get a boyfriend honestly? I went my boyfriend and I Started dating or talking or whatever before that I literally had no intention of having a boyfriend I mean yeah, I’ve always wanted a boyfriend like oh my gosh like that’d be so cool But I bet all my friends, and I would just like whatever freak out over having boyfriends. I wish I had a friend I wish I had a boyfriend. It’s good to keep your eyes peeled for sure I don’t know cuz I wasn’t only looking for a boyfriend. I was just like looking to make friends I think the most important thing you can do is just make Friends with as many people as you can even if they’re girls or guys you click with the guy you guys both get good vibes Whatever you could end up dating be friends with the person first and don’t go and do it having an expectation that you guys are Gonna date cuz I went into it. I have an expectation that Jacob and we’re gonna be friends and then like a couple days later that didn’t happen so I just Say go into it as friends and see what happens so many people have been asking How I added my Instagram pictures you guys would like me to give this video a thumbs up and comment something about it down below And I will see if you guys really want me to because I feel like a lot of people want me to Do a video on that so just let me know But is the merch coming out it’s in the process so basically I was going to do t-shirts before but now I’m doing something else I Do have a website that I’ve been working on for a while And you guys should definitely go check it out is Hannah melosh calm. I’ve been working on this for literally months Here’s the announced here. It is basically on my website You can find a whole bunch of things about me and like extra posts I post all of the pictures that like don’t make it to Instagram on my website I write about like the behind the scenes of the day I just have extra details on the website So if you want to find out more behind the scenes of my Hawaii trip my Texas trip, New York Arizona Coachella They are all on my website just go to Hana Melosh comm you can read up and also maybe comment down below or comment on my website and Tell me what you would like to see from me either on the website on my channel Let me know this is what’s great about Q&A is you can just announce and kind of talk about our feelings um, so yeah? There’s the announcement I’ve literally been working on that for so long and now it’s out so go go check out the website guys First kiss story never so basically uh I don’t like this um Sorry about it. Would you ever move into a house with Emma and Ellie in the future? I would totally love to do that I’d love to do that. I would love to do that um ladies Where should we go I’m on Nellie? I know you guys are watching you should be watching No, but um yes 100% how did you Emma and Ellie meat basically Ellie and I met like three years ago in New York And we’ve been friends for four years literally just grown there are a whole youtube careers together, but Emma We started damming and facetiming and all that stuff we met at Texas take over officially That’s like the first time we met in person. Are you thinking about becoming homeschooled or staying in regular school? I honestly would like to stay in regular school because next year is my senior year And I think it’s just it’s gonna be a fun year I can just finish up strong But like I feel like a lot of people just kind of leave school And I thought about that so many times, and I still like kind considerate. I would like to graduate with everybody We’ll see how it goes. Yeah. No. I just think it’s a good example to stay in school even though I have all these other opportunities going on I feel like it’s just better for me to stay in school Finished up high school. How did you and your boyfriend meet? That is? Actually, I have that story on my blog channel I think a video is titled Trying to give you boy advice or something like that if you want to go watch the video on how we met go check it Out how do you deal with school and traveling honestly? I feel like I just I love traveling so much um so basically It’s just when I’m here in school I grind content come back to school grind on school, but at the same time. I have to grind on content um I don’t know I just kind of make it work because I love traveling and I love seeing my friends And I just loved adventuring I feel like life is too short not to adventure What’s the hardest thing about being in high school and having a youtube channel um I feel like so many people judge me and like I just get so many unnecessary comments. Honestly. I don’t focus on Whatever drama or anything like that? I literally focus on my friends school youtube and living a healthy happy life And that’s literally all that matters to me. I don’t really pay attention What people have to say so yeah, that’s basically it. Are you gonna be a model um no I like taking pictures. I love that, but I don’t know if I could be a model. Do you have any siblings? Yes I have one sister three brothers and actually I have a stepsister and a stepbrother too We’re in college so technically I have four biological siblings two non biological siblings, and so I have six siblings How do you dress so beautifully and your people in your school? Don’t judge? You honestly. They could be judging me They couldn’t I don’t know you just you do you you know and also thank you. What’s your best childhood memory honestly? Just growing up in California cuz I moved to Michigan when I was eight and then things kind of went downhill like my parents got divorced and though honestly Life was great when I lived in California so from when I was born till I was eight years old I don’t know just everything around, California. That’s why I love it there so much. I just have such good memories and Sit there. I want to go visit soon. We answer this question. Yes, how tall are you I’m five seven What is one thing you regret about Coachella? Seen so many cool people and not like asking for pictures are just freaking saying hi because there’s so many people that I’ve just like Looked up to for years, or I thought they were cool I saw them in real life, and I was like oh my god, and I didn’t say hi So that’s that’s one thing I regret about Coachella. It’s just not saying hi and being more But then I was like I don’t want to make a crazy fan Cuz like I don’t know it’s just kind of a hard situation, but I do regret not the same hi How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? I like pineapple on pizza? I don’t like prefer it over other pizzas, but I do like it you pour your milk in or After your cereal pour my cereal in first, and then I pour my milk. In are your eyes different colors yes They are this one is more blue, and this one is more green so my right has more blue left eyes more green Have you ever stolen something when I was three years old I stole chapstick from like a Hallmark store Because my mom told me that she wasn’t gonna get it for me And so I literally just put it in my pocket, and then I got back in the car And then I told her and then we went back in said sorry to the person and I was like bawling so like that no No, never again. Are you an A cup still dating? Yes, you guys keep asking us to do the boyfriend tag So let me know if you’re gonna see that lose someone you have beef with actually literally literally nobody literally nobody Zipped 0 nobody and that’s the way it should be people I don’t like beef. I freak out when there’s literally any type of drama I’m like the person who can’t sleep unless it’s like fixed or like the situation is completely better That’s just a type of person. I am I hate drama I hate beef and anyone who I know it’s like associated with it and like just brings it into my life a lot And it’s just like a German Matt that I just don’t like drama It just eats up your time makes you nervous stresses you out, and it’s just unhealthy for everyone So I literally just don’t have beef with anyone, and I love it so much love everybody Love you. Thank you What do you do to pick yourself back up when you’re sad nobody’s perfect everyone gets sad But I think the most important thing to keep yourself Means out in the first place and when you do get sad is to just Realize how lucky you are and how little your problem is or whatever you’re stressing out over like really put that into context and be like why am I so sad over this can it be fixed to do whatever you can to fix it was the Dumbest way you’ve been injured. I love you. I love you too, and when I was Young in I was like six or seven or something and remember when Keeley’s were popping Yeah, so I had my shoes untied I went down a little hill tripped over. My Healy’s and I sprained my arm Yeah, you have any tips for high school girls. Yes I do can we all just be nice to each other’s and like let’s support other girls? Let’s not so jealous and like I? Just love nice people, so let’s just all try to be nice to each other bring each other up and like be friends Okay, well you ever start a clothing line. I think that’d be so cool I’ve seen what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me honestly I do so many embarrassing things like on the daily because I just don’t care what people think of me I literally embarrass myself so much every single day, so there’s just so much There’s just so many things that I could think of but I don’t know I just embarrassed myself a lot and then later I’ll just be thinking and I physically roll my eyes because I’m like Cringing at myself at some of the things I do I’m like why would I have done that why yeah? That’s my life? There’s so many more questions. I want to answer so let me know if I should do another Q&A any time soon I love talking to you guys. I love reading these questions. You follow me on instagram You can follow me on twitter you can follow me on snapchat. You can follow me on Pinterest you can follow me on Tumblr and you definitely should go check out my new website because I’m super excited that that is now out on the open Oh, you should all should go follow me on dope but yeah, that’s it for this little Q&A. I hope you guys had fun Thank you so much for watching I love you so much And I will see you in the next video today beautiful stay positive stay happy Spread the love and be nice to everyone go get someone you love a hug right now. Okay great, okay? I’ll be frightened is like Frick


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