How to celebrate your K-POP BIAS’ BIRTHDAY in Korea? (ft. CHEN of EXO)

Today is a special day because today is a bday of my favorite, most talented artist in whole Kpop industry CHEN OF EXO! We are in subway next to SMTOWN Look what’s happening here! Chen is everywhere! Right next to the subway exit, there is Café Chez-Nous The first place I wanna visit today I will get a cup cover because of Chen’s bday I am planning to see a few places like this today! In this vlog I’m gonna do a cafe haunt I will show you how you can celebrate the birthday of your favorite idol in Korea! This is the first coffee for today We are planning a lot of them I got a holographic Chen photocard The cup covers look like this here But I gotta try But I can see 2 photocards You can see one And the second one looks like… THIS! So cute! We are in front of SMTOWN SM Entertainment always organizes special events for idols’ bday One year ago we got a sticker with Jeno’s date of birth This time I wanna get a bracelet with Chen’s date of birth There is even a huge billboard saying: Happy Birthday Happy Chen Day It’s actually the first place we should go to today When you walk in SMTOWN, you can see info about the bracelet event We have 2 possible options – golden and silver It costs 12000 KRW I bought the bracelet! It’s the first time I open this box And it looks like this! It says: Chen, there is his date of birth and a tiny saphire Saphire is a stone of September This is why it’s here I’ve always wanted to get a bracelet when there is SM idol’s bday It’s a very typical event and thing for SMTOWN Luckily I am in Korea when there’s Chen’s bday It’s possible to buy it only today And I am so happy! And the box is so pretty! As you can see, Chen is everywhere A lot of fans came today! They brought slogans, toys, plush dolls… You can easily notice that they came because of Chen Day They have their lightsticks! And I love the atmosphere But let’s look for more Chens! We left SM and we’re going to another cafe I feel like a Pokemon Trainer Because I wanna catch them all I changed my mind, we’re not going to cafe Suddenly we noticed a crowd next to SMTOWN So we found out it’s a kind of small market with Chen items I did not expect this! There are photocards, slogans, stickers… We will show it to you in a moment But I’m kinda shocked Masters are selling their own items related to Chen Just look at this! I don’t know how to show you how huge this magazine is! This is my favorite Jongdae’s photoshoot THAT EVER EXISTS I want to apologize for all the fangirl moments in this vlog But you have to forgive me For 1000 KRW (a bit more than 3PLN) we bought 3 slogans! 2 with Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and one with Chen We got extra cookie! And this bookmark I lied to you because these items are not only with Chen But there are some especially made for Jongdae’s bday But we also bought 2 sticker sets here To put it on EXO lightstick! We’re finally going to the next cafe We are going to COEX Mall and we’re look for cafe It has the cutest cup covers It can be quite difficult This shopping mall is huge We are looking for T-Cup Cafe I think it’s gonna be really hard to find it As you just saw, Chen is even here Finding this cafe took us definitely too much time It turns out that this cafe is OUTSIDE the shopping mall, not inside of it But we found it! It’s called T-Cup Let’s go inside! This is the cup cover I got here As I said, it’s probably the cutest cup cover ever! We decided to order one coffee in every cafe You can wonder why we got 2 cup covers then It’s probably not to destroy one My role for today’s vlog… Is carrying all of these cup covers So we won’t destroy them This place is so cute! I love the interior here! It’s so cute, really! A lot of chibi Chen The Happy Chen Day balloons are putting me into this birthday mood I love it! But we still have a few places to visit today And the time is passing, unfortunately We came to WON Gallery They organize Chen’s photo exhibition! Here are birthday flowers for Chen In Korea it’s really normal, if you wonder The entrance costed 7000 KRW I also got these gadgets, I’ll show you later! I got this! I’ll show you how it works You put it to every picture and it looks like it’s on Chen! This exhibition is called Classy But the pictures are both classy and sexy I am in love with every single picture! Just look at this! I think this one is gonna be my favorite! It’s a heaven for Chen fans I just left the room where fans watch Chen fancams together I left the exhibition already but before we go to another cafe, I’ll show you the photocards I’ll see what I got! These pictures were shown on the walls I got 3 cards like this! There is a part of Chen’s neck here… We are waiting for a bus for probably the last place we’re gonna visit today It’s gonna be a bubble tea! Let me know if you would haunt for these cup covers if you were in Korea during your bias’ birthday I am not sure if I haunt this much if I didn’t want to show it to you But I am also having a lot of fun right now and these items are so cute so probably yes! You can see this queue right ahead of us… This is the cup cover I got here It’s a picture from Chen’s debut solo album! This kind of bubble tea is really popular in Korea nowadays It doesn’t mean that in every local you will find Chen cup cover We had to look for it and drive a lot! But it’s another thing I got today! It’s really late now But we managed to go to one more cafe! It’s the same cafe where we celebrated BTS Namjoon and Jungkook’s bday It’s Mellow Cafe in Hongdae! This time we got 2 different covers One, surprisingly, is with Baekhyun The Chen one looks like this But we have some extras! A quite big transparent card with Chen A standard size photocard from my favorite Chen era And this small poster This time we ordered something else instead of a coffee A strawberry smoothie I think here they put more Chen pics than the other cafes did And the atmosphere is special! But maybe it’s because it’s evening already So this is everything for today’s vlog I am saying bye to you! But I also wanted to mention that fans organize other events because of idols’ birthday Like charity actions This idea is very honorable and precious If you are a fan of a certain group and you wanna show that you care a lot, you can help the others that are in need! I had a lot of fun today You have no idea how much fun I had today! I saw other fans celebrating as well There were a lot of fans from different countries Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of video! And if you’re EXO fans! Or Chen’s Leave your thumbs up, subscribe and see you in the next video! But I forgot to tell you the most important thing in this video… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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